File Title
1 Scientists find hole in Earth's magnetic field
2 Strange dark energy acts as galactic diet enforcer
3 Protected habitat proposed for sea otter in Alaska
4 New Theory: How Advertisers Get Inside Your Head
5 New species of extinct animals found in Sahara
6 Researchers find short-armed raptor in Argentina
7 Rare Look at Darwin and First Dinosaur Hunters
8 Biogen says new brain infection linked to Tysabri
9 OPEC makes deepest oil cut ever to rescue prices
10 Sex and Cheating: When Does It Count?
11 Nation's first face transplant done in Cleveland
12 Tonsillectomy results unaffected by kids' obesity
13 Effectiveness of peer-led sex education questioned
14 FDA Faults Drug Information for Consumers
15 Magnets in Kids' Toys Pose Broad Dangers
16 The best exercise programs benefit the elderly
17 Tiny Saturn Moon ID'd As Good Candidate For Alien Life
18 Jobs Won't Appear at Macworld--2009 to Be Apple's Last Show
19 Yahoo to shorten logs of user activity to 3 months
20 World's First Computer Rebuilt, Rebooted After 2,000 Years
21 Bush Shoe-Toss Immortalized in Games, Animations
22 Rumor: New Mac Mini Coming to Macworld 2009
23 Dark Energy Could Be Einstein's Cosmological Constant
24 Massive Volcanic Eruptions Could Have Killed Off the Dinosaurs
25 Drillers Accidentally Create First Live Magma Observatory [cf. 53]
26 Solar Hybrids Soak Up the Sun
27 Yahoo Mail Gets More Social, But the Price of Admission Is Too Steep
28 Why your Website is Now Just a Facebook Application
29 New Yorkers Brace for Taxes on Music, Movies
30 U.S. Wants Contractor to Monitor Mercs in A'stan
31 Navy Killer Drone Complete; 1st Flight Set for '09
32 TIX Tock Goes the Clock
33 EMI Launches Its Own Music Website
34 Volcanoes Killed The Dinosaurs, New Evidence Suggests
35 App Store Incorrectly Rejects App Over "Undocumented API Use"
36 The Root Of The Matter
37 Scientists Find Brain Cell Suicide May Be Alzheimer's Culprit
38 The 88: A High-Rise with Phone-Controlled Exterior Art
39 China Closes the Clean-Coal Gap
40 Faster Graphene Transistors
41 Sailing into the Flash Doldrums
42 Biggest Breach Of Earth's Solar Storm Shield Discovered
43 Titan's Volcanoes Give NASA Spacecraft Chilly Reception
44 Planets Living On The Edge
45 Possible Explanation For Migration Of Volcanic Activity On Mars
46 Papua New Guinea tidal waves displace 75,000: UN
47 Siberian Shepherd Sues Roscosmos Over Rocket Debris
48 'IceCube' telescope under construction
49 About 90 percent of all email is spam: Cisco
50 Russia mulls unprecedented Israel drones purchase
51 US, Jordan sign deal to prevent nuclear smuggling
52 Obama to tap Colorado senator for interior dept: reports
53 Drillers hit Hawaiian magma [cf. 25]
54 Drinking water contamination mapped
55 Millennium Bridge wobble explained
56 How genes are silenced
57 More prizewinners of 2008
58 Sucking carbon out of the air
59 Mars exploration: Phoenix: a race against time
60 The Energy Debates: Hybrid Vehicles
61 New Theory: How Advertisers Get Inside Your Head
62 Trend: Dead Take Cell Phones With [Them]
63 Earth's Atmosphere "Breathes" More Rapidly Than Thought
64 The Energy Debates: Electric Cars
65 Since 2003, More Than 2 Trillion Tons of Arctic Ice Melted
66 Hollywood Ending for Christina Applegate's Breast Cancer?
67 Bernard Madoff Redefines the Ponzi Scheme
68 Breeding Owls Defecate Strategically
69 'Parowan Prophet' Predicts U.S. Will Be Nuked by Christmas
70 Obama Left with Little Time to Curb Global Warming
71 Giant Dinosaur Fossil Found in Sahara Desert
72 Bright Future: LEDs Revolutionize Lighting
73 U.S. Death Map: Where and How Nature Kills Most
74 Is the Exxon Valdez spill site finally clean?
75 Chocolate in peril
76 Ecstasy over G spot therapy
77 Ultrasound nails location of the elusive G spot
78 How to make cheap wine taste like a fine vintage
79 Beagle 2 may have tumbled to a fiery doom
80 'Megamaser' is most distant sign of cosmic water
81 Glut of hot years a coincidence? Fat chance
82 'Evil water' linked to mysterious drownings
83 Invention: Slimline radioactive battery
84 Death map USA: Natural disaster hotspots revealed
85 Deficit in 'poor' brains identified
86 DNA is recovered from ancestral snack
87 Prozac may counter parasite mind control
88 Galaxy clusters' stunted growth confirms dark energy
89 Gas memory could send spooky messages the full distance
90 Mitochondrial battery could sniff out explosives
91 Switch to biofuels boosts insect pest
92 Squid in acid: What future oceans hold in store
93 Seven unsolved medical mysteries
94 Electricity sparks stem-cell transformation
95 Southern sky to be mapped for first time
96 Platinum-free fuel cell promises cheap, green power
97 Flawed nanotubes could be perfect silicon replacement
98 Invention: Low-error golf balls
99 Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Makes It Easy to be 'Green'
100 New Fluorescent Probes Detect Reactive Oxygen Species
101 Greenland's Glaciers Losing Ice Faster This Year than Last
102 Looking for Extraterrestrial Life in All the Right Places
103 As Ice Melts, Antarctic Bedrock is on the Move
104 Salt Water Irrigation: Study Shows It Works
105 Hurricane Protection System in New Orleans 'A System in Name Only'
106 Nature, Nanotechnology Fuse in Electric Yarn That Detects Blood
107 Ancient Magma "Superpiles" May Have Shaped the Continents
108 Oregon's Rogue River Basin to Face Climate-Change Hurdles
109 Genes Involved in Antibiotic Resistance Vary within a Species
110 Engineers Working with Peregrine Semiconductor to Develop Energy-harvesting Radios That Could Make Monitoring Safety of Bridges Easier
111 What Does It Take to Make New Year's Resolutions a Reality?
112 Study Detects Growth-Stifling Dark Energy
113 Dark Energy Found Stifling Growth in Universe
114 A Hole New Way--New Concrete Buster Makes Its Debut
115 Real-Time Gene Monitoring Developed
116 New York City Beaver Returns
117 Blue Ribbon Task Force Issues Report on Data Deluge
118 Microencapsulation Project Gives Local Entrepreneur Warm Glow
119 Sex Difference on Spatial Skill Test Linked to Brain Structure
120 Survey: U.S. Public Supports Genetic Research and Testing
121 Strange Travels
122 Dark Energy Stunts Galaxies' Growth
123 Florida Water Board, Voting 4 to 3, Approves U.S. Sugar Deal in the Everglades
124 Giving Them an Inch, and a Pint
125 Tips From the Potlatch, Where Giving Knows No Slump
126 A Coat of Many Proteins May Be This Parasite's Downfall
127 Specializing in Problems That Only Seem Impossible to Solve
128 Using Embryos to Put Fertility First
129 A Crisis of Confidence for Masters of the Universe
130 Get Along Without a Pinkie? It's Tougher Than You Might Think
131 2008 cooler, but world still warming
132 Dark energy pushing universe apart
133 Rare tree lobster in a class of its own
134 Sleepwalking, Sleep Sex...Now Sleep E-Mailing?
135 Is the Exxon Valdez Spill Site Finally Clean?
136 China Defends Right to Censor Web Sites
137 Toledo's Makeover: Glass City to Solar Valley
138 Solar-Power Breakthrough
139 Microsoft Issuing Emergency Fix for Browser Flaw
140 Apple CEO Jobs Absent From Macworld Lineup
141 No Protection for 'Happy Feet' Penguins
142 How Contagious Is Strep Throat, And Can I Pass It To Someone Else By Kissing Them?
143 Socks the Cat's Cancer Battle
144 The Case for Keeping Colonoscopy
145 Top 10 'Yuppie' Health Conditions