File Title
1 Man Indicted in Hacking of Palin's E-Mail Account
2 Technology Makes Cheating 'Far More Tempting'
3 Can't Control Your Appetite? Here's Why
4 How Obama's and McCain's Health Plans Affect You
5 Battle of the Nasal Washes
6 Herbal Remedy Works for Depression--but Only in Germany
7 University: Stem-Cell Study Used Falsified Data
8 Nanofood safety proposal 'not enough'
9 Arctic ocean covered by thin ice
10 Scientists unravel bacteria's stress buster
11 'Glowing' jellyfish grabs Nobel
12 Scientists meet for alien summit
13 Canal plan to power 45,000 homes
14 Circumcision HIV impact doubted
15 Messenger extends Mercury vista
16 Wildlife conservation: Congress diary
17 Firefox users gain location tool
18 EU to expand e-shoppers' rights
19 How the web makes radio reactive
20 Virtual worlds carve out new path
21 'End in sight' for elephantiasis
22 Miscarriage hurts next pregnancy
23 Taking herb 'helps depression'
24 Fears over electronic cigarettes
25 Electronic cigarettes on the rise
26 Painkillers 'cut breast cancer'
27 Bill of health
28 Blown Budget Threatens NASA's Mars Plans
29 Geothermal Energy Gathering Steam
30 Blackberry Storm Runs iPhone OS!--So says Vodafone's graphic artists
31 Motorola's Linux strategy evolves with Android
32 Look Ma, No 'X'
33 Turn Linux into Fort Knox: 10 Tools for a Safer Web Server
34 Apple sold 10 million iPhones in 2008
35 Mail Goggles Aims To Prevent E-mail Regret
36 Can Circumcision Cut HIV in Gay Men?
37 Old Cigarette Ads Evoke Smoky Nostalgia
38 German Doing Well After Double Arm Transplant
39 University: Stem-cell Study Used Falsified Data
40 Unclear How Much Pounding New Hips, Knees Can Take
41 Three Chemists Win Nobel Prize
42 Biotech's Glowing Breakthrough Wins Nobel Prize
43 NYC Columbia prof sleeps through his Nobel call
44 Circumcision Not Effective in Preventing HIV Among MSM, Study Finds
45 Circumcision Benefit in AIDS Is Divided
46 Can Circumcision Cut HIV in Gay Men?
47 Study Says Circumcision Does Not Cut HIV Risk For Gay Men
48 Role of Circumcision in Reducing HIV Risk Still Unclear
49 Lawsuit claims Pfizer massaged Neurontin studies
50 Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Studies
51 Suit Alleges Pfizer Spun Unfavorable Drug Studies
52 E-mails suggest Pfizer tried to suppress study on drug
53 Noisy Nights Cause More Than Just Stress
54 S.F. traffic noise risks health of 1 in 6
55 Do Prostate Drugs Harm Bones?
56 Genentech Set Back by Cancer-Drug Study
57 Flexible Silicon Solar Cells
58 China's Eye on Web Chatter
59 Five Thousand Bucks for Your Genome
60 A Safer Test for Down Syndrome
61 Simplified Displays
62 Better Solar for Big Buildings
63 Ensuring Chip Stability
64 Attacking Cancer Stem Cells
65 Tech Firms Prepare for the Worst
66 How Green Gasoline Could Power the Future
67 Asteroid Exploded in Earth's Atmosphere
68 Man Doing Well After Double Arm Transplant
69 Narcissists Tend to Become Leaders
70 Fan Use Linked to Lower Risk of Sudden Baby Death
71 Penguins Ride Air Force Jet to South Atlantic
72 3 Win Chemistry Nobel for Glowing Jellyfish Protein
73 Options for Chocolate-Lovers Tripled
74 Turn Your Cubicle into a Gym patent#: US US 7137935 [humor]
75 Common Dietary Supplements Don't Help Arthritis
76 Spacecraft Reveals Stunning New Views of Mercury
77 New Flying Dinosaur Drone to Resemble Pterodactyl
78 Deep-Diving Fish Set Surpising Record
79 Chemistry Nobel Prize Awarded for Glowing Protein Work
80 Stem Cells Harvested From Human Testicles
81 Malaria Parasites Use "Cloaking Devices" to Trick Body
82 Deepest-Ever Fish Caught Alive on Camera
83 Nobel Prize for Physics Honors Subatomic Breakthroughs
84 Spacecraft Explodes Like Fireworks on Reentry
85 Heavy Metal-Eating "Superworms" Unearthed in U.K.
86 Entire-paper plagiarism caught by software
87 Vapour spies to reveal climate clues
88 Charitable bodies hit by credit crisis
89 Q&A: Oxford school expands to tackle global challenges
90 Great balls of fire
91 Great glowing jellyfish! It's the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
92 Fossil reveals how the turtle got its shell
93 Messenger finds web of debris on Mercury
94 Circumcision fails to protect gay men
95 Chemistry Nobel for green jellyfish protein
96 'Transparent cockpit' removes car blind spots
97 Space rock collides with Earth right on time
98 Map reveals species most at risk from climate change
99 Newly discovered fungus strips pollutants from oil
100 Global Temperature Report--Sept. 2008
101 Fish Diversity May Be Key to Recovery of Coral Reefs
102 Pickleweed Tolerates Irrigation with Seawater and High Levels of Boron
103 A Fine Balance
104 Invasive Papaya Pest Discovered in Asia
105 Keck Telescope and "Cosmic Lens" Team-up to Demonstrate Eventual Power of Thirty Meter Telescope
106 Preserved by Ice: Glacial Dams Helped Prevent Erosion of Tibetan Plateau
107 Beavers: Dam Good for Songbirds
108 The Science Debate: Obama Leads in On-line Poll
109 Research Decodes Genome For Species Of Malaria