File Title
1 Pope marks Galileo anniversary, praises astronomy
2 Obama names 4 top members of science team
3 Stellar Meteor Shower Jan. 3
4 Medicaid applicants grow as recession widens
5 Quitting Smoking Tougher on Women
6 No ISP Filtering Under New RIAA Copyright Strategy
7 Surfers, Rejoice: Some Extreme Waves Getting Bigger
8 The Huffington Post Slammed for Content Theft
9 Scientists Hack Cellphone to Analyze Blood, Detect Disease, Help Developing Nations
10 HD Eruption Video Gives Clues to How Volcanoes Work
11 Showdown: Mobile App Stores Duke It Out
12 I'm Outsourcing My Kid's Music Lessons to Korea
13 Select the 100 Greatest Looney Tunes
14 Humans and chimps register faces by using similar brain regions
15 Why locusts abandon a solitary life for the swarm
16 Science's breakthrough of the year: Cellular reprogramming
17 New label-free method tracks molecules and drugs in live cells
18 New gene found to be associated with widely used marker of blood glucose concentration
19 When scientists take on science education
20 Find the aphid
21 Stem cells and leukemia battle for marrow microenvironment
22 Team led by Scripps Research scientists develop method for generating novel types of stem cells
23 Montana State study finds super dads, possible polygamists among dinos
24 First experimental evidence for speedy adaptation to pesticides by worm species
25 Post-pandemic reforestation in New World helped trigger Little Ice Age, Stanford researchers say
26 First trimester smoking linked to oral clefts
27 Sulfurous ping-pong in the urinary tract
28 Medical acupuncture gaining acceptance by the US Air Force
29 Unusual microbial ropes grow slowly in cave lake
30 Prenatal alcohol exposure damages white matter, the brain's connective network
31 Drinkers with the alcohol dehydrogenase 1C-1 gene are at greater risk of colorectal cancer
32 Stronger coastal winds due to climate change may have far-reaching effects
33 How mirror neurons allow us to learn and socialize by going through the motions in the head
34 Case Western Reserve professor helps control infectious diseases with models and math
35 UT Southwestern researchers identify gene linked to inherited form of fatal lung disease
36 Are older antidepressants better for depression in Parkinson's disease?
37 The Green (and blue, red and white) lights of the future
38 Engineering algae to make fuel instead of sugar
39 Stem cells drug testing predicted to boom under Obama
40 Moon's polar craters could be the place to find lunar ice, scientists report
41 Strange Travels
42 Cap and Trade Policies Limiting CO2 Can Increase Value of Some Electricity Generating Firms
43 CSHL scientists discover new way in which ubiquitin modifies transcriptional machinery to regulate gene activity
44 Duke researchers coax bright white light from unexpected source
45 Not Just for Depression Anymore
46 Water in the early Universe
47 Researchers lay out vision for lighting 'revolution'
48 Researchers advance knowledge of little 'nano-machines' in our body
49 Scientists Study How Asbestos Fibers Trigger Cancer in Human Cells
50 Treatment for men's pelvic pain found ineffective
51 Researchers push nature beyond its limits to create higher-density biofuels
52 A simple fusion to jump-start evolution
53 Caltech scientists create titanium-based structural metallic-glass composites
54 New study shows that a cough medicine ingredient could effectively treat prostate cancer
55 Breathing life into injured lungs: World-first technique will expand lung donor organ pool
56 No pain after the operation: The QUIPS Project
57 Published reports inaccurate concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancy
58 Groundbreaking, inexpensive, pocket-sized ultrasound device can help treat cancer, relieve arthritis
59 Eating at buffets plus not exercising equals obesity in rural America
60 Older Patients' Perception of Health And Balance Has Direct Impact on Walking Activity, New Study Says
61 Vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorder runs in families, study shows
62 New 'smart' materials for the brain
63 Patient-derived induced stem cells retain disease traits
64 Two cardiovascular proteins pose a double whammy in Alzheimer's
65 Snails and humans use same genes to tell right from left
66 Newly identified gene powerful predictor of colon cancer metastasis
67 Pigs and dogs can bridge gap between mice and humans in developing new therapies
68 Catch the wave
69 K-State Engineers Working with Peregrine Semiconductor to Develop Energy-harvesting Radios that Could Make Monitoring Safety of Bridges Easier
70 New Satellite Data Reveal Impact of Olympic Pollution Controls
71 'Don't drink and ride': Improving subway safety
72 Attitudes towards assisted reproduction and preimplantation genetic diagnosis
73 Narrative Entertainment Programming Can Lead to Persuasive Outcomes
74 New scientific knowledge on juvenile diabetes
75 Seeing the quantum world
76 No quick or easy technological fix for climate change, researchers say
77 Smart Surveillance System May Tag Suspicious or Lost People
78 British scientist warns we must protect the vulnerable from robots
79 A Walk In The Park A Day Keeps Mental Fatigue Away
80 Gesture recognition
81 UC San Diego and Genentech Scientists Develop Potentially Disruptive Antibody Sequencing Technology
82 Ariane makes final launch of 2008
83 Climate experts get key US posts
84 NASA ducks dive under Greenland ice
85 Find 'may cut painkiller damage'
86 'I won't let migraine spoil Christmas'
87 RIAA drops lawsuits; ISPs to battle file sharing
88 Open source makes serious headway in the U.S. Department of Defense
89 The Pirate Bay Launches Free Mobile Video Converter
90 The Ning Exodus Begins: Adult Networks, It's Time To GTFO
91 Future iPhones to wield OpenCL acceleration
92 Dell comments on Apple's green commitment, TUAW translates from PR-speak to English
93 Remains Of WWII Marine Identified
94 China Blocks New York Times Web Site
95 New No-Cal Sweetener OK'd For Soft Drinks
96 Warner Music Pulls Videos From YouTube
97 Warner Music Content Disappears From YouTube
98 Warner Music videos yanked from YouTube after contract dispute
99 The Zombies Look Better Every Year
100 Winter Storm Brings Snow to Northeast, New England (Update2)
101 Talks break down; Warner Music pulls videos from YouTube
102 RIAA's New Piracy Plan Poses a New Set of Problems
103 Recording industry to cut back on lawsuits
104 Music Industry Abandons Efforts To Sue Song Swappers
105 Google dominates ad server market, study shows
106 Google Continues March To 80%-90% Search Share
107 YouTube overtakes Yahoo, Microsoft in U.S. search
108 Search Biz: YouTube Growing Up, Google Owns Ad Serving Market & More
109 Microsoft, Yahoo, Google: Failing To Forget
110 ComScore: YouTube Now 25 Percent Of All Google Searches
111 NASA To Continue Apollo 8 Tribute
112 Apollo 8: the space-age Christmas story
113 Many dinosaurs were stay-at-home dads
114 NASA seeks space shuttle display ideas
115 No Steve Jobs at MacWorld means he's leaving soon, right? Right?!
116 The Best Apple CEO Steve Jobs Look-alike, Meet Jim Levine
117 Nvidia bids to dislodge Intel as rivalry gets ugly
118 PC makers aim for more sales with netbooks
119 NetBooks To Get Serious Performance Boost Next Year
120 Shocking revelation: Santa Clara University professor mirrors famous torture study
121 Massachusetts tops for insurance coverage
122 Mass. health plan has national appeal
123 Apple exploring portable multi-touch skins for 3D surfaces
124 Apple to showcase Snow Leopard at Macworld--report
125 New iMacs and Mac minis confirmed to use NVIDIA chipsets
126 Future iPhones to wield OpenCL acceleration
127 Apple increases quality, service scores
128 BBC iPlayer for Mac arrives
129 Apple Mac tops comprehensive computer reliability report by wide margin--again
130 Buyers lining up to return RIM's BlackBerry Storm?
131 LogMeIn: Access and control your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere with your iPhone or iPod touch
132 Apple's Phil Schiller to show off nearly ready Mac OS X Snow Leopard at Macworld Expo
133 Mac OS X 10.5.6 bugs fixes offered
134 Does Apple lack an 'insanely great' product to unveil at Macworld Expo?
135 BBC iPlayer now available for Mac
136 Sun's free VirtualBox 2.0.6 lets you run Windows within Mac OS X on Intel Macs
137 Apple's MobileMe sync catches iPhone thief
138 Symantec debuts new Norton Internet Security 4 for Apple Macintosh
139 Apple releases Multi-Touch Trackpad Update for Windows & Vista
140 Apple's invincible iPhone
141 Why Steve Jobs cancelled Christmas, er...Macworld Expo
142 Cringely: Apple's Macworld Expo exit has all the classic signs of a Steve Jobs temper tantrum
143 'Spyware' debuts for Apple iPhone; 'Spy' on your employees, family members
144 CNET reviews Apple's 24-inch LED Cinema Display: beautiful, great performance, very accurate color
145 AdMob: iPhone users dominate Wi-Fi usage stats
146 Apple's next iMac and Mac mini to employ NVIDIA chipsets
147 Toshiba announces industry's first 2.5-inch 512GB SSDs due Q2 2009