File Title
1 English, Welsh police suspend DNA testing technique
2 800yo ship raised from South China sea
3 Semen protein helps HIV infect cells: study
4 Biologists worried for African giraffes
5 Tagging shows movements of juvenile great whites
6 Swimmers warned of record poisonous jelly fish numbers
7 Researchers get stem cells from volunteer skin
8 12 dolphins stranded on Tas beach
9 Tips On Making Your New Year Resolutions Stick
10 Israeli scientists use particle beam to inscribe Bible on space smaller than a sugar grain
11 Coffee, tea linked to lower risk of kidney cancer
12 Diabetes, the Silent Cause of Amputations
13 Putting Very Little Weight in Calorie Counting Methods
14 Killer Cold? Even the Healthy May Be Vulnerable
15 The Problem With Chocolate
16 Disorder Turns Anchor's Skin from Black to White
17 Archeologist explains link between bones found in Ethiopia, Texas
18 Excavation adventures in the Valley of the Kings
19 Jasmina Tesanovic: Christmas in Serbia
20 TSA is as unpopular as the IRS
21 Burning Man backs solar-power project for Nevada towns
22 As ethanol takes first steps, Congress proposes giant leap
23 Tech titans on the defensive
24 'Hidden object' game genre a holiday hit
25 Week in review: Green power plays
26 California to sue U.S. for denying emissions waiver
27 The afterlife is expensive for digital movies
28 Private college nation's first carbon-neutral campus
29 Turbo Charge Tc2 portable cell phone charger
30 Analog cell-phone network going off air
31 Is she or isn't she? Mummy lab working to ID pharaoh queen
32 The top 10 news stories of 2007
33 Babies 'see' languages
34 Nano-layered plastic sheet is strong as steel
35 Skim milk straight from the cow
36 Earth is smaller than we thought
37 Dark matter and 'God particle' within reach
38 Light can bend liquid
39 Did our Solar System once have another planet?
40 Most babies watch TV, despite warnings
41 Duck genitals locked in arms race
42 Self-sufficient space habitat designed
43 The top 10 feature articles of 2007
44 Star makers
45 Mystery of the dying bees
46 2007--Year of the electric car
47 What gladiators were really like
48 Life in 2020
49 Organic food exposed
50 Marijuana: What science has to say
51 Eternal frontier
52 A few good viruses
53 Hunt for the God particle
54 How to have a green Christmas
55 Christmas that's out of this world
56 Internet video service connects families and troops
57 'Bioplastic' may become third option to paper or plastic
58 A primer on biodegradable plastics
59 Record number of smoking ban complaints leads to increased fines
60 How healthy is Mother Earth?
61 Global warming: Can we just stash the carbon dioxide?
62 Fat Storage: Ancient but Effective
63 A New Front Is Opened in the Browser Wars
64 China Cracks Down on Text Messages
65 Tech Innovation Comes to Retailing
66 Airborne Internet Might Bring Turbulence
67 Army Adds Macs To Improve Security
68 Senior Citizens Get Their Own Food Pyramid Updated by Tufts Researchers
69 FDA Says Senior Citizens Should Get Shingles Vaccine but Many Docs Not Buying It
70 Study Raises Questions About How Much Alcohol Senior Citizens Can Drink
71 Putin Asks if GPS Can Track His Dog
72 Loss of Sea Ice Could Harm Walrus
73 Polycarbonate Bottles Raise Questions
74 High-Tech Innovations Come to Retailing
75 Airborne Internet Might Bring Turbulence
76 Review: SimulScribe. Service Transcribes Voicemail Messages into Emails
77 Last-Minute Shopping? Shell Out for High-End Gadgets
78 Is Too Much Good Cholesterol, Bad?
79 Diabetes Nannies to the Rescue
80 Rare Siberian tigers found dead
81 Bible put on a pinhead-size chip
82 Latvia battles fir tree raiders
83 Skating traced back 4,000 years
84 Beavers could be released in 2009
85 My sister's injury inspired my [hypodermic] design'
86 Dark chocolate 'not so healthy'
87 Asthma risk 'rises in menopause'
88 A trip back to the future in 2007
89 Xbox games tackle drink driving
90 Putin 'wants sat-nav for pet dog'
91 Manhunt 2 to face court challenge
92 Don't be lonely at Christmas time
93 Red Planet Outshines Red Nose
94 AT&T, Vonage End Patent Feud
95 Army Adds Macs To Improve Security
96 U.S. Army Acquires More Macs To Enhance Cybersecurity
97 U.S. Army to Instigate Wider Mac Implementation
98 Thinking Different: Apples For The Army
99 Apple invades the Army
100 US Army seeks to integrate Macs
101 User-friendly Apple shows a blogger its ruthless core
102 Sorry to tell you, but Think Secret was wrong
103 Windows-only devices source of frustration for Mac users--and it's time that ended
104 iPhone juggernaut zeroes in on Japan, hits snag in China
105 Fan rumor site Think Secret shut down by Apple
106 Report: Apple to use Intel's Silverthorne chip in 2008
107 Apple and Intel partner with new Silverthorne chip
108 Rumor: Apple, Intel to Collaborate on Ultra-Mobile Processors, Devices
109 Details on In-Flight Internet Offerings
110 Steve Jobs might unveil Slim Mac, mightier iPhone at Macworld
111 Apple's iPhone: Great--or Greatest?
112 Firms settle annuity lawsuit
113 Five Million iPhones By Macworld? Nope.
114 Sinovac vaccine passes midstage study
115 Sinovac says bird-flu vaccine study is positive
116 Sinovac Reports Top-Line Preliminary Phase II Results of Pandemic Influenza (H5N1) Whole Viron Vaccine
117 Concerns resurface over chemical in hard-plastic water bottles
118 Retailers concerned over water bottles' possible link to cancer
119 Peril in plastic?
120 Retail Store Pulls Nalgene Water Bottles Off Shelves
121 Briefly...NATION/WORLD: Canadian outfitter halts sales of bottle because of hormone [et al.]
122 Reforms to keep doctors from fleeing to big cities put on hold
123 Editorial: Bush mimics Grinch at Christmas
124 7 Medical Myths That Might Have Your Doctor Duped
125 Seven Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe