File Title
1 Next-gen Intel notebook chips to exceed 3.0GHz
2 BBC: But not for us
3 MBA turns to the dark side
4 BBC coming to iTunes?
5 The [Mac] sounds of music
6 Using fireballs to uncover the mysteries of ball lightning
7 Researchers explain spread of 1918 flu
8 Giant Frog Jumps Continents
9 Human culture subject to natural selection, Stanford study shows
10 Scientists Explore Consciousness
11 3-D photonic crystals make novel add-drop filters
12 Pentagon report investigated lasers that put voices in your head
13 Researchers probe a DNA repair enzyme
14 Key to controlling drug resistant bacteria
15 Fast-learning computer translates from four languages
16 New transportation technology for microcargoes
17 As depression symptoms improve with antidepressants, hopelessness can linger
18 Get ready for the eclipse that saved Columbus
19 Novel organic metal hybrids that will revolutionize materials science and chemical engineering
20 Research uncovers the social dynamics of yellow jackets
21 Wearable Robotics Aid Construction Workers
22 Into the abyss: Deep-sixing carbon
23 Solar cell directly splits water for hydrogen
24 Laser light may be able to detect diseases on the breath
25 Blu-ray set to be DVD standard after Toshiba white flag
26 Very large array retooling for 21st-century science
27 LSU researchers challenge analyses on sustainability of Gulf fisheries
28 Nitrous oxide: definitely no laughing matter
29 Amazon corridors far too narrow, warn scientists
30 NASA looks at future astronomy missions
31 Aussies: Kyoto Should Have Been Ratified
32 Adventurer Seeks More Solar Plane Funds
33 Saboteurs may have cut Mideast telecom cables: UN agency
34 Princeton researchers envision a more secure Internet
35 Looming end to DVD war good news for consumers: analysts
36 Improved polymers for lithium ion batteries pave the way for next generation of electric and hybrid cars
37 Toyota unveils hybrid version of flagship Crown
38 Early environment may be key to determining bird migration location
39 High-tech conservation solutions for old warship
40 Tropical winter habitat drives natal dispersal of young migratory birds
41 Team Seeks to Improve the Black-Eye Pea
42 Researchers unveil landscape of human-pathogen protein interactions
43 Where will we find the next generation of engineers?
44 Is transgenic cotton more profitable?
45 N/A
46 To save or savor? It's decision time for Atlantic bluefin tuna
47 Study of 'Ouzo effect' may lead to design of improved drugs, cosmetics
48 A long-sought test for direct detection of disease-causing E. coli bacteria
49 Inventor of sonar ignored by history
50 Scientists move towards stem cell therapy trials to mend shattered bones
51 Fighting 'fat bloom' can mean a prettier look for Valentine's Day chocolates
52 'No clone' hard to enforce in food supply
53 Learning from cod collapse to save tuna
54 New eagle crowding nesting eagle pair
55 N/A
56 Unveiling the underwater ways of the white shark
57 Scientists create gecko-inspired bandage
58 Imitating monkey's 'jumping genes' could lead to new treatments for HIV
59 Missing chromosome predicts brain tumor patients' response to treatment
60 Medicare Won't Pay Hospitals for Errors
61 Aussie neuroscientist tests addiction drug
62 Child obesity seen as fueled by Spanish language tv ads
63 Fresh blow to AIDS microbicide as trials show gel is ineffective
64 Antibiotics do not appear helpful in preventing fluid buildup in children with ear infections
65 Campbell's Lowering Sodium in Kids Soups
66 Herpes virus link to complications in pregnancy
67 New laser technique promises better process control in the pharmaceutical industry
68 Cocaine's effects on brain metabolism may contribute to abuse
69 Some Cancer Patients Turn to 'Coaches'
70 Alcoholics underestimate the risk of bleeding
71 Fentanyl pain patches are recalled
72 Girl with four kidneys plans to donate
73 Children's IQs go up when parents learn
74 Most Accurate Clock Ever: 'Crystal Of Light' Clock Surpasses Accuracy Of NIST-F1 Fountain Clock
75 Laser Beam Believed To Set Record For Intensity
76 Sharks In Peril: Ocean's Fiercest Predators Now Vulnerable To Extinction
77 Terrestrial Planets Might Form Around Many, Maybe Most, Nearby Sun-like Stars
78 Stabilizing Climate Requires Near-zero Carbon Emissions
79 Egypt's Earliest Agricultural Settlement Unearthed
80 Saturn's Giant Sponge: One Of Saturn's Rings Does The Housecleaning
81 New Materials Can Selectively Capture Carbon Dioxide, Chemists Report
82 Extremophile Hunt Begins In Strange Antarctic Lake
83 Tough Breeds Of Livestock Disappearing: Saving Them Before It Is Too Late
84 Obesity Increases Cancer Risk, Analysis Of Hundreds Of Studies Shows
85 New Device Could Put The Beat Back Into Weak Hearts, And Free Patients From Antirejection Drugs
86 Using High Efficiency Particle Air Filters May Improve Cardiovascular Health
87 Cheating Is Easy For The Social Amoeba
88 Physics Explains Why University Rankings Won't Change
89 Enzyme Structure Reveals New Drug Targets For Cancer And Other Diseases
90 Why Don't The French Get As Fat As Americans? Americans Eat Until The TV Show Is Over
91 Smokers Might Benefit From Earlier Colon Cancer Screening
92 Plastic Surgeons Deploy New Carbon Dioxide-based Fractional Laser
93 When It Comes To Physical Activity, One Size Does Not Fit All
94 Long-term Retinal Implant Study Offers Hope For Treating Blindness
95 School Shootings The Result Of Crisis Of Masculinity, Gun Culture, Professor Argues
96 Probing Women's Response To Male Odor
97 Peptide Discovered In Scorpion Venom May Hold Key To Secretory Diseases
98 Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Can Cause Degenerative Heart And Muscle Disease
99 Mars Images Show Topography Of Red Planet
100 Direct Democracy In Science May Be Too Much Of A Good Thing
101 Antarctic sea rise 'caused by warming'
102 Managed forestry offers hope of saving Amazon
103 The Oily Truth
104 Taking Aim at the Spy Satellite
105 Science Standards Will Call Evolution 'Scientific Theory'
106 Scientists Develop Breathalyzer for Disease
107 Toshiba Quits HD DVD Business
108 Scientists Discover Fossil of Bowling Ball-Sized 'Devil Toad' That Lived Among Dinosaurs
109 'Expelled'
110 Glucosamine No Better Than Placebo for Hip Arthritis
111 Nightline Face-Off: Is America Addicted to Porn?
112 FDA Looks at Wrong Plant in China
113 Stingray beats burgers any day
114 'Devil' frog ate dinos for breakfast
115 'Frog from hell' fossil unearthed
116 Sperm damage 'passed to children'
117 First stars 'may have been dark'
118 Hammerhead in need of protection
119 Gecko inspires internal bandage
120 In pictures: Green Energy in Portugal
121 'Hacker' launches iTunes copying
122 BBC TV programmes put on iTunes
123 Net news 'threatens court cases'
124 Computer software terms 'unfair'
125 Toshiba drops out of HD DVD war
126 Iris scans to protect your photos
127 Q&A: Death of a format
128 Tracking global E.coli 'crucial'
129 The towns where people live the longest
130 Company Cloning Pet Dogs, For Hefty Fee
131 Air Force: We're At The Breaking Point
132 And The Happiest Place On Earth Is...
133 Fidel Castro Steps Down As Cuba's Leader
134 Paramount and Universal to publish films on Blu-ray
135 From Windows to Linux--and back again
136 Scientists Find 'Devil Toad' Fossil
137 Haiti's Efforts To Save Trees Falters
138 Adventurer Seeks More Solar Plane Funds
139 Team Seeks To Improve The Black-Eye Pea
140 Toshiba Hands Blu-Ray Format War Victory
141 Beef Over Cattle Abuse Video Escalates
142 Toshiba After HD DVD: What Lies Ahead?
143 It's official: Toshiba announces HD DVD surrender
144 Microsoft to invest in web search--with or without Yahoo!
145 Gates: Microsoft Isn't Raising Yahoo Bid
146 Apple plans 2GB iPod Shuffle, cuts price on 1GB player
147 Apple cuts price of iPod Shuffle
148 Apple slashes iPod shuffle price, introduces 2GB model
149 Microsoft offers its development, design tools to students for free
150 Microsoft Gives Away Software Worth Thousands To Students
151 Microsoft to Give Away Developer Tools to Students
152 Microsoft Offers Students Free Dev Tools
153 Microsoft Gives Software to Nurture Future Coders
154 Microsoft to give students free developer tools
155 Judge orders WikiLeaks offline, then backs off
156 Swiss Bank Silences
157 State board declares evolution as 'theory'
158 Evolution a 'scientific theory,' education panel says
159 Decision: Florida schools must teach evolution
160 State votes to teach evolution as "scientific theory"
161 Palm introducing new Centro phone
162 New Palm Centro from AT&T has touch screen, keyboard
163 Palm releases Centro GSM smart phone for AT&T
164 AT&T and Palm launch the GSM Palm Centro for US$99.99
165 Frog from Hell
166 Scientists Uncover Cretaceous Frog, A Dinosaur Hatchling Predator
167 Scientists Find 'Devil Toad' Fossil
168 More Ancient Species Unerthed: New Dinosaurs, the Devil Frog
169 Study: Threat from online sex predators may be exaggerated
170 Study rejects Internet sex predator stereotype
171 Good January for Sony's games business
172 PlayStation 3 Sales Could Jump 10%
173 The surrogate science debate
174 Clinton and Obama Square Off On Science Policies
175 Mozilla launches Mozilla Messaging unit; Can it fix email?
176 Mozilla Opens E-Mail Subsidiary
177 Mozilla launches Messaging subsidiary
178 Reports: iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 and SDK Nearly Ready, Apple Using Hackers
179 Rumor retracted: "iPhone 1.1.4" an excuse to stop developing
180 Apple Finishing Up On iPhone Firmware 1.1.4, SDK
181 Tiny Code not working with Apple, FW1.1.4, apologizes
182 Adobe takes aim at video game market
183 Adobe goes after game developers with 3D engine in Director 11
184 Adobe introduces Director 11
185 Most stars may form terrestrial worlds
186 RIP HD DVD; Toshiba Officially Pulls the Plug
187 FDA mixed up drug plant names
188 FDA Says It Approved The Wrong Drug Plant
189 Asthma, Cancer Detected By Breath Analysis
190 Breath Check Can Test For Asthma, Cancer
191 Laser could provide breath test for cancer, asthma
192 Glucosamine Found of No Value for Early Hip Osteoarthritis
193 Iowa's pricetag for universal health coverage: $550 million
194 Solar Power to Rule in 20 Years, Futurists Say
195 Satellite Shoot Down: How It Will Work
196 The Truth About Sensational Kidney Thefts
197 Anti-HIV gel trial fails
198 Giant frog found in Madagascar
199 Scientists urged to plan for the next US president
200 UV cleaning promises a more accurate kilogram
201 'Gecko foot' band-aids promise better healing
202 Tuna fisheries facing a cod-like collapse
203 Solar cell speeds hydrogen production
204 Prehistoric 'frog from hell' hints at ancient land link
205 Astronomy Technology Brings Nanoprobes into Sharper Focus
206 Research Aims to Create Organic Building Blocks
207 Single microRNA Fine-tunes Innate Immune Response
208 Hubble Discovers 67 New Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies in the Distant Universe
209 Probiotics: Live Organisms as Feed Supplements to Fight Salmonella
210 Quick Analysis of Transport Can Save Problems at Processing Plants
211 Researchers Examine Animal Antibiotic Resistance, Possible Human Link
212 Researcher Discovers 'Giant Frog From Hell'
213 Early Environment May Be Key to Determining Bird Migration Location