File Title
1 Stone Age Europeans ate frogs' legs
2 China's huge dam changing weather
3 We've got it wrong about HIV
4 Supercomputer steps up the pace
5 'Find of century' for Egyptology
6 Private eye hackers are convicted
7 How 'Hackers Are Us' worked
8 Forbes and the "Real" Marketing Potential of SL
9 BBC web downloads set to launch
10 Autism symptoms reversed in lab
11 Japan speed-eater's jaw arthritis
12 Doctors back 'easier' abortions
13 Researchers: Antarctica ice sheet stable
14 Dust in West speeding up snow melting
15 U.S. cities sit low without Earth's heat
16 WHITE COAT NOTES: Heart death rates beat US average at four hospitals [et al.]
17 Mummy Identified As Egyptian Female Ruler
18 iPhone Not The Only New Kid On The Block
19 iPhone Sneak Peek
20 Scientists discover role of enzyme in DNA repair
21 iPhone Monthly Service Charges Unveiled
22 Egypt Unveils Mummy Discovery
23 Researchers: Antarctica Ice Sheet Stable
24 Dust In West Speeding Up Snow Melting
25 Refuge Said To Have Snowy Plover Nests
26 Earth's Inner Heat Keeps Cities Afloat
27 Ind. Makes Progress In Fighting Hydrilla
28 China Closes 180 Food Factories
29 Alzheimer's Patients Sue U.K. For Drugs
30 Diabetes Linked To Alzheimer's Disease
31 Chatty Doctors Waste Office-Visit Time
32 Chronic Health Problems In Kids Soaring
33 New Knee Surgery Can Speed Up Recovery
34 Too Much Video Gaming Not Addiction, Yet
35 UN Finds Progress In Tackling Bird Flu
36 Study: Iowa Quickest In US On ER Visits
37 Chains Refuse To Put Calories On Menus
38 Brazil Offers Morning-After Pill To Poor
39 Northern spotted owl's decline revives old concerns
40 Is your Internet service being throttled down?
41 Estonia to begin cooperating with European Space Agency
42 China moves to outlaw CFCs
43 Romanian state of emergency as drought affects half the country
44 GM Tomato Tastes Better
45 Chimps Follow the Golden Rule
46 Valley gets ready for the highly anticipated iPhone
47 The iPhone matches most of its hype
48 IPHONE NOTEBOOK: Paid stand-ins are willing to wait
49 Net Radio's Silent Tuesday: Anyone Listening?
50 Antitrust judge favors Microsoft search agreement
51 IBM, HP share bragging rights on supercomputer list
52 Scientists battle to build biggest supercomputer
53 IPhone Plan Pricing Lower Than Expected
54 11 iPhone Gotchas
55 Switching carriers for the iPhone
56 iPhone iNsanity Continues
57 The iPhone: A New Calling for Apple
58 AT&T Embrace of IPhone Threatens Sprint's Recovery (Update1)
59 The queue starts now for a 1,500 pounds iPhone
60 Waiting for the Latest in Wizardry
61 Apple gives cost of iPhone service, first fans show up
62 iPhone hype train impervious to costing?
63 iPhone addicts start queueing for their fix
64 New Yorkers camp out for iPhone despite summer heat
65 T-Mobile brings cellphones home
66 T-Mobile Phones to Ride Wireless Router
67 T-Mobile Plan Lets Users Talk Without Using Minutes (Update1)
68 Earth's Hot Spots Keep Continents Afloat, Study Says
69 Researchers: Earth's inner heat hugely overlooked
70 Google Earth for charidee
71 Google to Help Non-Profits With Maps
72 Apple iPhone's Missing Pieces
73 Big Eyes, Small Wallets Among Those Lusting For iPhone
74 Next-gen Windows Live services to provide software plus a service
75 Microsoft Adds Photo, File Sharing to Windows Live
76 Bald eagle expected to be off U.S. endangered list
77 Eagles soar while species protections sink
78 Bald eagles set to hit milestone
79 Bald eagles may fly the coop
80 Vodafone may launch iPhone in Europe
81 Poison Ivy, Now With Stronger Poison
82 There's The Rub: Poison Ivy Loves CO2
83 Poison Ivy Thrives With Climate Change
84 iPhone May Not Rock Music Industry
85 Activating iPhones to Be Rage-Free: iTunes Does It For You
86 Without wireless downloads, iPhone may not rock music industry
87 NYTimes: iPhone shaking up the media and mobile phone industries
88 iPhone May Not Rock Music Industry
89 ADA: Type 2 Diabetes' Reach Into Childhood Defined
90 Rise in Child Chronic Illness Could Swamp Health Care
91 US Researchers See Adolescent Diabetes as Potential Crisis
92 Doctors to seek study of gaming
93 Balancing Work While Caring for Aging Parents
94 Medical leave program generally popular
95 Workers Split With Bosses on Leave Act, Survey Finds
96 Computerized Doctors Orders Reduce Errors
97 Study Shows Some Doctors Talk About Themselves Too Much
98 Echinacea's Fortunes Brighten Again as Cold Remedy
99 Becoming 'parent of your parent' an emotionally wrenching process
100 Cost More a Concern than Quality In Future Care for Elderly Parents
101 USA Today Series Examines Siblings Who Care for Elderly Parents
102 USA Today Series Examines Issues Important to Caregivers for the Elderly
103 USA Today Examines Role Of Employer, Stress On Elder Care
104 Many worry about being able to care for relatives in the future
105 Baby boomers are caring for aging parents
106 'CARS' imaging reveals clues to myelin damage
107 New genetic test developed at Emory advances detection and diagnosis of muscular dystrophy
108 Support for chromosomal theory of cancer found in cancers' development of drug resistance
109 Researchers find gene that spurs development of the epididymis
110 Scientists Discover Role of Enzyme in DNA Repair
111 World Wildlife Fund warns against plan by Planktos, Inc.
112 Autism theory put to the test with new technology
113 Pairing Nanoparticles with Proteins
114 Getting to the root of plant growth
115 Female iguanas pay high costs to choose a mate
116 Scientists identify a mouse embryonic stem cell more like our own
117 Nanoparticles hitchhike on red blood cells: a potential new method for drug delivery
118 Green Junta
119 Neutron stars join the black hole jet set
120 OHSU Cancer Institute researchers get closer to predict survivability for some cancer patients
121 Mothers' second-hand smoke exposure linked to psychological problems for kids
122 New imaging technique could promote early detection of multiple sclerosis
123 'Knockout' technique tested successfully on mice
124 Antibodies protect mice from developing respiratory tularemia
125 U of M researchers assess effectiveness of computerized physician order entry system
126 A study confirms the importance of sexual fantasies in the experience of sexual desire
127 A genetic factor predicts prognosis in brain tumor patients
128 Nepalese researchers identify cost-effective treatment for drug-resistant typhoid
129 Computerized doctors' orders reduce medication errors
130 Nanoparticles carry chemotherapy drug deeper into solid tumors
131 Bisphosphonate treatment is associated with jaw bone problems
132 Artificial skin heals wounds
133 Sex makes teens feel older?
134 How tummy microbes invade
135 Tik damages the heart
136 Popular HIV theory refuted
137 Sweet drinks fatten kids
138 Blood meters of little use?
139 Autistic mice cured
140 Antidepros bad for the bones?
141 BREAKING NEWS: Plan to Dump Iron in Ocean Criticized
142 Iguanas Die to Find Mr. Right
143 2030: Half the World's Population to Live in Cities
144 Subordinate Fish Starve to Avoid Conflict
145 Egyptian Mummy is Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut
146 Female Rattlesnakes are Stay-at-Home Moms
147 How Does a Snake Swallow a Larger Snake?
148 Camera? Check. Plaster? Check. New Bigfoot Search Planned
149 Egypt's Female Pharaoh Revealed by Chipped Tooth, Experts Say
150 Panama Canal Expansion Spurs Environmental Debate
151 Passive smoking: Out from the haze
152 Crater candidate spotted in Tunguska
153 Asteroid mission gears up for launch
154 Elephants run in slow motion
155 Dying star generates the stuff of life
156 'Hot cloud' theory of Moon formation gets boost
157 High-performing males have underachieving daughters
158 IBM creates world's most powerful computer
159 Biosphere 2 saved from developer's bulldozers
160 Urban boom may improve health for billions
161 Killifish can survive without oxygen for 60 days
162 Neutron Stars Join the Black Hole Jet Set
163 Tasmanian Tiger Extinction Mystery
164 Prototype Indoor Climate System Enables User to Control Personal Environmental Preferences Via the Web
165 Tooth May Have Solved Mummy Mystery
166 Mosquitoes Have the Edge in Singapore's Dengue War
167 From a Few Genes, Life's Myriad Shapes
168 Astronomer Offers New Theory Into 400-year-old Lunar Mystery
169 T-Mobile Phones Ride Your Wi-Fi Router
170 Microsoft Unveils Web Storage Beta
171 Neutron stars join the black hole jet set
172 Pairing nanoparticles with proteins
173 Tactile sensor acts as a human finger in minimally invasive surgery
174 Japanese firm develops glove that 'feels' 3D images
175 Quantum computing on an everyday PC
176 Nanoparticles hitchhike on red blood cells: a potential new method for drug delivery
177 Strong Winds Fan Flames in Lake Tahoe Fire
178 NASA airborne expedition chases climate, ozone questions
179 Green Junta
180 NOAA scientists to search tropical skies
181 Researchers: East Antarctica Ice Sheet Stable
182 Several tons of uranium and a town called Colonie
183 Report: Hot Rocks Keep N. America Afloat
184 HP Makes Gains on Computing List
185 Customers Line Up for IPhone Launch
186 Intel Accelerates High Performance Computing Clusters
187 Computer program makes night sky searchable
188 A Memento Mori for Apple
189 Visa, Wells Fargo to Test Mobile Payment
190 Student Programmers Aim for $25K Prize
191 Now, We All Can Wii
192 New Marketing for Sprint Nextel
193 Warner goes digital to bring new life to films
194 Ion flow through membrane channels is dictated by particle size
195 Scientists identify a mouse embryonic stem cell more like our own
196 Female iguanas pay high costs to choose a mate
197 Tasmanian Tiger Extinction Mystery
198 Group to Look for Evidence of 'Bigfoot'
199 Grants Announced for Bioenergy Centers
200 AMA Softens Video-Game Addiction Measure
201 Researchers find gene that spurs development of the epididymis
202 Mothers' second-hand smoke exposure linked to psychological problems for kids
203 Autism theory put to the test with new technology
204 'Cars' imaging reveals clues to myelin damage
205 A study confirms the importance of sexual fantasies in the experience of sexual desire
206 Outdoor alcohol ads boost kids' urge to drink
207 Scientists discover role of enzyme in DNA repair
208 Potentially lethal H5N1 bird flu resurfaces in Europe
209 New imaging technique could promote early detection of multiple sclerosis
210 'Knockout' technique tested successfully on mice
211 New reovirus isolated
212 Chains Refuse to Put Calories on Menus
213 A genetic factor predicts prognosis in brain tumor patients
214 FDA approves quick malaria test
215 $150 million pledged to UCSF cancer center
216 Sweden's early baby boom provides lessons for US
217 Aspirin resistant proteins are identified
218 Brazil Offers Morning-After Pill to Poor
219 Study: Antidepressants may cause bone loss
220 Female fowl prefer evening sex--maybe
221 Alzheimer's drug begins human trials
222 Study: Ozone affects females more than men
223 Crystal Methamphetamine Use In Young Adults May Be Higher Than Previously Reported
224 Female Iguanas Pay High Costs To Choose A Mate
225 Pairing Nanoparticles With Proteins: Engineering Molecules For Energy Conversion, Drug Delivery, And Medical Imaging
226 Improving The Detection And Treatment Of Esophageal Cancer
227 Computerized Doctors' Orders Reduce Medication Errors
228 How Flowers Form: New Insight
229 Emotions Can Affect Recovery From Hip Surgery
230 Transplanting Angina Patients' Stem Cells Shows Safety, Symptom Relief
231 A New System For Collaboration In Cell Communication
232 New Technology Could Lead To More Energy-Efficient Ethanol Production
233 Chemists Advance Organic Semiconductor Processing
234 Engineers Find Way To Make Ethanol, Valuable Chemicals From Waste Glycerin
235 New Medicines For Dogs And Cats May End Up Helping Humans
236 NASA's Dawn Mission: To Explore 'Dwarf Planet' Ceres And Massive Asteroid Vesta
237 Frog Molecule Could Provide Drug Treatment For Brain Tumors
238 Programs To Boost Physical Activity: Mail May Be More Effective Than One-on-one Phone Counseling
239 Research Tower Could Aid Tracking Of Contaminant Plumes
240 Foreign Herbivores May Be Key To Curbing Invasive Weeds
241 Down In The Mouth?
242 Shoulder Tapping: Young Men More Willing To Purchase Alcohol For Underage Youth, Study Finds
243 Into the Fold
244 Mathematics reveals genetic pattern of tumor growth
245 Wildlife thunders along despite war in Sudan
246 Pathogens on a plane
247 Holographic Video for Your Home
248 The Big Picture, Made Easy
249 Building a Bug to Harvest Oil
250 Extreme Metagenomics: Chasing Bugs in the Bowels of the Earth
251 Google Maps Is Changing the Way We See the World
252 Google Earth Zooms In on Darfur Genocide
253 Egypt Says Mummy of Queen Discovered
254 As the IPhone Launch Nears, the Wireless Industry Needs a Clue
255 Ready for an IPhone? Tips to End Your Existing Cell Contract
256 Beware the Magical IPhone
257 Geekdad in Belgium: Museum of Musical Instruments
258 The Downside of Getting High on Cough Syrup
259 Lost In Translation: German Gmail Stays Put
260 Prosthetic Prof's Next Step: Exoskeletons
261 Vietnamese Fishermen Charged With Harvesting Fiber Optic Cable
262 Laser-Guided Bullets: Pentagon Pursuit
263 U.S. bald eagle numbers making recovery
264 Scorching heat, floods wreak havoc across Europe
265 California debates pet-sterilization law
266 'Rescued' hound returned, woman arrested
267 Bald eagle expected to be off U.S. endangered list
268 Northern spotted owl's decline revives old concerns
269 Lucy fossil approved for US tour
270 Missing link stem cells may speed race for cures
271 Electric utilities to study new solar technology
272 Animal-human embryos need human rights, bishops say
273 Group to look for evidence of 'Bigfoot'
274 Doctors report evidence of "anniversary reaction"
275 Computerized Ordering Cuts Medication Errors
276 Dads, moms equally likely to pass MS risk to kids
277 Sharpening Your Wits Could Outwit Alzheimer's
278 Blood type influences lung cancer mortality
279 Scientists eye an enzyme as target in fighting autism
280 Doctors back plan to store medical info under your skin