File Title
1 Rare giraffe born at Perth Zoo
2 Japan begins full operation of major lunar probe
3 Ancient Pyramid Found in Mexico City
4 New Book Argues Bell Stole Phone Ideas
5 Modern Beetles Predate Dinosaurs
6 Shuttle repair to delay European space lab launch
7 Maltese claims extraordinary discovery in Sahara desert
8 Ancient church awaits restoration in Iraq desert
9 North by Northwest
10 Remains of ancient civilization discovered on the bottom of a lake
11 Archaeologists discover remains of 2500-year-old advanced civilization in Russia
12 Ancient pyramid found in central Mexico City
13 Whale meat used for dog food
14 During first whaling war, we were the aggressors
15 Whale sharks back in western waters
16 Hope for alcoholics in gene research
17 Teenager named as killed by zoo tiger
18 Eco-study hurdle for desal plant
19 More scandals surface inside Smithsonian
20 Funny instructions on toy spy pens
21 Logo trends of 2007
22 Drunken Xmas brawl at South Pole
23 New Jersey to sex offenders: No Internet for you
24 Whales evolved from raccoon-sized creature, researchers say
25 Google's kinship with the mind
26 Science gives beauty some of its mystery back--for now
27 Is humor tied to male aggression?
28 States Grapple With Video Voyeurs
29 Catching Wild Weather on Tape
30 Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep
31 Privacy Delays Ad Targeting on Phones
32 2007 a year of weather records in U.S.
33 Another storm takes shape for the East
34 Viagra ingredient in Chinese supplements
35 McCall melt links the Arctic eras
36 The climate threat to Japanese rice
37 Drug target to stop cancer spread
38 Home computing pioneer honoured
39 i-Snake 'will transform surgery'
40 Web icon set to be discontinued
41 Dolly the sheep pioneer knighted
42 Man Says MP3 Player Was An "iPorn"
43 Ancient Mammoth Carcass Arrives In Japan
44 Tiger Attack Could Be Fatal Blow For Zoo
45 Chance Of Asteroid Hitting Mars Increases
46 Pasteurization Working At Mass. Dairy
47 Viagra Ingredient In Chinese Supplements
48 AOL Kills Netscape's Future, Leaves Firefox To Battle IE
49 AOL to End Support for Netscape Browser
50 Will The iPod Kill Blockbuster?
51 Asteroid collision with Mars could reveal planet's secrets
52 Odds of Mars Strike Now 1-in-25
53 Mars at its most visible now as asteroid approaches
54 The Binocular Brigade
55 DTVs in More Than 50 Percent of U.S. Homes
56 Half Of U.S. Households Have Digital TVs, Trade Group Says
57 Hangover fact or fiction
58 Tips for avoiding New Year's hangover
59 S.F. asks federal appeals court to let city extend health plan
60 FDA Approves Voluven to Prevent Blood Loss During Surgery
61 FDA Okays Starch-Based Blood Volume Expander
62 OFFICIAL--CORRECTED--US FDA clears Fresenius drug for blood loss
63 Voluven Helps Minimize Surgical Blood Loss
64 FDA OKs Fresenius drug for blood loss
65 State is seeking cause of bad milk
66 Several Birds Test Positive for Rare Bacterial Infection; Hundreds Ordered off Pet Store Shelves
67 New pet birds may carry illness
68 Stores may have sold diseased birds
69 CDC Works to Track Down 44 Passengers Who Flew With TB-Infected Woman
70 [RNA-based Therapeutic for Muscular Dystrophy]
71 Genetic Repair Holds Promise for Duchenne Dystrophy
72 Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy Advance?
73 Drug may slow muscular dystrophy
74 University of Minnesota works toward cyanide antidote
75 Scientists Discover Fast-Acting Cyanide Antidote
76 U of M developing antidote to cyanide
77 U.S. researchers discover fast-acting cyanide antidote
78 More human-to-human bird flu
79 Good press for tea and coffee
80 Watch out for these tantrums
81 Easing musicians' spasms
82 Flu jab may help against H5N1
83 Brain Turns to Positive Thoughts When Faced With Death
84 Ancient Pandas Competed With Giant Apes for Bamboo
85 Antarctica's Adelie Penguins Extinct in a Decade?
86 Pacific Salmon Invading Atlantic, Threatening Penguins
87 Antarctica May Contain "Oasis of Life"
88 Teen Killed by Tiger Was Helping Friend
89 Mistletoe "Keystone" to Forest Health, Scientists Say
90 Beijing's Olympic Quest: Turn Smoggy Sky Blue
91 Pleasure Without Guilt: Green Hotels With Comfort
92 State Health Officials Fault Lack of Federal Action on Waterproofing Sprays
93 On the Same Wavelength With the Doctor
94 AOL Pulls Plug on Netscape Web Browser
95 No Right to E-mail: NLRB Looks Through the Looking Glass & Sees Absolutely No Problem
96 Comcast Heirs to Get Founder's Pay
97 Hollywood squirrels get birth control
98 Bluetongue spreads to Scotland: government
99 2 genes are important key to regulating immune response
100 Fresh bird flu outbreak in Myanmar: official, state media
101 Heart safety of non-heart drugs questioned
102 Japan to Apologize for Tainted Blood
103 How An Atkins-like Diet Can Treat Epilepsy: Leptin Attenuates Rodent Seizure Severity
104 2000 Tigers Possible In Thailand, Study Says
105 Metal Foam Has A Good Memory
106 World's Only Ultrafast Electron Microscope Takes 4-D 'Movies' Of Molecules
107 Stickleback Fish Follow Prawns To Find Good Places To Eat
108 Modified Protein May Lead To First Cure For Cirrhosis Of The Liver
109 Newly Discovered Properties Of Certain Crystals Could Impact The Miniaturization Of Electronic Devices
110 A Good Year For ABM Part Two
111 Arctic ice melt Canada's top weather concern in 2007
112 Reporter's dream forced Britain to admit nuclear test: document
113 MIT seeks funding for elastic spacesuit
114 Space rock could hit Mars
115 Return to Europa: A closer look is possible
116 COROT spacecraft offers surprises a year after launch
117 The Secret Life of Trees
118 10 Questions for Richard Branson
119 Autistic Kids: The Sibling Problem
120 How Green is Your Neighborhood?
121 Laying Waste to the Deep Sea
122 Mild Exercise May Counter Dementia
123 A New Approach to Correcting Autism
124 The Aerocivic: Ugly as Sin, But Hey--It Gets 95 MPG