File Title
1 Verizon sides with Google; new Get a Mac ad; iPhone speed boost?
2 France's Orange sells nearly 30,000 iPhones in five days
3 Intel to launch Penryn mobile chips ahead of Macworld
4 Parallels rolls out Premium Edition for Mac, official Leopard update
5 Report: iPhone outpacing rivals in Europe without 3G
6 Apple filing details multitasking touch-screen for mobile gaming
7 Briefly: Dell at Best Buy; Mac Pro and 10.5.2 at Macworld?
8 Apple validates 13-inch LED backlight units ahead of ultra-portable
9 Intel to launch Penryn Jan 6
10 OS X 10.5.2 to leverage new compilers
11 CNBC: Ultra-thin Mac Book definite
12 Pixelmator 1.1 Kitten released: a 'Photoshop Lite' Mac OS X image editor
13 Hands-On Review: Pixelmator, a 'Photoshop Lite' for Mac Shutterbugs
14 CNBC: 3G iPhone due June 2008; Apple prepping new 50% thinner MacBook Pro; ups iPod touch production
15 Forrester Research announces the death of Apple's iTunes Store--again (Apple doesn't need NBC)
16 ZDNet blogger irrationally blames Steve Jobs for Hollywood's 'DVD with iTunes version' idea
17 RUMOR: Apple prepping Mac Tablet and new iPhone
18 JAJAH releases version 2.0 of Apple iPhone calling application
19 Macs recommended to holiday PC buyers
20 Anti Virus Recommendation Needed
21 iPhone 1.1.3 to bring voice capture, disk mode?
22 CNBC: Apple sub-notebook for $1500, 3G iPhone in June
23 Singapore retailers pull iPhone after Apple threats
24 USA Today: Thoughts on Switching to a Mac
25 An Independent Look at Leopard
26 Product Reviews, Multimedia software: TaskPaper
27 MacUser Review: Web browsers
28 Developers, developers, developers
29 Camino Web browser gets updated
30 Man sentenced to 110 years for hacking, extortion
31 Mac OS X Hints Weblog: Moving multiple windows in Spaces
32 Mac 911 Weblog: What's that winmail.dat?
33 Electronic Nostalgia: 'Chiptune' Music
34 Israelis Uncover Mansion Linked to Queen
35 'Google's Not the Only Game in Town'
36 Tiny supercomputers to see the light
37 Magnetic waves make solar wind howl
38 Santa 'sacked for saying ho, ho, ho' (and other "Quirkies" [strange stories])
39 Sun's Mysterious Waves Found; May Be Solar Wind Source
40 Scientists find what makes the solar wind howl
41 All nations 'need emission goals'
42 500,000-year-old TB case 'found'
43 'Skin cell cure' for sickle cells
44 Kew timelapse month by month
45 UK team bid for Google moon prize
46 Students 'should use Wikipedia'
47 Providers question 'neutral net'
48 JetBlue to Test Limited In-Flight Net
49 Cell Phones Are Dangerous in Flight: Travel Myth, or Fact?
50 Need a Nice Gift? How About Rhino Poop?
51 Officials: Major Oil Spill Off SKorea
52 First Evidence That Stem Cells Work
53 One Hundred Fingers and Toes
54 Catch cuts 'bring bigger profits'
55 Kenya battles swarms of locusts
56 Oil spill after S Korea collision
57 The final frontier for solar energy
58 Emergency rules for net telephony
59 Better data protection 'required'
60 Proof broken hearts can be fatal
61 Scientists Trying To Save Coral Triangle
62 Study: Cooperative Fisheries Make Cash
63 Phishing At Top Lab Lands A Big One
64 Bay Area Spill Pilot Accused Of Misconduct
65 Man Jailed For Not Taking TB Medication
66 Some Airlines to Offer In-Flight Internet Service
67 US airlines ready to offer digital use aloft
68 JetBlue to offer free in-air access to Internet
69 Charged: 'Bonnie and Clyde' of identity theft
70 Alleged 'Bonnie and Clyde': From Glamour to Slammer
71 AT&T reopens its open network
72 AT&T Wireless Network Open to Outside Devices
73 AT&T is an open network and has been
74 Gotham Geek Guidebook: West 14th Street Apple Store
75 New Apple store highlights "geniuses," services
76 New York Apple Store features Pro Labs
77 A Win-Win for Fish and Fishermen
78 Fishing for Profits: Reduced Catch Means Net Gain for Fishers--And Fish
79 A Year Later: Chat on AIM through GMail
80 Nielsen To Offer Copyright Protection System For The Web
81 Nielsen to unveil Web piracy remedy: report
82 Spitzer plans statewide broadband Internet access
83 Spitzer: 'Internet access no longer a luxury'
84 AMD Phenom, Barcelona Chips Hit By Lock-up Bug
85 Scientists Cure Mice Of Sickle Cell Using Stem Cell Technique
86 Stem cells reverse sickle cell anemia in mice
87 Sickle Cell Anemia Treated Using Reprogrammed Skin Cells In Mice
88 U.S. warns about bed-wetting drug after two deaths
89 FDA Warns of Seizure Risk With Drug Used for Bed-Wetting
90 Administration News: White House Threatens Veto of Medicare Legislation
91 Electronic Records for Doctors Beginning with 2008
92 Wildfires leave caustic ash, study finds
93 USGS study finds toxic ash in burn areas
94 China says father of bird flu victim also infected
95 China bird flu cluster sparks fear of human-to-human transmission
96 USDA revises food program for women and children
97 WIC Program to Add Fruits and Vegetables
98 WIC Food Program Being Overhauled
99 Most ancient case of tuberculosis found in 500,000-year-old human; points to modern health issues
100 High-tech helmets reveal new information about the impact of hard hits to the head
101 New report on deforestation reveals problems of forest carbon payment schemes
102 Cleaner diesels thanks to laser light
103 Hinode: new insights on the origin of solar wind
104 Study of African traditional medicine will begin world-first clinical trial
105 Protein protects brain against compound in lead poisoning, liver disease
106 Subliminal smells bias perception about a person's likeability
107 Scripps research scientists discover chemical triggers for aggression in mice
108 SECCHI team obtains images of the solar wind at Earth
109 James Webb Space Telescope Testing to Find Infrared Light for Christmas
110 M. D. Anderson research links diet, gardening and lung cancer risk
111 Smell key to liking people
112 Cleaner air = healthier lungs
113 Protein ups metabolism in mice
114 WHO concerned over child meds
115 Were Dinosaurs Colorful?
116 How Desert Dust Feeds the World's Oceans
117 Ancient Animal Treasures Found in Bahamas Sinkhole
118 DNA Kits: Secrets of Your Past or Scientific Scam?
119 Is Attractiveness Hereditary?
120 'Flying Saucers' Around Saturn Explained
121 Mars Clouds Drier Than Thought
122 Zombie Roaches Lose Free Will Due to Wasp Venom
123 Dark Matter May Have Powered Universe's First Stars
124 Tiger Poaching Ring Busted by Indian Police
125 Does it rain less on the weekend?
126 Red Sea mega-dam would be 'irresponsible'
127 Giant pandas under threat from parasitic worm
128 Intergalactic particle beam is longest yet found
129 Voyeurs put male fish off their ideal mate
130 Sugary Beverages May Increase Alzheimer's Risk
131 Maximizing Fishery Profits Could be New Strategy for Conservation
132 Ultrafast Optical Shutter Is Switched Entirely by Laser Light
133 House Sets Higher Goal for Vehicle Fuel Efficiency
134 To Ink or Not To Ink?
135 Father of bird flu victim tests positive: China
136 Israeli study says regular mobile use increases tumour risk
137 Plants see the light to help beat the big freeze
138 A novel finding in how chikungunya virus has spread to new vectors and locations
139 Most ancient case of tuberculosis found in 500,000-year-old human; points to modern health issues
140 Rare Chinese tiger fights for South Africa
141 Entrepreneurs aim for the moon, and 30 million bucks
142 Laser light alone can open, close world's fastest optical shutter without heating or cooling
143 MIT creates new oil-repelling material
144 Quails for lunch aboard Atlantis
145 SECCHI team obtains images of the solar wind at Earth
146 James Webb Space Telescope Testing to Find Infrared Light for Christmas
147 China: US Should Take Lead on Climate
148 Yucca Mountain: Good spot for nuke waste?
149 Don't Get Lost Shopping for GPS
150 Cowon's Q5W the iPhone of Personal Media Players?
151 Sport Fans Delight: Logitech Gizmo Allows 4 Television Views, Record & Send
152 Syria Blocks Facebook
153 Cleaner diesels thanks to laser light
154 Films Shot on Camera Phones Get Showcase
155 Hackers Get Data of Federal Lab Visitors
156 JetBlue to Test Limited In-Flight Net
157 Microsoft to Test Windows on XO
158 Cells use Velcro-like mechanism to keep viruses from spreading
159 New method exploits ancient mechanism to switch genes on and off at will
160 Mammoth effort brings out the best in Beethoven
161 New ambitious project to barcode an entire ecosystem
162 Scientists Trying to Save Coral Triangle
163 A new approach to study flu drug resistance
164 Israelis Uncover Mansion Linked to Queen
165 Even in healthy elderly, brain systems become less coordinated
166 Front-line AIDS drugs show staying power: study
167 High-tech helmets reveal new information about the impact of hard hits to the head
168 Research links diet, gardening and lung cancer risk
169 Is infant male circumcision an abuse of the rights of the child?
170 Safe and effective therapy discovered for patients with protein-losing enteropathy
171 UC Davis bird-flu expert calls for changes in early-warning system
172 Procedure to detect fetal heart defects is first automated use of 3-D ultrasound
173 Concept of patients' charters 'inadequate'
174 Man Jailed for Not Taking TB Medication
175 Climate Change Will Significantly Increase Impending Bird Extinctions
176 Supercomputer Simulation Of Universe May Help In Search For Missing Matter
177 Chemoprevention, Naturally: Findings On Plant-derived Cancer Medicines
178 Kids Eat More Fruits, Vegetables When Schools Offer Salad Bar
179 Beating Hospital Yeast Infection
180 PET And Bioluminescent Imaging Aid Evaluation Of Stem Cells' Potential For New Ways To Treat Disease
181 Unlocking The Mechanics--And Mysteries--Of Joint Pain
182 Protein Protects Brain Against Compound In Lead Poisoning, Liver Disease
183 Developing Innovative Tissue Processing Approaches
184 Ultra-bright Single Photon Source Developed
185 First Stars Were Huge and Dark
186 Choosing dry or wet food for cats makes little difference
187 Review: Medicating Modern America: Prescription Drugs in History
188 Review: Muses, Madmen, and Prophets: Rethinking the History, Science, and Meaning of Auditory Hallucination
189 Mankind needs to make artificial life to survive
190 Faulty Wiring in the Aging Brain
191 In Iceland, Unintended Witnesses to Climate Change
192 NASA Mega-Telescope Gears Up To Study Cosmos
193 First Ground-Based Detection Of Extra-Solar Planet Atmsosphere Using Hobby-Eberly Telescope
194 Small Moons Of Saturn Reveal The Story Of Their Origins In New Images
195 Planetary Society Joins Private Effort For Moon Mission
196 US boxed in after Iran surprise: analysts
197 Hellish Hot Springs Yield Greenhouse Gas-Eating Bug
198 Like Humans, Monkey See, Monkey Plan, Monkey Do
199 Subliminal Smells Bias Perception About A Person's Likeability
200 Iran intel turnabout hinged on military notes: report
201 Bush under fire over Iran claims
202 US House passes sweeping energy bill
203 MIT Creates New Oil-Repelling Material
204 Analysis: Big Oil to sign Iraq deals soon
205 Teal Predicts UAV Market Will Reach Nearly 55 Billion Dollars Over Next Decade
206 Campaigning on Biofuels
207 Brain Sensor for Market Research
208 To the Web and Back Again
209 How We Learn from Our Mistakes
210 Vagabond Virus [dengue fever]
211 When Surgery Succeeds, But Healing Fails
212 Can We Save the World by 2015?
213 Citizens Can Do Something About Climate Change
214 Iran's Nukes: Now They Tell Us?
215 Guarding Your Social Security Number
216 Touring a Salty, Creepy Nuclear-Waste Facility
217 Scientists Cure Mice With Sickle Cell
218 JetBlue to Test Limited In-Flight Net
219 Dec. 7, 1941: Attack at Pearl Harbor a Bold, Desperate Gamble
220 Wii Zapper Saps the Fun From Shooting Games
221 Saturn Grows Moons From Seeds
222 Hybrid Owners: Wealthier, Healthier, Smarter Than The Rest of Us
223 Math Geek Software Smackdown: Sage v. Mathematica
224 Spot a Fake iPhone and Other Knock-Off Electronics
225 Scientists trying to save Coral Triangle
226 Record-size spitting cobra found in Kenya
227 Study shows how Chikungunya virus spread so far
228 Here honey, Merry Christmas!!!
229 Ancient Animal Treasures Found in Bahamas Sinkhole
230 Studies show how fruits and veggies reduce cancer
231 Green Tea, Fruit Extracts Touted as Potential Cancer Fighters
232 Green tea may protect against colon cancer