File Title
1 Whippet genes make them run like the wind
2 Arctic ice melting 30 years too soon
3 Jupiter's moons act like shepherds
4 Gladiators' graveyard discovered
5 'Green eye' tech centre launched
6 Survey to pinpoint moths' decline
7 Spacecraft returns Jupiter images
8 Animal world's communication kings
9 Harvesting houses for the planet
10 DVD DRM row sparks user rebellion
11 Synthetic snot boosts robot nose
12 Digg This: 09-f9- ...
13 Caesarean link to placenta risk
14 Lying down may help breastfeeding
15 Brain pulses stimulate deep sleep
16 What walking speeds say about us
17 Scientists protest new reading of ESA
18 Collapsing colony disorder impacts N.D.
19 NASA Ponders Death, Sex On Mars Mission
20 X-Rated Internet Addiction
21 Candy-Flavored Meth Targets New Users
22 Which Cities Have The Dirtiest Air?
23 Is Your Cell Phone Exposing Where You Are?
24 Mystery Of Mass Grave Solved
25 Collapsing Colony Disorder Impacts N.D.
26 Scientists Display Modified Sorghum Crop
27 Scientists Protest New Reading Of ESA
28 Scientists To Do CT Scan On Mummy Corpse
29 USDA: Tree Beetle May Spread Across U.S.
30 S.C. Seeks Public Input On Ocean Energy
31 Researchers To Do Autopsy On Dead Whale
32 Passive Smoke Boosts Dementia Risk
33 Heart Attack Deaths In Hospitals Plummet
34 Having Soup First May Cut Calories Later
35 FDA: Tainted Feed Minor Threat To Humans
36 Guide Touts Latin American Diet Pyramid
37 Diabetes Prevalence Up In Wash. County
38 Energy-Infused Sunflower Seeds On Market
39 School Lunches Depend On Faux-Junk Food
40 Boom, Boom, Boom Goes Starbirth
41 Knowing HIV status for prevention seen on rise
42 Technologies for Next Big Space Telescope Get Thumbs Up
43 Toxic Algae Kills SB Aquatic Life
44 UCSC-Hatched Plan Helps Newborn Falcons
45 Kilimanjaro's Glaciers May Last Longer Than Predicted
46 Coffee can be good for you, experts say
47 User revolt forces Digg copyright retreat
48 Mutiny On Digg!
49 Digg's revolt: Scary yet invigorating
50 Users rebel at user-recommendation site
51 AACS LA Versus Digg, Google in DMCA Showdown Over Leaked Key
52 Digg Users Revolt After HD DVD Keys Posted, Taken Down
53 Dell selects Ubuntu for desktop Linux
54 Dell to offer Ubuntu 7.04 pre-installed
55 Dell ends Microsoft's grip on its computers
56 Apple Fixes 'Highly Critical' QuickTime Bug
57 Apple patches hack challenge's QuickTime bug
58 Apple fixes QuickTime hole after hack
59 20 must-have Firefox extensions
60 How to surf anonymously without a trace
61 Why Apple's 'consumer' Macs are enterprise-worthy
62 Cracking Google's 'secret sauce' algorithm
63 NASA's probe shows Jupiter up close and personal
64 Survey Says 6 Percent Will Buy Apple's iPhone
65 Is Apple's iPhone Cup Half Empty, Half Full or Running Over?
66 John Gruber takes on Steve Ballmer about the iPhone
67 Nvidia unveils $830 GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card
68 A Greener Apple a day keeps Greenpeace at bay
69 Jobs Announces 'A Greener Apple'
70 Third NYC Apple Store may be largest yet
71 FDA Asks Antidepressant Makers
72 Study sees good news in heart treatment
73 Fewer Heart Patients Dying After Hospitalization
74 Report: Heart attack death rate in hospitals cut nearly in half
75 Hospital Heart Attack Deaths Dropping
76 Eye expert optimistic about gene therapy cure for blindness
77 AAN: Second-hand Smoke Can Add to Dementia Risk
78 Secondhand Smoke Boosts Risk for Alzheimer's
79 Medical pot user's conviction reversed
80 Appeals court reverses marijuana conviction on medical grounds
81 Why eating soup could help you lose weight
82 Why eating soup could be the key to losing weight
83 'Stealth vegetables' may solve battle over children's food
84 Work with Nanoparticles May Lead to 'On-the-Spot' Virus Detector
85 Lab-on-a-Chip Device from Berkeley Lab to Speed Proteomics Research
86 Quantum dot recipe may lead to cheaper solar panels
87 Hubble sees multiple star generations in a globular cluster
88 Technique monitors thousands of molecules simultaneously
89 Cell splits water via sunlight to produce hydrogen
90 X-ray holograms expose secret magnetism
91 Picking up bad vibes to gauge bridge health
92 Sharp views show ground ice on Mars is patchy and variable
93 A rainbow of methods promises insights into biological processes and diseases
94 Generic biologic drugs unlikely to offer significant savings
95 Global Package Race Puts Major Carriers to the Test
96 Southwest Airlines' last-minute fares not always the best deal, economist finds
97 Study confirms the risk of exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke outdoors
98 'Insulator' helps silence genes in dormant herpes virus
99 Scripps research team sheds light on long-sought cold sensation gene
100 J&JPRD discovery may lead to new treatments for chronic sensitivity, pain caused by cold
101 Treating ticks with antibiotics inhibits their reproduction
102 Spouse may "drive you to drink" but also can protect you from alcohol
103 Breastfeeding and good fats help new moms fight depression
104 Cat Hair at Home Poses an Allergy Risk, Particularly for Young Children
105 Literature review shows spinal manipulation beneficial for neck pain
106 How the brain's backup system compensates for stroke
107 Gene malfunctions cause schizophrenia, depression symptoms in mice
108 Eggs promote weight loss and help close nutrient consumption gap
109 Study of damaged gene gives insight into causes of mental illness
110 Salk researchers discover first gene that specifically links calorie restriction to longevity
111 Drinking heavy amounts of alcohol shrinks your brain
112 Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce risk of stroke, heart attack
113 Stroke risk nearly doubles for siblings of people who have had a stroke
114 New clues for treatment of disease that causes accelerated aging
115 Laser-induced shocks in diamond anvil can achieve pressures inside supergiant planets
116 Efficiency boost makes solar cells more affordable
117 Princeton physicists connect string theory with established physics
118 Protein enables discovery of quantum effect in photosynthesis
119 Molecular Rendezvous Caught on Camera
120 Liquid CO2 drives rapid thrust of diamond-bearing structures
121 Once-a-year drug reduces fractures from osteoporosis
122 New study suggests beverage patterns may 'make or break' your diet
123 Higher calcium and vitamin D intakes positively associated with brain lesions in older men and women
124 Studies suggest investigational agent reduces disease activity in MS
125 Researchers find that later-life diseases resulting from fetal and infant toxicity have common immune pattern
126 May: Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month--latest research is good news
127 Cause of gender differences in blood pressure, kidney damage under study
128 Personality-Gene makes Songbirds Curious
129 Smoke ups Alzheimer risk
130 Soup may cut calorie intake
131 Migraine in pregnancy risky
132 Calcium, vit. D may harm brain
133 Delivery Contest: DHL Stomps UPS and FedEx
134 Beer Maker, Scientists to Create Energy
135 Honeybee Die-Off Threatens Food Supply
136 10x Faster Eye Scanner Could Help Prevent Blindness
137 Scientists, Bush Clash over Endangered Species Act
138 Source of Major Earthquakes Discovered Beneath U.S. Heartland
139 Pet Food Deaths Baffle Scientists
140 How Spider-Man Compares to the Real Thing
141 Early Humans Dug for Food, Study Suggests
142 USDA: Tree Beetle May Spread Across U.S.
143 Mars's Ice Patchy, Water Cycle Quite Active, Study Reveals
144 Alien "Water Weed" in Africa Choking Lakes, Killing Fish
145 Photo in the News: Giant Volcanic Plume Bursts From Jupiter Moon
146 Video: Killer Whales Blasted by U.S. Navy Sonar
147 Arctic Ice Melting Much Faster Than Predicted
148 The race to wire up the poor
149 Infections may trigger metal allergies
150 Human ancestors went underground for dinner
151 Melamine suspected of killing hundreds of US pets
152 'Bumpy' ice on Mars points to active water cycle
153 Madagascan forests regenerate against expectations
154 China's demands dog latest climate talks
155 Star cluster's triple baby boom puzzles astronomers
156 Erectile dysfunction probed with engineering tool
157 Heart attack deaths drop by half
158 Jupiter moon spews volcanic plumes in new images
159 Student Creates Garment with Bacteria-trapping Nanofibers
160 From Beneath Antarctica's Ross Sea, Scientists Retrieve Pristine Record of the Continent's Climate Cycles
161 Tight Diabetes Control Does Not Impact Cognitive Ability in Type 1 Diabetes
162 Ecology in an Era of Globalization
163 Work With Nanoparticles May Lead to 'On-the-Spot' Virus Detector
164 Rapid, High-Resolution 3D Images of the Living Retina Produced by Scientists
165 Researchers Discover First Gene That Specifically Links Calorie Restriction to Longevity
166 Hubble Finds Multiple Stellar 'Baby Booms' in a Globular Cluster
167 Laser-trapping of Rare Element Gets Unexpected Assist
168 Military Technology Battles Poachers with Satellite Signals
169 Baylor Researchers Find New Pharmaceuticals in Texas Waters, Fish
170 Ultrashort Light Pulse Blazes New Paths for Science, Industry
171 Generating pressures at the cores of giant planets
172 Princeton physicists connect string theory with established physics
173 New Evidence for the 'Solar Oxygen Crisis'
174 X-ray holograms expose secret magnetism
175 Several Jupiter sized planets found to have only weak Earth like gravity
176 New lab-on-a-chip device to speed proteomics research
177 Scientist finds Martian ice is patchy and variable
178 Researchers discover first gene that specifically links calorie restriction to longevity
179 Liquid CO2 drives rapid thrust of diamond-bearing structures
180 Quantum dot recipe may lead to cheaper solar panels
181 Drought limits tropical plant distributions, scientists report
182 Gene malfunctions cause schizophrenia, depression symptoms
183 Hubble finds multiple stellar 'baby booms' in a globular cluster
184 Scientists watch on the atomic level how individual molecules recognize each other
185 Melting Greenland ice could raise ocean seven meters
186 Life in the fast lane: city life speeding up, says study
187 Work with Nanoparticles May Lead to 'On-the-Spot' Virus Detector
188 HP Licenses Technology to Create Nanoscale Electronic Devices
189 Solar breakthrough could lead to cheaper power
190 Climate change a threat to Indonesian agriculture, study says
191 Green Lobby Pushes Renewable Energy
192 New Technologies for James Webb Space Telescope Approved Early
193 Send in the robots--Robot teams handle hazardous jobs
194 Pioneer Announced Blu-ray Disc Combination Drive
195 Sun's 'Rock' Shines a Little Brighter in First Test
196 Gateway to Put Quad-core Desktop, Media Drive in Stores
197 Review: Gmail Still Tops Thunderbird
198 Online Maps Updated After Disaster
199 Web services 'wizard' may help computers do people's work, scientist says
200 YouTube pushing copyright laws to breaking point
201 Users Rebel at User-Recommendation Site
202 Beer Maker, Scientists to Create Energy
203 Products on Viacom Shows Now for Sale
204 Penn St. Drops Napster for Ruckus Music
205 U.K. Privacy Watchdog Seeks More Powers
206 Month of ActiveX Bugs (MoAxB)
207 Four More Convicted in eBay Fraud Case
208 CT Scan Shows Mummy Younger Than Thought
209 Lonesome George may not be so lonesome after all
210 Puzzling Plankton Yield Secrets to Role in Evolution/Global Photosynthesis
211 E-mail Privacy
212 Bees, and Our Diet, on the Brink
213 Researchers shed light on diet of early human ancestors
214 Transmitters From Missing Turtle Sought
215 'Personality-gene' makes songbirds curious
216 Scientists, Students Spar Over Bullfrog
217 Large Gopher Tortoise Dies From Injuries
218 Study confirms the risk of exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke outdoors
219 Researchers Examine Bio-Magnetic Sensors
220 Hormones May Help Ward Off Dementia
221 'Insulator' helps silence genes in dormant herpes virus
222 Once-a-year drug reduces fractures from osteoporosis
223 Rapid, high-resolution 3-D images of the retina
224 Researchers Present New Ideas On How Smokers Get Hooked
225 Study: Kids less prone to false memories
226 Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce risk of stroke, heart attack
227 FDA Seeks Antidepressant Warning
228 Germans claim 'fattest Europeans' title
229 Resistant HIV can hide in infants' cells
230 Space telescope makes startling discovery
231 Male and bisexual flowers studied
232 New sensor developed for homeland security
233 U.S. study advances structural biology
234 Early onset of cystic fibrosis studied
235 Hubble Finds Multiple Stellar 'Baby Booms' In A Globular Cluster
236 Eat Less, Live Longer? Gene Links Calorie Restriction To Longevity
237 Prenatal Nicotine Exposure Can Lead To Cardiac Function Reprogramming In Adult Offspring
238 New Micro-chip Detector Will Be Able To Detect Thousands Of Substances
239 Obesity-breast Cancer Link May Be Due To Fat Tissue-derived Hormone Leptin
240 'Wrapping' Gleevec Fights Drug-resistant Cancer, Study Shows
241 Parents Can Sneak Veggies Into Kids' Diet
242 Wild Garlic And Other South African Plants May Have Potential For Treating High Blood Pressure
243 Scientists Create Prosthesis Of The Future
244 Statin Drugs May Reduce Risk Of Heart Failure, Sudden Cardiac Death, New Study Suggests
245 Eating Soup Will Help Cut Calories At Meals
246 Structural Biology Breakthrough: New Way To Analyze Moving Parts Of Large Proteins
247 Cognitive Disorders May Be Treatable With New Class Of Compounds
248 Patterns Of Brain Tissue Loss In Early Alzheimer's Disease May Predict Course Of Disease, Study Suggests
249 Deep Sleep: Researchers Discovery How To Simulate Slow Wave Activity
250 Alien Plants Attack Using 'Resource Conservation' As Weapon, Researchers Say
251 Ultrashort Light Pulse Blazes New Paths For Science, Industry
252 Seniors Unfairly Stereotyped As Grouchy And Frail
253 Good News On Heart Attack And Chest Pain
254 Exercise Science Principles Strengthen Swallowing Rehabilitation
255 Topical Testosterone Cream Does Not Increase Sexual Drive In Female Cancer Survivors
256 Pluto-bound New Horizons Provides New Look At Jupiter System
257 Cure For Congenital Inability To Smell An Odor
258 Pistachios Lower Cholesterol, Provide Antioxidants
259 Experts taking tiny steps to restore coral reefs
260 Thousands sign up for journey beyond death
261 Scientists find clues to the formation of Fibonacci spirals in nature
262 Living Fossil: DNA puts rodent in family that's not extinct after all
263 Respectful Cameras
264 The Next Human Genome Project: Our Microbes
265 Weighing Living Cells
266 New Telescopes to Scan Earth-Like Planet for Life
267 Army Squeezes Soldier Blogs, Maybe to Death
268 Exclusive: The Digg CEO Jay Adelson Interview
269 Technology Breakthrough: A Geek Buys a New Car
270 Army Tests Fighting 'Bot
271 Condominimum
272 Digg Crack as Crowd-Sourced Art: Part 2
273 D.C. Housing Complex Cameras Tell Residents Not To Loiter
274 Digg HD DVD Timeline
275 RIAA Nastygrams 13 New Schools
276 HD DVD Crack Lights Up Blogosphere
277 PC World Editor Quits Over Apple Story
278 Improved Imaging Technique for Detecting Breast Cancer
279 Breakthrough Breast Scanner
280 Steve Jobs To Show Off Full Version Of Leopard At WWDC
281 Bangkok faces flooded future, expert says
282 Freight train with shuttle parts derails
283 Butterfly won't get species protection
284 Large gopher tortoise dies from injuries
285 Web abuzz on bee weirdness
286 Bigfoot risks extinction, says Canadian MP
287 Canada's basking sharks face extinction: committee
288 Mexico finds world's oldest lobster fossil
289 Source of Major Earthquakes Discovered Beneath U.S. Heartland
290 Source of Major Earthquakes Discovered Beneath U.S. Heartland
291 Deep tremors may hold key to predicting big quakes
292 Study: Hormones may ward off dementia
293 Researchers examine bio-magnetic sensors
294 Study finds couples open to embryo donation
295 Young teens often capable of performing CPR
296 Hormone Therapy May Protect Against Alzheimer's
297 High calcium, vitamin D intake may have a down side
298 Preventing skin cancer: Slip and slap are better than slop
299 Tamoxifen Protects Certain Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer
300 US FDA urges young adult warning on antidepressants
301 Master Cleanse garners praise, criticism
302 Studies tie drugs, unusual heart rhythms
303 Study identifies gene linked to longer lifespan