File Title
1 Steve Jobs fields questions following Apple's UK iPhone launch
2 Intel shows off 32nm chip, offers update on Penryn, Nehalem
3 Microsoft highlights Office 2008 origins in new sneak peek
4 Next-gen MacBook Pro "Penryn" chips revealed
5 Apple patent hints at future Safari navigational interface
6 Apple iMac 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo Review
7 Apple's iPod Touch Is a Beauty of a Player Short on Battery Life
8 Will iPhone Dial Up Europe Mac's Sales?
9 Apple Investors Overlooking Mac's Windows Capability
10 The Elegant iPod Touch
11 Companies Warm To the Idea of Office Macs
12 Once you go Mac
13 Forbes: Microsoft's Windows Vista and Office 'Blunder 2007' will drive a lot of users to Apple
14 Blunder 2007
15 UPDATE 1--CBS says staying out of iTunes pricing battle
16 Office 2008 for Mac features previewed
17 OWC offers 802.11n WiFi adapters for Macs
18 Apple files self-organizing patent
19 Virutalizing OS X: Is Apple Missing the Boat?
20 Apple patent is for 'fuzzy string matching of media meta-data'
21 Organic dyes cut cost of recordable Blu-ray
22 Review: iPod touch
23 Hacker bears bad news about PDF
24 This little piggy got painted [and other "Quirkies" (odd stories)]
25 Trigger GREEN Traffic Lights
26 Sunny Outlook: Can Sunshine Provide All U.S. Electricity?
27 Cell phones, headsets to standardize on micro-USB connector, says OMTP
28 Archaeologists granted access to Japan's sacred tombs
29 SA scientists make herbicide-immune pasture
30 Data shows Merck's cervical cancer vaccine helps protect against more virus strains
31 Crunchy. Tastes Like Chicken
32 The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract
33 Arecibo Telescope's Users Meet To Plan Threatened Observatory's Scientific Future
34 Saturn's Third Moon Begins To Yield Its Secrets
35 The Magellanic Clouds Are First-Time Visitors
36 Celestial Eagle: Historic Anti-Satellite Mission Remembered
37 From plate to engine: French city powers buses with food scraps
38 U.S. Airport Screeners Are Watching What You Read
39 Glitch Renders 'Virtual Fence' Unusable
40 The Perils of Taking the IPhone Mainstream
41 Men's Breasts: No Joking Matter
42 New Information on Hobbits
43 Can a High-Fat Diet Beat Cancer?
44 Study: The Best Exercise for Diabetes
45 Vicious velociraptor was feathered fiend
46 Problem birds shown airport door
47 Genome of elephantiasis worm decoded
48 Wrist gives hobbit theory the flick
49 'Hobbit' wrists 'were primitive'
50 Overseas pressure on doctors jobs
51 60% 'unaware of cancer age link'
52 Genes May Help Dieters' Longevity
53 Why You Can't Overlook A Pretty Face
54 Pomegranate Juice May Fight Cancer
55 New $5 bill aims to thwart counterfeiters
56 Sony hatches plan to address PS3 problems
57 NBC To Offer Free, Ad-Supported Downloads Of TV Shows
58 Scientists Say Velociraptor Had Feathers
59 Velociraptor 'was a fluffy dinosaur'
60 Velociraptor had feathers
61 'Tip of the Iceberg'
62 Hobbits of Indonesia were different human species
63 'Hobbit' wrist bones suggests a distinct species
64 Hobbits' wrist action shows they were little, not people
65 Orange to sell Apple's iPhone in France
66 MTV's ThinkMTV, A Socially Conscious Social Network
67 European regulators on the rampage? Maybe not
68 Hottest Discussion Ever: Is Apple the New Microsoft?
69 Apple, music labels challenge EU charges
70 Microsoft Office under fire
71 IBM open source strategy becomes clearer
72 Kenya: IBM Hits Microsoft With Free Software Tools
73 Lotus Symphony: a first look
74 IBM's Free Lotus Symphony Tools
75 Patent law overhaul: Bad for start-ups?
76 Segway inventor raps patent reform bill
77 NASA Presents Details of Plans for Moon Base
78 Scientists Report Severe Retreat of Arctic Ice
79 Arctic sea ice dissolves to all-time low
80 Intel takes aim at Linux server power consumption
81 Intel hopes open-source effort will lower Linux power
82 ARM: PC software's a drag (on batteries)
83 Intel pushing technology from high-end to low
84 Review: Apple still has some work to do on iPod Touch
85 That's what happens in technology
86 CDC Touts Ample Supply of Flu Vaccine
87 State Promotes Health, Gives Potential Poison
88 Lead Concerns Trigger Lunch Box Recall
89 HPV Vaccine More Effective Than Thought
90 HPV Vaccine Provides Cross-Protection Against Other Strains
91 Eat (Less) to Live (Longer)
92 Rats are showing scientists the way to the elixir of life
93 Glaxo, Takeda Diabetes Pills Drive Disease's Cost, Study Says
94 Actos beats Avandia in sugar, fat control--study
95 More data on Actos puts diabetes drug ahead of Avandia
96 EASD: Retrospective Review Suggests Cardioprotective Benefit with Pioglitazone (Actos)
97 ACTOS (pioglitazone HCl) Demonstrates Reduced Risk of Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
98 Starchy diet 'may damage liver'
99 Job losses over eBay 'addiction'
100 Fight cyberbullies, schools told
101 Broadband speeds under scrutiny
102 Medical tests on top of Everest
103 Ecuador seeks oil 'compensation'
104 Genetic test for prostate cancer
105 UK has plutonium for 17,000 bombs
106 Ice withdrawal 'shatters record'
107 Smithsonian identifies 155-year-old mummy
108 Raptor had feathers on its forearm, scientists say
109 Scientists say velociraptor had feathers
110 Scientists: Hobbit wasn't a modern human
111 Seizure-Sensing Dogs Help Patients Cope
112 E. Coli: More Inspections In Sight?
113 North Pole Turf War
114 Thailand seeks court order to block YouTube again
115 NASA Presents Details of Plans for Moon Base
116 Science Bones prove 'Hobbits' a new species of humans
117 Hobbits more close to African apes than modern humans
118 Scientists Find Conclusive Evidence Velociraptor Had Feathers
119 Apple's iPhone Is Launched In France, Via Vietnam
120 Software Freedom Law Center Files First U.S. Suit To Uphold GPL
121 Lawsuit Charges Open-Source License Violation
122 'Quick-burning carbs cause fatty liver'
123 The cereal killer threatening your liver
124 New York Just Says No to Abstinence Funding
125 Traveler's diarrhea vaccine shows promising results
126 Vaccine could do away with traveler's diarrhea
127 Skin patch stops travelers' diarrhea: study
128 Skin Patch May Stop Montezuma's Revenge
129 Sirtris & Harvard discover new mechanism to slow aging
130 West Nile cases surfacing earlier, but down overall
131 Lunchbox warning: Health officials say toss them
132 New guidelines set to improve standard of cows' milk allergy care
133 University of Leicester scientists discover technique to help 'friendly bacteria'
134 Recycling wind turbines
135 Simulating kernel production influences maize model accuracy
136 EURYI project to understand how the brain wires during embryogenesis
137 Is there really a 'mommy' gene in women?
138 Natural gas inhabited by unusual specialists
139 Amazon forest shows unexpected resiliency during drought
140 Smart Insulin Nanostructures Pass Feasibility Test, UT Study Reports
141 Researchers locate mantle's spin transition zone, leading to clues about Earth's structure
142 A better definition for the kilogram? Scientists propose a precise number of carbon atoms
143 Imaging quantum entanglement
144 Reading the planetary tea leaves
145 UNC School of Pharmacy researchers create new synthetic heparin
146 Brain atrophy in elderly leads to unintended racism, depression and problem gambling
147 Dangerous diarrheal bacterium found on asymptomatic patients
148 Jefferson radiation oncologists use real-time system to plant 'seeds' against cancer
149 Insight into the struggles of children with language impairments
150 Computer program traces ancestry using anonymous DNA samples
151 Abusive males want kids
152 Donor liver split in two
153 Marital bliss not so common
154 Friends make dates safe
155 Kids learn to smoke from mom
156 Exercise away your blues
157 Travellers' diarrhoea curbed
158 Boredom: A Sinful, Puzzling, Modern Thing
159 Why Stuff Stinks: Secret Sniffed Out
160 Behind the Scenes: Search is on for Hot Young Stars
161 Who Invented Scotch Tape?
162 Ban of European Sperm Creates Short Supply
163 Man Puts Rattlesnake in Mouth and, Guess What?
164 Drought Makes Rain Forest Greener
165 Link Between Air Pollution, Stroke Gets Clearer
166 New Zone Inside the Earth Proposed
167 Judge: Bury the Mummy Baby
168 Wrist bones bolster hobbit status
169 Stay in if you're having a bad air day
170 Why a person doesn't evolve in one lifetime
171 Bumpy bones suggest Velociraptor had feathers
172 Lava may have buried signs of Mars water
173 Expedition to drill ancient mega-lake gathers pace
174 Mother's blood holds genetic clues to fetal health
175 'Self-aware' space rovers would be speedy explorers
176 Old hard drives are a goldmine for data thieves
177 Last ozone-destroying chemicals to be phased out
178 'Starquake' reveals star's powerful magnetic field
179 Human Ancestors More Primitive That Once Thought
180 Scientists Call for 80 Percent Drop in U.S. Emissions by 2050 to Avoid Dangerous Warming
181 Expedition to Explore Warm Deep Waters of Celebes Sea
182 Computer Program Traces Ancestry Using Anonymous DNA Samples
183 Simulating Kernel Production Influences Maize Model Accuracy
184 A Better Definition for the Kilogram?
185 Biologists Find Links Between Evolution, Schizophrenia
186 F.D.A. Weighs Flexibility in Trials of Heart Treatment
187 Helped by Generics, Inflation of Drug Costs Slows