File Title
1 Out of this World: '07's Best Space Photos
2 High-def TVs can take some smarts to set up
3 Insurer Aetna Axes Coverage for Colonoscopy Drug
4 A clear-cut solution
5 Outbreak of a lethal fungal infection hits Calif. prison hard
6 Smugglers Making Desert Research Risky
7 World's Oldest Orangutan Dies At Age 55
8 TB Scare Strikes West Virginia Hospital
9 ANNUAL BIRD COUNT. It's that time--to watch the birdie
10 The fight over emissions standards
11 Google's AdSense patent cleared, AutoLink still questioned
12 Get ready to clear the air
13 Smoke-Free Illinois Could Save Money And Lives
14 City has no plans to deploy 'smoking police'
15 Make Your Medicare Program Changes Now for Big Savings in 2008
16 At New Year's, drink (and eat) wisely to avoid or ease hangover
17 Hangover Headache
18 Cosmetic op horror
19 Good press for tea and coffee
20 Why the elderly drink less
21 Infection Hits a California Prison Hard
22 The Anthropological Psychologist: Marian Radke-Yarrow, b. 1918.
23 Hey, It's Still Me in Here
24 The Risks and Rewards of Skipping Meals
25 How An Atkins-like Diet Can Treat Epilepsy: Leptin Attenuates Rodent Seizure Severity
26 New Way To Sort Stem Cells Discovered
27 Anti-malarial Drug Prevents Cancer In Mice, Study Shows
28 Men Need More Botox Than Women In Cosmetic Procedures
29 Innovative Model Connects Circuit Theory To Wildlife Corridors
30 LASIK Works Well, According To Long-term Study Of Highly Myopic Patients
31 Photo-monitoring Whale Sharks: Largest Fish In The Sea Appear To Thrive Under Regulated Ecotourism
32 Adult Male Chimpanzees Don't Stray Far From The Home
33 When it comes to cliches, 2007 has its own special jargon footprint
34 The Year in Robots
35 Next Generation RAM: Remembering The Future
36 YouTube's Top 2007 Videos include "Obama Girl," "Leave Britney Alone," "Battle at Kruger"
37 GPS and More: Hidden Features in the Kindle
38 Scientist dismisses detox diets
39 How to Build a Night Vision Camera
40 New Lithium Battery Flight Restrictions to Begin
41 Leisure time can make busy people feel sick
42 Smokers Shell Out More Money For New Tax For New Year
43 Laser Surgery Can Correct Nearsightedness
44 Study Finds LASIK Safe For Severe Myopia
45 Salmeterol shows success in COPD treatment
46 Brewheisters in south Georgia steal 2,600 cases of beer from tractor-trailers
47 How to copyright Michelangelo
48 Police Let Driver with .18 BAC Off-Hook Because of His "Position in the Community"
49 Getting Drunk is Scotland's National Sport: Justice Secretary
50 Ouch! The Purple Nurple Optical Illusion
51 The Machines of the Isle of Nantes
52 Men Who Smoke Prone to Impotence
53 Global warming to alter Calif. landscape
54 1,800-year-old terracotta discovered
55 Culture skipped as fitness comes first
56 Hope for alcoholics in gene research
57 Japanese sail in to back anti-whaling
58 Eco-study hurdle for desal plant
59 Hello Kitty for men
60 Flying Spaghetti Monster cookies!
61 Heart-shaped teacups
62 Pilot to TSA: Let my people go!
63 Circuit City's suicide: firing the people who know stuff
64 Nintendo Wii hacked--homebrew games ahoy!
65 Year in review: Car tech gets political
66 Sergei's Litter
67 Space Radio: More Static, Less Talk
68 The Ethyl-Poisoned Earth
69 Transforming the Earth
70 Great White's amazing 3000km swim
71 Computer wrongly failed 12 examinees
72 Ocean institute set up
73 With the will, we can save the Earth
74 Dad was a superman to the end
75 Compared to cancer, Kilimanjaro is cake
76 Warming may alter shrimp spawning
77 The Year in Review: Science
78 SERVIR: NASA lends a hand in Central America
79 Russia, India may jointly develop new space shuttle
80 Sky is no limit for astronomy whiz