File Title
1 American Indian cremation pit found on Ga. island
2 Wildlife experts ponder gender of Santa's reindeer
3 Mars find suggests area may have been hospitable
4 Las Vegas gets record Dec. snowfall, 3.6 inches
5 New Space Toilet Has No Door...Yet
6 Officers: Pierced 'gothic kittens' marketed on Web
7 Feds say NJ's wayward dolphins doing just fine
8 Giant, meat-eating raptor dinosaur discovered in Argentina
9 Daddy day care: dinosaur fathers guarded the eggs
10 Mozobil Boosts Stem Cells Before Bone Marrow Transplants
11 Calif. university gets $25M for stem cell research
12 How to Pick Athletic Superstars at Age 1
13 New York oil price slumps below $34 a barrel
14 Oil drops below $36, touches fresh 4-yr low
15 Want a retired space shuttle? They're up for grabs
16 The Perfect Mate: What We Really Want
17 Not All Dementia Is Called Alzheimer's
18 More than 54 million disabled in U.S., census says
19 Healthy breakfast may mean healthier diet overall
20 Depression, Anxiety Hinder Quality of Life After Stroke
21 Lung cancer deadliest tumor for Australia women
22 Health Tip: Your Diet After Cancer Treatment
23 'Hot' Toys May Not Be the Best Present
24 Safety probe of plastics chemicals urged
25 Low Doses of Melamine Won't Harm Kids' Kidneys
26 Male circumcision lowers cervical cancer risk: study
27 Tumor in Colorado newborn's brain contained foot
28 Nursing home industry worries about new ratings
29 Urban areas struggle to find grocers, fresh food
30 New rule for health providers stirs objections
31 It's Time to Raise the Gas Tax
32 Sorapot Teapot: Elegant Teapot Lets You See the Leaves Unfold, Infuse the Water
33 Online Jihadists Plan for 'Invading Facebook'
34 Big City, Brighter Lights: Gotham's New LED Streetlamp Plan
35 TV Studio in a Box Enables Long-Tail Television
36 The Curious Case of Reverse-Aging Brad Pitt
37 Where Is Steve Jobs?
38 Student Sentenced to 15 Years for YouTube Terror Video
39 Obama Rumored to Pick Climate-Change Wonk as Science Adviser
40 Google Shutters Its Science Data Service
41 Data Mining Still Going Strong Under New Yahoo Privacy Policy
42 Free-Range Research Could Save Chimps--and Our Conscience
43 Could the Electric Grid Support Far More Wind and Solar?
44 Danish Supercar Sports 1,104 Horsepower
45 I, Nanny: Robot Babysitters Pose Dilemma
46 RV Sales Go Up in Smoke, But There Are Alternatives
47 Army Seeks Less-Lethal Rubber Ball Grenade?
48 Egyptian iPhone Ships with Crippled GPS
49 RIAA to Stop Suing Music Fans, Cut Them Off Instead
50 Plants cellulose production studied
51 Single stem cells repair tissue damage
52 Bird polygamy linked with dinosaurs
53 Canada recalls Old Style-brand products
54 NASA to take part in inaugural parade
55 Doctors find body parts in newborn's brain
56 Canada mandates relabeling of kids' drugs
57 NASA finds clues to Mars mysteries
58 Environmentalists sue over rare flower
59 NASA signs agreement with rocket company
60 Climate change slows acid rain recovery
61 Magma provides glimpse of past
62 Ancient coin found in Temple Mount dirt
63 EU to ban most aerial crop spraying
64 Leukaemia sirens seduce healthy cells
65 Scientist calls for robot ethics rules
66 Wishful thinking on carbon targets?
67 Science year in review: 2008
68 Digital Radio From Around the World, Not Above It
69 Strange New World: Tech Picks of the Week
70 Piven's Doc: If You See Him Eating Seafood, Call My Office
71 Mom Gives Birth to 18th Child
72 Jon and Kate Plus 8: 'Multiple Blessings' of Twins, Sextuplets
73 Indonesia's "Tree Man" Faces New Operations
74 Could It Happen? The Truth About Disaster Movies
75 Medical Mystery: Sandwich-Induced Fainting
76 NASA finds 'missing' Mars mineral
77 People 'still willing to torture'
78 Free bulbs switch on Ethiopians
79 Severed cable disrupts web access
80 Radio 'could go digital in 2017'
81 Trek creator's widow dies aged 76
82 BBC iPlayer now available on Mac
83 Technology--lessons from history
84 Connecting the next billion users
85 Web searches for minority groups
86 Surgeons give teenager a new chin
87 Sandwiches 'caused fainting fits'
88 Breast cancer gene-free baby due
89 Sneezing 'can be sign of arousal'
90 Study Debunks Conventional Wisdom
91 The "Detroit's A Loser" Myth
92 Mars Find Suggests Life Once Possible
93 Oil Demand Slowing, Says Energy Agency
94 Source Code For Twitter-Like App, Trillr, Now Available
95 Black and White Fine-Tuning in Photoshop CS3
96 Job posting reveals Zune-Xbox integration
97 Installing Linux applications on OS X with Fink
98 Mars Find Suggests Area May Have Been Hospitable
99 New Ban Imposed On Regulating Global Warming Gases
100 Feds Say NJ's Wayward Dolphins Doing Just Fine
101 How One 11-Year-Old Kicked Cancer
102 RIAA Taking Piracy Fight to ISPs
103 Copy of RIAA's new enforcement notice to ISPs
104 No more lawsuits: ISPs to work with RIAA, cut off P2P users
105 RIAA drops mass lawsuits, recruits ISPs to crack the whip
106 RIAA to discontinue litigation strategy, coordinate more with ISPs
107 Week in review: Apple snubs Macworld Expo
108 The ever-evolving Macworld Expo
109 Apple Fans To Protest Jobs' Macworld Absence
110 Silent protest planned for Jobs-less keynote
111 Life On Mars Looks More Likely
112 Life on Mars? "Missing Mineral" Find Boosts Chances
113 Mars' carbonates point to watery environment
114 NASA: Life on Mars? Watery history now confirmed by vast carbonate discovery
115 Green Battery Start-Up Begins With Drills
116 U.S. firms join forces to regain tech lead in making batteries
117 Daddy Dinosaurs May Have Tended Developing Eggs
118 Fossils Show Dinosaurs As Stay-at-Home Dads
119 Dinosaurs Were Dutiful Dads
120 Dinosaur day care dads
121 Dinosaur Dads Played "Mr. Mom"?
122 New Dell Laptop: Thinner Than Air?
123 Dell's superthin Adamo--due in February?
124 YouTube changing format, pushes widescreen HD video
125 YouTube pushes HD video, new landing pages
126 YouTube Goes High-Def
127 Sales Growth of Flat-Panel TVs Is Expected to Slow
128 LCD, TV Sales Could Fall in 2009 For First Time
129 That Windows 7 bootleg is a ticking time bomb
130 NASA to Sell, Donate Old Space Shuttles
131 Gates Foundation to help libraries be better free 'net cafes
132 Gates Foundation donates to health, connectivity
133 Flash moves forward with bumps in capacity and lifespan
134 Best Buy cuts iPhone price to compete with Wal-Mart
135 Google Spruces Up Search for Apple iPhone, Android
136 Google refines search results on iPhone
137 Medical 'Conscience Rule' may be ethical hot potato
138 Health providers' 'conscience' rule to take effect
139 Doctor Cleared of Harming Man to Obtain Organs
140 Verdict is in: Roozrokh found not guilty in organ harvesting case
141 Doctor: Face transplant patient 'very happy' with procedure
142 Charting the psychology of evil, decades after 'shock' experiment
143 California Supreme Court allows good Samaritans to be sued for nonmedical care
144 Tysabri causes third death
145 Woman wins $2,500 in stop smoking contest
146 Calif. Supremes Allow Suit Against Would-Be Rescuer