File Title
1 One gene may be key to perfect pitch
2 Monkeys fluent in 'baby talk'
3 Bugs repair own DNA to survive eons in ice
4 Hedgehogs join 'protection' list
5 'Massive' gem dug up in S Africa
6 Call for 'green-home' cash bonus
7 Jupiter shield's mixed blessing
8 Apollo Moon photos reveal detail
9 Fires: Counting the eco-cost
10 Time to tune in to the real world
11 Legal threats halt iPhone crack
12 Yahoo plea over China rights case
13 State of Play: Man versus machine
14 I want Francis Bacon on my XBox
15 Digital Planet: Apollo Archive, Graffiti Tracker, Computer Skin
16 Statins 'life saving' for strokes
17 Banking By Cell Phone: Right Call For You?
18 Space Tourism Industry Takes A Blow
19 Babies Get Head Start On Toilet Training
20 ED Drugs May Boost Orgasm Hormone
21 Frozen Bacteria Repair Own DNA for Millennia
22 Hurricane Dean misses tourists but hits villagers hard
23 Colorful village rises for New Orleans musicians
24 Dual therapy can control high-risk prostate cancer
25 Never mind a blue moon, it's been eclipsed
26 It happens only once in a red moon
27 Sky gazers get an eye-full in extra-long lunar eclipse
28 The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone hacking
29 After iPhone fame, it's off to college
30 Israeli Hackers Claim 100% Unlock iPhone Yet Again, AT&T Shrugs
31 Unlocking the iPhone Without the Soldering Iron?
32 Don't Trust the Servers
33 A Desktop In A Tiny Chrome Box: Virtualization Arrives, Pano-style
34 Virtualization Gadget Aims to Eliminate PCs
35 Report: Shuttle Discovery to Carry Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber Into Space
36 'Star Wars' Lightsaber Actually Going To Space
37 Critics urge rejection of Microsoft 'open' format
38 Microsoft bashed in OOXML shens (and comparing loos)
39 Critics urge rejection of Microsoft "open" format
40 OOXML gains ground even as US remains apathetic on new document formats
41 Chinese tech firm flirts with Seagate
42 YouTube Duped in Latest Storm Worm Attack
43 Hackers Lure PC Victims With Fake YouTube Videos
44 The tropics are getting wetter
45 Tropics getting extra rainy, NASA boffins say
46 Global warming causes increase in tropical rainfall
47 Symantec Launches Norton 2008 Series
48 Symantec Launches Norton Internet Security 2008, Norton AntiVirus 2008
49 'Self-Discipline' Pact Could End Anonymous Blogging in China
50 How statins can help to protect from Alzheimer's
51 Statins 'may ease risk of dementia'
52 A Heart Drug May Hold Off Alzheimer's
53 Statins May Stave Off Alzheimer's, New Study
54 Kids, short classes effective for teaching CPR
55 30-minute courses get high marks
56 Continued Statin Use Boosts Post-Stroke Outcomes
57 Statin withdrawal after stroke worsens outcome
58 Nanowire coating for bone implants, stents
59 Switching goals
60 A gene for metastasis
61 New golden frog discovered in remote region of Colombia
62 Sex is thirst-quenching for female beetles
63 Discovery may help defang viruses
64 Innovative civil engineering application promises cleaner waters
65 Gamma globulin effective in treating eye infections caused by adenoviruses
66 Novel M.S. Drug Shows Promise in Two Lethal Leukemias
67 Not all risk is created equal
68 Researchers clone aluminum-tolerance gene in sorghum, promising boost to crop yields in developing world
69 Shrinking giants, exploding dwarves
70 Fasten your seat belts, turbulence ahead--lessons from Titan
71 Neutron stars warp space-time, U-M astronomers observe
72 Self-collection of specimens for HPV testing
73 New MRI finding sheds light on multiple sclerosis disease progressio[n]
74 Circulating fats kill transplanted pancreas cells, study shows
75 Treating diabetes during pregnancy can break link to childhood obesity
76 Jefferson specialists studying innovative surgery for effectively treating sleep apnea
77 Different method of evaluating the urinary tract system reduces radiation dose
78 New study: Pine bark reduces perimenopausal symptoms
79 Facial Transplantation May Be a Safer Option, Study Shows
80 Same gene protects from 1 disease, opens door to another
81 IBS pain mostly in the head
82 Coffee, hypertension linked
83 Bad breath is taboo
84 Drinking ups blood pressure
85 Lip balm addictive
86 Poisonous 'Golden Frog' Discovered
87 Lunar Eclipse Dazzles Skywatchers
88 Oldest Living Thing Found in Ice
89 Greenhouses Gases Responsible for 2006's Record Warmth
90 As Predicted, Global Warming Fuels More Tropical Rainfall
91 Sex Quenches Thirst of Female Beetles
92 Fire With Fire: Virus Could Combat Deadly Human Bacteria
93 Intriguing Science Behind the 'Fat Virus'
94 Armstrong, Hinault Top New 54-Year Tour de France Ranking
95 Famed Fossil Lucy Makes Her Debut
96 Lucy on Tour: See Evolution's Biggest Bones of Contention
97 The Top 10 Intelligent Designs (or Creation Myths)
98 U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution
99 Research in Action: Power in Numbers
100 Greedy larvae too much of a mouthful for predators
101 Invention: The hibernation diet [et al.]
102 Warped space-time helps pin down neutron star size
103 High-speed video shows how crows 'caw'
104 Worm chewing changes soil chemistry
105 Selfish cells take over testes
106 Awareness of GM Wheat is Low; So Is Opposition
107 Fighting Listeria: Why Food Processors Must Beware the Resurgent Bug
108 Circulating Fats Kill Transplanted Pancreas Cells
109 Neutron Stars Warp Space-time, Astronomers Observe
110 Shrinking Giants, Exploding Dwarves
111 Computer Simulation Shows How Evolution May Have Speeded Up
112 Scientists Reveal Actions of Key Player in Colorectal Cancer
113 Dont' Trust Expert Forecasts
114 Simpler Method Tests for Radium in Drinking Water
115 New Roof System Means Savings for Homeowners