File Title
1 Physicists think they can levitate
2 Call to site animal labs away from cattle
3 Genes shine light on mystery frog fungus
4 Whale fears silence US Navy sonar
5 Galaxies clash in four-way merger
6 Team finds largest exoplanet yet
7 Hunting for another Earth-like planet
8 Russia watches over nuclear wrecks
9 IAEA experts visit Japanese plant
10 Famous fossil Lucy starts US tour
11 Alexander's Gulf outpost uncovered
12 Digital art aids health checkups
13 Microsoft $1.5bn MP3 fine dropped
14 Video games need 'realism boost'
15 Smart fabrics hit the catwalk
16 The ghosts in the voting machines
17 Planes to use accurate satellite data
18 Digital Planet: Wikimania; Satellite Improvements; Tall Ships; ISP Throttling
19 Alzheimer's drugs 'help glaucoma'
20 Baby milk ads 'should be banned'
21 Hypertension drugs 'aid elderly'
22 Coffee 'protects female memory'
23 Diabetes nearly ruined my marriage
24 Dementia
25 The dream of time travel
26 Fat cats facing soaring diabetes
27 Ancient microbes 'revived' in lab
28 Crocodile Hunting On The Nile
29 New Orleans' Newest Problem: Water
30 Solar Power For Your Home
31 Supermarket To Offer Free Antibiotics
32 Study: Binge Drinkers Prefer Beer
33 Sodas Get Run For Your Money
34 Take Bark Out Of Dog Days Of August
35 Caffeine May Help Women's Memory
36 Mars lander launches new decade of exploration
37 Warblers, vireos, and tanks: Army tries new approach
38 Helping hands to injured birds of prey
39 Chestnut tree poised for comeback
40 Gone crocodile hunting on the Nile
41 A monster galaxy pileup
42 Taking the Universe's temperature
43 Burst pipe leaves drought-hit Turkish capital dry
44 Common Geriatric Conditions Overlooked
45 Giant Planets More Common, Star Survey Suggests
46 Apple Announces New iMacs and Accessories
47 Apple Refreshes iMac, Introduces iLife '08
48 Apple Debuts New IMacs to Win Back-to-School Shoppers (Update2)
49 Apple unveils new line of 20- and 24-inch iMacs
50 Apple Updates iMac Offerings
51 Apple Refreshes Its iMac Lineup
52 Forbes man exposed as fake Apple blogger
53 Navy can't use sonar in submarine tests off Channel Islands
54 Judge bans Navy from using sonar off Southern California
55 U.S. judge bars Navy's tests of sonar off California
56 Court blocks Navy sonar use to protect whales
57 U.S. Navy barred from using sonar for training exercises in California waters
58 Iphone patent man has form
59 Another lawsuit targets Apple's iPhone
60 Apple Hit by iPhone Touch-Screen Suit
61 YouTube suit tailor made copyright test case
62 Laws to Ban Driving Under the Influence--of Texting?
63 Survey: Americans say texting while driving should be illegal
64 Poll: 89% Of Americans Want Texting While Driving Banned
65 89% of Americans want text-and-drive ban, 57% say they do it anyway
66 Warming climate may give life to frozen germs
67 DVDs Don't Produce Brainy Babies
68 Educational DVDs 'slow infant learning'
69 DVDs to help babies learn 'may hinder skills'
70 Scientists Discover Largest Known Planet Outside of Solar System
71 Keck Finds Finds Largest Exoplanet to Date
72 Mega-planet spotted orbiting fading star
73 Giant planet discovered
74 I Went Undercover With Dateline, Too
75 Shanghai to get camp for Web addicts
76 China tries to cure Net addicts at summer camp
77 Disease source linked to lab
78 Flooding may have washed virus onto farm
79 Caffeine may slow women's memory loss
80 Caffeine Protects Thinking And Memory In Older Women
81 3 coffees a day keep memory loss at bay for older women: study
82 Adult, teen binge drinkers vary on alcohol
83 New Alzheimer's drugs might help prevent glaucoma
84 Alzheimer's drugs may halt progress of glaucoma
85 Farms Shield Kids From Bowel Disease
86 Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Crohn's Higher Among City Folks Compared To Farmers--Babies Exposed And Hygiene
87 Brain Studies Show ADHD Is Real Disease
88 Moderate exercise may be best
89 ARVs increased cost a concern
90 ADHD: True mental disorder
91 HIV drug suspended, withdrawn
92 Branded food tastier to kids
93 Condoms leave Brits red-faced
94 Pencil in head for 55 years
95 New AIDS drug approved
96 Genetic popsicle
97 Puppet parents raise troubled condors
98 Nearby black hole caught burping gamma rays
99 MySpace hacker gets his profile deleted
100 Educational DVDs 'slow infant learning'
101 More parties join YouTube copyright lawsuit
102 Eight-million-year-old bug is alive and growing
103 Chlamydia screening is not cost-effective
104 New HIV treatments will fight growing drug resistance
105 Researchers Work to Track North American Climate Change
106 Viewing Ecosystems from Above
107 Ecologists Work to Link Kids with Nature
108 Full-time Sensors Can Detect Bridge Defects
109 Bacteria May Not Hasten Death
110 Lost Forest Yields Several Forest Species
111 New World Record for a Superconducting Magnet Set at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
112 Math Plus Cryptography Equals Drama and Conflict
113 Prof. Develops System to Remotely Monitor Bridges
114 Scientist Produce Functioning Neurons from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
115 Really? The Claim: With Sunscreens, High SPF Ratings Are Best
116 Judge Limits Navy Sonar, Citing a Threat to Wildlife
117 Learning: In Tiny Part of the Brain, a Key to Foreign Tongues
118 Injections to Kick-Start Tissue Repair
119 Doctors Warn Against Infrared Thermometers
120 Research Identifies Brain Site for Fever
121 In a Hospital Stay, No Time to Rest
122 It Banishes Uterine Fibroids, but for How Long?
123 From Fresh Ideas and Better Steel, Safer Bridges
124 What's in a Name? Parsing the 'God Particle,' the Ultimate Metaphor
125 Its Poor Reputation Aside, Our Fat Is Doing Us a Favor
126 Little Blue Lights
127 Ancient Flying Reptiles Probably Swooped, Not Skimmed, for Food
128 In Dusty Archives, a Theory of Affluence
129 Deadly Inheritance, Desperate Trade-Off
130 New Dark Matter Candidate Proposed
131 Side-to-side shaking of nanoresonators throws off impurities
132 Simulated relationships offer insight into real ones
133 Study sees U.S. retirement wealth up sharply by 2040
134 Quantum analog of Ulam's conjecture can guide molecules, reactions
135 New research discovers independent brain networks control human walking
136 Search engine revs up to look for billions of names
137 Potato chip flavoring protects concrete
138 Microsoft relieved of 1.5 bln dollar payout in online music suit
139 Baby DVDs, videos may hinder, not help, infants' language development
140 New World Record For Superconducting Magnet Set
141 Natural fireworks, courtesy of the Perseid meteor shower
142 NASA Undersea Mission Begins
143 Link Between Sunspots, Rain Helps Predict Disease in East Africa
144 Experiment suggests limitations to carbon dioxide 'tree banking'
145 NASA Develops Wireless Tile Scanner for Space Shuttle Inspection
146 Gore: Polluters Manipulate Climate Info
147 Apple Unveils New iMac
148 Full-time sensors can detect bridge defects
149 Study: More Time Spent With Paid Media
150 Groups to Open Vehicle Research Center
151 Heat wave may stress nation's power system
152 NBC Eyes 3,600 Hours of Olympic Coverage
153 Computer graphics spills from milk to medicine
154 Wheat may join corn in biofuels
155 Weed gave up sex long ago
156 Finnish scientists discover 780-year-old pine tree
157 Researchers discover some of the oldest forms of life
158 Lost forest yields several new species
159 Study points to larger role of Asian ancestors in evolution
160 Hold your nose and head for the hills: Titania is opening
161 Why nectar-feeding bats need a 'power drink' to fly
162 Secret Life of Elephant Seals Not Secret Anymore
163 In limiting life span, study finds booming bacteria innocent
164 2nd UK Herd Has Foot-And-Mouth
165 Court Rules Out Terminally Ill for Tests
166 Study suggests nonpharmaceutical interventions may be helpful in severe influenza outbreaks
167 Working Families Rely Heavily on "Convenience" Foods for Dinner, But Save Little Time
168 Metabolic study in mice could lead to 'good cholesterol' boosters
169 FDA approves antiretroviral drug
170 Osteoporosis screening and treatment may be cost-effective for selected older men
171 Green tea holds promise as new treatment for inflammatory skin diseases
172 Adult Binge Drinkers Prefer Beer
173 New mechanism links smoking to lung damage
174 Researchers find vitamin B1 deficiency key to vascular problems for diabetic patients
175 An apple (or banana) a day...
176 High-intensity ultrasound may launch attack on cancer, wherever it lurks
177 Preclinical study links gene to brain aneurysm formation