File Title
1 Bounty lies ahead in scallop fishery
2 With nudge, a trail of prehistory winds here
3 E.O. Wilson shifts his position on altruism in nature
4 LSUHSC research identifies key contributor to Alzheimer's disease process
5 Genetics of aging and cancer resistance
6 UCLA scientists find cell pathway driving a deadly sub-type of breast cancer
7 Complex systems and Mars missions help understand how life began
8 Value of satellites recognised for conserving wetlands
9 The 'hole' story
10 Mysterious microbe plays important role in ocean ecology
11 Planetary 'first family' discovered by astronomers using Gemini and Keck Observatories
12 UI researchers help to improve carbon measurements in global climate studies
13 Simple Test Developed at Pitt Identifies Toxic Platinum and Palladium Without Time-Consuming Sample Pretreatment
14 Men who take aspirin have significantly lower PSA levels
15 Calcium may only protect against colorectal cancer in presence of magnesium
16 No protective effect on cancer from long-term vitamin E or vitamin C supplementation
17 FoxJ1 helps cilia beat a path to asymmetry
18 Farming and chemical warfare: A day in the life of an ant?
19 New bacteria discovered in raw milk
20 New clue emerges for cellular damage in Huntington's disease
21 Hypertension develops early, silently, in African-American men
22 Putting a new spin on current research
23 Surface plasmon resonances of metal nanoparticles in array can have narrower spectral widths
24 New catalysts promise faster, cleaner and more efficient research platform
25 Cascading effect of even minor early problems may explain serious teen violence
26 Genetic disease treatments and pharmacogenetics: From scientific discovery to medical delivery
27 Protein compels ovarian cancer cells to cannibalize themselves
28 Tiny sacs released by brain tumor cells carry information that may guide treatment
29 Drug-related preference in cocaine addiction extends to images
30 'Super' aged brains reveal first secrets of sharp memory in old age
31 Korean scientist engineers super batteries
32 Under Obama, a newly interactive government?
33 How studying DNA from ancient animals helps humans
34 Young innovators learn to pitch big ideas
35 Soldiers Finding Best Route to Education is Online
36 Gadget Survey Finds Many Bugs Can't Be Fixed
37 Proof's in the Brain Scan: Romance Doesn't Have to Fade
38 What to Get Space Station on 10th Anniversary--a Name
39 W. Virginia Town Shrugs at Poorest Health Ranking
40 Group Therapy May Extend Lives of Cancer Patients
41 Surprise! I'm Lactating
42 In Troubled Economy, Binge Eating Bites into Finances
43 Soil study muddies climate change debate
44 Heat stroke? Forget the ice, says study
45 Marine organisms found in ancient amber
46 Call for Top End farming research
47 Africa trade bust 'biggest ever'
48 Whalers slip out of Japanese port
49 Shark-cam captures ocean motion
50 Under-ice flood speeds up glacier
51 Earth needs all the friends it can get
52 Close encounter with Mount Etna
53 UK identities sold for 80 pounds online
54 ITV shows to go 'on demand'
55 Ubuntu set to debut on netbooks
56 Obama 'could stop using e-mail'
57 Slot machine 'hunt' for fugitives
58 Watching the hi-tech detectives
59 The net reveals the ties that bind
60 How do avatars have sex?
61 Periods of healthy old age 'vary'
62 More Britons seeking suicide help
63 Chinese 'living longer than ever'
64 Unlicensed tanning drug use rises
65 Trial to boost transplant success
66 Presumed consent 'not ruled out'
67 'Dear Noel, is life really not worth living?'
68 Organ argument fails to persuade
69 Sicily medics claim cash for dead
70 Campaigner wins pesticide victory
71 CNET: Tech Frustration By Gender, Age
72 Obama May Have To Quit Blackberry Habit
73 WordPerfect co-founder: $1 million for gay marriage ban
74 8 Apps Which Will Definitely Spice Up Your Desktop [Mac Only]
75 Why Apple is great at interfaces when others are not
76 Stolen IDs Peddled In Murky Chatrooms
77 Breast Cancer Gene Tests Can Prove False
78 W.Va. City Tagged Nation's Unhealthiest
79 Mark Cuban accused of insider trading
80 OLPC Resumes 'Give One, Get One' XO Laptop Sale
81 Amazon/OLPC 'Give One, Get One' store opens
82 Amazon launches OLPC 'Give 1 Get 1' laptop drive
83 IBM Narrowly Maintains Top Supercomputer Ranking
84 Roadrunner outraces supercomputer rivals
85 Roadrunner still king in Supercomputer top 500 list
86 Microsoft's 'Vista Capable' changes outraged HP, insider e-mails show
87 Will Microsoft apply 'Vista-Capable' lessons to Win 7 netbooks?
88 Microsoft's downgrade of Vista Capable specs ticked off HP
89 E-mails show how Intel benefited from Vista Capable changes
90 More dirt in 'Vista Capable' lawsuit
91 HP: Microsoft Dropped Vista Requirements Under Pressure
92 Study reminds us why we're always fixing our parents' PCs
93 The Worst Tech Problem? 'The Internet's Down'
94 Analysts: Internet connections, cell phones are failing consumers
95 IT Users Frustrated By Gadgets
96 Wired...but frustrated
97 Fifteen Percent Of Tech Users Give Up On Broken Devices
98 Scared Of Technology? You're Old!
99 Adobe Debuts New Flash Tools for Developers
100 Adobe to Walk Line Between Desktop and Cloud Computing
101 Adobe Flash Platform Debuts With Catalyst And Flex Builder
102 Google Voice-Recognition Search Coming First to iPhone, not Android
103 Apple Forgets to Add Google iPhone App to the Store
104 Space Station Gets Pee-Recycling System
105 McColo takedown: Internet vigilantism or online Neighborhood Watch?
106 Spam Drop Could Boost Trojan Attacks
107 Dodgy ISP briefly comes online, updates botnet
108 Sun Releases StarOffice 9
109 Sun offers Mac-native StarOffice 9 suite
110 Review: StarOffice 9 Merits Serious Consideration
111 Sun launches first Mac StarOffice
112 StarOffice gains native Mac support
113 StarOffice 9 makes it to the Mac
114 Norway encourages use of open source software
115 Sun Microsystems Unveils StarOffice 9 Software
116 Qualcomm To Use Skyhook For Hybrid Wi-Fi Positioning
117 Qualcomm to Use Skyhook's Wi-Fi LBS Technology
118 Qualcomm adds WiFi positioning to GPS platform
119 President-Elect Obama Must Surrender His BlackBerry, Says Gov't Tech Analyst
120 Lose the BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe
121 USB 3.0, ExpressCard 2.0 Products Expected in 2010
122 Finalized speedy USB 3.0 spec debuts
123 USB 3.0 spec finalized
124 USB 3.0 spec released today, promises 10X speed boost
125 Va. scientist pleads guilty to China tech sales
126 US man admits illegal space data exports to China
127 Physicist guilty of Chinese transfers
128 California Gets Help Against Blazes as Winds Diminish (Update1)
129 Core i7 PCs launch with prices from $1250 to $13,000
130 Core i7 PCs on sale from Dell, Gateway, others
131 Dell's Core i7 PCs Target Gamers, Sub-$1K Market
132 Hadron Collider repairs cost 14m pounds
133 Will the Global Economic Crisis Kill the Large Hadron Collider?
134 Big particle collider repairs to cost $21 million
135 LHC Repairs To Cost $21 Million
136 Fixing atom smasher is no small matter
137 Large Hadron Collider repairs to cost $32m
138 GridNetworks brings streaming video to your TV
139 Seattle's GridNetworks launches "click-to-watch" Web video on Xbox, PS3
140 GridNetworks Takes Web Video To TV, Via Game Consoles
141 Large Hadron Collider to remain shut until middle of next year
142 Vitamins Seen as No Help in Heart Disease
143 Corn--The Main Ingredient in Your Fast Food
144 New Study Finds Corn In Majority Of Fast Food
145 Fast-food: want extra corn with that?
146 Traces of Corn Found in Almost All Fast Food
147 Finding Points to Possible Blood Test for Brain Tumors
148 Options beyond statins
149 Statins Lower Risk Of Heart Attacks
150 Aspirin may mask prostate cancer, study hints
151 Aspirin May Lower PSA
152 Aspirin "fights prostate cancer"
153 Aspirin: curse or cure for cancer?
154 Aspirin could treat prostate cancer--or just mask symptoms
155 Aspirin a day may help prostate cancer
156 Beauty Has Its Price: Wrinkle Fillers Tied to Serious Side Effects
157 7 Facts You Need to Know About HPV and Gardasil
158 HPV Vaccine Effective in Males
159 HPV Vaccine Gardasil May Help Boys, Men
160 Gardasil awarded top prize