File Title
1 Scientists try to stop hunger with retooled foods
2 Tape measure: X-rays detected from Scotch tape
3 Beetle invasion threatens New England trees
4 Britain widens scope for stem cell research
5 Out of Thin Air: How Money is Really Made
6 India eyes larger slice of satellite launch sector
7 New Space Station Crew Takes Charge
8 Charges filed against 6 in Iowa pig abuse case
9 LA councilman seeks to halt zoo elephant exhibit
10 Weird dino rewrites the book on birds
11 China finds fossils of small feathered dinosaur
12 Researchers Find More Genes Linked to Lung Cancer
13 New Prostates Grown From Single Stem Cell
14 OPEC hardliners demand production cut before summit
15 Kuwait says OPEC must consider global crisis
16 India chases China to moon with unmanned mission
17 Eating Fast Until Full Triples Overweight Risk
18 Obesity pill shows promise: study
19 E-cards may aid in STD notification
20 Sex education to be taught in all primary schools
21 Smokers should get pneumonia vaccine: U.S. advisers
22 Cervical Cancer Vaccine Called Safe
23 U.S. Urged to Renew the War on Cancer
24 Leukemia drug appears to stop early stage MS
25 'Magnetic Death Star' Fossils: Earlier Global Warming Produced A Whole New Form Of Life
26 Denser, More Powerful Computer Chips Possible With Plasmonic Lenses That 'Fly'
27 Cross-protective Vaccine May Treat Broad Spectrum Of Bacterial Diseases
28 Archaeologists Find Unique, Early US Relic Of African Worship
29 Crossing Blood-Brain Barrier: Scientists Develop Drug Delivery System For Brain Cancers, Other Diseases
30 Ancient Bone Tool Sheds Light On Prehistoric Midwest
31 Study Of Polar Dinosaur Migration Questions Whether Dinosaurs Were Truly The First Great Migrators
32 Physicists Find New State Of Matter In 'Transistor': Huge Implications For New Electronic Devices
33 India Launches Its First Mission To Moon: Chandrayaan-1
34 Serendipitous Observations Reveal Rare Event In Life Of Distant Quasar
35 New Genes Linked To Lung Cancer In Large-scale Genetic Study
36 Neural Probe Developed That Will Limit Damage To Cells And Biological Tissue
37 Seemingly Suicidal Stunt Is Normal Rite Of Passage For Immune Cells
38 Memoirs Of A Qubit: Hybrid Memory Solves Key Problem For Quantum Computing
39 Effective Anti-tobacco Ads Should Either Scare Or Disgust Viewers, Study Reveals
40 Why Past Oral Contraceptive Use Dramatically Lowers Risk Of Ovarian And Uterine Cancers
41 Safety Problems For Biological Products Documented
42 Biomarkers For Identifying Infant Infections
43 ADHD Appears To Increase Level Of Nicotine Dependence In Smokers
44 Early-onset Depressive Disorders Predict The Use Of Addictive Substances In Adolescence
45 Different Psychosocial Factors Predict Adoption, Maintenance Of Physical Activity Program
46 Eating Quickly And Until Full Triples Risk Of Being Overweight
47 Contact Lenses Are Home To Pathogenic Amoebae
48 Education Protects Against Pre-Alzheimer's Memory Loss
49 Chronic Inflammation Can Help Nurture Skin Cancer, Study Shows
50 New TB Test Reveals Patients At Risk, Says Study
51 Turtle Doves Commit Adultery
52 Evolution Of Genes That Trigger The Body's Immune Response To Viral Infection
53 Egg Whites Solve The 3-D Problem
54 Ecosystem-level Consequences Of Frog Extinctions
55 Scientists Go Cloud-hopping In The Pacific To Improve Climate Predictions
56 Plant-eating Predator To Fight Superweed Is Not Magic Bullet, According To Japanese Knotweed Expert
57 Fertilizers: A Growing Threat To Sea Life
58 Amphibian Diversity Decreases Chances Of Parasitic Disease, Study Shows
59 Out Of Mesopotamia: Evolutionary History Of Tuberculosis
60 Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Governor's Palace In Turkey
61 New Fossil Reveals Primates Lingered In Texas
62 Finding Hidden Tomb Of Genghis Khan Using Non-Invasive Technologies
63 Throwing Light On The Dark Side Of The Universe
64 A Large Spiral Galaxy, NGC 7331, In All Its Splendor
65 Microwaves Could Extract Water From Moon And Mars
66 Which Grass Is Greener? Study To Select Northeast Grasses That Can Power The Bioenergy Era
67 LCDs Improved With 3-D Nanoimaging Process
68 'Waterless' Concrete Seen As Building Block On Moon
69 $2 Egg-beater Could Save Lives In Developing Countries
70 Self-assembling Nano-fiber Gel Delivers High Concentrations Of Clinically Approved Drugs
71 Cracking The Case Of Recycled Gadgets
72 Computer Model Against Unnecessary Use Of Antibiotics
73 Do Cell Phones Increase Brain Cancer Risk?
74 Scientists unwrap the elements of life
75 Biologists discover gene behind 'plant sex mystery'
76 Study shows how antibiotic sets up road block to kill bacteria
77 Robots and sensors to help elderly stay independent
78 Seeing a brain as it learns to see
79 Researchers say voters swayed by candidates who share their looks
80 Draft rules issued for new Net suffixes--at $200K
81 'Flying syringe' mosquitos, other ideas get Gates funding
82 Scientists find new genes linked to lung cancer
83 Researcher improves LCDs with 3-D nanoimaging process
84 Scientists grow mouse prostate from a single cell
85 Mapping a clan of mobile selfish genes
86 UCSB study finds physical strength, fighting ability revealed in human faces
87 Scientists unlock secret of death protein's activation
88 A Futuristic Look Into Playstation Game Play
89 Weird dino rewrites the book on birds
90 Denser computer chips possible with plasmonic lenses that 'fly'
91 Memoirs of a qubit: Hybrid memory solves key problem for quantum computing
92 Scientists try to stop hunger with retooled foods
93 And now, a new use for sticky tape...X-rays
94 Samsung Blu-ray players hooking up with Netflix
95 Study finds genomic changes in the brains of people who commit suicide
96 'Extinct' cockatoo rediscovered in Indonesia: researchers
97 Mars pioneers should stay there permanently, says Buzz Aldrin
98 Secrets from within planets pave way for cleaner energy
99 Could your initials influence where you choose to work?
100 Potent greenhouse gas more prevalent in atmosphere than previously assumed
101 Magic solar milestone reached: UNSW claims 25 percent solar cell efficiency title
102 Stamping' self-assembling nanowires [cf. 150]
103 Nanoscale coating protect products--and the economy
104 Engineering nanoparticles for maximum strength
105 Future planes, cars may be made of 'buckypaper'
106 Secret Lives of Catalysts Revealed
107 Self-assembling nano-fiber gel delivers high concentrations of clinically approved drugs
108 McMaster University unveils world's most advanced microscope
109 Spinning natural proteins into fabrics for new wound-repair products
110 Nanomaterials May Have Large Environmental Footprint
111 3D nanotube assembly technique for nanoscale electronics
112 Field-hospital-on-a-chip project awarded to nanoengineer from UC San Diego
113 Throwing light on the dark side of the Universe
114 Relationships Between Quantum Dots--Stability and Reproduction
115 Buffets and bigwigs as CERN inaugurated...just not with a bang
116 Current theories can't explain observed spin segregation
117 Microscopic structure of quantum gases made visible
118 Researchers Resolve 40-Year Dispute Over Disappearing Physical Property
119 In search of a light Higgs boson
120 Physicists find a new state of matter in a 'transistor'
121 NASA Returns to the Moon with Instruments on Indian Spacecraft
122 Nitrous oxide emissions respond differently to no-till depending on the soil type
123 A Brief Mystery: What are Short Gamma-ray Bursts?
124 The Oddball Hosts of Gamma-ray Bursts
125 Spanish scientists confirm the existence of electric activity in Titan
126 Phoenix Lander Finishes Soil Delivery to Onboard Labs
127 Serendipitous observations reveal rare event in life of distant quasar
128 India launches 1st unmanned moon mission (Update)
129 Major source of radon exposure overlooked at former Ohio uranium-processing plant
130 You make the call
131 SanDisk Developing 128 GB Micro-SD Card For 2011 Release
132 Review: New MacBook puts style over affordability
133 Robotic ants building homes on Mars?
134 Panasonic Engineers Introduce Methanol Fuel Cell Prototype
135 Dutch youths convicted of virtual theft
136 Anti-piracy software creates more problems than it solves
137 Robot planter moves toward the sun
138 LinkedIn connects with investors for $22.7 million
139 Computer Keyboard Hacking
140 British team launches bid for 1,000 mph land speed record
141 Yale dean to head 'Apple University': WSJ
142 Australia plans electric vehicle network
143 Newspaper group: 16% 3Q growth in Web visitors
144 Civic education conducive to a more democratic America
145 International science community to establish global virtual library for scientific data
146 Nearly half of US states fail on emergency plan communication, new study shows
147 Mouse genes guide search for human anxiety disorder genes
148 Female plant 'communicates' rejection or acceptance of male
149 Green practices: When do corporations respond to stakeholders' pressure?
150 Chemists devise self-assembling 'organic wires' [cf. 102]
151 Protein compass guides amoebas toward their prey
152 Memory function varies after damage to key area of the brain
153 Scientists find potential strategy to eliminate poisonous protein from Alzheimer brains
154 Depression during pregnancy can double risk of preterm delivery
155 Why binge drinking is bad for your bones
156 Novel treatments and current clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease therapies show promise
157 First gene for clubfoot identified
158 UCLA develops safer, more effective TB vaccine for HIV-positive people
159 Spirituality protects against depression better than church attendance
160 Green Tea May Delay Onset of Type 1 Diabetes
161 Sensitive ultrasound to spot early-stage cancer
162 Telescopes See Farther
163 Financial Crisis Zaps Electric-Car Startup
164 Rewiring the Brain
165 Self-Assembled Organic Circuits
166 Mass Production of Plastic Solar Cells
167 Computing with RNA
168 How Smart Is a Smart Card?
169 Genomes on Display
170 Sun + Water = Fuel
171 Genetic Privacy: An Outdated Concern?
172 Operating inside a Beating Heart
173 Untangling Web Information
174 Upwardly Mobile
175 Reactors for the Middle East
176 The Alien Novelist
177 The Flaw at the Heart of the Internet