File Title
1 Evolution: "Overwhelming and Compelling"
2 Butterflies Trick Ants Into Raising Young
3 Researcher Accuses Sears of Spreading Spyware
4 NASA Dreams of an Interplanetary 'Second Life' for Mars Crew
5 Dwarf Gene Discovery: Explanation for Hobbit Species?
6 Motorola introduces mobile video player
7 Wildlife Ringtones Reach Milestone
8 China Limits Providers of Internet Video
9 Netflix to Deliver Movies Directly to TV
10 Hitachi to Debut 500GB Drive for Laptops
11 Cervical Cancer Shots Are Gaining Reputation as Painful
12 Issue of Drugs and Pain Strikes a Nerve
13 Group Sues U.S. in Push for New Antibiotic Warning
14 Why Hospitals Are Dangerous Places for Heart Attacks
15 Lee Thomas: 'Would Other People See a Monster?'
16 Time Is Of the Exercise Essence
17 Study: 45 Percent of Docs Prescribe Placebos
18 Therapy Dogs Help Girls With Emotional Problems
19 Winter Vomiting Bug Sweeps U.K.
20 Can a Diet Pill Work Without Diet or Exercise?
21 Time For Our Gadgets To Go On Diet
22 Unemployed To Sterilize Monkeys In India
23 Butterflies Trick Ants Into Raising Young
24 Wildlife Ringtones Reach Milestone
25 Alaskan Sea Drilling Plans Criticized
26 Wintry Weather Gives Citrus Growers Chills
27 Study: Kids' Nightmares Less Common
28 Netflix wants their subscribers to watch the idiot box.
29 We Need a Browser for TVs
30 Cell Phones Cause Traffic Jams, And Other Problems
31 Lenovo Launches Entertainment Notebooks
32 Lenovo Puts Style in New Laptop
33 Suit says IBM dumped chemicals in New York state
34 Lawsuit charges IBM with pollution around one-time N.Y. plant
35 People In Endicott Sue IBM Faces Over Contamination
36 Hitachi Readies Monster 500GB Mobile Hard Drive
37 Hitachi, Asus Team on Terabyte Notebook
38 Hitachi announces 500GB laptop drive
39 Microsoft Money Pushes Time-Lapse Space Camera Closer to Action
40 Simonyi, Gates give $30M for powerful telescope
41 Gates, Simonyi donate $30 million for telescope project
42 Asteroid's Martian Impact: What Might Happen
43 Asteroid's chances of hitting Mars now 1 in 28
44 Office 2003 SP3 blocks old file formats
45 Office 2003 update blocks older file formats
46 Office Update Abandons Certain File Format Support
47 Office SP3: Block those old, risky files
48 Office 2003 Update Quietly Zaps Older File Formats
49 Brief, Intense Meteor Shower Set for Thursday Night
50 Best Seats For Meteor Shower Tonight? At 47,000 Feet
51 Quadrantid meteor shower Friday AM
52 Dell Announces Stylish New LCD Monitors Ahead of CES
53 New Dell Display is Crystal Clear
54 A New Twist on Mobile Search: Human Guides
55 ChaCha gives you answers via text message
56 ChaCha: a new kind of mobile search
57 ChaCha is the little search engine that might
58 ChaCha launches text service at Sundance Film Festival
59 ChaCha Debuts Human-Powered Mobile Search
60 for Directions, Do the Cha-Cha When Mobile
61 Spyware found in Sears online community installation
62 Corsair releases its first 32GB USB flash drives
63 WirelessHD 1.0 specification finalized and released
64 WirelessHD 1.0 Specification Launches With Widespread Industry Support
65 MPAA, Technology Companies Ratify WirelessHD Standard
66 WirelessHD group releases 60GHz radio spec
67 Rivalry Over Wireless High-Def TVs
68 Microsoft pencils in two patches for next week
69 Apple patent reveals docking station for ultramobile PC
70 Apple filing proposes iMac-like notebook docking station
71 Apple Files Patent for Possible Sub-Notebook Docking Unit
72 Apple Creating iMac-like Docking Station
73 Apple notebooks to have iMac-like docking station?
74 Analyst: Apple Takes Shine to Blu-ray
75 Apple set to ship Macs with Blu-ray support--report
76 Analyst sources say Blu-ray coming at Macworld '08
77 Will Steve Jobs shrink the MacBook?
78 Skype VoIP headed to PSP
79 Sony Expected to Announce Skype Support for PSP at CES
80 Doctors say placebo use common
81 Many Doctors Use Placebos on Patients
82 Physicians Commonly Use Placebos to Placate Patients
83 Ouch! Cervical Cancer Shots Painful
84 Exercise Eases Some Menopause Symptoms
85 Women May Walk Off Menopause Stress
86 Drugs Offer No Benefit in Curbing Aggression, Study Finds
87 J&J drugs don't work in treating aggression: study
88 Antipsychotics No Better than Placebo for Aggression in the Intellectually Disabled
89 Severe pneumonia in children treatable at home--WHO
90 Severe Pneumonia May be Treated at Home
91 Home treatment for pneumonia just as effective as hospital--WHO
92 Childhood pneumonia can be treated at home, say scientists
93 Group: California kids falling behind in health, education
94 State of the state's children isn't so hot, survey says
95 Lack of Deep Sleep Raises Diabetes Risk
96 Can sleep trouble cause diabetes?
97 Not Enough Sleep Linked To Higher Diabetes Type 2 Risk
98 Five-Year-Old Boy Feels 'Very Well' After Having Peach-Sized Brain Tumor Removed
99 San Francisco Woman Stricken With TB
100 Health officials search for passengers on plane with TB patient
101 Younger adults quit smoking more
102 Opponents to latest tobacco legislation will learn to adapt
103 Lethal avian flu strain found in Binyamina
104 Bird Flu Discovered in Northern Israel
105 January Is National Radon Action Month
106 January is national radon action month