File Title
1 Will CES Bring the Next iPhone?
2 Evolution: the Pushback
3 Baby Mammoth Could Shed Light on Warming
4 Intel Quits One Laptop Per Child Program
5 Congestion Causes Text Message Slowdown
6 Startup Promises Free Wireless Web in SF
7 DVD Sales Fall for First Time
8 A Familiar Fiend: Painkiller Addiction
9 Americans Opt for Healthy Eating, Not Diets: Survey
10 South Korea Mourns Loss of Ace Boxer Choi Yo-Sam
11 Sasha Gardner: 'I Used to Get Really Upset'
12 Oklahoma City Mayor Puts City on a Diet
13 FDA to Clear Cloned Livestock for Consumers: Report
14 Rabid Kitten Set Off Health Alert in Four States
15 Bio-rich Costa Rica's new marvels
16 Telescope spies newborn planet
17 Japan opens 'tallest lift tower'
18 Low-energy bulbs 'worsen rashes'
19 Universal flu jab works in people
20 Ant and butterfly's 'smell war'
21 What makes a modern hero?
22 Tech show to fight economic fears
23 The fattest state of the union
24 One laptop project loses partner
25 Rewards for grumbling Xbox users
26 China maglev budget 'may double'
27 South Korea's 'e-sports' stars
28 Down's gene boost fights cancers
29 Doctor wristwatch ban 'dangerous'
30 Turkey to have wide smoking ban
31 Learning disability drug warning
32 Teaching good habits to last a lifetime
33 Obesity fuelling liver disease
34 How to live, by the dying
35 Stomach bug sweeping the country
36 NHS 'now four different systems'
37 Sony BMG Plans to Drop DRM
38 RIP DRM: Last Major Label Plans to Ditch Restrictions
39 Intel Quits One Laptop Per Child Program
40 OLPC: Won't Miss Intel's 'Half-Hearted' Laptop Effort
41 Sling Introduces Hi-Def Slingbox, Demos BlackBerry Player
42 Sling Media Goes HD, Adds Blackberry Support
43 Wi-Fi Startup to Pick Up Where Google Left Off in SF
44 Meraki, the cheap Wi-Fi guys, get $20 million
45 Spam king indicted in stock fraud scheme
46 US Indicts 11 Over Pump-and-Dump Stock Spam
47 Spam's 'poster boy' indicted
48 Shuttle Launch Date Slips as NASA Tackles Sensor Fix
49 Storm pounds Nevada, Sierra; I-80 may close
50 California Battered by Storms; Weather Worst in Years (Update3)
51 Evolution Book Sees No Science-Religion Gap
52 Why Evolution Is Important in the Classroom
53 Academy stresses evolution's importance
54 Science, Evolution, and Creationism released
55 Neither Intelligent nor Designed
56 Science academy stresses evolution's importance
57 Importance of Teaching Evolution Noted
58 HIGHER EDUCATION NOTES: Board to consider Bible-oriented group's desire to offer online science degreee
59 An Apple TV With a Blu-ray Player?
60 Google looks to patent technology that recognizes text in images
61 Google Patent Imagines Robots Indexing The Grocery Aisle
62 Googlebot In Aisle Three: How Google Plans to Index the World?
63 Patent For Google: Teaching Robots To Read
64 Microsoft promises free game after online woes
65 Microsoft touts Xbox sales, laments online woes
66 New advice for treating childhood pneumonia urged
67 Home is a healer of pneumonia
68 Is Your Doctor Prescribing Placebos?
69 Putting smoking in cars to the test
70 Colon cancer runs in early U.S. family
71 Did The Pilgrims Carry Colon Cancer?
72 Hundreds of crows die from viral infection
73 New York crow die-off linked to avian virus
74 Einstein researchers discover important clue to the cause of Parkinson's disease
75 2 explosive evolutionary events shaped early history of multicellular life
76 Gene therapy can reduce long-term drinking among rodents
77 Life at the jolt
78 Novel mechanism for long-term learning identified by Carnegie Mellon researchers
79 Smell-wars between butterflies and ants
80 Smithsonian scientists highlight environmental impacts of biofuels
81 Biomedical Engineering Study Demonstrates the Healing Value of Magnets
82 First-ever study to link increased mortality specifically to carbon dioxide emissions
83 Human hormone blocker found to help prevent obesity and diabetes: study
84 Mom's obesity during conception phase may set the stage for offspring's obesity risk
85 European Food Systems in a Changing World
86 Osteoarthritis risk linked to finger length ratio
87 100% of people carry at least one type of pesticide from the air, water or food in their bodies
88 LSU and Ohio State Battle on Football Field, Collaborate [to save America's wetlands]
89 New route for heredity bypasses DNA
90 Worth a thousand words: Hopkins researchers paint picture of cancer-promoting culprit
91 Researchers Uncover Key Trigger for Potent Cancer-Fighting Marine Product
92 New discovery could reduce the health risk of high-fat foods
93 Daily alcohol use causes changes in sexual behavior, new study reveals
94 Plate tectonics may take a break
95 Mobile Metal Atoms
96 Shape-memory polymers designed for biomedical applications
97 Earthquake 'memory' could spur aftershocks
98 Novel anticancer strategy moves from laboratory to clinic
99 Researchers use neuroimaging to study ESP
100 Strange-behaving crystals could have impact on research, technology
101 Study finds most TV prescription drug ads minimize risk information
102 Stardust formed close to sun
103 UO plays key role in LIGO's new view of a cosmic event
104 Strength training of neck muscles relieves chronic pain
105 Heart patients find education programs lead to better health
106 Exercise program improves symptoms in arthritis patients
107 SETI@home ramps up to analyze more data in search of extraterrestrial intelligence
108 Carnegie Mellon study identifies where thoughts of familiar objects occur inside the human brain
109 France Used to Be a Jungle
110 Reason for Earthquake Season Revealed
111 Hot Science Topics Avoided by Presidential Candidates
112 46 Million Americans Suffer From Arthritis
113 Ecofashion Wins on Runway, Helps Farms
114 Baby Mammoth Could Shed Light on Warming
115 Congestion Causes Text Message Slowdown
116 Diamond's Structural Secrets Revealed
117 Advanced Life Created in Two Ancient Explosions
118 Why Do Drops of Liquid Form Spheres in Space?
119 Dolphins Play with Robotic Seaplane
120 Why We Gossip: Because Grooming Takes Too Long
121 New Dwarf Salamander Found in Costa Rica
122 4 Years on Mars: Rovers Continue to Amaze
123 Hot on the Trail of Cosmic Rays
124 The Modern Vacation: Fully Wired, Totally Ruined
125 Point and Click on Buildings: The World Becomes the Web
126 SF Zoo Reopens After Tiger Attack
127 Boy, 12, Reels in 551-Pound Bull Shark
128 Snake Mistakes Golf Balls for Eggs
129 Wildlife Ringtone Downloads Soar
130 Bone Ice Skates Invented by Ancient Finns, Study Says
131 Three New Salamanders Found in Remote Cloud Forests
132 Hobbits May Have Been Genetic Mutants
133 Crustacean "Swarm" Destroying Small Hiroshima Island
134 Newborn Planet Found Orbiting Young Star
135 Arctic Warming Faster Above Ground Level, Study Finds
136 Ageing makes the imagination wither
137 Boron nanotubes could outperform carbon
138 Google tool could search out hospital superbugs
139 Possible Mars impact highlights risk to Earth
140 Parasitic butterflies fool ants with smell
141 New Lab Test Can Detect SDS in Soybean Seedlings
142 Researchers Uncover Key Trigger for Potent Cancer-Fighting Marine Product
143 Strange-Behaving Crystals Could Have Impact on Research, Technology
144 Magnetic Field Can Reduce Swelling
145 Crystals that Nature May Miss Creating
146 Artificial Viral Shells Could Be Useful Nano-Containers
147 Scientific Balloons Achieve Antarctic Flight Record
148 New route for heredity bypasses DNA
149 Researchers uncover key trigger for potent cancer-fighting marine product
150 HydroPak Fuel Cell Could Replace Generators, Batteries
151 Baby Mammoth Could Shed Light on Warming
152 Don't Bet on Gates' Keynote Predictions
153 Xbox Live Falters Over Holidays
154 UO plays key role in LIGO's new view of a cosmic event
155 Hot Cyclones Churn at Both Ends of Saturn
156 Swiss scientists use cat-and-mouse tactics for allergy vaccine
157 Smaller is stronger--now scientists know why
158 US judge limits marine military sonar in California
159 UC San Diego begins trading greenhouse gas credits on Chicago Climate Exchange
160 Quantum leap in technology to unravel 'cosmic web' of universe
161 U of M physicist reads the history of the solar system in grains of comet dust
162 Red dust in planet-forming disk may harbor precursors to life
163 New SanDisk Flash Drive With Automatic On-line Storage
164 Congestion Causes Text Message Slowdown
165 US regulators set to approve cloned meat, milk: report
166 How to imbue products with symbolic meaning
167 Food for thought: delivering the promise of food processing
168 Insect attack may have finished off dinosaurs
169 Life at the jolt: New insights into fuel cell that uses bacteria to generate electricity
170 Mobile metal atoms
171 100 percent of people carry at least 1 type of pesticide
172 Strength training of neck muscles relieves chronic pain
173 Exercise program improves symptoms in arthritis patients
174 Worth a thousand words: Hopkins researchers paint picture of cancer-promoting culprit
175 Man Awake, Talking After 47-Floor Fall