File Title
1 Wood pigeons 'flocking to towns'
2 Germans tighten car exhaust rules
3 Holyrood in plan to save energy
4 Disturbed sleep link to diabetes
5 Paris and Berlin ban cafe smoking
6 Mine Safety Lags 2 Years After Sago Blast
7 Researchers Work On Cocaine Vaccine
8 Purdue Students Sniff Manure For Science
9 Iran Says First Cloned Sheep Thriving
10 Deep Impact Spacecraft Zips Past Earth
11 NASA Gives Glimpse Of Air Safety Survey
12 2007: iPhone Tops Big Tech Year
13 ER Docs Give Whites Narcotics More Often
14 Smoking Banned In The Cafes Of France
15 AIM reveals unprecedented view of mysterious clouds
16 High Definition Drive Market in PC to be Worth $2 Billion by 2012
17 Sony, Toshiba DVD Formats Continue to Divide Buyers, NYT Says
18 The Switch to Digital
19 Broadcasters get leeway on digital TV switch
20 Axiotron Modbook Mac-based Tablet finally shipping
21 Surprise! ModBook gets an early ship date for 2008
22 Axiotron's Highly Anticipated and Award-Winning Modbook Ships to Consumers Today
23 ModBook almost ready to ship, but Apple may beat it to market
24 OWC and Axiotron team up for ModBook Tablet
25 Test bench: HD disc players
26 Pew: Internet satiates but also creates "information hunger"
27 FCC To Allow Early Analog TV Signoffs
28 FCC Sets New Rules In Digital TV Switch
29 Bird lovers tally species
30 Computer glitch put hitch in fireworks
31 Glitch mars fireworks
32 Internet Access Is Only Prerequisite For More and More College Classes
33 Electronic Passports Raise Privacy Issues
34 Information On New Passport Cards Can Be Read From Distance
35 Lithium Battery Ban? Check Again
36 New FAA battery rules also impact DV pros
37 Garden seed catalog sales show rapid growth online
38 The Chicago Gradener
39 Soule Garden: Gardeners, mail it in this month
40 Top 7 Apple Stories Of 2007
41 Your Music From Home Streamed To The iPhone via WiFi
42 Gear Hunter: A few of my favorite things from 2007
43 Minorities less likely to get pain relief-US study
44 Not Enough Sleep Linked To Higher Diabetes Type 2 Risk
45 Disturbed sleep brings risk of type 2 diabetes, says study
46 Lack of Deep Sleep May Up Diabetes Risk
47 NASA Gives Glimpse of Air Safety Survey
48 Iran Says First Cloned Sheep Thriving
49 Hips Don't Lie in Belly-Dancing Births
50 No health care? Higher fines in Mass.
51 Happy Marriage Eases Wife's Workday Tension
52 Wife's happy marriage leads to less stress
53 A happy marriage eases a working woman's stress
54 Colon cancer risk traced to common ancestor
55 Colon cancer mutation traced to 1630
56 Colon Cancer Risk in U.S. Traced to Common Ancester
57 Utah family tied to gene mutation
58 Cancer mutation traced back to 1630
59 Cocaine Vaccine Under Clinical Trial in Houston
60 Scientists developing cocaine vaccine
61 Cocaine vaccine awaiting approval from FDA
62 20,000 Chickens Destroyed in Bangladesh Due to Bird Flu
63 Kenya church fire kills 50 who fled mob
64 Women Who Stay Religious Less Likely to Have Anxiety Disorder
65 Rx for women's anxiety--stay religious
66 Restless Legs Syndrome May Cause Heart Problems: Study
67 Restless legs linked with heart problems
68 Restless legs ups heart disease, stroke risk
69 Children who miss sleep 'at risk of obesity'
70 Children: Study Ties Too Little Sleep With Too Much Weight
71 Doctors may be giving the wrong dosage of adrenaline in an emergency because of labelling
72 Gene variation may elevate risk of liver tumor in patients with cirrhosis
73 Study examines genetic defects linked to body abnormalities in patients with childhood cancer
74 'Swish-and-spit' test accurate for cancer
75 New discovery could reduce the health risk of high-fat foods
76 Evolution education is a 'must' says coalition of scientific and teaching organizations
77 Insects' 'giant leap' reconstructed by founder of sociobiology
78 Resilience concepts poised to aid management of coastal marine ecosystems
79 N/A
80 Religion might keep anxiety at bay
81 Study: Length of children's sleep duration varies; can influence their weight, behavior
82 Preschoolers' nightmares less prevalent, are trait-like and associated with personality
83 New study in the journal Sleep finds that catathrenia can be successfully treated with CPAP
84 Journal Sleep: A short-term dose of zolpidem is an effective treatment for insomnia
85 Testosterone supplementation for older men appears to have limited benefit
86 Research suggests new treatment suitable for all patients
87 Tonsillectomy significantly improves quality of life in adult and pediatric patients
88 Silence may lead to phantom noises misinterpreted as tinnitus
89 Colon cancer risk in US traced to common ancester
90 Drivers on cell phones clog traffic
91 Working Moms: Keys to Lower Stress
92 Copper Tested in Hospital Germ Wars
93 Asphalt Seen as Heat Energy Source
94 Diners Find Rare Pearl in Plate of Clams
95 Is There a Hangover Cure?