File Title
1 Ultrasound screening can help prevent stroke among kids with sickle cell disease
2 Real-life sex addiction not so funny
3 British scientists develop 'injectable bone' that helps fractures
4 Have yourself a sweaty little Christmas now
5 UK Monitors Situation As Ireland Recalls Pork Products Tainted With Dioxins
6 Chevron joins the ethanol bandwagon
7 Sounding out a new wound therapy
8 Archaeologists rush to save Bronze Age sites in northwestern Iran
9 Thera volcano in 1613 BC
10 Iran begins new Bronze age excavations
11 Closer Look at Ancient Documents
12 Stone Age site reveals 'extraordinary' artworks
13 Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest linked to the legendary white-skinned Cloud People of Peru
14 12 submerged historical temples to be relocated
15 Spanish Inquisition couldn't quash Moorish, Jewish genes
16 Lost city of 'cloud people' found in Peru
17 DNA Secrets: Cave's latrines yield new evidence about prehistoric North America
18 Humans 80,000 Years Older Than Previously Thought?
19 From brief limelight to obscurity
20 Digging Ancient Iraq: How Mesopotamia Has Weathered the War
21 Ancient Roman Oil Lamp 'Factory Town' Found
22 Shipwreck clues could clear Blackbeard of sinking his ship to swindle his crew
23 Jars of wonder, jars of hope
24 Last tsar remains identified
25 Three thousand-year-old spearhead found
26 Buy your very own super PC for $9100
27 Bear market bad news for growing Knut
28 Current crisis is an old problem
29 Murray Lower lakes seawater threat
30 Scientists find magnetic theory for natural navigation
31 Bi-polar disorder [Japan polar bears]
32 Black box device to protect Rome's horses
33 Stromlo telescope to return to original glory
34 Hierarchy of Beards: the evolutionary history of face-fur
35 Young Mad Scientist's Illustrated Alphabet Blocks: 26 engraved chunks o' wonder
36 Britain's "Great Firewall" set to restrict access to Wikipedia
37 Workers in Argentina taking over dead factories and running them democratically
38 Facebook and the Social Dynamics of Privacy
39 The price of oil in perspective
40 Gallery of obsolete computers
41 Growing up poor can impair kids' prefrontal cortex activity--but it can be restored with games
42 Enable swearing on your iPhone
43 Dying leaf katydid photos
44 Happiness spreads in waves, study says
45 Experts losing battle to save devils
46 Big bang illuminates distant nursery of comets
47 Why some people are immune to AIDS
48 IVF: new weapon against frog declines
49 Study creates an illusion of body-swapping
50 Secrets of sex-changing fish in their ears
51 Brazil pledges to cut deforestation by 70%
52 Mass stranding: 155 whales dead in Tasmania
53 Will solar power ever be as cheap as coal?
54 Rice-powered stove ignites new hope for poor farmers
55 Thanks to DTV, my television has 'fallen off a cliff'
56 Writers strike out on their own with a website
57 New reason to be happy: It may go a long way
58 Mars life-search mission postponed
59 US backing of wind farm could come this week
60 DNA gleaned from ancient coral unlocks clues about warming
61 Whole Foods' canola oil isn't just for cooking: It makes electricity, too
62 Native hunters say climate affecting herds
63 Native hunters: Climate is thinning caribou herds
64 Japan to arrest anti-whaling activists: report
65 21 new species in danger of extinction: UN convention
66 Sephardic Jews leave genetic legacy in Spain
67 Ghana votes for new president to usher in oil era
68 Iraq to resume oil sales to South Korean firm SK
69 Scientists back brain drugs for healthy people
70 Intestinal 'Sleeve' Mimics Effects of Gastric Bypass
71 School-Based Program Can Change Kids' Lives
72 Self-Dosing Pain Medication Errors Too Common: Study
73 Many risks seen with traumatic brain injury
74 Genentech drug boosts leukemia patient survival
75 Youthfulness an American obsession--at what cost?
76 Tainted Irish pork may have reached 25 nations
77 Quantum computing: Entanglement may not be necessary
78 Body clock linked to diabetes and high blood sugar
79 For nano, religion in US dictates a wary view
80 'Strained' quantum dots show new optical properties
81 The genetic heart of the lipids
82 New record for information storage and retrieval lifetime advances quantum networks
83 'Intelligent' materials to revolutionize surgical implants
84 Nanotechnology 'culture war' possible, study says
85 Warning system could protect Europe's giant atom-smasher
86 Scientists Create Tough Ceramic That Mimics Mother of Pearl
87 Free Electron Lasers and You: An LCLS Primer
88 Why is the Earth's mantle conductive?
89 Climate change: Sci-fi solutions no longer in the margins
90 Native hunters: Climate is thinning caribou herds
91 Gift guide: A few tips for rocking out on the go
92 Steampipe keeps electronics cool
93 Fiber 'Wrap' Preserves Tissue and Encourages Blood Vessels to Open
94 Expedition uncovers ancient citadel in Peruvian jungle
95 Hope for Alzheimer's patients? Dipeptide blocks the formation of toxic amyloid beta-peptide aggregates in mice
96 Reversing the conventional DNA wisdom
97 Chemists look for cleaner, cheaper rocket fuel
98 Cellular senescence a double-edged sword
99 The benefits of punishment
100 Scientists get closer to creating artificial life: study
101 Probing Question: Did Shakespeare really write all those plays?
102 Health policy expert says US can learn from Dutch universal healthcare coverage
103 Youthfulness an American obsession--at what cost?
104 Nobel medicine laureate sees progress on AIDS vaccine
105 Study finds it generally safe to withdraw anti-seizure medication in children with epilepsy
106 Scientists back brain drugs for healthy people
107 Genes for 9 health indicators
108 New genes present drug targets for managing cholesterol and glucose levels
109 Progression of retinal disease linked to cell starvation