File Title
1 2009 to Arrive Not a Second Too Soon
2 Montana refineries operating after fires
3 Chances of gas cut '50-50,' Russia warns Ukraine
4 Activists attack Japanese whalers with stink bombs
5 Indonesia runs tsunami practice drills
6 Depression, pain may accompany chronic Lyme disease
7 Cancer drug reverses transplant rejection: study
8 Lung Cancer: Still the Biggest Cancer Killer, by Far
9 Statins Help Prevent Delirium After Heart Surgery
10 Risks and Benefits of Egg Donation Reported
11 Health Tip: Prevent Headaches During Pregnancy
12 Chinese firms to compensate tainted milk victims
13 Drug adherence poor in women with urinary trouble
14 Health Tip: Why You May Have Erectile Dysfunction
15 US offers Viagra to win over Afghan warlords: report
16 Low death rate after obesity surgery in Sweden
17 Calif. teen's family sues Cigna over transplant
18 Hawaii's Oahu island regains power after blackout
19 Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008
20 Before the Levees Break: A Plan to Save the Netherlands
21 Disneyland for Dudes: Playing With Backhoes, ATVs, Weapons
22 Broadband Stimulus Plan: How About Some Data First?
23 Cousin Marriage OK by Science
24 Rockers to Press Obama on Music Torture
25 2008 Foot-in-Mouth Awards
26 3D Live Events Are Coming To a Theater Near You. Do You Care?
27 Latest Counterinsurgency Tool: Viagra
28 Best Holiday Sleeper Gift: Slinky
29 Save a Sunken Soviet Sub from the Scrapyard
30 A Closer Look at the Pentagon's 'Minerva Initiative'
31 The Seven Best Capers of 2008
32 The Quest for the 300-m.p.h. Helicopter
33 The Year Online
34 Recession-Resistant Medicine
35 The Year in Computing
36 Interpreting the Genome
37 Lifeline for Renewable Power
38 US offers Viagra to win over Afghan warlords: report
39 Robot endures Antarctic cold to prepare for space mission
40 Amateurs are trying genetic engineering at home
41 Uproar in Australia over plan to block Web sites
42 How chromosomes meet in the dark--Switch that turns on X chromosome matchmaking
43 Cancer drug effectively treats transplant rejections
44 PS3s help astrophysicists solve mystery of black hole vibrations
45 Our unconscious brain makes the best decisions possible
46 Single male rhino, 20, seeks mate to save species
47 Japan to go ahead with maglev train despite crisis: company
48 Wal-Mart to start selling Apple's iPhone on Sunday
49 Nintendo says to offer videos on Wii
50 Asia at risk of era of mega-disasters: report
51 No breakfast, earlier sex: Japan study
52 Black women in the U.S. appear to be shrinking, data show
53 Electromagnetic Phantom Exorcises Specters of Metal Detector Tests
54 Efficient organic LEDs a step toward better lights
55 Fock states could hold clues to quantum memory components
56 Trees won't stop tsunamis, scientists warn
57 Activists attack Japanese whalers with stink bombs
58 CoolIT takes the heat off your PC
59 Unlocking the dynamic web
60 Femtocells boost cell phone reception indoors
61 Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers: survey
62 5,000-10,000 new Twitter accounts a day: study
63 Some stations to reach fewer viewers with digital
64 User struggles to open photo files
65 Sleep pods offer respite from HK's frantic pace of life, work
66 E-shopping site to open in China for Japan goods
67 Amazon says 2008 holiday season was 'best ever'
68, a cautionary tale
69 Power outage hits during Obama's Hawaiian vacation
70 Biologists learn structure, mechanism of powerful 'molecular motor' in virus
71 Researchers derive first embryonic stem cells from rats
72 College students find comfort in their pets during hard times
73 Wolf spotted near China's Great Wall: report
74 In many fungi, reproductive spores are remarkably aerodynamic
75 Strong cheese? It's a 'cultured' experience
76 Honey bees on cocaine dance more, changing ideas about the insect brain
77 Cousin marriage laws outdated
78 Influence of Location-Dependent Protuberance Damage on Cell Viability
79 Recipe for capturing authentic embryonic stem cells may apply to any mammal, study suggests
80 Structural study backs new model for the nuclear pore complex
81 Researchers find mechanism underlying alt. splicing of premessenger RNA into messenger RNA
82 Mothers pass on disease clues to offspring
83 Excessive police violence evident in emergency care cases, say US doctors
84 Bangladesh slaughters 10,000 birds over avian flu
85 Ebola epidemic kills nine in central DR Congo: report
86 Surviving British conjoined twin dies: hospital
87 Artificial ankle brings help for those with long-term suffering
88 How to...improve circulation
89 An unconscionable conscience rule
90 Calif. teen's family sues Cigna over transplant
91 Messenger Approaches Three Billion Miles Enters Fourth Solar Conjunction
92 Russia launches three new navigation satellites: report
93 This year to be longer by one second
94 New Satellite Data Reveal Impact Of Olympic Pollution Controls
95 NASA Awards Multi Billion Dollar ISS Supply Contracts
96 Russia selling surface-to-air missiles to Libya, Syria: report
97 Brazil buys 50 helicopters, 5 subs from France
98 Peres hopes Obama doesn't talk to Iran right away
99 New Russian sea-based missile fails again in test: report
100 The Virtual Fog Of Internet Warfare
101 New Titanium-glass Alloys Are Tough, Cheap And Light-weight
102 Visual Areas Of Brain Respond More To Valuable Objects, Brain-imaging Shows
103 Shape Changes In Aroma-producing Molecules Determine The Fragrances We Detect
104 Honey Bees On Cocaine Dance More, Changing Ideas About The Insect Brain
105 Phosphorus-lowering Drugs Linked To Lower Mortality In Dialysis Patients
106 Just A Little Squeeze Lets Proteins Assess DNA
107 Colonoscopy Significantly Reduces Death From Left-sided Colon Cancer But Not From Right-sided
108 Medical Myths For The Holiday Season: True, False Or Unproven?
109 Hormones Increase Frequency Of Inherited Form Of Migraine In Women
110 Quiet Bison Sire More Calves Than Louder Rivals