File Title
1 China Warns of Increased Coal Usage
2 New Agency Tackling Puget Sound Cleanup
3 The Year in Hardware
4 Most-Viewed Internet Videos of 2007
5 Year in science review: Global warming, new species
6 Casual Blogging Not Just Lunch Money Now
7 Technology Restores Speech, Movement
8 Researcher: Info Overload Costs Economy
9 Book Argues That Bell Stole Phone Idea
10 Protecting the Earth After Death: Biodegradable Coffins Part of Eco-Friendly Funerals
11 Artificial blood vessels 'closer'
12 Online games battle for top spot
13 McCall melt links the Arctic eras
14 N.J. Standardizes HIV Tests For Moms-To-Be
15 New Agency Tackling Puget Sound Cleanup
16 China Warns Of Increased Coal Usage
17 Trashing Tech Toys
18 City, Stafford better than state average at recycling
19 You can 'CyberCycle' your obsolete electronics
20 Analog Network Shutdown Catches Some by Surprise
21 Bug fixes may help Vista, but let's hope successor is better
22 The Year in Tech: Top 2007 News and Trends
23 Christmas gift? Baby Jesus statue fitted with GPS
24 US infant Jesus statue to get GPS
25 GPS to save baby Jesus statue
26 Storm expected to drive down bird count figures
27 Holiday gifts arrive for space station crew
28 FBI Aims For World's Largest Biometrics Database
29 Verizon's Transfer Of New England Lines Gets A Busy Signal
30 Blu-ray site hacked to redirect to promotional HD DVD address
31 Blue-ray Disc, HD DVD Continue to Fight it Out in Marketplace
32 Russians launch three more navigation satellites
33 Russia launches final satellites for its own GPS
34 Bisphenol A Concerns Spark More Retailer Action
35 When gifts arrive at the last minute, post office delivers
36 New Jersey to Require HIV Testing for Pregnant Women, Newborns
37 Cognitive, genetic clues identified in imaging study of alcohol addiction
38 Photo-monitoring whale sharks
39 New clinical trial results show how personalized medicine will alter treatment of genetic disorders
40 One person out of every thousand has synaesthesia, a psychological phenomenon in which an individual can smell a sound or hear a colour
41 Brain imaging and genetic studies link thinking patterns to addiction
42 Polarization technique focuses limelight
43 Why fish oil is good for you
44 High triglycerides, other cholesterol raise risk of stroke
45 Stimulating muscles may improve musician's dystonia
46 Public Access Mandate Made Law
47 Bevacizumab found to improve survival for patients with advanced breast cancer
48 Stem cells linked to cancer?
49 Calcium quotas too high?
50 Short legs, liver risk
51 Tiger Escapes SF Zoo Cage and Kills 1
52 Fewer Children Outgrowing Allergies to Milk, Eggs
53 International Robotic Rivalry in Space
54 Invention Turns Toxic Waste into Electricity
55 Modern Beetles Predate Dinosaurs
56 How Did Sliced Bread Become the Greatest Thing?
57 Top 10 Dinosaur and Fossil Finds of 2007
58 Bizarre Dinosaur Grazed Like a Cow, Study Says
59 Dino With "Vacuum Mouth" Revealed
60 Giant Penguins Once Roamed Peru Desert, Fossils Show
61 Photo in the News: Triceratops' "Granddaddy" Discovered in Canada
62 Photo in the News: Over 100 Dinosaur Eggs Found in India
63 Mammoths to Return? DNA Advances Spur Resurrection Debate
64 Photo in the News: "Lovely" Baby Mammoth Found Frozen in Russia
65 Giant Sea Scorpion Discovered; Was Bigger Than a Man
66 Photo in the News: Ancient Tree Frog Found Encased in Amber
67 Photo in the News: Jurassic "Crocodile" Found in Oregon
68 Dinosaur Mummy Found; Has Intact Skin, Tissue
69 San Francisco Zoo Closed After Tiger Killed Visitor
70 Young Walruses Trampled by Stampedes in Warming Arctic
71 2007: The year in biology and medicine
72 Watch Out for Holiday E-Mails Warns UAB's Computer Forensics Researchers
73 Hospitals Look to Nuclear Tool to Fight Cancer
74 Both Sides Cite Science to Address Altered Corn
75 Finding Alzheimer's Before a Mind Fails
76 Japan plans world's fastest maglev train: firm
77 Why fish oil is good for you
78 Major lunar probe begins full operation: Japan
79 Two 'noses' are necessary for flies to navigate well
80 Researcher: Info Overload Costs Economy
81 Polarization technique focuses limelight
82 Book Argues That Bell Stole Phone Idea
83 Vietnam must regulate blogs, say officials
84 Exclusive Internet club attracts the rich and glamorous
85 Web sites offer test answers 'cheap'
86 Casual Blogging Not Just Lunch Money Now
87 The Quarterlife Dilemma: WWW Means World-Wide-Web
88 Apple Trades at $200 for First Time
89 Review: Clearwire Offers New Net Pipe
90 MIT seeks funding for elastic spacesuit
91 Russia Launches 3 Navigation Satellites
92 Polio's eradication still uncertain
93 Bird flu vaccine made in powder form
94 Neglected tropical diseases burden those overseas, but travelers also at risk
95 Japan PM Apologizes for Tainted Blood
96 Some types of temporary neurological problems associated with increased risk for stroke, dementia
97 High cost of nuclear medicine weighed
98 Mutation may cause inherited neuropathy
99 New studies confirm chest compressions alone
100 Sea cucumber protein used to inhibit development of malaria parasite
101 Bird flu reappears in Germany: official
102 Breast cancer gene mutation more common in Hispanic, young black women, study finds
103 No dangerous Tamiflu side effects found so far: Japan
104 Egypt reports 16th bird flu death
105 Health coverage improves health and reduces major heart complications
106 Stimulating muscles may improve musician's dystonia
107 Oral anti diabetic substance discovered
108 Photo-monitoring whale sharks
109 Exotic mussels spreading in California
110 Cooking Up New Mems: A Taste Of Microscopic Machines To Come
111 Cryptic Messages Boost Data Security
112 Unknown Monumental Building Of Herod The Great (73-4 BC) Unearthed
113 Loma Prieta Fault In California Stronger Than Previously Thought
114 From Shooting Pain To Shiver, Role Of Gatekeeper Protein In Sensing Cold Confirmed
115 New Report Challenges Idea That Snuff Is A 'Safer' Substitute For Cigarettes
116 'Hybrid' Semiconductors Show Zero Thermal Expansion; Could Lead To Hardier Electronics
117 EPO Prevents Chemotherapy Cardiotoxicity, Study Suggests
118 Researcher Seeks Clues To How Tuberculosis Infects Cells
119 Some Brain Injuries Reduce Likelihood Of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Study Suggests
120 Mysterious Cosmic Powerhouses Explored
121 Where And Why Humans Made Skates Out Of Animal Bones
122 Will Beetles Inherit The Earth? Evolutionary Study Reveals Their Long-term Success
123 Where Wonders Await Us
124 The complex James Watson
125 Review--The New Science of Dreaming
126 To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
127 Lessons From an Interglacial Past
128 Mummy hair tells gruesome story
129 18th-century climate change: The summer of acid rain
130 Mapping Everything
131 Whale meat used for dog food
132 From Bambi to Moby Dick: how a small deer evolved into the whale
133 On the ground and in the water, tracing a giant wave's path
134 The Year in Hardware
135 A Valet Key for Your Identity
136 Rumor: Kong-sized 150" Panasonic Plasma TV to Debut at CES 2008
137 Honda Gearing Up to Unseat the Mighty Prius
138 Egypt Conjuring Copyright Pyramid Scheme
139 Dec. 26, 1982: Time's Top Man? The Personal Computer
140 The Top 10 New Organisms of 2007
141 Apple Trades at $200 for First Time
142 Researcher: Info Overload Costs Economy
143 Around the World in a Boat Fueled by Human Fat
144 A Search for Hot Springs in the Arctic Yields Remarkable Finds
145 Invention Turns Toxic Waste into Electricity
146 Modern Beetles Predate Dinosaurs
147 Oil prices may go down in 2008
148 Iran, Malaysia sign $16 billion gas deal
149 China closes zoo where tiger was killed
150 Regular flu vaccine may help against H5N1: study
151 Malaria Drug Promising Against Cancer
152 Class of Chemotherapy Drugs Helps Certain Breast Cancer Patients
153 Playing Catch in Winter Could Save Kids' Pitching Arms
154 Secondhand smoke may raise child allergy risk
155 Fewer Children Outgrowing Allergies to Milk, Eggs