File Title
1 Computer plays 'perfect' game of draughts
2 Dinosaurs took their time rising to the top
3 Small glaciers play large part in sea level rise
4 Ancient Darfur lake 'is dried up'
5 Farm bird decline 'can be halted'
6 Saturn's sixtieth moon discovered
7 Dinosaurs' slow rise to dominance
8 Computers crack famous board game
9 Viking voyage: The crew's diary
10 Net criminals shun virus attacks
11 Google profits miss expectations
12 Could Facebook Become The Next Microsoft?
13 Robot to carry out heart surgery
14 A quarter century of computer viruses
15 Bipolar disorder 'shrinks brain'
16 Healthy weight link to longevity
17 Ancient Mariner Tools Found In Cyprus
18 Researchers Map Crickets' Gene Sequence
19 Poor Nations Urged To Develop Knowledge
20 Study: Plug-In Hybrids May Cut Emissions
21 Amphibian Populations Concern Scientists
22 Archaeologists Dig Up Roman Bath Complex
23 German City Pioneers Use Of Solar Energy
24 One Of World's Oldest Chimps Dies At 60
25 Restored Saturn V Rocket Unveiled
26 Canadian Researchers "Solve" Checkers
27 Hawaii Braces For A Tropical Depression
28 Study: Dinosaurs Lived With Predecessors
29 Chili Sauce Company Plant Had Problems
30 Judge: Hospital Must Return Mom's Placenta
31 Zocor Vs. Alzheimer's And Parkinson's
32 Reporter Detained For Fake Pork Bun Story
33 Stores Restrict Tylenol Used In Heroin Mix
34 An Exit Strategy For Tattoo-Wearers
35 U.S. Agencies Probe Botulism Poisoning
36 Small Melting Glaciers Will Speed Sea Level Rise, Study Says
37 Sea rise this century tied to smaller glaciers
38 Dinosaurs' Rise Was Slow, Not "Lucky Break," New Fossils Suggest
39 New 60th Moon of Saturn Discovered
40 From dark obscurity: New Saturn moon comes to light
41 Image of the Day: Mysterious Spin
42 Image of the Day: Mount Gamkonora
43 Making Tracks: Mars Rover's Stomping Ground
44 Image of the Day: That's Really Super, Supernova
45 Image of the Day: Candy-Colored Cup-Shaped Craters of Carbon Dioxide Ice
46 Image of the Day: Take Me to the River
47 Travel outside the box--uncommon trips
48 Researchers Map Crickets' Gene Sequence
49 Teacher-Astronaut Marks NASA Anniversary with Shuttle Launch Drill
50 Art "For The Birds" Created by Rutgers-Camden Prof
51 One species, many genomes
52 Identified main genetic variants involved in response to HIV
53 Alternative farming cleans up water
54 Number of published science and engineering articles flattens, but US influence remains strong
55 Molecular detectors may refine cancer treatment
56 Measuring the Unseeable: Penn Researchers Probe Proteins' "Dark Energy"
57 Probing biology's dark matter
58 Researchers plumb mysteries of Antarctic Mountains
59 By ice floe to the North Pole
60 Adverse reactions of natural health products/drugs under-reported, study shows
61 UCF, Holochip Corp. announce global licensing agreement for zoom lens patents
62 House Backs Taxpayer-Funded Research Access
63 New research provides hope for childhood cancer sufferers
64 Investigating the causes of Parkinson's disease
65 Google's $4.6 billion plan for an open wireless Internet
66 Google Waves $4.6B in The Face of Spectrum
67 Google plans to reserve $4.6B in upcoming FCC auction
68 Google Pledges to Spend $4.6 Billion on FCC Auction
69 Google pledges to bid $4.6 billion for wireless spectrum
70 Computer develops a brain for checkers
71 Computer scientist creates 'invincible' Checkers game
72 500 billion billion moves later, computers solve checkers
73 Facebook Snaps Up Firefox Founders' Startup Parakey
74 UPDATE 1--Facebook buys start-up Parakey for undisclosed sum
75 Facebook Aims for the Desktop with Parakey Acquisition
76 When Asked, Ask to Stop Data Retention
77 to offer better privacy controls
78 will let users search the Web anonymously
79 Dinosaurs took ages to rule Earth
80 Fossil finds shake up dinosaur theories
81 Grad student finds 'pre-dinosaur'
82 Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth Along with Their Ancestors
83 Analyst weighs in on Apple's rev-share arrangement with AT&T
84 Analyst bases Apple target on iPhone potential
85 New AT&T Contract Not Required?
86 UK iPhone reportedly functioning with Vodafone
87 Hackers saw through iPhone AT&T shackles
88 Notebooks Bursting Into Flames Again
89 Sony in new laptop battery recall debacle
90 One in 25 youths online asked for sex pics: study
91 Internet Safety Risk For Kids Is Real
92 Lou Dolinar: Installing Vista--lesson one
93 Microsoft: 'Whoa now' on Vista SP1
94 Next version of Windows: Call it 7
95 Firefox, IE Execs Spar Over Vulnerabilities
96 Mozilla patches Firefox and IE flaw but no Microsoft fix
97 Mozilla Relieves Firefox, Explorer Security Headache
98 Dust storm may doom Mars rovers
99 NASA Fears Dust Storm Could Doom Mars Rovers
100 Scientists discover Saturn's 60th moon
101 Saturn Mom to 60 Moons, Probe Finds
102 Infant Car Seats May Increase Risk of SIDS
103 Health and Public Policy: Older Auto Drivers Safer Than You Think
104 Senior Drivers Aren't Unsafe Drivers
105 Surprise: Elderly Drive Better Than Teens
106 Is Restless Leg Syndrome Real?
107 Low Insulin Key to Long Life
108 Analysis: Insulin-signaling longevity key?
109 Old Mice Reveal Tale of Insulin-like Signaling in Longevity
110 How Healthy Living Helps Longevity
111 Genome survey provides clue to HIV's 'Achilles heel'
112 Genetic Analysis Offers Insights Into AIDS Resistance
113 Study sees hope for controlling new HIV cases
114 Senate Panel Approves Huge Tobacco Tax To Fund Child Healthcare
115 Opinion--Bush to Children: Drop Dead
116 Smoking brings on menopause
117 Tennis may hurt young spines
118 Exercise can beat the blues
119 75% of US to be overweight
120 1 billion lack vit. D
121 Viking Treasure Hoard Found in England
122 Bionic Dog Gets Carbon-Fiber Paw
123 Primate Tourism Monkeys Around with Life and Death
124 Martian Dust Storms Engulf Planet
125 Archaeologists Dig Up Roman Bath Complex
126 Family, More Than Genes, Helps Drive Divorce
127 Key to Good Marriage: Do the Dishes
128 Small Ice Sources Pose Big Threat to Rising Seas
129 U.S. Leadership in Science Publishing Slips
130 Old Chimp Dies
131 New Fingerprint Technique Could Reveal Diet, Sex, Race
132 Why Children Make Better Hunters Than Gatherers
133 Robotic Bird Designed to Spy on Humans
134 Ecotourism Driving Tibetan Monkeys to Infanticide
135 Dinosaurs Had Sex As Youths, Study Says
136 Penguins Changed Diet Due to Whaling, Study Suggests
137 Video: Hawaii Barracks' Newest Recruit: the Sun
138 Liquids bounce again
139 The man with a hole in his brain
140 Manic mood swings can destroy grey matter
141 Checkmate for checkers
142 Queen bees avert the sting in the tail
143 NASA asks Apollo engineers for help with Moon plans
144 Taking the fossil out of fossil fuel
145 Man with tiny brain shocks doctors
146 Software spots key players in online communities
147 Worsening dust storms threaten Mars rovers
148 Alternative Farming Cleans Up Water
149 Charting Ever-changing Genomes
150 New Mechanism Found for Memory Storage in Brain
151 Butterfly Back from the Brink of Extinction
152 Genetic Diversity in Honeybee Colonies Boosts Productivity
153 Release of NWF Report, "Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Habitats in the Pacific Northwest"
154 Prof. Using Penguin Remains to Measure Antarctic Ice Movement
155 Fossil Fuels May be Affecting Salmon Populations
156 New Device Makes Optical Fiber Realignment Simple
157 Fit Young Pitchers See Elbow Repair as Cure-All
158 Really? The Claim: UV Contact Lenses Can Replace Sunglasses
159 Meanwhile, the Weather on Mars...
160 Champion at Checkers That Cannot Lose to People
161 Touch Me Feel Me Science
162 Blood transfusions are unlikely to spread cancer
163 One species, many genomes
164 Mars Rovers Braving Severe Dust Storms
165 Researchers Find New Way To Fabricate Striped Nanorods
166 Physicists get ultra-sharp glimpse of electrons
167 Unique Material May Allow Capacitors to Store More Energy
168 Trapped, Imaged Single Atoms May Enable Powerful Quantum Computing
169 Researchers plumb mysteries of Antarctic Mountains
170 Calif. nuclear site to undergo study
171 Carbon dioxide plan reviewed in Washington
172 Rovers begin new observations on changing Martian atmosphere
173 HiRISE Catches a Dust Devil on Mars
174 Light earthquake jolts San Francisco
175 Restored Saturn V Rocket Unveiled
176 La Nina pattern likely to play havoc with world's weather: UN
177 Volcano in Tanzania Erupts, Spews Lava
178 Keeping GLAST on Track
179 NASA Robots Practice Moon Survey in the Arctic Circle
180 New Japanese humanoid invites grown-ups to play
181 EU OKs German Online Search-Engine Grant
182 UCF, Holochip in Licensing Agreement for Zoom Lens Patents
183 When Asked, Ask to Stop Data Retention
184 Web Video Sites Mined by Talent Scouts
185 Court Turns Down Qualcomm Appeal
186 Google Earth helps Argentina tax man uncover fraud
187 Internet via power lines set to launch
188 Genetic diversity in honeybee colonies boosts productivity
189 N.C. Wyeth's coloring technique revealed by Cornell's synchrotron as it uncovers eight decades of paint
190 Historic Indian Trail Recreated in Ark.
191 Endangered Species Rulings Under Review
192 Study Sheds Light on Why Humans Walk on Two Legs
193 Surprising new species of light-harvesting bacterium discovered in Yellowstone
194 Investigating the causes of Parkinson's disease
195 New research provides hope for childhood cancer sufferers
196 New study explains why anti-smoking ads backfire or succeed
197 California to Study Heat-Wave Deaths
198 U.S. Agencies Probe Botulism Poisoning
199 Electrical fields from everyday equipment and materials could increase infection risk
200 Doctors Leaving Poor Countries in Need
201 Snail offers clue to how anesthetics work
202 Shortage of Doctors Affects Rural U.S.
203 Potter phenomenon boosts learning
204 At 560 kg, Mexican man weighs into record books
205 Tiny brain, normal life
206 New Review Adds More Reasons To Avoid Diabetes Drug Avandia
207 New Clue Into How Diet And Exercise Enhance Longevity
208 Scientists Solve Checkers
209 PET Scan Shows During Treatment If Radiation Is Shrinking Lung Tumor, Study Shows
210 Rise Of Dinosaurs In Late Triassic More Gradual Than Once Thought
211 Ice Age Survivors Found In Iceland
212 Coaching For Doctor Office Visits Helps Patients Ask Right Questions
213 Mucins Stand Guard Against Gut Infections
214 Protein Protects Anti-cancer Gene From Chemical Shutdown
215 NASA rovers trapped in Mars dust storm
216 Report: Combination of health goods risky
217 Study: Life can alter one's memory storage
218 Protein may aid prostate cancer victims
219 Sperm Injection: Male-factor Infertility Technique Surging
220 Proteins' Internal Motion Found To Affect Their Function: Implications For Drug Design
221 TB Medication Helps With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder: Could It Also Help With Quitting Smoking?
222 Why Some Anti-smoking Ads Succeed And Others Backfire
223 High Nonfasting Triglyceride Levels Associated With Increased Risk For Cardiovascular Events
224 Vitamin D Deficiency: Common And Problematic Yet Preventable
225 Satellite Data Can Warn Of Famine, NASA Researchers Find
226 Does Harry Potter Parody Government Response To Terror?