File Title
1 Electronic Arts Bids for Take-Two
2 Antarctic Mud Yields Climate Change Insight
3 Painful Sex Still a Painful Secret
4 Woman Dies Aboard Flight From Haiti
5 Gene Discovery May Lead to New Baldness Drugs
6 Feeling short? Blame your ancestors
7 Global seed bank to be Noah's Ark of food
8 Biofuel flight gets turbulent response
9 US to set 'binding' climate goals
10 Experts test Mars vehicle model
11 S Africa to allow elephant cull
12 Antarctic diary: Polar year
13 YouTube outage blamed on Pakistan
14 Adobe fuses on and offline worlds
15 UN warns over food aid rationing
16 Software spots 'missed' diabetes
17 Iran's 'diagnosed transsexuals'
18 The chance to see in Bangladesh
19 What's Wrong With The Bees?
20 Scientists: Eat More Bugs
21 Child Porn Cases Hurt By Photo Technology
22 Woman Dies On Flight With Bad Oxygen Tanks
23 Adobe gives web, desktop development a breath of fresh AIR
24 Adobe Releases Runtime for Web Tools
25 Adobe turns up the heat on AIR with new Flex IDE
26 Adobe Blurs Line Between PC and Web
27 Adobe AIR 1.0 Brings Web Applications To Your Desktop
28 Pakistan's Censors Target YouTube, Trigger Brief World-Wide Outage
29 Pakistan Blamed for Worldwide YouTube Break
30 YouTube Censorship Sheds Light on Internet Trust
31 Xbox 3D Virtual World necessary to compete with Playstation Home?
32 Microsoft Discontinues HD DVD Drives
33 Microsoft kills off HD DVD drive for Xbox 360
34 Nokia Uses Nano Tech For 'Morph' Concept Cell Phone
35 Nokia demos bendable cell phone
36 Researchers Envison Mobile Device That Morphs
37 Open Source Community Keeps Open Mind About Microsoft
38 Torvalds gives props to Microsoft for sharing
39 Microsoft pledge questioned
40 Video: Is Microsoft Open Source's Friend?
41 Software Notebook: Microsoft pledge has limits
42 Is Microsoft turning over a new leaf?
43 Microsoft Appeases EU with New Interoperability Principles
44 Lawsuit Over "Vista Capable" Labels on PCs Given OK by Judge
45 'Vista Capable' class action lawsuit gets certified
46 Here's how to become part of the Vista 'junk' PC lawsuit
47 RIM sees no slowdown as analyst questions 10M iPhone target
48 Shaky iPhone Profits Perturb Analysts
49 IPhone May Not Reach 10M Sales Target With Changes
50 iPhone Sales Stunted? No, Apple Can Still Hit 10mm
51 Apple may not sell 10 million iPhones in 2008
52 New Server Chips Quadruple Memory Capacity
53 MetaRAM quadruples DDR2 DIMM capacities, launches 8GB DIMMs
54 Microsoft unveils Web monitoring system
55 Microsoft unveils new proposed advertising metric and tool
56 All clicks are not equal, says Microsoft
57 Microsoft to Track Engagement in Online Advertising
58 Radar Networks takes $13 million, readies Twine for the public
59 Sometimes It's Just Semantics
60 Mobile photo-sharing company Tiny Pictures gets $7.2 million
61 Silicon Valley firms provide $7.2M for Tiny Pictures
62 Goolag Tool Lets Google Aid Hackers
63 Google-hacking made easy
64 I.P. Address: Partially Personal Information
65 Health Insurer Must Pay $9 Million for Canceling Sick Woman's Policy
66 Insurance Fears Lead Many to Shun DNA Tests
67 DNA tests could lead to insurance, employment problems
68 DNA Test--A Reason for Discrimination in the US
69 Ghana: Country Has a Strong Case Against Recruiters of Health Workers
70 Recruitment of Health Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa Weakening Health Systems, Inhibiting Efforts To Fight HIV/AIDS, Article Says
71 Gene discovery may lead to new baldness drugs
72 Gene linked to early baldness
73 Gene Found To Play Role In Hair Loss
74 Hair loss gene identified
75 Gene may help find root cause of hair loss
76 Gene behind hair loss identified
77 Hair loss culprit found: It's a gene!
78 Washington University unveils draft sequence of corn genome
79 Columbia geneticists uncover new gene involved in determining hair texture and density in humans
80 Mechanism of blood clot elasticity revealed in high definition
81 Engineers demonstrate a new type of optical tweezer
82 Compost can turn agricultural soils into a carbon sink, thus protecting against climate change
83 Butterfly fish 'may face extinction'
84 Anti-HIV gel proven safe, tolerable for women
85 Krill discovered living in the Antarctic abyss
86 Trial finds tenofovir gel safe for daily use and most women adhered to study regimens
87 High zinc status in lung cells slows growth and induces DNA damage-induced gene expression
88 Dust in West up 500 percent in past 2 centuries, says CU-Boulder study
89 Getting to the roots of hair loss
90 Notch controls bone formation and strength
91 Protein shines light on cancer response
92 What farmers think about GM crops
93 How the atmospheres of Mars and Venus are affected by carbon monoxide
94 Crystal bells stay silent as physicists look for dark matter
95 Switchyard for single electrons
96 Test can reduce recurrence of breast cancer
97 OHSU Cancer Institute research gives hope for chemo holidays for men with advanced prostate cancer
98 The danger of blindness after ophthalmic surgery
99 Acne may prevent people from participating in sport and exercise, says research
100 America's 50 best hospitals 2008 released by HealthGrades
101 Iowa State researchers help piece together the corn genome's first draft
102 Electron Filmed for First Time
103 South Africa Allows Killing of Elephants
104 Study: West Got Dusty Thanks to People
105 How The Eruption of Thera Changed the World
106 The Reality of Fingerprinting Not Like TV Crime Labs
107 How Groundwater Shaped Mars
108 Krill spotted diving at depth
109 Seismic stations could help catch tsunami waves
110 Exoskeleton shows running, not walking, best on Moon
111 Nuclear forensics struggling to curb trafficking
112 Green invention special: Long-life solar cells [et al.]
113 Heavy rain can trigger earthquakes
114 Fatal brain cancer tamed by gene therapy
115 Music special: Five great auditory illusions
116 Wanted: RAM's help in solving crimes
117 Beware words that prompt mental images
118 Scientists Unveil Draft Sequence of Corn Genome
119 New Gene Involved in Hair Texture/Density Uncovered
120 Researchers Help Piece Together the Corn Genome's First Draft
121 Students Develop Water Rescue Harness
122 Genetic Diversity Allows Pathogens to Go Where Other Pathogens Have Gone Before
123 Biofuel, Partly From Nuts, Is Tested on an Airline Flight
124 L.I. Duck Farms Struggle With Water Regulation
125 Ray Wu, 79, a Genetic Transformer of Crops, Is Dead
126 Daring to Think Differently About Schizophrenia
127 Vaccinating Boys for Girls' Sake?
128 Dementia Risk May Be Dropping
129 'No Country for Old Men' Wins Oscar Tug of War
130 Are Oscars Worth All This Fuss?
131 Oh, Just Lighten Up and Enjoy the Show
132 Royals weren't only builders of Maya temples, archaeologist finds
133 Structure of protein collagen seen at unprescedented level of detail
134 Can Athletic Uniform Color Determine Winners and Losers?
135 Stock exchange for 'grid' computing?
136 Cambridge, Nokia introduce new stretchable and flexible mobile phone concept
137 Rusty Worms in the Brain
138 Researchers demonstrate a new type of optical tweezer
139 Test can reduce recurrence of breast cancer
140 Krill discovered living in the Antarctic abyss
141 Japanese firm creates fake soil for a greener city
142 How the atmospheres of Mars and Venus are affected by carbon monoxide
143 Crystal bells stay silent as physicists look for dark matter
144 Vikings did not dress the way we thought
145 Researchers Look to Spot Photo Hoaxes
146 Adobe AIR Puts Companies on Desktops
147 New electrodes may provide safer, more powerful lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries
148 Switchyard for single electrons
149 Earthquake theory stretched in Central Asia study
150 Easing concerns about pollution from manufacture of solar cells
151 Pentagon: Satellite Hit a Success
152 Tracking your carbon footprint
153 New lure may replace soft plastic ones
154 Compost can turn agricultural soils into a carbon sink, thus protecting against climate change
155 How it happened: The catastrophic flood that cooled the Earth
156 NXP announces world's smallest high-performance MOSFET
157 Internet Ad Revenue Exceeds $21B in 2007
158 Photo Tech Complicates Child-Porn Cases
159 Electronic Arts Offers $2B for Take-Two
160 Position sensors: magnets know their place
161 Germany may drop biofuel boost
162 Scientists unveil draft sequence of corn genome
163 Age test of Shroud of Turin planned
164 Bioengineer Ray Wu dead at 79
165 Mechanism of blood clot elasticity revealed in high definition
166 Acid-seeking 'warheads' promise safer, more effective cancer weapons
167 Butterfly fish 'may face extinction'
168 Toward a healthier food for Fido: Corn provides promising fiber alternative
169 Faux Fido eases loneliness in nursing home residents as well as real dog, SLU study finds
170 Autism's origins: Mother's antibody production may affect fetal brain
171 Japan facing vaccination lawsuits
172 Yellow fever outbreak reported in Paraguay
173 Obesity more dangerous than terrorism: experts
174 Men As Well As Women Need Bone Tests
175 Woman dies in southern China, tested positive for bird flu
176 Viagra could be harmful to fertility
177 GP's databases could identify tens of thousands with undiagnosed diabetes in UK
178 Anti-HIV gel proven safe, tolerable for women
179 Study details link between obesity, carbs and esophageal cancer
180 Early blood pressure reduction to improve stroke outcomes
181 DNA tests at center of growing crisis
182 Despite Popularity, Researcher Finds Not Everyone Can Successfully Learn Through Online Courses
183 High zinc status in lung cells slows growth and induces DNA damage-induced gene expression
184 Acne may prevent people from participating in sport and exercise, says research
185 Radiation From Mobile Phones Changes Protein Expression In Living People, Study Suggests
186 Electron Gets Film Debut In First-ever Video Of Its Kind
187 Saturn May Be Surrounded By Undiscovered Near-Invisible Partial Rings
188 Oral Contraceptives Could Work For Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Maybe Even Deer And Coyotes
189 Has An Ocean Circulation Collapse Been Triggered?
190 Bacteria Use 'Invisibility Cloak' To Hide From Human Immune System
191 Sun Will Vaporize Earth Unless We Can Change Our Orbit
192 Python Snakes, An Invasive Species In Florida, Could Spread To One Third Of US
193 Climate Change Has Major Impact On Oceans
194 Surprise On Journey To Center Of The Earth: Light Tectonic Plates Lead The Way
195 Stem Cell-based Therapy May Be Able To Treat Muscular Dystrophy
196 America's 50 Best Hospitals 2008, As Rated By HealthGrades
197 'Stubborn' Microbes Propagated WIth New Incubation Method
198 Attack On Computer Memory Reveals Vulnerability Of Widely-used Security Systems
199 New Anti-cancer Agent Can Overcome Resistance To Drugs, Says Study
200 Bacteria Can Be Made To Spin Spider Silk Through Understanding Of Big Molecules
201 Early Experience Affects Where Birds Breed For Life: What Happens If Habitat Changes?
202 Ancient Puzzle Solved In Fossils From Canadian Rockies, Dating To Cambrian Explosion
203 Could Clothes Be Made To Monitor Heart Beat, Other Vital Signs, Automatically?
204 Facial Expression Recognition Software Developed
205 New Technique Promises To Aid Doctor's Ability To Identify, Treat Bacterial Infections
206 NASA MidSTAR-1 Successful Technologies May Be Revolutionary