File Title
1 Ultra-Fast Quantum-Dot Information Storage
2 Computers show how bats classify plants according to their echoes
3 Study confirms 1966 prediction: The most energetic particles in the universe are not from the neighborhood
4 Infection with a mutated HIV strain results in better survival
5 Boomerang works in space: Japanese astronaut
6 Salmonella Cases Rise in Colorado City
7 Physicists Bring Quantum Computing Closer to Reality
8 Astronauts Test Repair Goo in Spacewalk
9 Luxim's tiny plasma lightbulb outshines LEDs
10 Researchers achieve dramatic increase in thermoelectric efficiency
11 Cassini Spacecraft Finds Ocean May Exist Beneath Titan's Crust
12 Wikipedia Questions Paths to More Money
13 Money buys happiness when you spend on others: research
14 Mars salt deposit discovery points to a new place to hunt for life's ancient traces
15 Nanoscience will change the way we think about the world
16 Chemists find important contributor to smog
17 Mantis shrimp vision reveals new way that animals can see
18 Research shows Earth's earliest animal ecosystem was complex and included sexual reproduction
19 UMd-led team finds ancient asteroids formed at solar system's start
20 Scientists say early Americans arrived earlier
21 Tiny buckyballs squeeze hydrogen like giant Jupiter
22 New nanoparticle catalyst brings fuel-cell cars closer to showroom
23 Substantial improvement in essential cheap solar cell process
24 Time scale established for proton transfer
25 MIT aims to search for Earth-like planets with Google's help
26 NASA: Tile Repair Test a Huge Success
27 Scientists look to cut cow flatulence
28 China builds observatory at South Pole
29 Rare Explosion Jolts Hawaii Volcano
30 Slow melt of heavy snow better for the environment
31 Sony's Newest PS3 to Allow Downloads
32 Cowardly Robot Steals Show in Amsterdam
33 New breed of cognitive robot...a puppy?
34 Visual technology enables brain to learn in new ways
35 Australian man kills himself with Internet suicide machine: report
36 China Orders Video Web Sites to Close
37 'Chocolate Rain' Claims a YouTube Award
38 Losing Wireless Battle May Be Google Win
39 Hannaford Breach Raises New Fears
40 Easter bunny may be close to extinction say University of Exeter students
41 First study hints at insights to come from genes unique to humans
42 Giant Marine Life Found in Antarctica
43 California tries to stop quagga mussels
44 A genetic study of Latin Americans sheds light on a troubled history
45 UC Davis Launches Olive Research Center
46 Bone Shows Hominin Could Walk Upright
47 Researcher discovers how to ignite, retain female interest in the study of science
48 Plant gene clusters for natural products
49 Soybean varieties viable in southern Indiana, resistant to root-knot nematode
50 Prosecutor rules death of French euthanasia woman not natural
51 In poker, psychologist places bets on skill
52 AIDS vaccine trials may have added risk
53 Molecular science could further improve leukemia survival
54 Netting mosquitoes to prevent malaria
55 'Jumping gene' may contribute to a premature aging syndrome
56 Promising research on the susceptibility to and drug targets for Parkinson's disease
57 Study highlights increasing use of continuous deep sedation in the Netherlands
58 Are dual cord blood banks the answer to increasing stem cell demand?
59 Probing Question: Is cloned meat safe to eat?
60 Scientists show that a microRNA can reduce lung cancer growth
61 Prostate size and other neglected factors influence prostate cancer treatment satisfaction
62 Do Attractive Women Want it All? New Study Reveals Relationship Standards are Relative
63 Brains are hardwired to act according to the Golden Rule
64 Indonesia's bird flu situation 'grave'
65 FDA OKs new adhesive to treat burn victims
66 Impaired sense of smell may be early indicator of Parkinson's disease
67 Stunning Gamma Ray Burst Explosion Detected Halfway Across Universe
68 Nano-breakthrough: Dramatic Increase In Thermoelectric Efficiency Heralds New Era In Heating, Cooling And Power Generation
69 Ocean May Exist Beneath Titan's Crust, Cassini Spacecraft Finds
70 Rethinking Early Evolution: Earth's Earliest Animal Ecosystem Was Complex And Included Sexual Reproduction
71 Mars Salt Deposit Discovery Points To A New Place To Hunt For Life's Ancient Traces
72 Oldest Cretaceous Period Dinosaur Discovered Represents New Genus Of Prehistoric Aquatic Predator
73 Lyme Disease Can Be Prevented With New Shot, Study Suggests
74 Skulls Of Modern Humans And Ancient Neanderthals Evolved Differently Because Of Chance, Not Natural Selection
75 Impaired Sense Of Smell May Be Early Indicator Of Parkinson's Disease
76 New Strategy To Prevent Genetically Altered Rice From Uncontrolled Spreading
77 Researchers Unmask Proteins In Telomerase, A Substance That Enables Cancer
78 Animation Aids Psychology In 'Second Life' Experiment
79 Men And Women Have Different Eating Habits, Study Shows
80 Modeling Stress and Strain In Bones And Statues
81 Sleep Deprivation Used To Diagnose Sleepwalking
82 New Natural Family Planning Method Appeals To Wide Range Of Women
83 Keeping The Brain Sharp: Stopping A Receptor Called 'Nogo' Boosts Synapses In Brain
84 How Humans Make Up For An 'Inborn' Vitamin C Deficiency
85 Satellites Can Help Arctic Grazers Survive Killer Winter Storms
86 Cutting-edge Computing Helps Discover Origin Of Life On Earth
87 Bridge From Conventional To Molecular Electronics Possible
88 Cycling For Food: Engineers Work On Pedal-powered Grain Crusher
89 Long-Distance Wi-Fi
90 Three-Minute Anthrax Sensor
91 Remote Microscopy
92 The Fine Structure of a Frozen Virus
93 The Technology That Toppled Eliot Spitzer
94 The Networked Pill
95 A Power Grid Smartens Up
96 All the Internet's a Game
97 Cheap, Efficient Thermoelectrics
98 Defending Laptops from Zombie Attacks
99 Distinguishing Artificial From Natural Is Possible, for Now
100 China Orders Video Web Sites to Close
101 Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig Bets 'Wikipedia' Approach Will Transform Congress
102 A Tech Rx for Doctors: The iPhone
103 Saturn Moon May Have Ocean of Water
104 Find Lost Web Pages
105 Philip Morris Tries to Engineer the Cancer Out of Tobacco
106 The Internet Archive Keeps Book-Scanning Free
107 Analyst Calls Apple 'Recession-Proof'
108 How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong
109 Shrimp Eyes May Hold Key to Better Communications
110 Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're My Only Hope For Portable Data Storage
111 Giant marine life found in Antarctica
112 NASA: Tile repair test a huge success
113 Saturn moon may have ocean of water
114 UC Davis launches olive research center
115 Science, Bible agree: Giving is better
116 Stellar Explosion Is Most Distant Object Visible to Naked Eye
117 Early life on Earth--no predators, plenty of sex
118 Whaling protest captain receives 'Crocodile Hunter' honour
119 Fossil of Oldest Rabbit Relative Found
120 Gas-belching volcanoes may have killed dinosaurs
121 Booster patch helps bird flu vaccine: study
122 Science, Bible agree: Giving is better
123 Cosmic blast 7.5 billion years old, seen with naked eye
124 Asylum's renaming insults advocates
125 Circumcised men no less likely to get sex diseases
126 New Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Works for Adults, Children
127 Gene Linked to Form of Parkinson's Disease
128 More Seniors Falling Victim to Escalator Injuries
129 Israel grounds some F-16 fighters over cancer fears
130 Some people may transmit weaker AIDS virus: study
131 Indian DNA Links to 6 'Founding Mothers'
132 Review of: Galileo's Glassworks: The Telescope and the Mirror
133 Nature's Awful Beauty
134 Population Bomb Author Tackles Cultural Evolution
135 Review: The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter
136 Twin DNA Differences
137 Meteorites Spiced Up Primordial Soup
138 The year of the no-rats?
139 No knee-jerk reaction
140 Spacewalkers test new shuttle repair techniques
141 Microsoft, Intel research parallel computing with US universities
142 A Billion GPS Chips Expected To Ship In 2013
143 MapQuest And INRIX Collaborate To Deliver Traffic-Enabled Navigation Solutions
144 Russia obtained US guarantees on missile shield: Lavrov
145 Thirsty Jordan scrambles to find new water resources
146 Pakistan test-flies pilotless plane: military
147 Software protects against cyberattacks
148 China's crackdown on Tibet seen hitting tourism
149 Gene silencing may cut tobacco carcinogens