File Title
1 Scientist warns cash woes 'devastating' to science
2 Satellite images document South Ossetia destruction
3 Juno Spacecraft to Study Jupiter
4 Europeans reject animal cloning for food: survey
5 Ohio family finds 7-foot snake under car hood
6 NYC rabbi reports threats over chicken slaughter
7 US scientists find oldest fossil tracks of legged animal
8 Genetics: Scientists unravel two more strains of malaria parasite
9 Fancy a free (electric) car?
10 GAO opens probe into gas, oil drilling in Utah
11 Scientists find key protein helps people hear
12 Mysterious DNA Found to Survive Eons of Evolution
13 EU scientists launch new, 'unbreakable' encryption system
14 German doing well after 1st double arm transplant
15 Death row inmate blames prison food for obesity
16 A little exercise goes a long way for severely obese
17 Obesity, Insulin Level Impact Prostate Cancer Survival
18 NYC man sued over 25-foot Viagra rocket
19 Man's 'Viva Viagra' missile misfires in NYC court
20 Cell Protein Suppresses Pain Better Than Morphine
21 Cocaine addicts' brains predisposed to abuse: study
22 Exotic animals, domestic pets pose risk for children: study
23 New DNA Stool Testing Spots More Colon Cancers
24 New Advances Could Battle Cancer Cell by Cell
25 Some depressed patients opt for assisted suicide
26 Stem cells from testicles an option to embryos
27 Drug companies: No cold medicines for kids under 4
28 Bailout Bill Is Rife With Tasty Green Pork
29 Google's Super Satellite Captures First Image
30 Scientists May Soon Outnumber Penguins at Earth's Poles
31 Photos: Is This the MacBook 'Brick'?
32 Automate BitTorrent Downloads
33 Back Up Your Tumblr Blog
34 Wink Wink: RealNetworks Says Don't Copy Rented DVDs
35 Florida Primary Recount Reveals Grave Voting Problems One Month Before Presidential Election
36 U.S. Debt Too Big for National Debt Clock
37 Yahoo's Other Problem: The Shrinking Display Market
38 The SlingCatcher is Here: Stream Your Own TV Shows Across the Internet
39 Study Says Closing Roads Might Cut Congestion. Huh?
40 Never to part: Devoted couples share life, death
41 Landscape Mode Comes to iPhone Email
42 Is "Windows Strata" Microsoft's Cloud OS?
43 BlackBerry Storm Preview: What the iPhone Will Envy
44 Will an EU Directive Reshape the iPhone's Battery?
45 NASA wrestles with flagship Mars mission; fate could be decided this week
46 How a Poor Soldering Job Brought Down the LHC
47 Nearly 50% of College Students Would Give Up Beer Before Wi-Fi: Study
48 Replacement iPhone 3G Adapters Start Arriving
49 Ford's "MyKey" System: Your Teen Will Probably Hate It
50 iPhone Now Second Best-selling U.S. Mobile Phone: NPD
51 Ten Million iPhones by the End of '08--or Already?
52 SARS Biological Warfare Accusations Cause Stir Between China and Taiwan
53 Poisoned Chinese Candy Remains on Utah Store Shelves
54 More Schools Banning Birthday Cake
55 Occasional memory loss tied to lower brain volume
56 FDA Unsure on Cold Medicine for Small Children
57 New Report Differentiates Healthy from Sugary Children's Cereals
58 South Korean Police Pursue Cyberbullies After Actress Suicide
59 High court could block 'light' cigarettes lawsuit
60 Japan experts identify daytime sleepiness gene
61 Aging gays confront unique challenges
62 Millions to die in China from lung disease: report
63 A Nobel for Illuminating Biology
64 A Source of Men's Stem Cells [cf. 117]
65 Renault Bets on Electric Vehicles
66 Circadian Clock May Be Critical For Remembering What You Learn, Researchers Say
67 Cosmic Eye Sheds Light On Early Galaxy Formation, Just Two Billion Years After Big Bang
68 Genome Of Parasite That Causes Relapsing Malaria Decoded
69 Star Born From The Wind: Unique Multi-wavelength Portrait Of Star Birth
70 Arctic Soil May Contain Nearly Twice Greenhouse-Gas Producing Material Than Previously Estimated
71 Scent On Demand: Scientists Genetically Enhance Scent Of Flowers
72 DNA Could Reveal Your Surname
73 Atomic-resolution Views Suggest Function Of Enzyme That Regulates Light-detecting Signals In Eye
74 Green Fluorescent Protein Pioneers Share 2008 Nobel Prize In Chemistry
75 Deepest-living Fishes Caught On Camera For First Time
76 The Pepperoni Pizza Hypothesis
77 Sharpest Whole-Planet Picture Of Jupiter Taken From The Ground
78 Burn Treatment Cream May Delay Healing [cf. 90]
79 Plant Virus Research Could Lead To New Ways To Improve Crop Yields
80 Children's Asthma Affected By Parental Expectations
81 Levels Of Key Hormone During First Trimester Of Pregnancy Could Lead To Earlier Diagnosis Of Gestational Diabetes
82 School Vending Machines Dole Out Excess Calories, Fat
83 Proteins In Sperm Unlock Understanding Of Male Infertility, Says New Study
84 Can Stem Cells Heal Damaged Hearts? No Easy Answers, But Some Signs Of Hope
85 Little Evidence That Sobriety Checkpoints Curb Drunk-Driving Crashes
86 Traumatic Brain Injury Common Amongst Homeless People
87 Possibilities--But No Proof--To Prevent Alzheimer's
88 New Fake-Proof Personality Test Created
89 Red Wine May Lower Lung Cancer Risk
90 Honey Helps To Heal Wounds, Review Suggests [cf. 78]
91 Deep Biosphere Research Points To New Methods For Recovering Petroleum
92 Future Looks Bleak For One Of World's Smallest Seal Species
93 Fungus Fights Air Pollution By Removing Sulfur From Crude Oil
94 Potentially Toxic Flame Retardants Highest In California Households
95 Mysterious Snippets Of DNA Withstand Eons Of Evolution
96 NASA Spacecraft Ready To Explore Outer Solar System
97 Stars Stop Forming When Big Galaxies Collide
98 Robots: The Bizarre And The Beautiful
99 Method Of Predicting Clear Air Turbulence Could Make Flights Smoother In The Future
100 Highest Power Tabletop Laser Ever Built
101 New Optics For Improved Solar Power Generators
102 Alternative Fossil Fuels Have Economic Potential, Study Shows
103 Customers' Fixation On Minimum Payments Drives Up Credit Card Bills
104 Counterterrorism Programs That Collect And Mine Data Should Be Evaluated For Effectiveness, Report Recommends
105 Hack-a-vote: Students Learn How Vulnerable Electronic Voting Really Is
106 Scientists map more malaria strains
107 Ultrathin films form 'warm' superconductor
108 Fertile women hit a higher note
109 CarTel uses WiFi to personalize commutes
110 New risk factor for prostate cancer
111 Scanners can bridge gap between business cards, high-tech
112 Pollution from livestock farming affects infant health
113 Breast stem cell fate is regulated by 'notch'
114 Atlanta firm to develop Ohio University algae bioreactor
115 Deathways open doors to unexpected cultural practices
116 Fake YouTube pages used to spread viruses
117 Stem cells from testicles an option to embryos [cf. 64]
118 Researchers Moving Closer to Creating Viable Energy From Sewage
119 Gene-testing startup's study responds to critics
120 10,000 Chinese children still sick from milk
121 Scientist warns cash woes 'devastating' to science
122 All-in-one printer evolves: Does more, does better
123 Researchers design artificial cells that could power medical implants
124 Researchers discover how infectious bacteria can switch species
125 Brainy genes, not brawn, key to success on mussel beach
126 Risk and reward compete in brain
127 Cosmic strings might emit cosmic sparks, answer cosmological questions
128 Ripple effect: Water snails offer new propulsion possibilities
129 Ultrananocrystalline-diamond coating improves mechanical pump seals
130 New knowledge about thermoelectric materials could give better energy efficiency
131 Playing Pinball with Atoms
132 Nanoscopic screening process to speed drug discovery
133 A new material could act as a nanofridge for microchips
134 Using living cells as nanotechnology factories
135 New material could speed development of hydrogen powered vehicles [cf. 167]
136 Mimicking gecko feet: Dry adhesive based on carbon nanotubes gets stronger
137 Italian should have shared Nobel physics prize: colleagues
138 New invention that could change design of future memory storage devices
139 Broken symmetry: Answering the solace of quantum
140 World first for sending data using quantum cryptography
141 In quantum channels, zero plus zero can equal non-zero
142 Long-Lasting Quantum Memory Leads to Long-Distance Quantum Communication
143 Scientists create superconducting thin films
144 Spallation Neutron Source sends first neutrons to 'Big Bang' beam line
145 Court wrestles with case on Navy sonar, whales
146 Born from the wind--unique multi-wavelength portrait of star birth
147 Future of flagship Mars mission up in the air
148 Cosmic eye sheds light on early galaxy formation
149 CoRoT discovery challenges the definition of extra-solar planets
150 Wildfires cause ozone pollution to violate health standards, new study shows
151 AAAS satellite image analysis reveals South Ossetian damage
152 Google-sponsored satellite sends first image
153 Sea levels could rise one metre by 2100: German institute
154 Deep magma matters in volcanic eruption cycle
155 Warming in Yosemite National Park sends small mammals packing to higher, cooler elevations
156 Tropical rainforest and mountain species may be threatened by global warming
157 An alternative to the iPod, plus free music
158 KDDI's First 3D Mobile Phone LCD Screen
159 Apple to unveil new laptop computers
160 Computer mouse driven by sound
161 A safety net for social networking
162 ZPower claims its silver-zinc batteries last 40% longer than lithium-ion
163 Web traffic jam as people search for financial news
164 Nobel prize laureate finds winning news on internet
165 Sony, Microsoft virtual communities to start
166 Microsoft's Ballmer talks about Vista, Xbox and more
167 Hydrogen + corncobs (with a splash of boron) = fuel of the future? [cf. 135]
168 Breathing second life into language teaching
169 Evolution of virulence regulation in Staphylococcus aureus
170 Expert: Flawed corporate watchdog methods helped fuel economic crisis
171 Nobel prizewinner describes his chemistry research as 'a 1970s disco light'
172 Moose killing riles Michigan town
173 Promising new material that could improve gas mileage
174 Digital zebrafish embryo provides the first complete developmental blueprint of a vertebrate
175 At 2.8 km down, a 1-of-a-kind microorganism lives all alone
176 Some countries sidestep Kyoto rules with land 'donations'
177 New findings may improve treatment of inherited breast cancer
178 Gene with probable role in human susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis identified
179 Preventing colds: Washing your hands is more effective than taking vitamins
180 Stabilizing Force for Good Communication Between Neurons and Muscle Cells Found
181 A new hand--and signs of sensory recovery
182 Blood test may soon find heart disease
183 Keeping herpes infection in check: researchers describe immune system strategies
184 Babies with Delayed Gross Motor Skills Need Specific Early Intervention