File Title
1 5...4...3...2...Yawwwwwn
2 NTSB: JetBlue A320 Had Fractured Nosewheel Steering Lugs
3 NTSB: JetBlue not responsible for 2005 faulty wheel landing
4 Twitter In Controversial Spotlight Amid Mumbai Attacks
5 Wii leads the way on healthy Black Friday
6 Black Friday Web sales jump
7 Black Friday online sales--Cyber Monday comes early
8 Linux for iPhone May Open the Door to Android iPhone
9 Stuff iWant from the A. Shop
10 FDA finds more traces of melamine in formula
11 Some Melamine in Infant Formula is OK, FDA Says
12 Hidden Cost of a Buyout
13 Medicare's Too Costly Private Plans
14 Global AIDS crisis overblown? Some dare to say so
15 World AIDS Day Dec. 1
16 Monday Is World AIDS Day--Do Something About It!
17 Egypt works at removing the stigma associated with AIDS
18 Taiwan's homosexual males vulnerable to HIV: study
19 State observes AIDS Day
20 World AIDS Day events planned in Hawaii
21 Gene "silencing" drug blocks heart disease in mice
22 MicroRNA Leaps Ahead: Alnylam-Isis Venture, Regulus, Shows Its Drug Works in Animals With Heart Failure
23 First Ever In Vivo Efficacy Data for a microRNA Therapeutic in a Disease Model
24 100-meter sprint world record could go as low as 9.48 seconds
25 Wistar scientists find key to keeping killer T cells in prime shape for fighting infection, cancer
26 It takes guts to build bone, Columbia scientists discover
27 Scientists at CSHL uncover new RNA processing mechanism and a new class of small RNAs
28 'The photon force is with us': Harnessing light to drive nanomachines
29 Fruit fly discovery generates buzz about brain-damaging disorder in children
30 Nitric oxide can alter brain function
31 Shrimp trawling may boost mercury in red snapper, study suggests
32 Stirred, not struck--new riveting process from GKSS
33 Dancing atoms now understood
34 UCLA researchers create polymer solar cells with higher efficiency levels
35 Fast molecular rearrangements hold key to plastic's toughness
36 Using invisibility to increase visibility
37 Master gene plays key role in blood sugar levels
38 Experimental TB drug explodes bacteria from the inside out
39 Study identifies genetic variants giving rise to differences in metabolism
40 A novel target for therapeutics against Staph infection
41 St. Jude identifies genomic causes of a certain type of leukemia relapse
42 CSHL scientists discover a new way in which epigenetic information is inherited
43 New screening halves the number of children born with Down syndrome
44 Parents of new babies should be considered for a whooping cough booster, say experts
45 UBC researcher reveals humpback whales' dining habits--and costs
46 Major North American breakthrough for dialysis patients
47 Selenium may slow march of AIDS
48 New statistical model could help reduce breast-lesion biopsies
49 Combining targeted therapy drugs may treat previously resistant tumors
50 Mammals can be stimulated to regrow damaged inner retina nerve cells
51 The physics of explosives and blast helmets
52 New discovery may enhance MRI scans, lead to portable MRI machines
53 Carnegie Mellon scientists offer explanation for 'face blindness'
54 Caltech scientists develop 'barcode chip' for cheap, fast blood tests
55 How to improve email communication
56 Life is a highway: Study confirms cars have personality
57 NIST 'stress tests' probe nanoscale strains in materials
58 Bright idea illuminates LED standards
59 Neutron researchers discover widely sought property in magnetic semiconductor
60 Saying 'cheese' for more effective border security
61 CSHL scientists show how a protein that determines cell polarity prevents breast cancer
62 Mysterious Drop in Visitors to National Parks
63 The Human Soul: An Ancient Idea
64 Unraveling the Wonders of Spider Silk
65 Hang Lu on Being a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer
66 Sources of Saturn Moon's Supersonic Water Jets Revealed
67 PHOTOS: A World of Crabs from One Tiny Island
68 Oldest Turtle Found; May Crack Shell-Evolution Mystery
69 Hurricanes Blow Away Bats, Spread Genes to New Islands
70 Huge Impact Crater Uncovered in Canadian Forest
71 Python-Packed Cars Seized in Cambodia
72 Alien-like Squid With "Elbows" Filmed at Drilling Site
73 Boost for work on deadliest forms of cancer
74 Q&A: Saving the Majorcan midwife toad
75 Terrestrial origin mooted for more microbes
76 Space agency funding defies downturn
77 North Atlantic cold-water sink returns to life
78 Dogs' amazing sense of smell down to a wet nose
79 Would eating heavy atoms lengthen our lives?
80 Metamaterial marble would make perfect cat's eye
81 Did Neanderthal cells cook as the climate warmed?
82 Photon force harnessed to do some light work
83 World's forests face climate-change crisis
84 Frog-killing fungus to be tackled in the wild
85 Hopes high for science-friendly approach in US politics
86 Invasive ant ruins gecko's sweet relationship
87 Faroe islanders told to stop eating 'toxic' whales
88 Perfect athlete's 100m sprint time calculated
89 Invention: Secret message finder
90 What the data miners are digging up about you
91 Mystery of iceberg 'birth' solved
92 Whatever happened to the hydrogen economy?
93 NASA may struggle to afford new space missions
94 Did lack of comet impacts help life evolve?
95 Earth's crust was drifting 4 billion years ago
96 Which virus will birds give us next?
97 Scientists Find Key to Keeping Killer T Cells in Prime Shape for Fighting Infection, Cancer
98 Common Cold Virus Came From Birds About 200 Years Ago, Study Suggests
99 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season Sets Records
100 Virtual Ears And The Cocktail Party Effect
101 Panamanian Termite Goes Ballistic: Fastest Mandible Strike In The World
102 Solar Wind Rips Up Martian Atmosphere
103 'The Photon Force Is With Us': Harnessing Light To Drive Nanomachines
104 Route To Obesity Passes Through Tongue
105 Biologists Find New Environmental Threat In North American Lakes
106 Insight Into 'Dancing' Atoms: To Make Better MRI Images, Let The Atoms Spin Out Of Control
107 Using Invisibility To Increase Visibility
108 Ultrasound Waves Aid In Rapid Treatment Of Deep Vein Thrombosis
109 Climate Change Opens New Avenue For Spread Of Invasive Plants
110 Exercise And Rest Reduce Cancer Risk
111 Sustainable Garden Roofs Developed As New Construction Material
112 Science Professors Know Science, But Who Is Teaching Them How To Teach?
113 Three Esophageal, Stomach Cancer Subtypes Linked To Smoking; One Associated With Alcohol Use
114 Selenium May Slow March Of AIDS
115 Bad Cholesterol Inhibits The Breakdown Of Peripheral Fat
116 Fast Food A Potential Risk Factor For Alzheimer's
117 Specific DNA Variations Of The Serotonin Transporter Gene Can Influence Drinking Intensity
118 Expressing Emotions In E-mail So As Not To Be Misinterpreted
119 Eye Divergence In Children Triples Risk Of Mental Illness
120 Study Documents What May Be First Cases Of Certain Tick-borne Disease In China
121 Stomach Ulcer Bug Causes Bad Breath
122 Toward Healthier Bread And Other Whole Grain Foods
123 Mouse Model Of Prion Disease Mimics Diverse Symptoms Of Human Disorder
124 Drink Brewed Tea To Avoid Tooth Erosion, Study Suggests
125 Bird Population Estimates Are Flawed, New Study Shows
126 New Excavations Strengthen Identification Of Herod's Grave At Herodium
127 Bacterial Biofilms As Fossil Makers
128 Chandrayaan-1 Starts Observations Of The Moon
129 Meteorite: 10-ton Rock Responsible For Fireball In Western Canada
130 Jupiter's Rocky Core Bigger And Icier, According To New Simulation
131 NASA Prepares For New Juno Mission To Jupiter
132 Model To Measure Soil Health In Bioenergy Era
133 Making Gases More Transportable: Methane Gas Converted To Powder Form
134 Delving Into Mysterious Irregularity Of Earth's Magnetic Field: Observatory Being Built In Middle Of Atlantic Ocean
135 Fast Molecular Rearrangements Hold Key To Plastic's Toughness
136 Protein Fibers Can Become Electrical Wiring
137 Highly Efficient Lithium Batteries Could Greatly Extend Battery Life Of Laptop Computers
138 Computers Determine When To Stop Searches For Missing People At Sea