File Title
1 Australia OKs Facebook for Serving Lien Notice
2 Over 2T Tons of Ice Melted in Arctic Since '03
3 Court Allows Lawsuits Over 'Light' Cigarettes
4 Coke to Sell Drinks With Stevia; Pepsi Holds Off
5 Deciphering the Language of Intoxication
6 New Device May Reduce Number of Breast Cancer Surgeries
7 Natural-Born Healers? The Top 10 Natural Products
8 Global methane levels move upward again
9 Santa's magic based on science
10 Yawning cools the brain
11 Saturn's moon has 'ice volcanoes'
12 Australians condemn climate plan
13 Enceladus has 'spreading surface'
14 This year is coolest since 2000
15 Rise in CO2 'affects jumbo squid'
16 Whinnies help horses picture herd
17 What became of the personal robot?
18 Serious security flaw found in IE
19 Microsoft launches iPhone program
20 China 'bans BBC Chinese website'
21 Taking democracy to the stars
22 Helping the web to understand
23 Is it safe to Explore?
24 Heavy snorers 'burn more energy'
25 People baffled by health messages
26 Self-harmers 'include boys too'
27 Boost for 'light' cigarette cases
28 Rom-coms 'spoil your love life'
29 Where are all the miracle cures?
30 iPhone Overcomes Gaffes To Take Off In '08
31 Flaw In Internet Explorer Not Fixed Yet
32 Hundreds Of New Species Found
33 Natural Treasures Discovered in the Greater Mekong
34 What's Behind The Mystery Cancer Cluster?
35 NASA: 2T Tons Of Land Ice Melted Since '03
36 iPhone 3G being sold unlocked in Taiwan
37 Most Popular Free Windows Downloads of 2008
38 Computer hackers selling stolen Facebook accounts to gangs for 89p
39 Rare New Mexico Fish To Swim Free In Texas
40 Saturn Moon Titan May Have Active Ice Volcanoes
41 U.S. Woman Receives Face Transplant
42 Docs Pushed To Ditch Prescription Pads
43 Combo Treatment For Prostate Cancer Cuts Deaths
44 Free School Lunches A Hit In Tough Economy
45 Rise of complaints follows Apple Mac OS X 10.5.6 update
46 Apple Revises Mac OS X, Revs Up MobileMe Syncing
47 Mac OS X 10.5.6 update triggering errors
48 Apple Not Immune from Bad Economy as Mac Sales Drop
49 NPD: Apple's US Mac sales flat in Nov., iMac needs refresh
50 Mac sales slow, Windows PC sales grow, says NPD
51 Bargain hunters stalking PCs: Apple shipments down 1%
52 Internet Explorer is Unsafe...Still
53 Microsoft sees 'huge increase' in IE attacks
54 Analyst predicts Apple will unveil Netbook
55 Latest Mac Rumors: Netbooks and New Mac Minis
56 Why the Mac Mini is the best Mac on the market
57 Mac mini revision rumored for Macworld Expo
58 Rumor: Apple to announce updated Mac mini at Macworld 2009
59 Pair of Mac fandom films to be shown at Macworld Expo
60 Gartner says 2009 chip decline to set record
61 Semiconductor Industry Sales to Drop 16% in 2009
62 Gartner Predicts Additional Revenue Losses for Semiconductor Companies in 2009
63 Facebook profile used to serve legal docs in Australian case
64 Facebook used to find defendants in Australian court case
65 Court's use of Facebook to serve documents a world first
66 North Korea Launches 3G Network
67 Orascom Telecom starts mobile services in N. Korea
68 Sony's new PS3 ad: your girlfriend gets romantic comedies!
69 Dev-Team Unlocks iPhone 3G
70 Hackers Successfully Unlock the iPhone 3G
71 iPhone Dev Team to unlock iPhone 3G for New Years
72 Survey shows 65% of American adults need daily Internet access
73 New Technique Allows Researchers to Measure Dark Energy [cf. 74-78]
74 Dark Energy Stunts Galaxies' Growth [cf. 73-78]
75 Dark Energy Found Stifling Growth in Universe
76 Dark energy stunts your growth
77 Study Detects Growth-Stifling Dark Energy [cf. 73-78]
78 More Evidence that Dark Energy Is Ripping the Universe Apart [cf. 73-77]
79 Report Finds Meddling in Interior Dept. Actions [cf. 81]
80 Interior officials accused of interference
81 Report: Endangered species decisions tainted [cf. 79]
82 Battery Life Still Bane Of Apple iPhone User Experience
83 Wal-Mart Employees Confirm iPhone Rumors
84 Jobs keynote likely for Macworld; iTunes keeps Amazon MP3 at bay
85 Web Tool of the Future: Your Phone
86 Future of the Internet: Mobile
87 New Genetic Analysis Might Boost Breast Cancer Care
88 Radiation Plus Hormone Therapy Cuts Prostate Cancer Deaths
89 Advancing Prostate Cancer: Combo Treatment Best
90 Colonoscopy Has a 'Right Side' Blind Spot
91 Colonoscopies Prevent Fewer Cancer Deaths Than Thought in Study
92 Snorers Burn More Calories During the Day
93 TriLipix Approved to Help Lower Cholesterol
94 Abbott's TriLipix Approved by FDA
95 FDA OKs New Cholesterol Drug Trilipix
96 Later School Start Time Cuts Teens' Car Crash Risk
97 Teens Cut Crashes By Sleeping In
98 School Start Times Linked to Auto Accidents
99 Starting High School One Hour Later May Reduce Teen Traffic Accidents
100 Later teen school day, fewer car accidents
101 Later School Start Time Linked to Fewer Teen Car Crashes
102 FDA Will Continue To Study Chemical
103 FDA plans more studies on baby bottle chemical
104 Hypertension Might Hinder Thinking
105 Blood Pressure Spikes May Cloud Elders' Minds
106 High Blood Pressure Has Impact On Brains Of Elderly
107 Study shows Hypertension affects elderly's cognitive functioning
108 High blood pressure stops elderly from thinking clearly, research finds
109 NASA's Future May Depend on Collaboration
110 China's New Green Machine
111 Platinum-Free Fuel Cell
112 Robotic Weather Planes
113 Semantic Sense for the Desktop
114 Boundary Between Earth's Upper Atmosphere And Space Has Moved To Extraordinarily Low Altitudes, NASA Instruments Document
115 Titan's Volcanoes Give NASA Spacecraft Chilly Reception
116 Warming Climate Signals Big Changes For Ski Areas, Says New Study
117 Solar Flare Surprise: Stream Of Perfectly Intact Hydrogen Atoms Detected
118 High Pesticide Levels Found In Fruit-based Drinks In Some Countries Outside United States
119 Practice As Well As Sleep May Help Birds Learn New Songs
120 Jupiter's Moon Europa Does The Wave To Generate Heat
121 Biologist Modifies Theory Of Cells' Engines
122 Nanotubes Sniff Out Cancer Agents In Living Cells
123 Rare Lead Bars Discovered Off The Coast Of Ibiza May Be Carthaginian Munitions
124 Charting HIV's Rapidly Changing Journey In The Body
125 Graphical Models: New Mathematical Tool Could Unpick Complex Cancer Causes And Help Sociologists Mine Facebook
126 Premature Aging Disease: Gene Discovery To Clinical Trial Of Potential Treatment, All Done In Just 5 Years
127 Half-dose Flu Shot Appears To Produce Immune Response In Young, Healthy Adults
128 Under-reported Dementia Deaths Raises Questions About Accuracy Of Mortality Statistics
129 Key Mechanism That Occurs At Inception Point Of Many Human Lymphomas Identified
130 New Mechanism For Attentional Control In The Human Brain Discovered
131 Effects Of Unconscious Exposure To Advertisements
132 Low-carb Diets Can Affect Dieters' Cognition Skills
133 Contraceptive Methods Shape Women's Sexual Pleasure And Satisfaction
134 Inside The Consumer Mind: Brain Scans Reveal Choice Mechanism
135 Women's Magazines Downplay Emotional Health Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery, Study Finds
136 Single Adult Stem Cell Can Self Renew, Repair Tissue Damage In Live Mammal
137 Meiosis: Cueing Up At The Meiotic Starting Line
138 How Mutations Are Transmitted From One Generation To The Next
139 Immunity Stronger At Night Than During Day
140 UV-B Light Sensing Mechanism Discovered In Plant Roots
141 The European Eel: To Migrate Or Not To Migrate In Freshwaters?
142 Dwarf Crocodiles Split Into Three Species
143 Predecessor of Cows, The Aurochs, Were Still Living In The Netherlands Around AD 600
144 4,000-year-old Amber Necklace Has Been Unearthed In England
145 Orangutan's Spontaneous Whistling Opens New Chapter In Study Of Evolution Of Speech
146 Planet Formation Could Lie In Stellar Storms Rather Than Gravitational Instability
147 Discovery Of Warm Plasma Cloak Surrounding Earth, New Region Of Magnetosphere
148 Supermassive Black Hole Dissected With Natural Magnifying Glasses: 1,000 Times Clearer Than Best Telescopes Can Do
149 Ocean Fish Farming Harms Wild Fish, Study Says
150 New Hybrid Nanostructures Detect Nanoscale Magnetism
151 Astrophysicists Aim To Recreate Stars In The Lab
152 Mould Toxins More Prevalent And Hazardous Than Thought
153 Computer Scientists Launching Indoor Navigation System