File Title
1 It's OK to Cry, Possibly Even Beneficial
2 As Seen On TV: Anxiety Treatments
3 Sleep Disorder Could Signal Neurological Disease
4 Family Grateful for Second Chance for Baby Girl
5 Is Sleeping Good for the Heart?
6 How to Avoid a Holiday Trip to the ER
7 Men Who Live Alone Fall Short on Prostate Screening
8 FDA Approves Allergan's Drug for Longer Eyelashes
9 Heavy Toilet Seats Can Be Hazardous to Little Boys
10 Hobbyists Are Trying Genetic Engineering at Home
11 Extreme Coughing: Whooping Cough Makes a Comeback
12 How an old phone can make money
13 Crowning the king of the consoles
14 Conjoined twin dies in hospital
15 Alexander's Christmas tree risk
16 Final Fantasy Tower Defense is Here. But what's with the Huge Virtual Control Stick and Tiny Game Screen
17 15 Twittery Things For Your Holiday Enjoyment
18 Comcast sued for not selling set-top boxes, CableCARDs
19 Barack Obama: Yes, He Could
20 2nd UPDATE: Wal-Mart To Sell iPhone 3G Starting Sun At $197
21 Wal-Mart announces iPhone 3G availability at its stores
22 Wal-Mart confirms iPhone 3G for Sunday, $2 off
23 Yep, Microsoft and Sony sell game consoles too
24 Apple's Christmas 'swipe-gesture' patent application
25 Apple files for swipe patent, augmenting iPhone keyboard
26 Swipe commands coming to keyboards on iPhone, Touch?
27 The best iPhone apps not in the App Store
28 Macworld Expo comes to the iPhone and iPod touch
29 NASA Rejects Trojan Horse
30 NASA rocket contract launches SpaceX into the big time
31 Intel says it won't try to kill NVIDIA's Ion platform
32 Intel Says it Won't Try to Kill Ion
33 Intel Says OEMs Can Use Nvidia's Ion
34 Christmas bird Count participants get chilly reception
35 Microsoft, Apple, Google sued over icon software patent
36 Google, Apple, Microsoft Sued Over File Preview
37 Google 'Friendsense' Coming Soon
38 Experts say sequence of signals may have contributed to Metrolink crash
39 Metrolink May Watch Engineers with Cameras
40 FDA OKs 1st Eyelash Drug Latisse
41 FDA approves Allergan's drug for longer eyelashes
42 First drug to promote eyelash growth OK'd
43 Eyelash Enhancer Gains Approval
44 California Surgeon Used Human Fat to Power Car
45 Doc Busted for Using Human Fat to Fuel Cars
46 Health Highlights: Dec. 24, 2008
47 Surgeon In U.S. Takes Fat From Patients To Power His Car
48 A prescription for problems
49 Health reform a joint mission
50 Embryonic stem cell creation opens door for genetically engineered rats
51 Honeybees succumb to cocaine's allure
52 Skipping sleep may signal problems for coronary arteries
53 Study first to pinpoint why analgesic drugs may be less potent in females than in males
54 Protein sports drinks proven to give best performance
55 In many fungi, reproductive spores are remarkably aerodynamic
56 Krumlauf Lab demonstrates modulation of gene expression by protein coding regions
57 UCSB scientists show how certain vegetables combat cancer
58 SUNY Downstate researchers find that memory storage molecule preserves complex memories
59 Maternal Health Problems in Burma Widespread
60 UT Public Health researchers find link to severe Staph infections
61 UC Davis discovery offers hope for treating kidney cancer
62 Treating gum disease linked to lower medical costs for patients with diabetes
63 USC researchers derive first embryonic stem cells from rats
64 Biologists learn structure, mechanism of powerful 'molecular motor' in virus
65 Recipe for capturing authentic embryonic stem cells may apply to any mammal, study suggests
66 Impaired energy metabolism linked with initiation of plaques in Alzheimer's brain
67 Neural mechanisms of value bias in the human visual cortex
68 Our unconscious brain makes the best decisions possible
69 Newly found enzymes may play early role in cancer
70 Motor nerve targeting to limb muscles is controlled by ephrin proteins
71 Case Western Reserve finds mechanism underlying alt. splicing of premessenger RNA into messenger RNA
72 Rice psychologist identifies area of brain key to choosing words
73 Apolipoprotein (a): A natural regulator of inflammation
74 Electronic Methods Potentially Secure for Sending Blank Ballots Overseas; Serious Issues Remain for Receiving Votes
75 Enhancing solar cells with nanoparticles
76 Cracking a tough nut for the semiconductor industry
77 Brain starvation as we age appears to trigger Alzheimer's
78 With Mental Health Insurance, Price Matters
79 Longer sleep duration associated with lower incidence of calcification in coronary arteries
80 Among older adults, prescription and over-the-counter medications are commonly used together
81 Sleep disorder may be early sign of dementia or Parkinson's disease
82 Sleep disorders: A warning sign for neurodegenerative disease?
83 Eyes on the prize
84 Little progress made in patient safety in spite of Institute of Medicine call to action
85 Childhood anxiety disorders can and should be treated, according to UT Southwestern national expert
86 Gay and bisexual African-American men have the lowest use of prostate testing
87 NIST guides genetic genealogy labs toward improved accuracy
88 Influence of location-dependent protuberance damage on cell viability
89 Your Brain Sees $$$ More Clearly Than You Know
90 Economy: Will Green Funding Be Harder to Come By?
91 Why Our Outlook for 2009 Is Sunny
92 Christmas Star Mystery Continues
93 Bizarre Squid Sex Techniques Revealed
94 TOP TEN SPACE PHOTOS: Most Viewed of 2008
95 Scientists/Professors Create Multidisciplinary Approach to Environmental Education
96 PS3s Help Astrophysicists Solve Black Hole Mystery
97 New Evidence That People Make Aspirin's Active Principle--Salicylic Acid
98 Shade Coffee Benefits More than Birds
99 Can Evolution Reverse Itself? Biologists Reaffirm Century-old Law
100 Small Molecule Triggers Bacterial Community
101 Spinning Spigots: 'Missing Link' in Spider Evolution Discovered
102 Researchers Create Smaller, Brighter Probe, Tailored for Clinical Molecular Imaging and Tumor Targeting
103 Could Deep-Sea Microbes Teach Us About Alien Life?
104 Increased Daily Travel in Animals Leads to More Offspring
105 First Images from Medical Beamline at Canadian Light Source
106 Researchers Fabricate Complex SWNT Architectures Using Newly Developed Assembly Process
107 Electronic Methods Potentially Secure for Sending Blank Ballots Overseas; Serious Issues Remain for Receiving Votes
108 Biomedical Researchers Create Artificial Human Bone Marrow in a Test Tube
109 Researchers Develop Rapid Assembly Process in Nanoscale
110 Electromagnetic Phantom Exorcises Specters of Metal Detector Tests
111 Cracking a Tough Nut for the Semiconductor Industry
112 Wherefore a Leap Second?
113 NIST Guides Genetic Genealogy Labs Toward Improved Accuracy
114 Researchers Derive First Embryonic Stem Cells From Rats
115 Eyes on the Prize
116 Researchers Derive First Embryonic Stem Cells From Rats [cf. 114, different URL]
117 Researcher Finds Mechanism Underlying Alternative Splicing
118 Four Years After Tsunami, Coral Reefs Recovering