File Title
1 Rhesus protein stops blood becoming acidic
2 Obesity linked to grandparental diet
3 Human genomes in minutes?
4 Nuclear masses calculated from scratch
5 Briny mix could stop carbon dioxide leaks
6 Carbon dioxide discovered on distant planet
7 Australia's big hop into genomics
8 Brain implant allows mute man to speak
9 Climate researchers 'should cut their carbon footprint'
10 What makes the universe tick?
11 Film review: Einstein and Eddington
12 Material slicker than Teflon discovered by accident
13 It's confirmed: Matter is merely vacuum fluctuations
14 Bush to go out with a green bang? [cf. 20]
15 Light opens up a world of sound for the deaf
16 Invention: Personal life mapper
17 Experts plan 'doomsday vault' for frog sperm
18 Hairspray link to genital birth defects
19 China's disappearing land puts food supplies at risk
20 Bush takes aim at the environment with late rule changes [cf. 14]
21 Computer chips give new spin on saving energy
22 Stress-free lifestyle helps fight cancer
23 Were Neanderthals stoned to death by modern humans?
24 Electron strobe turns atoms into movie stars
25 N/A
26 Space station's new urine recycler has glitches
27 New Penguin Species Found in New Zealand
28 Global Warming Predictions Are Overestimated, Suggests Study on Black Carbon
29 Urban Trees Enhance Water Infiltration
30 A Model to Measure Soil Health in the Era of Bioenergy
31 Track Your Fitness, Environmental Impact with New Cell Phone Applications
32 Animal and Biological Science: Highlights of San Antonio Fluid Dynamics Conference, November 23-25
33 Jupiter's Shrinking Red Spot, Oil Spills, Spreading Germs: Highlights of Fluid Dynamics Conference in San Antonio
34 Physics of Star-forming Clouds, Spider Webs: Brief Highlights of Fluid Dynamics Conference in San Antonio
35 Expert Can Speak on Space Debris Such as Lost NASA Tool Bag
36 Researchers Study Drop in Duck Productivity
37 How We Found the Missing Memristor
38 The Soul of a New Mercedes
39 Bots Get Smart
40 'Fish Technology' Draws Renewable Energy from Slow Water Currents
41 UI Offers Story Ideas on Environmental Research and Sustainability Initiatives
42 Reinventing the Supply Chain
43 Shifting Sands on Grand Isle
44 Mercury Tarnishes Louisiana Fish
45 Perspectives on Architecture and the Environment
46 Expert on Barrier Islands and Climate Change Available
47 Watt Now?
48 Indiana University Partners with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for Course on Climate Change
49 When Good Maples Go Red
50 Students Find Greener UC San Diego on Return to Campus
51 High-Altitude Lakes Studied as Global Warming "Hot Spots"
52 Earthwatch Ramps up its Fall-Season Climate Change Efforts--from Backyards to Blackboards and Businesses
53 From Deep in Lake Ontario, Comes a Natural Coolant
54 Global Warming Predictions Are Overestimated, Suggests Study on Black Carbon
55 Campus Considering Novel Ways to Shrink Carbon Footprint
56 Earthworms' Underground Invasion Threatens Forest Sustainability
57 More Variable and Uncertain Water Supply: Global Warming's Wake-Up Call for the Southeastern U.S.
58 Engineers Devise News Strategies for Irrigating Farmland More Efficiently
59 Engineers Study Fusion to Search for an Energy Solution
60 Freshwater Pollution Costs at Least $4.3 Billion Annually
61 Rising Tide
62 NASA to Turn Space Waste Into Water
63 Monkey Gossip Hints at Social Origins of Language
64 Creating a Better Earth: Share Your Vision
65 Spider Learns to Weave Web in Zero Gravity
66 Google Empowers Users to Edit Search Results
67 Witness Recalls Last Messages in MySpace Hoax Case
68 Apple Stays on Top, ...The RIAA v. Harvard Law School [et al.]
69 New Project Aims to Unite Science and Hollywood
70 Man Says Cell Phone Saved Him From Stray Bullet
71 Taking the World by Storm
72 Mushrooms in Space
73 Just Google It Already
74 Florida Teen Live-Streams His Suicide Online
75 Under What Circumstances Should I See A Doctor About My Headaches?
76 Teen Lives 4 Months With No Heart, Leaves Hospital
77 Ecuadorean Dwarfs May Unlock Cancer Clues
78 Should IVF Be Regulated?
79 Doctors Help Boy With Giant Hand
80 Can a Scale Solve Teen Obesity? Not So Fast
81 When You Can't Stop Throwing Up
82 Children Dying in Haiti, Victims of Food Crisis
83 Attorney General Mukasey 'Alert' After Collapsing
84 Florida Teen Live-Streams His Suicide Online
85 Fall Babies May Have Higher Asthma Risk
86 Scientific freedom charters questioned
87 Father of modern astronomy found
88 Lose weight, rediscover your mojo
89 Mammoth genome may explain extinction
90 'Sneakey' photos could steal your keys
91 Dry skin gets the indigo treatment
92 Is Generation Y Too Hooked On 'Tronics?
93 Bad Behavior Contagious, Study Finds [cf. 111]
94 Pentagon Bans Computer Flash Drives
95 Webcam Streams As Fla. Teen Kills Self
96 Web Tests Kids' Desire To Cheat
97 Report: Obama's cell records improperly accessed
98 This Time, Spacewalk Is A Breeze
99 E-Mail In Zero G: Astronauts And The Web
100 Sea Lions Decline In Alaska Waters
101 U.S. Panel Warns Of Chinese Espionage
102 Safety Promise After Tools Lost In Space
103 Apple approves third-party email client for the App Store, violates its own policies
104 Nipples, Nudity and a Small Striptease: American Apparel's New Ad Campaign
105 SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't tried
106 Dining out with iPhone: Zagat and OpenTable hit the App Store
107 Would-be Japanese Space Tourist Wants $21M Back
108 NASA Scales Back Flagship Mars Mission
109 Urban Growers Go High-tech To Feed City Dwellers
110 Happy Birthday: Space Station Celebrates 10 Years
111 Study Shows Messiness Leads To Behavior Decline [cf. 93]
112 Invasive Mussel Confirmed In Utah's Electric Lake
113 Water Aerobics Reduces Pain In Childbirth
114 Ginkgo Biloba Doesn't Prevent Dementia
115 Pet Giant Linked To Puppy Mills
116 Study: Fast Food Ad Ban Could Curb Obesity
117 Is The Economy Making Us Fat?
118 Insurance Group Backs Health Care Overhaul