File Title
1 The Truth Behind Global Jellyfish Swarms
2 U.S. Teens Portrayed as Violent, Unethical
3 Men Flirt with Risk to Score Women
4 The Energy Debates: Nuclear Power
5 Discovery Indicates Mars Was Habitable
6 Robert Redford vs. George Bush on Preservation vs. Drilling
7 Solstice Science: Why Winter Starts Dec. 21
8 Sexy Tusks Led to New Whale Species?
9 Methane Bubbling Up From Undersea Permafrost?
12 Bizarre New Dinosaur: Giant Raptor Found in Argentina
13 Similar genes shape diverse leaves
14 Canada's scientists face an uncertain future
15 Neurons on border patrol
16 Cell biologists share their snaps
17 Spanish solar firms accused of fraud
18 US Environmental Protection Agency faces eleventh-hour shake-up
19 Carbonate deposits found on Mars
20 Geographers Create Death Map of United States
21 Did Early Climate Impact Divert a New Glacial Age?
22 Engineer Mom Works to Help Other Kids on Feeding Tubes
23 Smart Surveillance System May Tag Suspicious or Lost People
24 Hubble Catches Jupiter's Largest Moon Going to the 'Dark Side'
25 Researchers Use Satellites to Measure Inland Floods
26 Researchers Lay Out Vision for Lighting "Revolution"
27 Polygamy, Paternal Care in Birds Linked to Dinosaur Ancestors
28 Researchers Discover New Tooth Cavity Protection
29 Better Than Phelps: Hot, Golden, Swimming Nanowires Zap Cancer
30 Geoscientists Drill For Earth Secrets Under Arctic Lake
31 Say It in Song: Researcher Deciphers the Meaning within Bird Communication
32 Students Tout Campus Greenness in National Video Competition
33 Green Bullet [algae]
34 Holidays Can Be Green in More Ways Than One
35 7 Easy Actions You Can Do Today to Save the Environment & Gas
36 Intelligent soldiers most likely to die in battle
37 Who did most to knock man off his pedestal?
38 Struggle over bird flu samples drags on
39 The scientific guide to gift wrapping
40 Burrowing black holes devoured first stars from within
41 Invention: Vertical-takeoff micro aircraft
42 Snowflake maker to improve weather forecasts
43 Shocking study reveals people still willing to torture
44 Flexible bridge bounces back after quake test
45 Superbug 'condom' could slow spread of drug resistance
46 Arctic melt 20 years ahead of climate models
47 US investigation into gravity weapons 'nonsense'
48 DNA dating: Can genes help you pick a mate?
49 Long-sought carbonate minerals found on Mars
50 One Laptop Per Child ready for version 2.0
51 Are elephants thugs or guardians of the water hole?
52 First cases of touch-emotion synaesthesia discovered
53 Fat fingers no problem with 'see-through' touchscreen
54 Calls to scrap the 'leap second' grow
55 E.P.A. Ruling Could Speed Up Approval of Coal Plants
56 Expansion of Biking in Parks Is Proposed
57 U.S. Flu Shows Resistance to Flu Drug
58 Swiss glaciers 'in full retreat'
59 Penny web auctions under scrutiny
60 Store tech checks customers out
61 Lungs 'repaired for transplant'
62 Great Ormond Street's Victorian patients
63 Expedition uncovers three never-before identified coral reefs off Florida's coast
64 Researchers explain mystery of gravity fingers
65 Animal reproduction. Riskier but worth it when older
66 Bacteria detoxify deadly seawater
67 Orangutan's spontaneous whistling opens new chapter in study of evolution of speech
68 The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters by Rose George
69 Alien Kindness
70 You Have Too Much Mail
71 Audubon Book Reviews
72 At the British Museum
73 SCIENCE EDUCATION: Hook 'Em with Science
74 Why young single men are more xenophobic
75 Poll Power
76 Playing With Your Food--Scientifically
77 What's Old Is New: 12 Living Fossils
78 Review--Falling for Science
79 The Search For the Great Science Fiction Movie (or, I Am Doooomed)
80 Five Best: Books That Emphatically Debunk Pseudohistory
81 Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle by Daniel Everett
82 Who lives by the road, dies by the road
83 Primal, acute and easily duped: Our sense of touch
84 Academics invent a mathematical equation for why people procrastinate
85 Why Life Originated (And Why it Continues)
86 The Harm Bush Did in the Name of God
87 Are computers and the Internet making people a little bit autistic?
88 Return of the NeanderthalsIf we can resurrect them through fossil DNA, should we?
89 Attention Must Be Paid
90 The Importance of Risky Research
91 Got the flu? CDC says Tamiflu may not be much help
92 Unusual microbial ropes grow slowly in cave lake
93 Flexible Polymer Transistors 'Printed' Using Ultraviolet Light
94 Earth not center of the universe, surrounded by 'dark energy': cosmologists report
95 Inventor's 'refrigeration system' for planet shows promise, but scientists are skeptical
96 Google Hold'em Poker: Does Google Have An OS Up Their Sleeve?
97 Scientists print dense lattice of transparent nanotube transistors on flexible base
98 Experts argue nano food-additives require new oversight
99 Bright White Light Coaxed from Unexpected Source
100 Computing in a molecule
101 Scientists Develop World's Fastest Graphene Transistor
102 Scientists create titanium-based structural metallic-glass composites
103 Solving the mysteries of metallic glass
104 Researchers lay out vision for lighting 'revolution'
105 Obama signals break with Bush in new science team
106 Researchers probe scat for clues to orca decline
107 Egypt Internet service improving after cables cut
108 NY exhibit unveils women's lives in ancient Greece
109 UC San Diego and Genentech scientists develop potentially disruptive antibody sequencing technology
110 Activists intercept Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters
111 New ban imposed on regulating global warming gases
112 Toshiba Launches Industry's First 512 GB SSD
113 NVIDIA Ion Platform Energizes Atom Into A Premium PC Experience
114 Scientists Write Guide to Build Supercomputer from Sony Playstation 3
115 MIT's Huggable Robot Teddy Enhances Human Relationships
116 AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition 2.7GHz CPU
117 Boom in music video games helps original artists
118 German Christmas cake theft sparks data scare
119 Google increases search share in November: comScore
120 Prestigious TED gathering to make live webcast debut
121 No Pulp Fiction: Engineers See Major Paper Mill Savings With New Rotor Technology
122 Kentucky college student indicted in e-mail threat case
123 Swiss engineer completes first world tour in solar-powered car
124 How to put captions on photos for free
125 Review: Online maps can jog better running routes
126 Researchers push nature beyond its limits to create higher-density biofuels
127 A simple fusion to jump-start evolution
128 When scientists take on science education
129 Passage graves from an astronomical perspective
130 Science's breakthrough of the year: Cellular reprogramming
131 New label-free method tracks molecules and drugs in live cells
132 Scientists discover new way in which ubiquitin modifies transcriptional machinery
133 China face transplant patient dead: doctor
134 Vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorder runs in families, study shows
135 Shame on us: Shaming some kids makes them more aggressive
136 Replicating Milgram: Researcher finds most will administer shocks when prodded by 'authority figure'
137 LEDs And Smart Lighting Could Save Trillions Of Dollars, Spark Global Innovation
138 Breathing Cycles In Earth's Upper Atmosphere Tied To Solar Wind Disturbances
139 Earth's Original Ancestor Was 'LUCA'
140 'Hobbit' Fossils Represent A New Species, Concludes Anthropologist
141 Polygamy, Paternal Care In Birds Linked To Dinosaur Ancestors
142 Life On Mars? Elusive Mineral Bolsters Chances, Researchers Say
143 'Wet' Early Universe: Water Vapor Detected At Record Distance
144 New World Post-pandemic Reforestation Helped Start Little Ice Age, Say Scientists
145 Where Did Venus's Water Go?
146 Moon's Polar Craters Could Be The Place To Find Lunar Ice, Scientists Report
147 Benefits Of Breastfeeding Outweigh Risk Of Infant Exposure To Environmental Chemicals In Breastmilk
148 New Model Explains Movements Of The Moon
149 Cancer Treatments Redefined To Reduce Potential Nerve Damage
150 New York City Beaver Returns
151 Possible Genetic Causes Of Borderline Personality Disorder Identified
152 Male Circumcision May Decrease Risk Of HPV Infection And Cervical Cancer
153 Hotel, Restaurant And Carpentry Trades Are Among Professions Posing Highest Risks For Cancer Of The Esophagus
154 Popular Hypothesis Concerning Emergence Of Multiple Sclerosis Contested
155 Study Of Placenta Unexpectedly Leads To Cancer Gene
156 Molecular Therapy For Spinal Muscular Atrophy Closer To Clinical Use
157 Aging Brains Allow Negative Memories To Fade
158 Cry Me A River: The Psychology Of Crying
159 Does A Younger Dad Mean A Healthier Child?
160 God Or Science? A Belief In One Weakens Positive Feelings For The Other
161 Girls Have Superior Sense Of Taste To Boys
162 Gut Instinct: Salmonella Bacteria's Molecular Tactics To Cause Illness
163 New Way To More Rapidly Generate Bone Tissue Developed
164 People With Peanut Allergy Can React To Lupin
165 Fast Food Meals Are Smaller, Have Fewer Calories Than Food Served At Restaurants, Study Finds
166 Olympic Pollution Controls In Beijing China Had Big Impact On Air Pollution Levels
167 Urbanization: 95% Of The World's Population Lives On 10% Of The Land
168 Botany: Nature's Shut-off Switch For Cellulose Production Found
169 Tiny Magnetic Crystals In Bacteria Are A Compass, Say Scientists
170 Evolutionary Roots Of Ancient Bacteria May Open New Line Of Attack On Cystic Fibrosis
171 What Came Before The Big Bang? Interpreting Asymmetry In Early Universe
172 World's First Deep Sea Lab-on-a-chip Sensors Proved To Work
173 First Portable System Enabling In Situ Detection Of Cetacean Hearing Loss Developed
174 Wave Energy: New System Captures Significantly More Wave Energy Than Existing Systems
175 Non-toxic Clean-up Method For Potentially Toxic Nano Materials Created Using Horseradish Enzyme
176 'Seeing' The Quantum World: How A Quantum Computer Would Work
177 Research In Magnetic Semiconductors Leading to Advances in Computing
178 Online Register Created To Flag Scientific Papers That May Be Tainted By Fraud Or Misconduct