File Title
1 Al Jaffee profile in NY Times
2 Omnision: string together multiple youtubes in playlists
3 British Airways loses 15-20,000 bags since Thursday at supremely b0rked Heathrow Terminal 5
4 China wants sun on demand for Beijing Olympics
5 Science project smolders on subway, panic ensues
6 Device remotely destroys hard drive data
7 Chemical signalling drives nanomachines
8 Australian species: increasing climate threat
9 Photoshop: The popular editing tool goes free on the Web
10 Isle of Eigg a model of energy self-sufficiency
11 Fuel does double duty in N.Y.
12 Verbal Energy: Predictable chaos on our cellphones
13 Some Damn Interesting News
14 The Sheep Incident
15 Breech Births May Be In Genes
16 Can A Chocolate Bar Lower Cholesterol?
17 Local girl makes good, doing (and talking) astronomy
18 Why are lobsters being used in new X-ray technologies?
19 Why do loud noises cause your ears to ring?
20 Spongelike Air-Capture Gadget Scrubs Away Carbon Emissions
21 Weather Modders Aim to End Droughts With Efficiency by Sky
22 Flexible OLEDs Double Efficiency as Organic Light Prices Lower
23 Glow Rug
24 Who's Better at Giving Directions, Men or Women?
25 Parkinson Linked to Pesticides
26 5 Things the Web Can Find for Your Next Trip
27 AT&T's (Yes, AT&T's) New 3-D Web Browser
28 Penny Dreadful
29 Out of Print
30 The Night the Lights Went Out
31 How Much Will It Cost to Fix the Climate? The Numbers Vary.
32 25 Environmental Threats of the Future
33 Advice to parents: Give your kids their (My)space
34 Doctors Wary After Cholesterol Drug Flop
35 Heartache and Heart Health Connection
36 Strangers Help World's Tallest Man
37 Space freighter's approach and go
38 Elderly osprey set for 50th egg
39 Silicon chips stretch into shape
40 The 101 most useful websites
41 OOXML Vote: Irregularities in Germany & Croatia and a Call for an Investigation of Norway
42 Reply to BlackBerry e-mail hands-free!
43 Tetris Shelves: Modular Furniture Never Looked So Good
44 Peer Review: Comcast teams with BitTorrent, critics skeptical
45 Comcast's P2P Conversion: I'll Believe It When I See Results
46 Open XML appears to clear ISO standard vote
47 U.K. may make last-minute U-turn on OOXML
48 Last Minute Vote Switching in OOXML Decision
49 Possible Manipulation of OOXML Process In Poland
50 Linux Unhackable At TippingPoint Contest
51 CanSecWest: Countering Misinformation
52 Flash flaw leads to Vista laptop's fall
53 Report: Complaints trigger rewrite of Photoshop Express terms
54 BofA sees 3G iPhone build in May, predictions "too conservative"
55 Countdown to iPhone 2.0
56 Apple: 3G iPhone A Month Out
57 Cholesterol Drug Controversy Continues
58 Panel: Doctors Should Cut Vytorin, Zetia Use
59 Journal Issues Warning on Two Cholesterol Drugs
60 Dole Recalls Honduran Cantaloupes because Salmonella Fear
61 Colo. Town Closer to Drinkable Tap Water
62 Potential association of type 2 diabetes genes with prostate cancer
63 Major collaboration uncovers surprising new genetic clues to diabetes
64 Major international collaboration offers new clues to genetics of type 2 diabetes
65 3-D imaging--first insights into magnetic fields
66 Team explains 'the wallpaper problem'
67 Comparison of anticoagulants for angioplasty show similar outcomes
68 Communicating your way to a healthy heart
69 Race-specific cancer mutation found
70 Sluggish reptile evolving at record speed
71 3-D Imaging--First Insights Into Magnetic Fields
72 Team explains 'the wallpaper problem'
73 Scientists offer new clues to genetics of type 2 diabetes
74 Austrian glaciers shrink the most in five years
75 Cities Switch Off Lights for Earth Hour
76 New protest planned against rail tunnel through Italian Alps
77 Town beach between canal and a hard place
78 Moscow Planetarium Mired in Dispute
79 Philippine company launches 406-dollar mini laptop
80 Maine weather wreaking havoc on deer
81 Humane Society Seeks Sea Lion Injunction
82 Gene Sweeps Yield Discoveries
83 Communicating your way to a healthy heart
84 Doctors Wary After Cholesterol Drug Flop
85 Comparison of anticoagulants for angioplasty show similar outcomes
86 Prasugrel better on stent-related clots than Plavix: study
87 Colo. Town Closer to Drinkable Tap Water
88 U.S. patients find surgery deals overseas
89 Russian official warns of bird flu risk
90 Finally! A Nearly Foolproof Circumcision.
91 Go to the Fridge and Fix Yourself a Superbug Sandwich
92 Epileptic Seizures Strike Much Like Earthquakes
93 How the Heck Did a Woman Become Fused to a Toilet Seat?
94 Computers See Diseases Written All Over Your Face
95 A Chat With George W. Bush's Conscience
96 The Cuckoo Surgeon Who Did Ice-Pick Lobotomies
97 The Cancer That Itches
98 14 Best Ways to Use Your Computer's Spare Time
99 The Moral of the Zetia Story
100 To Kill a Killer--Targeting Anthrax
101 Thinking Telescopes--A Discovery Engine for Astronomy
102 The Hunt for Dark Matter
103 Snakes on the Brain
104 Smoker Brain Error
105 Overeaters' Brains
106 News Bytes of the Week--Smoldering Hawaiian volcano an ongoing geologic hottie [et al.]
107 Where did viruses come from?
108 Does Turning Fluorescent Lights Off Use More Energy Than Leaving Them On?
109 Hackers Assault Epilepsy Patients via Computer
110 Top 10 April Fools' Pranks for Nerds
111 Doctors Wary After Cholesterol Drug Flop
112 Mozilla at 10: A Photo Tour of the Lizard's Lair
113 Mozilla's Asa Dotzler on Firefox, Fighting Bloat and the Problem with Democracy
114 Manufacture and Sell Anything--in Minutes
115 Twitter, iPhones Let Sex Workers Spread Their Gospel
116 3 Lies Guitar Center Told Me Today About Microphones
117 AP IMPACT: Gene sweeps yield discoveries
118 European Spaceship Passes Rendezvous, Escape Tests
119 Canada seal hunt marred by deadly boat accident
120 Researchers find six more diabetes genes: study
121 Study shows life was tough for ancient Egyptians
122 Thai temple fights off encroaching tide as world sea levels rise
123 Indonesian child tests positive for bird flu
124 New gene clues to diabetes, colo-rectal cancer
125 Doctors wary after cholesterol drug flop
126 Man-made molecules reverse liver cirrhosis in rats
127 Apple has biggest impact on world consumers: survey
128 3G iPhone launch seen in 2nd quarter
129 Musicians take social networking into their own hands
130 Time Capsule saves your digital life
131 Man-made molecules reverse liver cirrhosis in rats
132 Nipple rings fall foul of airport check
133 Vaccine for Ebola virus
134 Most people believe smallpox not an extinct disease
135 Green tea helps beat superbugs
136 Neurons hard wired to tell left from right
137 Major collaboration uncovers surprising new genetic clues to diabetes
138 The Race to Save the Hubble Telescope
139 I Am Woman, Hear My (Web) Roar
140 Ben Stein Holds Court
141 What Will They Eat? How Will They Stay Warm?
142 PHOTOS: Images of the Cosmos
143 Galaxies Seen Near 'Edge of the Universe'
144 When People Can't Stop Praying
145 Dogs in Pain May Act Depressed
146 Doctors Wary After Cholesterol Drug Flop
147 Celebrex Risky in High-Risk Patients, Study Finds
148 After Cancer, Kylie Minogue Returns Like 'a Tornado'
149 Surviving Breast Cancer: Affliction of the Stars
150 Even cheap masks stop flu spreading
151 Emergency honey bee plan in the wings
152 Whaling scene found in 3,000-year-old picture
153 Chief scientist revolts over biofuel legislation
154 Invention: Diamond-cooled nuclear reactor [et al.]
155 Ecologists go holistic to measure ecosystem health
156 US wasted billions on ineffective cholesterol drugs
157 For the Paper Trail of Life on Mars Or Other Planets, Find Cellulose
158 Edison...Wasn't He the Guy Who Invented Everything?
159 The Drug Scare That Exposed a World of Hurt
160 In Deep-Dish Pizza Land, a Thinner Blue Line
161 Sexual Advances
162 An Invisible Cloak for Magnetism
163 Cuneiform clay tablet translated for the first time
164 Newly discovered galaxy cluster in early stage of formation is farthest ever identified
165 For the paper trail of life on Mars or other planets, find cellulose
166 N/A
167 Toshiba robot can do the job of the remote control
168 Researchers eliminate drug discovery bottleneck
169 Chemical signaling may power nanomachines
170 Data storage using ultra-small needles
171 Hydrogen storage in nanoparticles works
172 Faster and more sensitive electronics thanks to compact cooling
173 Team explains 'the wallpaper problem'
174 Fire without smoke
175 Specially-designed soils could help combat climate change
176 Exploding star in NGC 2397
177 Successful qualification firing test for Zefiro 23
178 Contamination threatens Utah water supply
179 Elevated concentrations of metals in China's e-waste recycling workshops
180 Earth Hour had impact, utilities say
181 Arizona drought lingers even amid rains
182 Two new star systems are first of their kind ever found
183 Soldiers to get 3-D maps in near-real-time
184 Mathematician foresees romps for Major League Baseball's American League in 2008
185 European space freighter in dress rehearsal for ISS hookup
186 Warming world holds new threats for Aussie wildlife
187 Gore Announces Global Warming Effort
188 German hackers threaten to publish Merkel's fingerprints
189 Yahoo Launches Site Focused on Women
190 Researcher Discovers Pathway Plants Use to Fight Back Against Pathogens
191 Historic grounds may be probed for ghosts
192 Are women voters more likely to vote for female candidates?
193 Study finds concerns with biofuels
194 Virtual smash-ups show teenaged dome-skulled dinos could knock heads
195 No laughing matter--bacteria are releasing a serious greenhouse gas
196 Electric shocks boost plants' production of commercially useful chemicals
197 Self-organization of sandpile models
198 Chips could speed up detection of livestock viruses
199 Boosting self-esteem can backfire in decision-making
200 Rare Parrot Chicks Born in New Zealand
201 MRSA in hospital intensive care--what's growing where?
202 Hybrid Cars Are Harder to Hear
203 Doubt Hangs Over Personal Gene Scans
204 Japanese researchers cure liver cirrhosis in rats
205 Britons get stressed without mobile phones: survey
206 First evidence that blocking key energy protein kills cancer cells
207 Are you my mother? Transference more pronounced when we are tired
208 Chloroform provides clue to 150 year old medical puzzle
209 Researchers identify a gene responsible for Lou Gehrig's disease
210 Green tea helps beat superbugs
211 Neurons hard wired to tell left from right
212 Hormone that controls hunger and appetite also linked to reduced fertility
213 Significant reductions in mortality shown using blood pressure-lowering treatment in very elderly
214 Turn that frown upside down--healthy gums are something to smile about
215 Are blood thinners post-op killers?
216 Study indicates diabetes medication may help slow plaque build-up in coronary arteries
217 The Holocaust was not experienced in the same way by everyone
218 Cantaloupe recall continues to expand
219 Angina drug potentially useful against heart rhythm disorders
220 2-drug blood pressure therapy lowers cardiovascular risk
221 Pensioners relaxed in front of the computer
222 Lung transplants not dangerous for children with cystic fibrosis, after all
223 Uterine stem cells create new neurons that can curb Parkinson's disease
224 New blood pressure medication has fewer side effects: Global study
225 Norwegian Tooth Bank seeks milk teeth from 100,000 children
226 Study shows why synthetic estrogens wreak havoc on reproductive system
227 Vaccine for Ebola virus
228 Most people believe smallpox not an extinct disease
229 Scientists offer new clues to genetics of type 2 diabetes
230 Researchers publish MRI images of genes in action in the living brain
231 Japan acts to avert growing crisis in manners