File Title
1 Groundbreaking, Inexpensive, Pocket-sized Ultrasound Device Can Help Treat Cancer, Relieve Arthritis
2 Genes May Influence Popularity, Study Of College Students Finds
3 Snails And Humans Use Same Genes To Tell Right From Left
4 New Tooth Cavity Protection: Nanoparticles Make Surface Too Slippery For Bacteria To Adhere
5 Breathing Life Into Injured Lungs: World-first Technique Will Expand Lung Donor Organ Pool
6 Selflessness--Core Of All Major World Religions--Has Neuropsychological Connection
7 Under Frozen Lake in Siberia, Geoscientists Drill For Secrets of Earth's Ancient Climate
8 Archaeological Discovery: Earliest Evidence Of Our Cave-dwelling Human Ancestors
9 Hubble Catches Jupiter's Largest Moon Going To The 'Dark Side'
10 Common Infant Virus May Trigger Type 1 Diabetes
11 Length Of Root Hairs On Plants Made To Grow Longer: Potential Broad Implications For Agriculture
12 Alternating Mammography And MRI May Be Best For High-risk Women
13 Arctic Greening Linked To Retreating Sea Ice
14 The Language Of Emotion: Ad Slogans In Native Tongues Connect To Consumers' Emotions
15 Breast Cancer Risk Varies In Young Women With Benign Breast Disease, Researchers Say
16 Natural Immune Response to HIV Not Sufficient to Prevent Secondary Superinfection
17 How Asbestos Fibers Trigger Cancer In Human Cells
18 Protein Levels Indicate Risk Of Death In Some Colorectal Cancer Patients
19 Two Cardiovascular Proteins Pose A Double Whammy In Alzheimer's
20 Medication For Depression Can Also Fight Cancer Drug Resistance
21 Pain Hurts More If Person Hurting You Means It
22 Potentially Disruptive Antibody Sequencing Technology Developed
23 Solar Activity Between 1250-1850 Linked To Temperature Changes In Siberia
24 Stronger Coastal Winds Due To Climate Change May Have Far-reaching Effects
25 Watching Water From Space Could Aid Disease Prevention In China
26 Oil Spray Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Pig Finishing Barns
27 Nitrogen Emissions In Dairy Pastures Peak In The Springtime
28 How Genes And Proteins Interact To Build Life's Dynamic Architecture
29 Faulty Brain Wiring May Be Bypassed With Carbon Nanotubes
30 Remarkably Bright White Light Given Off When Diaper Rash Cream Concoction Is Heated To High Temperature
31 Waste Peel From Pomegranate Juice Factories Makes Healthy Cattle Feed
32 Structured Warm-up Exercises May Prevent Up To Half Of Severe Sports Injuries
33 LEDs And Smart Lighting Could Save Trillions Of Dollars, Spark Global Innovation
34 Heart Attack Calculator Created
35 Storybooks On Paper Better For Children Than Reading Fiction On Computer Screen, According to Expert
36 Poor-man's Supercomputing Goes Commercial
37 New research: Genes may influence popularity
38 Researchers create smaller, brighter probe tailored for molecular imaging and tumor targeting
39 Biomedical researchers create artificial human bone marrow in a test tube
40 Cell phones using lens-free imaging promise to improve health monitoring
41 Meteorite bounty on track for Canadian record
42 Subway fare hackers to partner with transit agency
43 Experiment: People willing to shock others if authority figure asks
44 What Can Swiss Cheese Teach us About Dark Energy?
45 Solving the mysteries of metallic glass
46 4,300-year-old pharaonic tombs unveiled near Cairo
47 Israelis unearth Byzantine gold hoard
48 This Year, Resolve Not to Kill Yourself With Poor Decisions
49 Small molecule triggers bacterial community
50 EPA veils hazardous substances
51 China to buy Taiwan flat panels to help economy: report
52 Economist: 'Blending wall' stands in way of ethanol growth
53 Shade coffee benefits more than birds
54 Blind man walking: With no visual awareness, man navigates obstacle course flawlessly
55 Repair crews reach damaged cables in Mediterranean
56 Dutch company punches holes in font to save ink
57 Protea plants help unlock secrets of species 'hotspots'
58 Chocolate, wine and tea improve brain performance
59 Do Deep-Sea Microbes Offer A Glimpse Of What Alien Life Could Be Like On A Jupiter Moon?
60 Life got bigger in two, million-fold leaps, scientists say
61 Improved Volumetric Displays May Lead to 3D Computer Monitors
62 PS3s help astrophysicists solve mystery of black hole vibrations
63 Peering inside the skull of a mouse to solve meningitis mystery
64 E. coli engineered to produce important class of antibiotic, anti-cancer drugs
65 To improve forecasting earthquakes, NJIT mathematician studies grains
66 Researchers discover new type of laser
67 Males dominated 'out-of-Africa' migration 60,000 years ago
68 Microscopic meteorites show early life on Earth faced rain of rocks
69 Modified plants may yield more biofuel
70 Math professor discovers chaos on a 'fluid trampoline'
71 Activating the lung's antioxidant defense by targeting Nrf2 inhibits the development of emphysema
72 New 'smart' materials for the brain
73 Study on cytotoxicity of carbon nanotubes
74 Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt
75 Scientists spend a white Christmas in Antarctica
76 Next NASA Moon Mission Completes Major Milestone
77 ISS Crew Prepares for Monday Night's Spacewalk
78 NASA celebrates Apollo 8's moon mission 40 years on
79 Italy's geologic history becomes a personal tale in Walter Alvarez's new book
80 Lebanon caves vie to be an official wonder of nature
81 Tropics cooled by volcanic eruptions, says study
82 Sacred texts: Vatican embraces iTunes prayer book
83 Internet economy could shrink in 2009: OECD
84 Feather scientists have Christmas all wrapped up
85 Culture vultures go beyond, way beyond Google
86 Rotterdam police to snag troublemakers on film
87 Colorado newspaper employees go online with survival plea
88 German chip-maker secures 325 million euro rescue loan
89 White-space sensing device approved by FCC for further development
90 Scientists reveal mechanism that triggers differentiation of embryo cells
91 Shape changes in aroma-producing molecules determine the fragrances we detect
92 Better antifreezes to preserve donor organs for transplantation
93 Cancer-fighting antibodies
94 FAS releases survey results on the attitudes of scientists toward law enforcement
95 Scientists reveal structure of new botulism nerve toxin subtype
96 Another reason to drink a nice cup of shade-grown joe
97 Nothing to sneeze at: Real-time pollen forecasts
98 Dream of quantum computing closer to reality as mathematicians chase key breakthrough
99 Honeybees as plant 'bodyguards'
100 Leptin's long-distance call to the pancreas
101 Rockefeller microbiologist tests safety of spiked eggnog
102 Rise in births for couples on benefits
103 Yeast mimics severity of mutations leading to fatal childhood illness
104 New evidence that people make aspirin's active principle--salicylic acid
105 Simple model predicts those at risk for chronic kidney disease
106 Avoiding the painkiller-overuse rut in migraines
107 Nutritious fast-food kids' meals are scarce, researchers find
108 Air quality in schools affects cognitive performance
109 Gaming machines affecting well-being
110 The effect of parental education on the heritability of children's reading disability
111 Potential autoimmunity-inducing cells found in healthy adults
112 Premature babies have altered sensory responses in later life
113 Professor recommends changing drivers' perceptions of law enforcement to deter drunk driving
114 Redesigned protein accelerates blood clotting
115 Using math to understand hep. C: Patterns paint picture of who will respond to treatment
116 Immune cells contribute to the development of Parkinson's disease
117 Sex no longer a taboo subject at nursing homes
118 A simple questionnaire to replace a doctor's exam
119 FDA warns against some diet pills sold on the Web