File Title
1 Jurassic Park, the Sequel
2 Students Receive Misleading Information on Election Day
3 Microsoft Offering Reward for Return of Gaming Addicted Teen
4 Virtual World Celebrates Obama's Win
5 Google Pulls out of Yahoo Advertising Partnership
6 Why All This Political Cynicism?
7 Solution to insulin puzzle on track
8 Magnetic bubble to protect Mars explorers
9 Fungus breathes life into biofuels
10 Golf secret not all in the wrists
11 Ice-Age rhinoceros remains found
12 DNA breakthrough on 1946 murder
13 S Asia is 'worst for snake bites'
14 Safety fears over nanocosmetics
15 Recipe for rescuing our reefs
16 Google abandons deal with Yahoo
17 Games 'to outsell' music, video
18 Tech giants win white space fight
19 Microsoft give start-ups a leg up
20 The pains of switching to digital
21 Internet dream becomes a reality
22 UK stops listening, starts playing
23 Drug 'tricks body to lose weight'
24 Oliver warns over unhealthy diets
25 Vitamin 'may be Alzheimer's aid' [cf. 40, 78]
26 Child's play 'better than a jog'
27 Why Obama Won
28 Gay Marriage Ban In Calif. Still Undecided
29 N/A
30 Use Adobe Illustrator to Create a Clean Website Layout
31 Diebold faces GPL infringement lawsuit over voting machines
32 Facebook Connect: Coming Soon to a Site Near You?
33 Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor
34 5 ideas for Barack Obama on the environment
35 Ask Dr. Knowledge: How is instant coffee made?
36 Oysters turn man-made reefs into living ledges
37 The end of an era--Windows 3.x
38 Prof. Dealzmodo: Why You Should Buy a Refurbished Laptop
39 This Year's Antarctic Zone Hole Is 5th Biggest
40 Form Of Vitamin B3 May Help Alzheimer's [cf. 78]
41 Sarcospan, a little protein for a big problem
42 Mouse model highlights histone methylation as distinguishing feature for leukemia subtypes
43 Drug mimics low-cal diet to ward off weight gain, boost running endurance
44 Apelin hormone injections powerfully lower blood sugar
45 Death by hyperdisease
46 DNA provides 'smoking gun' in the case of the missing songbirds
47 A new weapon in the fight against obesity and diabetes
48 Apelin to rescue diabetics
49 Lung airway cells activate vitamin D and increase immune response
50 Consumer not ready for tailor-made nutrition
51 Hydrogen tank lighter than battery
52 Coral reefs found growing in cold, deep ocean
53 Brain recognizes verbal 'oh dear' wave
54 'Junk' DNA proves functional
55 Research shows that time invested in practicing pays off for young musicians
56 Impact of insulin pump under study
57 New therapeutic target identified for rheumatoid arthritis
58 Genetic predictors of esophageal cancer identified
59 Washington University scientists first to sequence genome of cancer patient
60 Moms' smoking linked to increased risk of birth defects
61 Scripps research scientists identify compounds for stem-cell production from adult cells
62 Extreme weather postpones the flowering time of plants
63 Very cold ice films in laboratory reveal mysteries of universe
64 Protein 'tubules' free avian flu virus from immune recognition
65 MIT: Mending broken hearts with tissue engineering
66 New method provides panoramic view of protein-RNA interactions in living cells
67 Nature study demonstrates that bacterial clotting depends on clustering
68 Rainforest fungus makes diesel
69 Urgent need for research into the best treatment for medication overuse headaches
70 The inaudible symphony analysed
71 Positive results in Phase 2 trial of treatment of C. difficile-associated diarrhea
72 Anti-VEGF drugs for retinal diseases could have serious side effects, scientists caution
73 Fuels of the future may come from 'ice that burns,' water and sunshine
74 Solar Power Game-Changer: "Near Perfect" Absorption of Sunlight, From All Angles
75 New type of fuel found in Patagonia fungus
76 GSU study first to confirm long-term benefits of morphine treatment in infants
77 Stretching silicon: A new method to measure how strain affects semiconductors
78 Vitamin B3 reduces Alzheimer's symptoms, lesions [cf. 40]
79 New spaceship force field makes Mars trip possible
80 Just Scratching the Surface: New Technique Maps Nanomaterials as They Grow
81 Electron pairs precede high-temperature superconductivity
82 Giant simulation could solve mystery of 'dark matter'
83 Mayo Clinic study finds risk of sudden cardiac death highest early after attack
84 Extended-treatment with combination medication for opioid-addicted youths shows benefit
85 Folic acid, B vitamins do not appear to affect cancer risk
86 Risk of sudden cardiac death appears increased within 30 days of heart attack
87 New evidence strengthens link between cigarette smoke exposure and poor infant health
88 Review examines breast cancer prevention strategies in the United States
89 Stanford research sheds light on key trigger of embryonic stem cell differentiation
90 Completely novel action of insulin unveiled
91 Alcohol advice needs to play a greater role in sex education for teenagers
92 Gene variations alter risk of esophageal cancer
93 Study shows pine bark reduces jetlag
94 Researchers describe how chronic inflammation can lead to stomach cancer
95 New HIV-reduction initiative takes to the fields
96 Reducing Epidemic Proportions
97 Multiple sclerosis progression can be predicted with MRI
98 Therapy may block expansion of breast cancer cells
99 Protein-printing technique gives snapshots of immune system defense
100 Tackling a hard-to-treat childhood cancer by targeting epigenetic changes
101 OMRF researchers uncover clue in spread of "superbugs"
102 Software for safe bridges
103 Coordinated avoidance maneuvers
104 Protect your vote--avoid election machine errors
105 A green future for scrap iron
106 Rhode Island Hospital simulation center examines benefits and applications of medical simulation
107 Loggerhead release to provide vital information to scientific community
108 Computer model improves ultrasound image
109 The cultural and political consequences of the demographic changes in South Florida
110 Data revelations
111 Forecast: More Killer Tornadoes Strike at Night
112 San Diego Now Recycles...Surfboards
113 Frog Embryos Actively Seek Oxygen
114 'Jurassic Park' Author Michael Crichton Dies of Cancer
115 Solving the World's Hardest Problems
116 Potty Parity: Summit to Discuss Lack of Women's Restrooms
117 Your Odor: Unique as Fingerprint
118 Past Presidential Elections Far Nastier
119 Fountain of Youth: Drug Restores Muscles
120 Blink and you'll miss it
121 Growing up under the guidance of bacteria
122 HIV vaccine failure explained?
123 Obama promises new era of scientific innovation
124 Invention: Self-diagnosing aircraft
125 Is mirror neuron activity just a mirage?
126 Rock guitarists' amp becomes a trap for atoms
127 Where will new Fermi telescope find dark matter?
128 Climate change sends lemming numbers plunging
129 Dying Mars lander to enter 'Groundhog Day' state