File Title
1 Quit smoking by text
2 Peru meteorite strike leaves 200 sick
3 Arctic summer ice just 1 metre thick
4 Baby bats hit by cold, wet summer
5 Big future beckons for tiny chips
6 'Surprise' over gambling figures
7 Patch promises painless injection
8 Sheep offer clues to small babies
9 Dealing with the worried well
10 University offers stem cell boost
11 Earth-imaging satellite travels to space
12 Plane to help protect Hawaii coral reefs
13 Pacific angel shark pup born at aquarium
14 Agency: Herring May Be Endangered Breed
15 Experts: Sea Lice Deadly To Wild Salmon
16 A Whale Of A Mystery
17 Alaska Airlines To Test In-Flight WiFi
18 Study: Bone Drug Helps With Broken Hips
19 Smoking May Hamper Ear Health
20 New Tampon May Cut Toxic Shock Risk
21 Surgery Without Scars?
22 States are closer to trimming autos' CO2 emissions
23 Hooked on mnemonics: A new way to conquer foreign languages?
24 Delta 2 rocket launches to new success record
25 Blood Test Detects Early Lung Cancer
26 Photo in the News: "Nonexistent" Flying Fox Discovered
27 Highlights from the Intel Developer Forum: Day 1
28 Intel demonstrates faster, more efficient chip
29 Intel's Latest Chip Advances Could Lead to New Rivals
30 The End User: Tough week for Microsoft vs. competition
31 IBM Takes on Office; So Does Everyone Else
32 Google Tests Interactive Ads
33 Google Program Enlists Mini-Sites as Selling Tool for
34 New Google Ad Format To Resemble a Web Site
35 Hands on with Google Presentations
36 Popular 'smiley face' expression celebrates 25th birthday
37 Is the emoticon something to be celebrated?
38 IPhone Introduced to Europe, Where Standards Differ
39 3G iPhone Coming in 2008
40 Wi-Fi To The Rescue For The iPhone In U.K. And Germany
41 Apple Picks Deutsche Telekom for IPhone in Germany (Update4)
42 The cheapest iPod Nano Apple ever made
43 Apple's Ipod Nano earns the firm a massive margin
44 Mozilla remedies Firefox Quicktime flaw
45 Mozilla Patches Quicktime Security Hole
46 NASA Begins Hunt for New Astronauts
47 FDA Approves FluMist for Young Children
48 Crib bumper pads pose suffocation hazard: U.S. study
49 Study: Soft Crib Bumpers May Strangle, Suffocate Infants
50 Pregnancy May Offer Some Protection Against Full-Blown AIDS
51 New study on HIV/AIDS
52 Targeting nerve growth factor may cure liver cancer
53 Brain center for 'sound space' identified
54 How the brain handles surprise, good and bad
55 New study shows fish respond quickly to changes in mercury deposition
56 Scientists in first global study of 'poison' gas in the atmosphere
57 Canada's pristine freshwater fisheries at risk
58 Brown Scientists Take the Petri Dish to New Dimensions
59 Why are some groups of animals so diverse?
60 Severe heart attack damage limited by hydrogen sulfide
61 New research shows ACTOS is associated with a 38 percent lower risk of heart attack
62 Common abdominal pain may be due to a potentially treatable newly recognized inflammatory reaction
63 Landfill mining reduces environmental impact of growing waste
64 Giving emergency nurses aromatherapy massages with music dramatically reduced stress levels
65 Cervical cancer screening: Too many are left unprotected
66 Pregnancy may slow--not accelerate--progression to AIDS
67 New understanding of basic units of memory
68 Mouthpiece may stop snoring
69 HIV pill may save millions
70 Docs misdiagnose milk allergy
71 Slimy Salamanders Caught Crossbreeding
72 TV on the Web Embraced by Viewers and Advertisers
73 Bees Trained as Bomb Sniffers
74 History Rewritten on Cherokee Collapse
75 Forty-year-old telescope is still a galactic explorer
76 Caring grandmas explain evolutionary role of menopause
77 'Pulp-based computing' makes normal paper smart
78 Chemical clue sheds light on winter depression
79 HIV sequences cannot prove guilt
80 Did the big bang spawn trillions of black holes?
81 Prehistoric Aesthetics Explains Snail Biogeography Puzzle
82 Biologists Close in on Mystery of Sea Turtles' 'Lost Years'
83 Canada's Pristine Freshwater Fisheries at Risk
84 Argon Conclusion: Researchers Reassess Theories on Formation of Earth's Atmosphere
85 F.D.A. Warns Procter on Hand Sanitizer Advertising
86 Lunch With Alice Waters, Food Revolutionary
87 Lost in a Million-Year Gap, Solid Clues to Human Origins
88 Is 'Do Unto Others' Written Into Our Genes?
89 Languages Die, but Not Their Last Words
90 Prehistoric aesthetics explains snail biogeography puzzle
91 Species still have more viable offspring if they can choose their best mate
92 Stem cells can repair diseased lungs: study
93 AMD Adds Multi-Core Triple Threat to Desktop Roadmap
94 Intel Demonstrates Industry's First 32nm Chip and Next-Generation Nehalem Microprocessor Architecture
95 Intelligent steel for safer cars
96 Sexual function affected by stem cell transplant according to long-term study
97 Increase in atmospheric moisture tied to human activities
98 Free Phone Calls With Startup's $399 Box
99 Google Cashing in on Widget Craze
100 Peruvian scientists probe fumes from meteorite crater
101 Swirled to the Left or Right? Nanofibers Align in Stirred Liquid
102 How the brain handles surprise, good and bad
103 Researchers reassess theories on formation of Earth's atmosphere
104 Artists 'draw on air' to create 3D illustrations
105 Stem cells in adult testes provide alternative to embryonic stem cells for organ regeneration
106 Restricting pesticides could greatly reduce suicide rates worldwide
107 Study examines implications of genetic screening for disease that can be less serious, treatable
108 Hazards of using crib bumper pads outweigh their benefits
109 A new technology for cancer screening listens for the signs of cancer
110 Nutrition model stresses positive experience of eating
111 Misconceptions about Alzheimer's varies among races, survey suggests
112 Selective attention increases both gain and feature selectivity of the human auditory cortex
113 Cervical cancer screening: Too many are left unprotected
114 Brown scientists take the petri dish to new dimensions
115 Pregnancy may slow--not accelerate--progression to AIDS
116 Brain center for 'sound space' identified
117 New understanding of basic units of memory
118 Severe heart attack damage limited by hydrogen sulfide
119 Bacteria Likely Cause of Catfish Die-Off
120 It's The Way It's Written...
121 Cell growth technology promises more successful drug development
122 Bats add their voice to the FOXP2 story
123 Canada's pristine freshwater fisheries at risk
124 Metagenomics of the deep Mediterranean
125 Why are some groups of animals so diverse?
126 Purdue to test the limits of text messaging
127 As Prices Drop, Thefts of GPS Units Soar
128 2007 looks like year of 'malware'
129 Turkish court orders YouTube blocked
130 Airline to Test Wi-Fi for Passengers
131 Man Finds Lost Camera Through E-Mails
132 21st-century pack mule: MIT's 'exoskeleton' lightens the load
133 Fujitsu Launches High-Efficiency Power Management LSI for Ultra-Mobile PCs
134 New Bose Speakers Are Even Smaller
135 Gadgetry to lure 'iPod' generation to California's Death Valley
136 Earth-Imaging Satellite Travels to Space
137 University helps map the universe
138 Scientists in first global study of 'poison' gas in the atmosphere
139 Herschel's heart and brain mated
140 Ancient British bog provides clue to global warming
141 Photoacoustic Images Add Valuable Information To Conventional Mammography
142 Clinical Trials Are Testing Better Alternatives For Dialysis Patients
143 Misconceptions About Alzheimer's Varies Among Races, Survey Suggests
144 Our Visual System May React More Rapidly When Visualizing Two Objects Which Might Collide
145 Speedier Skis On Course For World Cup Glory
146 Prehistoric Aesthetics Explains Snail Biogeography Puzzle
147 Why Is The Hercules Dwarf Galaxy So Flat?
148 Gene Mutation Thought To Control Energy Levels Discovered
149 Increase In Atmospheric Moisture Tied To Human Activities
150 Purdue to test emergency text messaging
151 Study determines how viruses evade T-cells
152 Intelligent, Chatty Machines
153 2007 Young Innovator: Javier Garcia-Martinez, 34 [New zeolites for cracking petroleum]
154 Solar-Powered Laser
155 Tooth loss in elderly linked to mental impairment
156 Natural Protein Could Help Spot, Treat Liver Cancer
157 Sea Turtles' Mystery Hideout Revealed
158 Parking Lots Outnumber People, Add to Pollution
159 Agency: Herring may be endangered breed
160 Snakes, birds found in airline luggage
161 Neptune has a 'warm' south pole, astronomers find
162 Google Docs' New Presentations Can't Compete With PowerPoint