File Title
1 AMD to Launch New 4-Core Server Chip
2 British solar plane breaks longest unmanned flight record
3 Researchers uncover novel mechanism that balances the sizes of functional areas in the brain
4 Magnets can boost production of ethanol for fuel
5 Tiny tubes and rods show promise as catalysts, sunscreen
6 Stem cell research produces a key discovery for Fragile X Syndrome
7 How vitamin C stops the big 'C'
8 Drawing nanoscale features the fast and easy way
9 Mathematics of Ice to Aid Global Warming Forecasts
10 Mars Rovers Survive Severe Dust Storms, Ready for Next Objectives
11 Research says low paying jobs damage future employment prospects
12 STS-120 to Deliver Harmony Node to ISS
13 Machines might talk with humans by putting themselves in our shoes
14 Sugar identified as key to malaria parasite invasion
15 Study reveals predation-evolution link
16 Telescope funding in peril
17 EPA issues list of high volume chemicals
18 NASA prepares solar dynamic observatory
19 PCBs may threaten killer whale populations for 30-60 years
20 SanDisk Announces New Sansa View Video MP3 Player
21 Apple Mulling Bid on Airwaves Auction
22 Chinese woman faces legal action from .eu authorities
23 Satellite data might have prevented jetliner crash: scientists
24 Researchers investigate tracking, sensors to assist Air Force
25 Supercomputer reservation system created
26 High-tech power plant construction begins
27 Apple Sells 1 Millionth IPhone
28 Gray whales a fraction of historic levels, genetic research says
29 Radio Frequencies Help Burn Salt Water
30 HARDY rice: less water, more food
31 Bodies Exhumed From Viking Burial Mound
32 Japanese beetle may help fight hemlock-killing insect
33 Blocking formation of toxic plaques implicated in type 2 diabetes
34 Epic journey begins for world record-holding stork
35 Ancient Escape Hatch Found in Israel
36 Women less likely than men to change habits that increase heart disease risk
37 Implantable device designed to detect, stop seizures under study
38 Adverse drug events reported to FDA appear to have increased markedly
39 Drug-free treatments offer hope for older people in pain
40 A chocolate cookie a day puts 20 pounds on an energetically-balanced kid in 4 years
41 Sharp drop in British sperm donors
42 Researchers identify signaling protein for multiple myeloma
43 Natural aorta grafts have few side effects for infection-prone patients
44 Embryonic stem cells thrive when shaken
45 Nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin associated with reduced risk for age-related eye disease
46 British moms to get healthy food grant
47 British scientists use 3D face scan to detect genetic conditions
48 Doctor: pigs with human organs 2 years off
49 Mutations in the insulin gene can cause neonatal diabetes
50 Researchers click nutrition with camera diet study
51 New therapy could preserve vessel function after heart attack
52 The Hygiene Hypothesis: Are Cleanlier Lifestyles Causing More Allergies For Kids?
53 Non-stick Molds
54 How One Storm Can Affect Another
55 Device To Predict Proper Light Exposure For Human Health
56 Testosterone Deficiency Relatively Rare In Men
57 Safer Car Controls
58 Marine Team Finds Surprising Evidence Supporting A Great Biblical Flood
59 What Is Dark Energy? 'Beyond Einstein' Program Aims To Investigate
60 Rehab For Fried Food Loving Couch Dwellers
61 New Drug Paradigm: Liquid Crystal Pharmaceuticals
62 Facial Characteristics Offer Insights Into Genetic Conditions
63 Bog Mummies Yield Secrets
64 Ocean Depths 'No Haven' From Global Catastrophes
65 When Does Being Obese Not Lead To Diabetes? When Mice Lack Osteopontin
66 New CPR Promises Better Results By Compressing Abdomen, Not Chest
67 Stem Cells In Tendons That Regenerate Tissue Identified In Animal Model
68 Virological Evidence Cannot Prove Transmission In HIV Criminal Cases
69 Superbugs, Shapes And Nanotechnology
70 PCBs May Threaten Killer Whale Populations For 30-60 Years
71 Ancient 'Escape Tunnel' Discovered In Israel
72 Embryonic Stem Cells Thrive When Shaken
73 'Lung On A Chip' And Other Marvels From Microfluidic Devices
74 Pivotal Hearing Structure Revealed
75 Doctor: pigs with human organs 2 years off
76 Antidepressant helps dementia symptoms
77 Stress may be key to lack of weight loss
78 Vitamin C may inhibit tumor growth
79 Future Career Path Of Gifted Youth Can Be Predicted By Age 13 By SAT
80 Bacteria Inside Red Mites Could Be Targeted To Control Poultry Pests
81 New View Of DNA Repair: Enzyme Alerts Cell's Powerful Army To Repair DNA Damage
82 Role Reversal: Humans Suck Life Out Of Leeches
83 Newer Antidepressants Led To Less, Not More, Teen Suicides
84 New Cause Of Blindness Discovered
85 Clean lifestyle increases risk of allergies in children
86 Tiny dinosaur was ready to fly
87 The science of music
88 More Kids Going To School Online
89 Homo politicus: brain function of liberals, conservatives differs
90 Today's Trivia
91 Study finds spinach, eggs ward off cause of blindness
92 Do Nanoparticles and Sunscreen Mix?
93 Strange but True: Males Can Lactate
94 Silent Seizures May Cause Alzheimer's Dementia
95 Mysterious Honeybee Disappearance Linked to Rare Virus
96 News Bytes of the Week--Popcorn lung leaves the factory, Goats sacrificed to fix airplane, Nuclear mixup and more...
97 It's No Delusion: Evolution May Favor Schizophrenia Genes
98 Are We Predisposed to Political Beliefs?
99 Central Asia's electricity sector
100 Chinese power chief gets life for graft
101 Protecting Our Beaches
102 National Report On Space Program Recommends Missions To Study Dark Energy And Black Holes
103 New Faraway Sensors Warn Of Emerging Hurricane's Strength
104 First Image From Phoenix Mars Lander Camera Received On Earth
105 Machines Powered by Heart Muscles
106 Animation for the Masses
107 Indianovation
108 Circle, Triangle, Square in the Summer
109 Is Evolution Selecting for Endurance Runners?
110 Managing Your Reputation Online
111 Diagnosing Faulty Wi-Fi
112 A Helmet That Detects Hard Hits
113 Blowing the Top Off Mountaintop Mining
114 Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Eavesdropper's Paradise
115 Japanese Schoolgirls Go for Over-Engineered Lashes
116 Inside the Mind of the Man Who Tried to Milk Linux
117 Updated IPods Confirm Apple's Monopoly, Lawyers Say
118 Pennsylvania Man Claims He Made Fuel From Salt Water
119 Study questions comeback of gray whale
120 Scientists reinvent use for satellites
121 Satellite data might have prevented jetliner crash: scientists
122 Hubble Telescope: Solved and Unsolved Mysteries
123 Gray Whales Still Not Recovered From 19th Century Whaling
124 Indian tribe may prosecute illegal whale hunting
125 Tribe did not OK whale shooting
126 Chinese pandas start new life in Spain as VIPs
127 Orchid fossil quells evolutionary quarrel
128 Africa gets biotech boost against killer diseases
129 Germany boosts non-embryonic stem cell research
130 Make it medium rare and low in Hsp 40, please
131 Eyes lock on different letters when reading
132 Study shows vitamin C's cancer-fighting properties
133 Radio frequencies help burn salt water
134 Viking queen exhumed to solve mystery
135 Mediterranean Diet May Boost Alzheimer's Survival
136 Study finds spinach, eggs ward off cause of blindness