File Title
1 Good looks help women candidates, men not so much
2 Archaeologist says he found oldest Hebrew writing
3 New snag for Hubble, no repair mission before May
4 NASA chooses Nov. 14 launch for Endeavour
5 Do Overweight Women Skip Sex? Fat Chance!
6 Tides of history: Tsunami hit Indian Ocean 600 years ago
7 Mega-tsunami hit southeast Asia 700 years ago
8 Mars lander stays quiet as weather deteriorates
9 Extremely Rare Leopard Photographed
10 Fearsome T-Rex was one nosy dinosaur
11 Tyrannosaurus rex noses out dinosaur competition
12 Scientists Spot 4 New Alzheimer's Genes
13 Researchers find more Alzheimer's genes
14 Iran feels economic pain as oil prices fall
15 Shell profits energised by record high oil price
16 Ancient iceman probably has no modern relatives
17 Obesity blamed for doubling rate of diabetes cases
18 White adults who see discrimination often overweight
19 Cialis May Help Ease Pulmonary Hypertension
20 China turns to fixing system as toxic milk eases
21 Halloween Candy: It's Not How Much Kids Eat, It's When
22 Coconut Oil May Help Fight Childhood Pneumonia
23 Scientists Spot 4 New Alzheimer's Genes
24 Epilepsy Drug May Prevent, Treat Alzheimer's
25 Vigorous exercise protects against breast cancer
26 Cancer Cells' Chromosomes Hint at New Treatments
27 Combo Treatment Best for Anxiety Disorder in Kids
28 Turning your clock back Sunday may help your heart
29 Cheaper Butanol from Biomass
30 A Better Network for Outer Space
31 The Brain Unveiled
32 Mimicking Body Biosensors
33 Dear Mr. President
34 Fuel-Cell Power-Up
35 Opening the Airwaves
36 Black Silicon
37 MEMS Air Conditioning
38 A Robot Music Instructor
39 A Fast, Programmable Molecular Clock
40 Betting on Green
41 The founders of startup 23andMe want to know your genome
42 Exercise may protect against breast cancer
43 Protein found that controls muscle growth
44 Center for Advanced Tribology created
45 A photo is worth a thousand locksmiths
46 Scientists work on extended Arctic history
47 Testicular cancer causes studied
48 Acute radiation drug treatment is studied
49 Hubble Space Telescope: Working again
50 Study seeks to solve tamoxifen resistance
51 A card swipe machine may test for diseases
52 NASA, South Korea sign mutual statement
53 Fat cells might aid heart attack therapy
54 Study: Nanomanufacturing needs improvement
55 Phoenix unexpectedly enters safe mode
56 Gay men have lower personal incomes
57 Helping kids face fears may be better
58 Report on vermiculite asbestos exposure
59 Obese create common antioxidant in excess
60 Allergies may prevent some cancers
61 Men detect infidelity better than women
62 A bacterium causes illness via red meat
63 Obama voters see bigger healthcare impact
64 High-fat diet linked to Alzheimer's
65 Less plastic surgery due to economy
66 Melamine found in Chinese eggs
67 Nurse-to-patient ratio predicts rankings
68 Doctors may implicitly favor whites
69 Daylight Saving Time: Clock-shifts Affect Risk Of Heart Attack
70 Eating Red Meat Sets Up Target For Disease-causing Bacteria, Study Finds
71 Searching For Primordial Antimatter
72 Common Cold Symptoms Caused By Immune System--Not The Cold Virus
73 Methane Gas Levels Begin To Increase Again
74 Programmable Genetic Clock Made Of Blinking Florescent Proteins Inside Bacteria Cells
75 Real Robinson Crusoe: Evidence Of Alexander Selkirk's Desert Island Campsite
76 Climate Change Seeps Into The Sea
77 Global Warming Is Killing Frogs And Salamanders In Yellowstone Park, Researchers Say
78 NASA's Phoenix Mission Faces Survival Challenges
79 Cancer Drug Resistance: 'New' Estrogen Receptor Found To Be Key Player In Tamoxifen Resistance
80 Amateur Sports Can Lead to Unexpected Health Problems Later in Life
81 Open-heart Surgery Should Remain Viable Treatment Option For People In Their 80s, According To Experts
82 Probing Antarctic Glaciers For Clues To Past And Future Sea Level
83 Office Workers Given Blue Light To Help Alertness
84 Prostate Cancer Prevention: No Benefit For Use Of Selenium And Vitamin E Supplements, Study Shows
85 Well-known Drug (AAT) Could Overcome Obstacles To Islet Transplantation, Study Suggests
86 Allergies May Protect Against Certain Types Of Cancer
87 Cholesterol-lowering Drugs May Also Lower PSA, But Whether They Cut Cancer Risk Is Still Not Known
88 Aggressive Phototherapy Can Improve Neurodevelopmental Outcomes In Some Preemies
89 Our Cheatin' Brain: The Brain's Clever Way Of Showing Us The World As A Whole
90 Methylmercury Warning
91 Facing Fears Early May Reduce Childhood Anxiety
92 Abducted Children: Conventional Photos Alone Don't Aid The Search
93 Hazardous Levels Of Metal Ions Found In Many Commercial Table Wines, Study Suggests
94 Night-time Driving Over Long Periods Increases Risk Of Accidents
95 New Hormone Data Can Predict Menopause Within A Year
96 Undecided Voters May Already Have Decided, Study Suggests
97 New Chemical Key Could Unlock Hundreds Of New Antibiotics
98 Pervasive Network Discovered Driving Protein Production And Placement In Cells
99 'Cheshire Cat' Escape Strategy In Response To Marine Viruses
100 Virtual Screening Leads To Real Progress In Drug Design
101 Pregnant Women Consuming Flaxseed Oil Have High Risk Of Premature Birth
102 Do Dams Make A Difference? Similar Survival Rates For Pacific Salmon In Fraser And Columbia Rivers
103 Powered By Olive Stones? Turning Waste Stones Into Fuel
104 Predicting Boom And Bust Ecologies
105 Amphibians' Ability To Predict Changes In Biodiversity Confirmed By New Study
106 How Toxic Environmental Chemical DBT Affects The Immune System
107 Significant Fossil Discovery In Utah Shows Land Plants Of 200 Million Years Ago
108 New Cell Division Mechanism Discovered
109 Fire Out Of Africa: A Key To The Migration Of Prehistoric Humans
110 Role Of Slave Trade In Evolution Of American Wild Rice Species
111 The Great Cosmic Challenge
112 NASA Orbiter Reveals Details Of A Wetter Mars
113 NASA Tests Rover Concepts In Arizona
114 NASA's Spitzer Gets Sneak Peek Inside Comet Holmes
115 Artificial Pancreas Could Revolutionize Treatment Of Type 1 Diabetes
116 World's Smallest Hand-held Instrument For Detecting Health And Safety Threats
117 Gender Affects Perceptions Of Infidelity
118 Why Some Marine Algae Are Shaped Like Crumpled Paper
119 New Supercomputer Can Do 50 Trillion Operations Per Second
120 Progress Toward New Storage Media: Reliable Nanopatterns On Chips
121 Computer Scientists Seek New Framework For Computation
122 Reduce Computer Power Usage? Silicon Optical Fiber Made Practical