File Title
1 First stars might have been powered by dark matter
2 Physicists reveal superconducting surprise
3 Lake Mead could be dry by 2021
4 New findings contradict a prevailing belief about the inner ear
5 Tnx 4 my $: How phone operators use SMS for cash transfers
6 Bacteria and nanofilters--the future of clean water technology
7 New test detects early stage ovarian cancer with 99 percent accuracy
8 Hubble finds strong contender for galaxy distance record
9 'Lab on a chip' mimics brain chemistry
10 Team uncovers Egypt's earliest agricultural settlement
11 EU Raids Intel, PC Retailers in Europe
12 Children who have an active father figure have fewer psychological and behavioral problems
13 New Dinosaur From Mexico Offers Insights into Ancient Life of West America
14 A sense of scarcity: Why it seems like all the good ones are taken
15 Wired Wallpaper Offers Alternative to Outlets
16 Astronauts Set Up New Space Station Lab
17 Row in Britain over device targetting unruly youths
18 Security Report Claims Net Holes Hidden
19 Gene regulators bind promiscuously, but often do nothing
20 Researchers discover how noroviruses cause repeated outbreaks of 'stomach flu'
21 BlackBerry Outage Frustrates Users Again
22 Unique infrared technique finds applications in nanoscience
23 Scientists expand understanding of how river carbon impacts the Arctic Ocean
24 Panasonic Releases World's First 32GB SDHC Memory Card With Class 6 Speed
25 Yahoo Announces Integrated Phone Service
26 Online Valentine cards may contain Internet worm, FBI warns
27 Hardwired for love: Are robots the sex partners of the future?
28 Android Prototypes Debut in Barcelona
29 Heat treatment process supplies stronger die cast parts
30 China Targets Internet in Crime Sweep
31 Discovery of 'overdrive' protein could broaden drug design options
32 New sensor system improves detection of lead, heavy metals
33 Are you feeling lucky? How superstition impacts consumer choice
34 Regulators allow horseshoe crab harvest
35 Old dogs: Prior knowledge affects how consumers accept new information
36 Dramatic declines in wild salmon populations are associated with exposure to farmed salmon
37 Chameleons and copycats: How mimicry affects interpersonal persuasion
38 Prions link cholesterol to neurodegeneration
39 Scientists consider Darwin's contribution
40 Dinosaur from Mexico offers insight into ancient life
41 Gene regulators bind promiscuously, but often do nothing
42 Dramatic declines in wild salmon populations are associated with exposure to farmed salmon
43 Benefit of cancer prevention surgery differs between women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations
44 A functional immune system can be derived from embryonic stem cells, preliminary study finds
45 Sheffield engineers have big ideas for the latest in medical scanners
46 Surgery improves quality of life for children with sleep apnea
47 A researcher of UPV/EHU has designed nanomagnets for industry
48 Astronomers find one of the youngest and brightest galaxies
49 One Of Youngest And Brightest Galaxies Ever Seen
50 New Duck-billed Dinosaur From Mexico Offers Insights Into Ancient Life On West America
51 'Junk DNA' Can Explain Origin And Complexity Of Vertebrates, Study Suggests
52 Unique Mating Photos Of Wild Gorillas Face To Face
53 Viking Blood Courses Through Veins Of Many A Northwest Englander
54 Lake Mead, Key Water Source For Southwestern US, Could Be Dry By 2021
55 Continental Slope Off Alaska 100 Nautical Miles Further Off Coast Than Assumed
56 Global Warming: Sea Level Rise Could Be Twice As High As Current Projections, Greenland Ice Sheet Study Suggests
57 Human Skin Cells Reprogrammed Into Embryonic Stem Cells
58 Functional Immune System Can Be Derived From Embryonic Stem Cells, Preliminary Study Finds
59 Slow-motion Video Study Shows Shrews Are Highly Sophisticated Predators
60 How Noroviruses Cause Repeated Outbreaks Of 'Stomach Flu'
61 Nanosieves Save Energy In Biofuel Production
62 Structure Of Important Psychiatric Enzyme Solved
63 How To Live To 100: Remain Independent, Avoid Disability, Research Suggests
64 Oldest Australian Crayfish Fossils Provide Missing Evolutionary Link
65 Climate Change Impacting Marine Environment Surrounding UK
66 Moss Protein Plays Role In Alzheimer's Disease, Researchers Believe
67 How Did Huge Dinosaurs Find Enough Food? Did Bacteria Aid Their Digestion?
68 When Incest Is Best: Kissing Cousins Have More Kin
69 Concurrent Events
70 Toys that Teach, but Turn Parents into Big Brother
71 Villages of Vision: A Study of Strange Utopias by Gillian Darley
72 So who are you calling fish-face?
73 Plucking Cells out of the Bloodstream
74 Wiring Up DNA
75 Discovering Novel Pathogens
76 The Next Generation of iPhone Hacks
77 Higher-Capacity Memory
78 Flash Goes Mobile
79 Is it Getting Too Warm for Penguins?
80 Return of the Plague
81 Tagoo Emerging as the Russian Napster?
82 Comcast Defends Internet Practices
83 Don't Turn Your Back on Your Brain
84 Latest Leopard Update Resolves Common Complaints
85 Scientists: Lake Mead May Be Dry by 2021
86 Kung Hei Fat Choi! Ouendan 2 For $30
87 Rush Limbaugh's Mysterious Leopard Issues
88 Is the Government Pushing Ethanol Too Aggressively?
89 Plan to fingerprint all EU visitors
90 Indonesia failing to halt tiger decline: conservationists
91 A 52-million year-old fossil shows bats developed flight before sonar
92 Tango Classes Put Parkinson's Patients a Step Ahead
93 Sanofi targets elderly with new type of flu shot
94 Many Prostate Cancers Will Not Need Treatment
95 World's fattest man drops 230 kilos (507 pounds)
96 Last-Minute Valentine's Shoppers Spend More
97 A Young Dinosaur, 72 Million Years Old
98 Study: Las Vegas Water Source Could Run Dry by 2021
99 India to Create 8 New Tiger Sanctuaries
100 Doctors Discredit Lipitor's Link to Memory Loss
101 The Mysterious, Agonizing Pain of Burning Mouth Syndrome
102 Outrage Prompts Blue Cross to Halt Info Requests
103 Airport Noise Instantly Boosts Blood Pressure
104 U.S. back pain costs rise but pain still there
105 Growth Hormone Gamble: Risk Health for Promise of Youth?
106 Can You Psych Yourself Slim?
107 Nerds seize power at school formals
108 Airport noise lifts blood pressure as you sleep
109 Laundry for lazy people
110 Bat fossil solves evolution poser
111 Nanowires allow 'power dressing'
112 UK 'ill-prepared' against floods
113 S Korea to send 'kimchi' to space
114 Five-seat concept car runs on air
115 Panic in the beehive
116 Airwaves sale must 'prove worth'
117 Spore to go on sale in September
118 An expert's view on next-gen net
119 Close to the wire--the joys of speedcabling
120 Sleepers 'at risk' from jet noise
121 The science of sleep
122 But Mummy made it specially, darling...
123 10 Mistakes in Icon Design
124 Apple TV 2.0 Review
125 South Pole May Hold Secrets Of Life
126 Oil Rigs Will Be Used To Measure Weather
127 Cleveland Gorillas Have Heart Disease
128 Bats Could Fly Before They Had 'Radar'
129 Fentanyl Painkiller Patches Recalled
130 Rapid PSA Rise Calls for Radiation
131 Comcast to FCC: We block only 'excessive' traffic
132 Microsoft Releases Massive Set of Security Updates
133 In Half-Hearted Defense of Vista
134 Unlocking Czar Tired of iPhones
135 Disney Takes Another Stab at the House of the Future
136 Disneyland partners with tech companies on Innoventions Dream House attraction
137 Disney Revives 'House of the Future'
138 New Dinosaur Contemporary With T-Rex Unearthed In Mexico
139 Paleontologists unearth Mexican trumpet-playing hadrosaur
140 US scientists puncture the ethanol biofuel bubble
141 Blu-ray disc sales surge after discount
142 A new--and overdue--Aperture
143 Limbaugh appeals to Apple's Jobs for help
144 MacBook Air Diary-Day 13: Installing 10.5.2
145 Valentine's Day e-Card Could Be Virus In Waiting
146 Nanotech Clothing Produces Power From Motion
147 Tech-Stiles: Clothes That Produce Power
148 Clothing that could power your iPod