File Title
1 Astronaut's diary goes on display in Jerusalem
2 Strippers, armadillos inspire Ig Nobel winners
3 Researchers find that tuna swim across Atlantic
4 Navy confirms lost WWII sub has been found
5 Pollution Makes Oceans Noisier
6 Radiation shut down EU test satellite for two weeks: ESA
7 NASA spacecraft to soar over Mercury
8 Uganda wildlife park gets new gorilla family
9 WWF bemoans attempts to water down EU's green targets
10 Chinese pandas fed chicken soup for health
11 Australian boy wreaks zoo havoc while feeding croc
12 Aussie boy breaks into zoo, feeds animals to croc
13 Ancient Microbes Hint at Life's Limits
14 Genes pinpoint people at risk for gout: study
15 Exxon-led project faces Russian lawsuit over endangered whales
16 Tax breaks big and small sweeten financial bailout
17 Natural gas for winter heating should be plentiful
18 Calorie overload sends the brain haywire: study
19 Feeling of powerlessness linked to paranoia, superstition
20 Spermicide Coke, stale chips research wins Ig Nobels
21 Asthma Meds Don't Work as Well in Overweight Patients
22 Obesity not linked to poor semen quality
23 Psychotherapy 'better than medication'
24 Kids Who Wheeze With Rhinovirus at Higher Asthma Risk
25 New Class of Drugs Might Cause Congenital Heart Defects
26 Workouts for elders work in real world
27 Vision Test for Young Children Called Unreliable
28 Steps could get more seniors into clinical trials
29 Radiosurgery for brain cancer OK for elderly
30 Saliva Proteins May Help Spot Oral Cancer
31 Diamond-studded drug patch may help in cancer care
32 CDC says 1.1 million Americans infected with HIV
33 Study traces AIDS virus origin to 100 years ago
34 As economy sags, faces do too, cosmetic docs say
35 Computers help docs spot breast cancer on X-rays
36 Doctors want FDA to halt cold medicines for kids
37 Plant Tweak Could Let Toxic Soil Feed Millions
38 Discovery of Fossett's plane brings closure
39 Google Earth Sleuther Zooms In on Fossett's Crash Site
40 David Laibson: Tweak Human Behavior to Fix the Economy
41 Assembling Internet Images Into a Garden of Webly Delights
42 The Design of Extremely Large Telescopes
43 Mobile, Networked Radiation Detectors Help the Law Find Dirty Bombs
44 Chinese Skype Software Secretly Logs Political Chat Messages
45 Apple iTunes Lives Another Day
46 Magazine-sharing Site Loses Access to Magazines
47 Air Force's Biggest Enemy: Itself
48 U.S. Radar in Israel: What's it For, Really? (Updated)
49 Counting Cells in Seconds
50 Teaching Robots New Tricks
51 Purifying Water with Nano-particles
52 Tracking Laptop Thieves Safely
53 Detecting Brain Chemicals
54 High-Efficiency Generators for Hybrid Vehicles
55 Teaching Bacteria to Behave
56 Regenerating Torn Cartilage
57 Low-Power Liquid Lens
58 Toxicity-Resistant Crops
59 Stopping Pandemic Bird Flu
60 Hijacking Satellite Navigation
61 Simpler Flexible Displays
62 Cheap, Off-Grid Cooling
63 Wireless at Fiber Speeds
64 Genetically Modified Crops 'Greener' Than Assumed
65 Strippers, potato chips inspire Ig Nobel winners
66 Zune Coming to Windows Mobile: Ballmer
67 Tiny Smart car evolves into all-electric version
68 EcoJet: The Prius of the Skies
69 Drivers may get insurance breaks for playing computer games
70 Obama Campaign Releases iPhone Election App
71 Evidence of Skype Monitoring in China
72 Apple Laptop Sales Leap During Back-to-School Season
73 Microsoft Hints at "Windows Cloud"
74 Scientists: Earth May Exist in Giant Cosmic Bubble
75 Digital Music Showdown: Will Apple Blink?
76 NASA's break with shuttle won't be a smooth flight
77 Carbon Dioxide 'Scrubber' Takes Greenhouse Gases Right Out Of The Air
78 Girl with Cerebral Palsy Responds Well to Cord Blood Injection
79 Flu warning for at-risk groups
80 Hair Loss Causes and Risk Factors
81 Several factors up childbirth hemorrhage risk
82 Pain Is Not A Symptom Of Arthritis, Pain Causes Arthritis, Study Shows
83 Indian Stampede Kills More Than 160
84 Fewer NYC teens smoking cigs
85 NYC sues reservation smoke shops over bootlegging
86 Pfizer to end heart, obesity drug development
87 Consumers Favor Service Over Price When Buying Prescription Drugs
88 Anti-obesity drugs may help treat flu, hepatitis and HIV
89 DOE outlines its CO2 estimate methodology
90 Ethnic conflict: Government enhanced?
91 Safe bacterium found to kill zebra mussels
92 Study urges science-based biofuel policies
93 Study finds the sun is not perfectly round
94 Pine beetles carry antibiotic molecule
95 Nanoscale polymers don't play by the rules
96 Predictive population shift model created
97 Acidic oceans boost distance sound travels
98 Predictive population shift model created
99 Dinosaurs had bird-like breathing system
100 Number of penguins in Brazil on the rise
101 Obese choose speed, convenience at buffet
102 Hurricane leaves dirty water behind
103 Obama's health plan favored a bit more
104 How HRT prescribed, applied affect outcome
105 Warm mothering mitigates delinquent gene
106 Why Japanese men have fewer heart attacks
107 Vitamin C may affect anti-cancer drugs
108 Genes affect weight loss effectiveness
109 Alternative heating can spark fires
110 TB bacteria sweetens its chances in lungs
111 High-conflict parents model behavior
112 90 percent of nursing homes in violation
113 Good reason not to trust e-mail
114 Vt., Mont., N.H., best for palliative care
115 High Court reviewing assisted suicide case
116 China Sets Sights On First Space Station
117 How Round Is The Sun
118 Spotless Sun: Blankest Year Of The Space Age
119 Stellar Still Births
120 NASA spacecraft to soar over Mercury
121 Hubble Enters Safe Mode
122 High-School Team Tracks Spacecraft Breakup
123 Insecure Minds Wired for Pattern-Finding
124 Next Clooney film is low on glitz--but it has goats
125 Less Than 1 in 5 Cancer Trials Are Published
126 Musicians use both sides of their brains more frequently than average people
127 Change in ancient seas allowed life to spread
128 Gut Reactions [could a termite's digestive abilities solve global warming?]
129 Ladybug, ladybug, where have you gone?
130 NASA Images Add a Billion Years to Mars's Wet Period?
131 Earth's Magnetic Field Expected to Flip Soon
132 The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn
133 Fish sauce used to date Pompeii destruction
134 Planets Turned to Dust
135 Quirk protects reef from climate change
136 Gifted Children: How to Bring Out Their Potential
137 The hills are alive? How islands came to rise atop the Himalayas
138 Flowing Toward Oblivion?
139 Where You're From Is In Your Genes
140 User-generated science
141 Record Labels to Sell Music on Memory Cards
142 Decoding Neanderthals
143 UK government to announce biosecurity plans
144 An Ig Nobel diary