File Title
1 U.S. Officials Say Dead Satellite Will Be Shot Down
2 Will We Ever 'Jump'?
3 EPA Pressured to Cut Ship Pollution
4 Swiss Company Creates Underwater Car
5 Obama Campaign Used Spanish-Language Phone Banking, Texting to Get Out the Potomac Vote
6 Woman Sues Best Buy for $54M over Lost Laptop
7 African dinosaur duo ate like sharks
8 Freezing Rain Wreaks Icy Havoc in Northeast
9 No Hands, All Ears for Sound in Cars
10 Rare Sandpipers Found in Myanmar
11 Stress-Related Drug May Cut Alcoholics' Cravings
12 CDC: Katrina Victims Must Vacate Toxic Trailers
13 CDC: Death Count 82 for 'Choking Game'
14 Probiotics May Be Fatal in Acute Pancreatitis: Study
15 Fast Food: The Fast Track to Organ Damage
16 Two Missing Men Are Likely Buried in Snow
17 Growing Up Too Fast: Precocious Puberty's Gene Link
18 Love Hurts: Sadomasochism's Dangers
19 'Power shirt' generates watts as you walk
20 Saturn moon awash with oil
21 World's oldest bat hunted without sonar
22 Map shows toll on world's oceans
23 New meat-eating dinos identified
24 US 'to shoot down spy satellite'
25 Secret lives of badgers revealed
26 Picturing yourself as a rock icon
27 Broadband rules could be scrapped
28 Virus immunity 'created in lab'
29 India facing smoking death crisis
30 Pepper 'to treat pigment disease'
31 Going to the heart of science
32 The great woodpecker hunt
33 1 in 10 patients gets drug error
34 C-sections leap to 1 in 3 births in Bay State, to outstrip US
35 Little gained for billions spent on back pain
36 Diabetes study upends another long-held belief
37 Saudi Woman Faces Death For Witchcraft
38 Texas Ban On Sex Toy Sales Overturned
39 Millions Of Thumbs Get A Rest--Like It Or Not [follow link: Grammy in Math]
40 Pristine Continent, Messy Problem
41 News Corp. May Be Yahoo's Newest Suitor
42 Rare Sandpipers Found In Myanmar
43 Smithsonian To Open Butterfly Exhibit
44 Fatty Fast Food, Idleness May Vex Liver
45 CDC: Gulf Coast Trailers Have Toxic Air
46 US Probes Chinese Maker Of Blood Thinner
47 Delaying Prostate Care OK For Some Men
48 NYC Condom Features 'Get Some' Phrase
49 Study Says India Has Smoking Crisis
50 Study: ER Visits By Poor Plummet In Mass.
51 Feds: "Choking Game" Has Killed 82 Youths
52 FEMA To Step Up Toxic Trailer Relocations
53 Blue Cross Stops Controversial Letters
54 Scientists Find Solar System Like Ours
55 Researchers Discover Two Planets in Solar System
56 Astronomers discover tiny version of our solar system
57 Astronomers find 'scale-model' solar system
58 Scientists and amateurs find new solar system
59 Astronomers find 2 new planets orbiting small star in distant solar system
60 A Newly Discovered Solar System Contains Scaled-Down Versions of Saturn and Jupiter
61 Jupiter-Saturn-like Planets Discovered In Faraway Solar System Like Our Own
62 Study: Human activity strongly impacts oceans
63 Scientists: Human Activities Affecting World's Oceans
64 Map shows how oceans suffer in graphic detail
65 FBI: Beware of Valentine Day's Virus
66 Happy Valentine's Day From The Storm Worm
67 FBI warns of Valentine's Day 'Storm'
68 A Valentine from the Storm Worm Virus
69 Carries Love And Viruses For Valentine's Day
70 Fossils of New Meat-Eating Dinos Found
71 Fearsome Carnivorous Dinosaurs Unearthed in Sahara
72 Predator Dinosaur Fossils Unearthed In Nigerian Desert
73 Bizarre meat-eating dinos hunted on Sahara Desert
74 Woman Sues Best Buy For $54 Million Over Lost Notebook
75 Where's My Laptop?...Woman Sues Best Buy For $54 Million
76 Primitive Bats Took to the Wing, but They Didn't Have That Ping
77 Bats Flew Before They Could Echolocate
78 Earliest bat fossil reveals transition to flight
79 Early Bats Flew First, Developed "Sonar" Later
80 Bats flew before they had 'radar,' fossil shows
81 Scientists unearth most primitive bat ever found
82 Bats Could Fly Before They Had 'Radar'
83 Scientists unearth most primitive bat ever found
84 Report claims 16.4% of all Xbox 360 consoles will fail
85 Proposal To Ban Sex Offenders From Social Networking Sites Gains Support
86 State Senate Approves 'E-Stop' Sex Offender Bill
87 Michael Bay speaks out about Blu-ray, again
88 Circuit City price cuts Blu-ray, HD DVD combo player
89 Format war holding back DVD sales
90 Facebook Makes Ditching Service Easier, Finally
91 Quitting Facebook Gets Easier
92 Facebook bends to user protests, makes it easier to delete accounts
93 Risky chemical found in hurricane trailers
94 Those in FEMA trailers directed to move
95 'Choking Game' Turned Deadly for 82 Youths
96 In California, Insurers Take More Heat
97 Legislation would crack down on insurers
98 Cancer Drug Rituxan May Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis
99 Rituxan, Multiple Sclerosis and Hope in Autoimmune Disease
100 Cancer drug Rituxan may help treat MS
101 Rituxan Shows Promise for MS
102 Genentech, Biogen's Rituxan Reduces Relapses of MS (Update1)
103 Aggressive diabetes treatment affirmed in new study
104 Diabetes Treatment Risk Not Found in 2nd Study
105 ADVANCE does not confirm ACCORD results [diabetes]
106 A Diabetes Study
107 Americans Spend More to Treat Spine Woes
108 Study: Spending on back, neck pain up sharply
109 Back Pain Spending Up, Relief Down
110 Do Statins Make You Stupid?
111 Do Statins Really Make People Stupid?
112 Doctor Says Lipitor "Makes Women Stupid"
113 Global trade in tiger shrimp threatens environment
114 Peptide discovered in scorpion venom may hold key to secretory diseases
115 Heavy rainfall on the increase
116 New cataract gene discovered
117 Stanford researchers make first direct observation of 3-D molecule folding in real time
118 Fruit flies show surprising sophistication in locating food source
119 Yale study offers new paradigm on ecosystem ecology
120 First map of threats to marine ecosystems shows all the world's oceans are affected
121 New approach may render disease-causing staph harmless
122 A new control mechanism for genetic code translation discovered in bacteria
123 Stanford researchers say living corals thousands of years old hold clues to past climate changes
124 World's largest marine protected area created in Pacific Ocean
125 Genome of marine organism tells of humans' unicellular ancestors
126 Mitochondrial DNA mutations can cause degenerative heart and muscle disease
127 Blocked signals to immune cells extend their life and contribute to progression of lupus
128 Immune system protein starves 'staph' bacteria
129 New studies reveal surprises about deep sea corals and their past
130 How 'nature's ultimate sensory machines' integrate sight and smell
131 Worker or queen? Harvester ant moms set daughters' fates
132 International team discovers new solar system with scaled-down versions of Jupiter and Saturn
133 Blood pressure drug may have added benefit
134 New materials can selectively capture carbon dioxide, UCLA chemists report
135 Novel approach strips staph of virulence
136 Engineering students: Airbrush not just for artists
137 Protein's strength lies in H-bond cooperation
138 Dartmouth researchers part of the team to discover similar planetary system to our solar system
139 All alone, ammonia and hydrogen chloride use negativity to get attached
140 COUPP experiment tightens limits on dark matter
141 Sex differences in the brain's serotonin system
142 A compound extracted from olives inhibits cancer cells growth and prevents their appearance
143 Fiber-based nanotechnology in clothing could harvest energy from physical movement
144 Remarkable new clothing may someday power your iPod
145 Is Hybridoma Production About to Take a Quantum Leap Forward?
146 Researchers discover new way to reverse poor circulation and heal wounds
147 A new look inside the brain at cerebral malaria
148 OHSU cancer institute researcher discovers new predictor of prostate cancer recurrence
149 Transplanted cells may hold the key to curing hemophilia A, Einstein scientists report
150 BMP signaling, skin stem cells and hair formation
151 Cell phone-cancer link found by Tel Aviv University scientist
152 Web will work wonders for the faint hearted
153 Computer Analysis of 9-1-1 Calls from California Wildfires Offers Potential Early Warning System for Future Emergencies
154 Yellowstone Rabbits Hop into Extinction
155 In Romance, Looks Matters Most to the Beautiful
156 Teleportation and Wormholes: The Science of 'Jumper'
157 Sex and the Evolution of Love
158 Fearsome Dinosaurs Found in Sahara
159 The Hand of Man: No Seas Remain Pristine
160 Robot Chef Makes Tasty Octopus Balls
161 Disney Revives 'House of the Future'
162 Tech-Stiles: Clothes That Produce Power
163 Titan Has More Oil Than Earth
164 Study: Generation Gap With Internet Shopping
165 Secrets of the US Great Seal Revealed
166 HIV can 'never be cured'
167 Drug eases cravings in stressed alcoholics
168 Solar System match made in the heavens
169 Love: You have 4 minutes to choose your perfect mate
170 Ships' greenhouse emissions revealed
171 Chinese astronomers look to Antarctic
172 Natural gas back in favour with US power companies
173 News: Q&A: Lessons from the dark side
174 From Russia with scintillation
175 Biofuels might create more emissions than they save
176 Pentagon plans to shoot down disabled spy satellite
177 First multiple planet system found by microlensing
178 CO2 sponges could scrub emissions clean
179 Pulsing web gives ailing hearts a boost
180 Friendly 'worms' could spread software fixes
181 Smoking pot may slow MS sufferers' thoughts
182 Protein Maintains Cross Talk Between Cells That Control Hair Growth
183 Astronomers Discover Two Planets in a Faraway Solar System Like Our Own
184 Collaboration Helps Make JILA Strontium Atomic Clock 'Best in Class'
185 First Map of Threats to Marine Ecosystems Shows All the World's Oceans Are Affected
186 All Alone, Ammonia and Hydrogen Chloride Use Negativity to Get Attached
187 Subtle Differences in DNA of Identical Twins May Help Diagnose Disease
188 Fruit Flies Show Surprising Sophistication in Locating Food
189 Hareless: Yellowstone's Rabbits Have Vanished
190 New Sensor System Improves Detection of Lead, Heavy Metals
191 Image from Tornado May Lead to Precise Storm Warnings
192 New Meat-eating Dinosaur Duo from Sahara Unveiled