File Title
1 Hawaiian Cave Reveals Ancient Secrets
2 Scientists ID 3 New Candidate Genes for Schizophrenia
3 Greek Stone Age household remains found intact: ministry
4 Tiny dinosaur on verge of swearing off meat
5 Who let the crocs out?
6 Mich. ad likens stem-cell work to Tuskegee study
7 New MS Therapies Show Promise
8 Memory Lapses Come When 2 Parts of Brain Compete
9 Colon Cancer Drug Won't Help Those With Certain Gene Mutation
10 Pill camera works well in elderly
11 Aggressive vaccine effort could cut cervical cancer
12 Underground Lab Probes How Matter Licked Antimatter
13 Doctor Who Comics Make Comeback in Print, DVDs
14 'Father of the MP3' Teaches Machines to Parse Music
15 Inside GM's Massive Wind Tunnel
16 Woman Arrested After Killing Virtual Ex-Husband
17 Palin E-Mail Hacker Says It Was Easy
18 Depressed astronauts might get computerized solace
19 Italian satellite launched from California
20 Tweets Give Race-Baiting Hoaxster a 'B' for Effort
21 Halloween + Air & Space Museum = Awesome!
22 iTube
23 Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Terrorism
24 Searching for the Mobile Web
25 Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth
26 Eliminating College Dining Hall Trays Cuts Water, Food Waste
27 New Tool for 'Green' Christians: Eco-Friendly Bible
28 UK ambitions in space 'at risk'
29 Male transsexual gene link found
30 Action call over maternal deaths
31 'I didn't want to know my risks'
32 A guide to the Hippocratic Oath
33 Underwear as outwear
34 Richard Garriott Back on Earth After Space Station Voyage
35 Space Is The Next Frontier for Esther Dyson
36 Lawmaker questions Google-backed spectrum plan
37 New Worm Exploits Microsoft Bug
38 NASA Try to Repair Ailing Hubble
39 NASA tries again to fire up ailing Hubble telescope
40 Hubble problems identified, science to restart this weekend
41 Hubble Telescope, Up And About Again
42 Seven Killer Whales Gone From Puget Sound, Feared Dead
43 Only 83 Orcas Left?
44 Are the orcas starving?
45 7 orcas, regular visitors to Sound, likely dead
46 New U.S. president will face hard choices
47 Obama vs. McCain: It's About Your Money
48 Placebos and the doctor-patient relationship
49 50% of Doctors Prescribe Placebos
50 Update: Doctors Prescribe Placebos Without Patients' Knowledge
51 Sun and speeches for Coit Tower's anniversary
52 San Francisco Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Coit Tower
53 San Francisco marks Coit Tower's 75th anniversary
54 Hydrogen Sulfide May Treat High Blood Pressure
55 Dolphins Use Complex Coordination During Predation, High-tech Acoustics Study Finds
56 Protein Compass Guides Amoebas Toward Their Prey
57 Genetic Explanation For Moles' Poor Eyesight
58 Birth Of White Rhino After Artificial Insemination With Frozen Sperm
59 Cameras Capture 'Fireball' In The Sky: Meteor May Have Crashed In Ontario
60 Female Plant 'Communicates' Rejection Or Acceptance Of Male
61 Highest Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Ever Reached
62 Potent Greenhouse Gas From Computer Display And TV Manufacture Prevalent In Atmosphere
63 Tiny Juvenile Dinosaur Fossil Sheds Light On Evolution Of Plant Eaters
64 Deprived Of A Sense Of Smell, Worms Live Longer
65 Human Brain Minimizes Energy Expenditure And Integrates Gravity Into The Action Plan
66 Phony Friends? Rejected People Better Able To Spot Fake Smiles
67 Practice Makes Perfect In Lung Cancer Surgery, Study Finds
68 Making Flies Sick Reveals New Role For Growth Factors In Immunity
69 Why Some People Have A Better Head For Languages
70 Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise In Patients With Bowel, Kidney And Prostate Cancer
71 Alternative Medicine And Heavy Metal Poisoning
72 Research Uncovers New Steps On Pathway To Enlarged Heart
73 Spirituality Protects Against Depression Better Than Church Attendance
74 High-Dose Hormone Treatment Might Reduce Risk For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
75 Potential Strategy To Eliminate Poisonous Protein From Alzheimer Brains Identified
76 Physical Strength, Fighting Ability Revealed In Human Faces
77 'Dry Cleaning Effect' Explained By Forgetful Researcher
78 Skin Creams Can Make Skin Drier
79 Caste In Ant Colonies: How Fate Is Determined Between Workers And Queens
80 Origin Of Root Offshoots Revealed; Possible Basis For New Ecological Agricultural Applications
81 Modern Genetics Versus Ancient Frog-killing Fungus
82 Stem Cell Research To Benefit Horse Owners And Trainers
83 Mouse Genes Guide Search For Human Anxiety Disorder Genes
84 Seabass And Chips: Harnessing Science To Predict Ocean Climate Change
85 Cause Of Weakness In Marine Animal Hybrids Discovered
86 Mercury Pollution Causes Immune Damage To Harbor Seals
87 New Coral Reef Discovered In The Seychelles
88 Extinction Risks High For Social Species Such As The African Wild Dog
89 First Inhabitants Of Caribbean Brought Drug Heirlooms With Them
90 Scientist Uses Tracer To Predict Ancient Ocean Circulation
91 'Magnetic Death Star' Fossils: Earlier Global Warming Produced A Whole New Form Of Life
92 Archaeologists Find Unique, Early US Relic Of African Worship
93 Good Vibrations Of Nearby Stars: Satellite Data Sheds New Light On The Sun
94 Biologists Discover Gene Behind 'Plant Sex Mystery'
95 Secrets From Within Planets Pave Way For Cleaner Energy
96 Photo Safeguards Confidential Information
97 No Money, No Spacecraft, Russian Producer Warns
98 Soyuz Lands In Kazakhstan With Two Russian cosmonauts And Tourist
99 The Sky Isn't Falling And That's A Problem
100 Launch Complex Now Available For Civil, Commercial Launches
101 Center To Study Acute Effects Of Space Radiation
102 Hubble Control And Data Systems Reactivated
103 NASA's Next Moon Mission Begins Thermal Vacuum Test
104 Scientists Selected For New Airborne Eye On The Universe
105 Nine Mementos Headed To The Ninth Planet
106 Cutting Life Short
107 Chandrayaan's Orbit Raised
108 ESA Closes In On The Origin Of Mars' Larger Moon
109 Corot Directly Sees Sun-Quakes In Other Stars For The First Time
110 A world-first: Birth of a white rhino after artificial insemination with frozen sperm
111 Are Australian children active and eating well?
112 Alcohol: A life sentence
113 Rapid HIV testing in the ER boosts diagnoses, screening
114 How women with lupus can increase chance for healthy pregnancies
115 Bumblebees learn the sweet smell of foraging success
116 First international guidelines for treatment of psoriatic arthritis
117 New molecules with many branches will help unleash potential of nanotechnology
118 Rheumatoid arthritis rising among women
119 Study shows drinking your vegetables may be a solution to bridging the vegetable gap
120 OMG! Text chat puts you in the mood
121 New roads could bring pollution to Yellowstone
122 Runners burn more calories--even at rest
123 Invention: Dust buster
124 Ranking methods to save the world
125 Steve Jobs on Apple's cash, NetBooks, Apple TV, and cheap PCs
126 Intel says iPhone not capable of 'full Internet' [cf. 136]
127 AT&T's third quarter driven by 2.4M iPhone 3G activations
128 An $800 MacBook would be 'the height of folly'--report
129 Apple device sized between iPhone, MacBook detected online
130 Apple's QuickTime 7.6 to improve 5.1 surround sound
131 Yale business school dean picked to run Apple University
132 Apple's "real" earnings grew a staggering 124.6% in Q4
133 Apple proposes tiny RF modules for ever-present connectivity
134 Future MacBook Pro-bound Intel chips due next spring [u]
135 Informed players say Apple's Mac mini still kickin'
136 Intel gets foot in mouth about ARM-twisting iPhone [cf. 126]
137 Apple devs get new iPhone, Snow Leopard pre-releases
138 iPhone Software 2.2 to add public transit & walking directions
139 Apple earnings, profits, and cash embarrass Microsoft
140 Snow Leopard to see HFS+ compression, default gamma switch