File Title
1 Global warming hits Indigenous people most
2 Korean cloned wolf research probed
3 Planting trees can backfire
4 S Korea wolf clone claims probed
5 Snowy forests 'increase warming'
6 How stress can strain the heart
7 Making a mint out of the Moon
8 Dam project aims to save Aral Sea
9 Weblogs 'need content warnings'
10 Concern as net hits data limits
11 Portuguese abortion law in force
12 Many dieters 'finish up heavier'
13 Inside medicine: The optometrist
14 Hair of Ramses II back in Egypt
15 Do radioactive things glow in the dark?
16 For him, Scrabble is a science
17 The power of trash
18 Web Site Wins "Date" In Court
19 Students Fight For Right To Their Papers
20 Bush Promises Veto On Stem Cell Bill
21 Report: Warming Threatens Millions By 2020
22 Competition For TiVo
23 Love In The Age Of Google
24 Researcher Records His Life On Computer
25 Dumping Internet Service May Cost You
26 Teen Accused Of Running Web Escort Service
27 Ancient Pharaoh's Hair Returns To Egypt
28 Study: Job Stress Jacks Up Blood Pressure
29 Morbid Obesity Bulge Gets Bigger
30 Stem Cells Offer Hope For Diabetics
31 Pet Food Study: Cat Kidney Failures Up 30%
32 New Device May Heal Damaged Hearts
33 FDA Weighs Risk Of Vioxx Successor Drug
34 Woman Seeking Frozen Embryos Loses Case
35 Bush Would Veto Stem Cell Research Bill
36 Internet filters block porn, but not savvy kids
37 Warming's biggest wallop aimed at wildlife, not people
38 Faced with a lack of energy options, Thailand looks to coal
39 Animals are smarter than we thought
40 Little time to avert big temperature rise-UN study
41 Warming to bring drought, floods and hunger to Asia
42 Off-Label Use: Pain Medication and Antipsychotics May Stop Brain Tumor Growth
43 Carcass Draws Spectators, Scientists
44 Artful Moons
45 Warning Flare
46 Closing in on the Cone
47 Three's a Crowd
48 Setting the Bar
49 River of Ice
50 Galaxy's Hot Role Reversal
51 Explosive Purple Rose
52 Million dancing to tune of the iPod
53 Apple cuts iPod Shuffle price, adds 1-GB Nano
54 100 million iPods and counting
55 Microsoft releases April security update package
56 SanDisk faces uphill battle with new MP3 player
57 More Trees, Less Global Warming, Right?--Not Exactly
58 Don't Plant That Tree! It Might Make Matters Worse: Report
59 AirPort Extreme N Firmware 7.1 Update
60 Google Launches Voice-Based Local Search Experiment
61 Google used rival's database 'inadvertently'
62 Stem cells could spell end for diabetes jabs
63 Therapy could give relief for type 1 diabetes
64 Stem Cells Tame Type 1 Diabetes in Pilot Study
65 Blood cells help treat diabetes patients--study
66 Stem cell transplant promising for type 1 diabetes
67 Researchers Use Stem Cell Therapy to Wean Diabetics From Insulin
68 Stem cell transplant helps treat diabetes
69 New stem cell therapy gives relief for type 1 diabetes: study
70 Fit for purpose?
71 Curl up with a cocoa and keep a heart attack at bay
72 Dark Chocolate Scores Over Tea in Reducing High Blood Pressure
73 Eat more dark chocolate to lower blood pressure
74 Dark Chocolate, But Not Tea, Takes a Bite Out of Blood Pressure
75 Cocoa, But Not Tea, May Lower Blood Pressure
76 If you love it eat it! because chocolate helps keep high blood pressure down!
77 Co-Payments Cut Statin Use
78 Ancient coral reef tells the history of Kenya's soil erosion
79 Carnegie Mellon P2P system promises faster music, movie downloads
80 Little lifesavers--Nanoparticles improve delivery of medicines and diagnostics
81 Mystery spiral arms explained?
82 'Fusion' protein found by Johns Hopkins researchers
83 First-of-its-Kind National Report Reveals Estimated High Prevalence and Heavy Cost of Type 2 Diabetes Complications in America
84 Misusing vitamin to foil drug test may be toxic; plus, it doesn't work
85 Milk beats soy for post-weighlifting muscle gain
86 Stress may help cancer cells resist treatment, research shows
87 Measuring calcium intake can help to identify osteoporosis in men with prostate cancer
88 Pump design could give heart patients new hope
89 New study zeroes in on the genetic roots of Alzheimer's
90 Bypassing eggs, flu vaccine grown in insect cells shows promise
91 Study finds dietary fat interacts with genes
92 Guns in homes strongly associated with higher rates of suicide
93 Experimental flu vaccine appears promising in early tests
94 Study suggests use of stem cell transplantation is beneficial treatment of type 1 diabetes
95 Structural basis for photoswitching in fluorescent proteins brought into focus
96 Mystery spiral (galaxy) arms explained?
97 For the first time the LHC reaches temperatures colder than outer space
98 Nanotextured Implant Materials: Blending in, Not Fighting Back
99 Different approach needed to protect brains of premature infants
100 Discovery of gene mutation that causes infertility in male mice gives promise of similar finding in infertile men
101 Do we need a paradigm change? Disputing coevolution in herbivorous insects
102 Less sleep, more pain?
103 Diabetes may spur dementia
104 Smoking to stop Parkinson's?
105 TV tied to bad diets
106 Chocolate for blood pressure?
107 Fat smothers vitamin C
108 Russians drinking a lot more
109 PTSD numbs physical pain
110 Herb may ease urinary blues
111 Huge Refrigerators Create Temps Colder than Space
112 Earthquakes Intensify Volcanic Eruptions
113 Study Reveals How Drunken Bats Sober Up
114 Hip E-mail Addresses Bad for Resumes
115 The Atkins Paradox: What Diet Studies Don't Reveal
116 Whales Break Distance Record With 5,100-Mile Migration
117 The Truth Behind Baseball's Hitting Slump
118 Early Earth Was Purple, Study Suggests
119 Ancient Pharaoh's Hair Returns to Egypt
120 Tests for heart-disease risk could be misleading
121 Stardust samples genuine, researchers say
122 Violin makers can't pick out good wood
123 Total destruction of forests predicted to cool Earth
124 Arctic fox failed to move north at end of ice age
125 High-risk air routes for invasive species revealed
126 First sign of water found on an alien world
127 'Rebuilt' immune system shakes off diabetes
128 Chilled oil bath may cool hot processors
129 Water helps earthquake-ravaged Earth to heal
130 Invention: All-knowing browser
131 Do coffee and cigarettes protect against Parkinson's?
132 Gene Mutation That Causes Infertility in Male Mice Found
133 Structures of Photoswitching Fluorescent Proteins Shown
134 Work, Rest, then Work Again: Light-sensitive Molecule Heals Itself in the Dark
135 Anthropologist Finds Earliest Evidence of Maize Farming in Mexico
136 Assistive robot adapts to people, new places
137 Tropical forests: Earth's air conditioner
138 Mystery spiral galaxy arms explained?
139 Whales migrate more than 5,100 miles
140 Structural basis for photoswitching in fluorescent proteins brought into focus
141 Math of elections says voters win with 'winner take all'
142 Physicists Find Light-sensitive Molecule Can Heal Itself in the Dark
143 Mongoose pups work together to wheedle food out of carers
144 Australia Mulls Tasmanian Devils Rescue
145 For the first time the LHC reaches temperatures colder than outer space
146 Microsoft ANI Patch Causes Problems with Third-Party Apps
147 Nanoparticles improve delivery of medicines and diagnostics
148 Segment of a 'Quantum Repeater' Demonstrated
149 Study shows earthquakes may quickly boost regional volcanoes
150 Dawn Arrives in Florida--A Little After Dawn
151 NASA extends its Russian space contract
152 Computer scientists develop P2P system that promises faster music, movie downloads
153 British goverment wants Internet providers to combat cyber-bullying
154 Palm to Develop Linux-Based Products
155 Britons waste online time 'wilfing': study
156 China moves to tackle Internet gaming addiction
157 Judge Tosses Date-Dissing Web Suit
158 Study lauds India's biotech industry
159 Scientists develop ecological early warning device
160 Behavioural tests probe ray and shark colour vision
161 Drought, development killing Australia's koalas
162 Ancient Pharaoh's Hair Returns to Egypt
163 Marine scientists monitor longest mammal migration
164 Empty and strange without plants
165 Spain sees first transsexual gender change without operation
166 Stress may help cancer cells resist treatment, research shows
167 Surfing the blues--Internet questionnaire can accurately identify depression
168 Study provides new clue to family risk for breast cancer
169 CDC mulls opening Hawaii facility
170 P2P Internet file sharing could be quicker
171 Collider temps lower than outer space
172 Diabetes May Be Associated With Increased Risk Of Mild Cognitive Impairment
173 Anthropologist Finds Earliest Evidence Of Maize Farming In Mexico
174 Gene Mutation That Causes Infertility In Male Mice Discovered, Gives Promise Of Similar Finding In Infertile Men
175 Water Identified In Extrasolar Planet Atmosphere
176 Key 'Stardust' Spacecraft Discovery May Have Resulted From Contamination
177 Natural Tumor Suppressor Variants Discovered, Could Lead to New Therapies For Diabetes, Heart Disease
178 Discovery Of America: Revolutionary Claims Of A Dead Historian
179 Marine Scientists Monitor Longest Mammal Migration
180 Eating Fatty Foods Without Gaining Weight? May Work For 13% Of Population
181 Detecting Poisons In Nectar Is An Odorous Task For Honeybees
182 Galaxy Collision Causes Role Reversal
183 Making Brain Clots Easier To Identify