File Title
1 Obama offers quick reversal of Bush's global warming policy
2 Ugandan refugees return home to elephantine surprise
3 Latvian sand could help protect Arctic ice, experts say
4 Stephen Hawking to teach in Canada
5 Laughter and red wine key to longevity and disease fighting abilities
6 Fast food found to cause Alzheimer-like brain conditions
7 Swiss go crazy about onions at Bern festival
8 A valley with history: California's Sonoma winemaking region
9 Organic chocolate off market after cancer substance found
10 Being idols takes more than just looks in Japan
11 Worshippers fight for the right to use Greek temples
12 Greece's Orthodox Church says Jesus documentary 'lacks evidence'
13 Scientology gets down to business in Berlin
14 The Case of the Drug-Resistant Fowl Bacteria
15 Harvard Scientists Unravel The Secret Of Aging
16 Study: CT Scans Nearly As Accurate As Angiography
17 The Revolutionary Turtle Story
18 150 Whales Die in Stranding off Australian Coast
19 Mobile Phones Distract Drivers More Than Passengers
20 What The Data Miners Are Digging Up About You
21 Study Finds Childhood Sleep Terrors Inherited
22 Some Doctors May Give up Vaccines Because of Cost
23 Tranquilizer Detox Withdrawal Can Last Years
24 Mobiles distract more than passengers
25 Chemist closes in on potato scab toxin
26 Wine's bouquet has climate overtones
27 70% deforestation cuts for Brazil
28 Antioxidants 'cannot slow ageing'
29 Rare Bronze Age necklace is found
30 First inventory of life at poles
31 Climate advisors take electric road
32 Are you watching the skies?
33 EU to search out cyber criminals
34 Cloud computing centre for city
35 Web searches feed health fears
36 Space shuttle touches down safely
37 Mobile phone use goes underground
38 Iranian bloggers on Obama victory
39 Group therapy 'beats depression'
40 S Africa unveils new Aids fight
41 Britons 'saving money with sex'
42 Drink-fuelled attacks alarm A&E
43 Heart disease 'reversed in mice'
44 New Technology Could Power Laptop For Days
45 Stranded Whales Die In Southern Australia
46 Adobe Illustrator CS4 Review
47 An Amicus Brief: Issues in the Cyberbullying Case That Affect You--Updated 3Xs
48 Sons of Macintosh--shaking the Apple family tree
49 Mandates Driving Surge To The River For Hydropower
50 Problems Prompt Manual Docking At Space Station
51 Brain Waves A Key To Autism Language Woes [cf. 116]
52 Global AIDS Funding Overblown, Critics Say
53 Phone Helps Dieters Keep Pounds at Bay
54 Attend Religious Services, Live Longer
55 Some Doctors May Give Up Vaccines Because Of Cost
56 Yahoo Shares Fall On Conflicting Microsoft Reports [cf. 57]
57 The Times Gets Pwnd
58 As Endeavour Lands, NASA Preps For Next Shuttle Mission
59 Obama May Cancel Space Shuttle Replacement
60 Sky Show Tonight: Jupiter, Venus, Moon to Make "Frown"
61 Facebook Connect Goes Live
62 Facebook Aims to Extend Its Reach Across the Web
63 Facebook Connect Expands, Aims To Shrink The Web
64 Facebook Takes Pole Position on Data Portability over Google, MySpace
65 Biggest Battle Yet For Social Networks: You, Your Identity And Your Data On The Open Web
66 MySpace ruling could lead to jail for lying online daters
67 Expert warns of online chill in wake of MySpace conviction
68 Misdemeanor conviction for Lori Drew leads to more legal debate
69 Cell Phones Distract Drivers More than Passengers Do
70 Study Finds Cell Phones Are a Major Driver Distraction
71 Cell Phone Calls More Distracting to Drivers than Passenger Chatter
72 Cell Phones Distract Drivers More Than Passengers
73 Mobile phones distract drivers more than passengers
74 Britney more popular than Obama
75 Black Friday shopping results not entirely negative
76 Windows market share drops to 15-year low
77 Windows market share dives below 90% for first time
78 Vista reminds us that we have a choice
79 What's involved in switching from Windows to Linux
80 Can Lori Drew Verdict Survive the 9th Circuit Court?
81 Drew jury forewoman says majority wanted felony conviction
82 Expert warns of online chill in wake of MySpace conviction
83 Google Chrome Browser To Support Customization
84 Google's Chrome Browser Will Add Extensions
85 Google reveals Chrome extensions plan
86 Can Apple save the netbook?
87 Keeping It Light
88 Linux on the iPhone: penguin poop in Apple's walled garden
89 Memo to Microsoft: Enough With The Bribery
90 Microsoft apologizes for Cashback glitches
91 Blockbuster and Microsoft: Two peas not in an iPod
92 Blockbuster working on Live Mesh app
93 Blockbuster is Planning Video Services on Top of Live Mesh
94 Cell Phone Users Increasingly Satisfied With Their Service
95 Comes With a Ribbon, but No Strings
96 Teens Want Hot Phones, Parents Want Cool Prices
97 Insomnia drug helps jet-lag, shift-work troubles
98 Jet Lag, Night-Shift Sleeplessness Targeted by Vanda's New Pill
99 Drug that can reset body's natural rhythm 'could cure jet lag'
100 Novel Insomnia Drug Shows Promise for Jet Lag
101 Hu extends hand to AIDS patients
102 UN report: Early HIV diagnosis, treatment saves lives of newborn babies
103 Fight against AIDS going well, but "far from over"
104 Most Patients Should Be Screened for H.I.V., Physicians' Group Says
105 Our Country Is Failing the AIDS Test
106 Doctors: Test All Patients Over 13 for HIV
107 Vitamin D Vital for the Heart
108 Too Little Vitamin D Puts Heart at Risk
109 Vitamin D May Be Essential for Heart Health
110 Evidence growing for vitamin D-heart health link
111 Vitamin D shines as heart attack fighter
112 Vitamin D deficiency linked to heart trouble
113 Scans Show Sound-Processing Deficits in Autistic Kids
114 Autistic Children's Brain Is Slower At Processing Sound
115 Researchers say brain waves are window into autism language woes
116 Brains of autistic children slower at processing sound [cf. 51]
117 Brain Waves May Detect Autism in Children
118 Brain Waves May Detect Autism in Children
119 What Ancient People Ate
120 Some Men Need Mammograms
121 Clean People Are Less Judgmental
122 Danger Detector Found in Mice
123 Global Environmental Court Could Punish U.S. and Others
124 UN Officials Launch 'Year of the Gorilla'
125 Iceman Mummy Had Moss in His Tummy
126 The Energy Debates: Small Wind Power
127 Why College Football BCS Rankings Are So Mysterious
128 Some Brains Are Wired for Change
129 News Q&A: Moving forward together
130 Robot gliders take the ocean's pulse
131 Big bang's afterglow may reveal birthplace of comets
132 Rare celestial trio dazzles sky watchers
133 Antarctic islands surpass Galapagos for biodiversity
134 Invention: Supersonic hurricane neutraliser
135 Amazon destruction gathers pace
136 Molecular fireworks could produce '30-minute genomes'
137 Hands-free phones not risk-free for drivers
138 How landslides can be the key to ignition
139 Smart drug implant has batteries included
140 Heat we emit could warm the Earth
141 No Place Like Home: New Theory for How Salmon, Sea Turtles Find Their Birthplace
142 Escape Cancer, but Age Sooner? Scientists Unravel the Dark Side of the Tumor Suppressing Process