File Title
1 Obama starts filling energy team
2 Energy secretary pick argues for new fuel sources
3 Ooga Ooga! Men Overspend to Attract Mates
4 Fifth of world's corals already dead, say experts
5 Obese Kids More Prone to Limb Injuries in Car Crashes
6 FDA panel set to weigh new female condom
7 Statin Use Doesn't Inhibit Lymphoma Drug Therapy
8 Scientists ID Enzyme Causing Brain Cell Death
9 Screening for Colorectal Cancer Saves Lives
10 Cancer Deaths Take Heavy Financial Toll
11 Many Americans turning to unconventional medicine
12 Memory study on mice offers new insights into understanding autism, NYU, Baylor scientists conclude
13 Examination of widely used antimicrobial compound reveals new strategies to fight malaria
14 Determining responsibility and assigning punishment governed by different brain systems
15 Brain deletion of FK506-binding protein enhances repetitive behaviors in mice
16 Long-term use of diabetes drugs by women significantly increases risk of fractures
17 Decreased levels of binding gene affect memory and behavior
18 Drug-resistant tuberculosis rife in China
19 Sugar can be addictive, Princeton scientist says
20 Novel technique for fluorescence tomography of tumors in living animals
21 The dark chocolate version of Father Christmas is most filling
22 Team probes why climbers die on Mount Everest
23 First-ever socioeconomic study on coral reefs points to challenges of coastal resource management
24 Time running out on coral reefs as climate change becomes increasing threat
25 Irritable Bowel Syndrome can have genetic Causes
26 New research shows how gene function drives natural selection in important class of genetic elements
27 New way of viewing cells could lead to easier routes for drug manufacture
28 Lack of vitamin D causes weight gain and stunts growth in girls
29 Studies on imaging and tracking transplanted cells
30 Transplanted fat cells restore function after spinal cord injury
31 Hubble spots CO2 on extrasolar planet
32 'Fly guy' makes memory breakthrough
33 CSHL researchers map changing epigenetic modifications that enable transposons to run amok
34 Snowy owl--a marine species?
35 Group in lymphoma research chooses revlimid for study in disease's largest patient population
36 Waste coffee grounds offer new source of biodiesel fuel
37 Exercise Suppresses Appetite By Affecting Appetite Hormones
38 Fifth of world's coral dead: report
39 If MRI shows signs of MS, will the disease develop?
40 Popular class of diabetes drugs doubles risk of fractures in women
41 Team led by Purdue professor first to record key event that breaks continents apart
42 Panel Blasts Federal Nanotech Risk Research Strategy
43 A new class of anti-inflammatory drugs
44 ACerS-NIST phase equilibria diagrams CD-ROM database
45 Study urges dual track US nuclear weapons policy
46 Chemist tames longstanding electron computation problem
47 Cellular 'brakes' may slow memory process in aging brains
48 Study of revlimid and vidaza in higher-risk MDS is well-tolerated and has high activity
49 Prevalence of disordered eating behaviors in diabetics probed
50 Overweight children at increased risk of arm and leg injuries following motor vehicle crash
51 High phosphorus linked to coronary calcification in chronic kidney disease
52 2 common diabetes drugs double the risk of fractures in women
53 Study identifies diabetes, coeliac link
54 Diabetes drug shows potential for treating one cause of chronic kidney disease
55 Blocking immune inhibitor improves response to HIV-like virus, prolongs survival in monkeys
56 Government survey shows 38 percent of adults and 12 percent of children use complementary and alternative medicine
57 Panic attacks linked to higher risk of heart attacks and heart disease, especially in younger people
58 Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease linked
59 First functional stem-cell niche model created by Stanford scientists
60 Surge in older cancer survivors expected as baby boomers age
61 Living in multigenerational households triples women's heart disease risk
62 Late preterm births present serious risks to newborns
63 Success of anti-meth ads questioned by study
64 Dissertation work on leading wave power
65 Computation and genomics data drive bacterial research into new golden age
66 Instore web 3.0 scouting
67 NPL research shows there could be no end in sight for Moore's Law
68 Production line for artificial skin
69 Federal research plan inadequate to shed light on health and environmental risks posed by nanomaterials
70 Promising results from 2 trials highlighting pomalidomide presented at ASH
71 Analysis shows revlimid plus dexamethasone increases overall survival in multiple myeloma patients
72 Analysis shows that vidaza prolongs survival in patients with higher-risk myelodysplastic syndromes
73 Data presented at ASH illustrates that continued treatment with vidaza can benefit MDS patients
74 Data presented demonstrate prolonged overall survival for patients with acute myeloid leukemia
75 Dolphin spongers are workaholic loners
76 Pricing garbage a waste of time: study
77 Heads Up Gamers: New Site Wants You
78 Study Shows Many Teens, Young Adult Share Nude Images
79 Google Updates Search Index With Old Magazines
80 Vets Fix Feline's Face After 'Cat'-Astrophe
81 Male Dolphins Leave Sponging to the Females
82 Did Climate Change Kill the Roman Empire?
83 Tell Me What to Watch
84 Are Social Networks Sinking?
85 Five Excuses for the First-Time Flu Shot
86 Why Flu Vaccine Rates Lag
87 Life 101: Learning To Live With Autism
88 Death Highlights Painful Condition
89 Black hole confirmed in Milky Way
90 World needs 'climate revolution'
91 Water found in hot planet's orbit
92 Man's genes 'key to baby's sex'
93 Lebanese finds 'heaviest' potato
94 Canada's 'dirty oil' challenge
95 A bad time for climate talks
96 In pictures: Mapping in action
97 PlayStation Home opens its doors
98 Spore at top of the piracy charts
99 Don't be 404, know the tech slang
100 BBC's iPlayer 'could be shared'
101 Google tells us what we look for
102 Love, loss and the world wide web
103 The Tech Lab: Aleks Krotoski
104 Muted celebration for computing
105 Gene 'triggers unhealthy eating'
106 UN raises child accidents alarm
107 Hopes raised on HIV immune boost
108 Young drinkers 'rely' on alcohol
109 The psychological cost of Christmas
110 The assisted suicide debate
111 Worldwide search for asthma clue
112 Diabetes drugs 'double bone risk'
113 Beef herd testing continues
114 With HP in, all OEMs now ship desktop Linux
115 iPhone Copy and Paste Now Working Between Safari and Mail
116 NVIDIA pioneering OpenCL support on top of CUDA
117 Apple's take on mobile Unix
118 Don't wait for Snow Leopard: 10 ways to slim down and speed up your Mac now
119 After Rescue, Bonuses Still Flow At AIG
120 Praise GPS! Stolen Jesus Statues Tracked
121 Vets Sew Wounded Kitty's Face Back On
122 Muscle Cars Meet Green Technology
123 Google Lists Most Popular Searches Of '08
124 Senate Seats Now For Sale On Ebay
125 YouTube Launches "Safety Center"
126 Craving Fatty Foods Is In The Genes
127 Free School Lunches A Hit In Tough Economy
128 Generic Drugs Getting Cheaper
129 Accidents Kill 800,000 Kids Every Year