File Title
1 Yahoo CEO Hoping to Thwart Microsoft
2 A Presidential Debate on Science?
3 Scientists explain big vapor plume on Saturn moon
4 Congress: Science for Sale?
5 Heart Disease Myths Busted
6 U.S. Firm Charged in Tainted Pet Food Case
7 Moms Pre-Chewing Food Gave HIV to Kids
8 Never Full: The Curse of Prader-Willi
9 Tattoos may help deliver vaccine
10 The race to chase Sahara's sand
11 The long quest for life on Mars
12 Holographic displays step closer
13 How cash can change online games
14 Smart tags hail the web of things
15 Why Americans are shunning e-voting
16 Obesity 'may be largely genetic'
17 Child dads 'birth problems link'
18 I had to crawl to the bathroom' [vertigo]
19 Watch this space for holographic movies
20 Technical fix for toxic stockpile?
21 Paper planes to fly in space
22 Experts challenge ice shelf claim
23 The pros and cons of solar power
24 Mild winter keeps hedgehogs awake
25 Mobiles narrow digital divisions
26 Spinal injury 'bypassed' by nerve
27 Egypt 'torturing HIV sufferers'
28 Lifting weights 'good as running'
29 Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Erupts
30 Vet: Denver Hippo's Death An Accident
31 Embryo Created From DNA Of 2 Women, 1 Man
32 Removing Clot Aids Heart Attack Recovery
33 Moms Pre-Chewing Food Gave HIV To Kids
34 Grow Your Own Replacement Parts
35 Blood Pressure Drug Cuts Parkinson's?
36 Tainted Pills From Puerto Rico Reach U.S.
37 Beware Effects Of Acid On Teeth
38 Dangers Of Mixing Some Common Drinks, Meds
39 Time Warner To Separate AOL's Dial-Up Business
40 Time Warner to split AOL Internet business
41 Google Introduces New Edition of Its Hosted Applications Suite
42 Google Apps Team Edition Emulates Social Networking Model
43 Vista's driver ills aren't just Microsoft's fault
44 Middle East Cables Will Be Repaired Soon
45 Three undersea cables seen fixed by weekend
46 Undersea Cable Repairs Started, New Stronger Cable
47 eBay Announces Ban on Seller Negative Feedback
48 Analyst: Apple cutting Q1 production of iPods, iPhones
49 Apple Cuts IPod, IPhone Production By 60 Percent
50 A day late, 8GB short
51 Apple Cuts Production Orders of MacBooks, iPods, and iPhones
52 AT&T Speeds up and Expands 3G Network
53 AT&T To Add 3G To 80 Cities In 2008, Begin HSUPA Upgrade
54 Apple updates QuickTime security
55 QuickTime 7.4.1 fixes After Effects problem
56 Apple Beats Microsoft and Motorola in 4Q Phone Sales
57 Apple Scores With iPhone In 2007, But Can It Sustain Growth?
58 Intel shows off Tukwila, first 2 billion transistor CPU
59 Intel's cache gigantism results in 2bn transistor Tukwila
60 Tesla looks at selling components to other carmakers, again
61 Pre-Chewed Baby Food Said to Transmit H.I.V.
62 HIV Can Be Transmitted Through Pre-Chewed Food, Researchers Say
63 Jarvik May Have Used Body Double in Ads
64 Lipitor May Not Be Only Trustworthy Cholesterol-Lowering Drug
65 Older Women More Likely to Suffer Depression than Older Men
66 Older Women More Likely to Suffer Depression
67 Babies Recently Treated With Lotion, Shampoo, And Powder More Likely To Have Phthalates Chemicals In Urine
68 Baby care products may raise infant phthalate levels
69 Calcium-channel blockers linked to reduced risk for Parkinson's disease
70 Blood Pressure Drugs Might Prevent Parkinson's
71 High blood pressure medication offers reduced Parkinson's risk
72 Blood Pressure Drug Cuts Parkinson's?
73 Bone complications due to cystic fibrosis have a genetic cause, according to an MUHC study
74 Scientists rebuild ancient proteins to reveal primordial Earth's temperature
75 Biologists link locust comas with human migraine
76 The trouble with hybrids
77 Moderate prenatal exposure to alcohol and stress in monkeys can cause touch sensitivity
78 Genes and environment interact in first graders to predict physical but not social aggression
79 Barnacles go to great lengths to mate
80 Henry Ford Hospital expands research on gene and radiation therapy for prostate cancer
81 New study suggests link between environmental toxins and early onset puberty in girls
82 Nitrogen pollution boosts plant growth in tropics by 20 percent
83 Rice scientists make breakthrough in single-molecule sensing
84 PET Outperforms CT In Characterization of Benign and Malignant Lung Nodules
85 MIT applies engineering approach to studying biological pathways
86 Carnegie Mellon Scientists Develop Novel Fluorescent Proteins for Live Cell Imaging, Biosensor Design
87 Tropical Soils Impede Landmine Detection
88 Bonn scientists simulate dinosaur digestion in the lab
89 Button mushrooms contain as much anti-oxidants as expensive ones
90 Tattooing improves response to DNA vaccine
91 Gene plays 'Jekyll and Hyde' in brain cancer
92 Transparent fish to make human biology clearer
93 Gene Found to Play a Suppressor Role in Skin Cancer Development
94 Racing Ahead at the Speed of Light
95 UA optical scientists add new, practical dimension to holography
96 Sleep Duration May Play Important Role in Childhood Obesity
97 Novel compound may lessen heart attack damage
98 'Good bacteria' in women give clues for slowing HIV transmission
99 Genome-wide survey nets key melanoma gene
100 Natural secretion marks difference between mole and melanoma
101 Close ties between parents and babies yield benefits for preschoolers
102 Imaging study reveals rapid formation of Alzheimer's-associated plaques
103 Gargantuan galaxy NGC 1132--a cosmic fossil?
104 Noah's Arctic Ark for Seeds Set to Open
105 What Caused the Deadly Tornadoes
106 Tobacco Could Kill 1 Billion by 2100
107 For Barnacles, Sex Is a Real Stretch
108 Robots Pump Gas
109 Murky History of Television Gets Murkier
110 One of Last 2 WWI Vets in US Dies
111 Why Parents Eat Their Young, Especially the Big Ones
112 Space Magnetism May Hold Secret to Fusion Power
113 What Is the World's Fastest Animal?
114 Study: It's OK to Feed Birds
115 Coming Feb. 20: Total Eclipse of the Moon
116 Scientists Create See-Through Fish, Watch Cancer Grow
117 Teen Pregnancy: Hip or Blip?
118 N/A
119 Earliest Oil Paintings Found in Famed Afghan Caves
120 Winter Tornadoes Can Be Faster, Deadlier, Experts Say
121 Indian Fossil Bed Being Ground Into Cement
122 Robotic Observatory Built on Remote Antarctic Summit
123 Ecuador Volcano Erupts, Thousands to Be Evacuated
124 Eyeglass-Free 3-D Movies on the Horizon
125 Evidence of fossil bugs found in volcanic bubble
126 'Astronomical unit' may need to be redefined
127 Did GSK trial data mask Paxil suicide risk?
128 Rewritable holograms promise 3D displays
129 Super-size me: Alligators reveal digestive trick
130 Female reptile spreads labour over nine days
131 Galaxy without dark matter puzzles astronomers
132 Madagascar's Tortoises Crawling Toward Extinction
133 Engineers Week Tip Sheet: Preparing the Next Generation of Engineers
134 Using Musical Chords to Look at Hydrogen Molecule's Response to Laser Pulses
135 Bone Marrow Stem Cell Release Regulated by Your Brain's Biological Clock
136 Researchers Report 10-Fold Life Extension in a Complex Animal
137 Shear Ingenuity: Tweaking the Conductivity of Nanotube Composites
138 New Devices to Boost Nematode Research on Neurons and Drugs
139 'Nitty-Gritty' but Vital Data Helps Field Rescue Robots