File Title
1 Microsoft, Google, Yahoo to Pay $31.5M Over Illegal Gambling Ads
2 Consumers Still Spending on Gadgets
3 Save the Planet by Surfing the Web, 'Green' Websites Promise
4 Whales May Have Come From Deer-Like Animal
5 Who Can Afford to Eat Right?
6 Toyota to Develop Cars for Seniors
7 No Matter the Approach, Sex Ed Works
8 Nerve Transplant Surgery Gives Hope to Stroke Victims
9 Cricket's honour role shaken up
10 Fragile X syndrome partly cured in mice
11 Deer put toe in water, turned into whale
12 Whale 'missing link' discovered
13 Gene therapy 'corrects fragile X'
14 Warning as rat population booms
15 German ire at EU fine on car CO2
16 Living on the Fife Diet
17 Lasting genetic legacy of environment
18 UK gamers spend 1.5bn pounds on titles
19 BitTorrent search site loses case
20 Robotic arms take home top award
21 Sony's unholy row in 'dumb' list
22 Nerve system link to PMS misery
23 Paper, Plastic or "Bioplastic?"
24 Congress To Probe Denial Of Emissions Law
25 Mars Glows, No Need For Rudolph's Nose [cf. 28]
26 Report: Panda Born At 1.8 Onces Healthy
27 GM: Emission Law May Hamper Muscle Cars
28 Mars May Replace Rudolph Christmas Eve [cf. 25]
29 Tiny "Deer" May Have Spawned Mighty Whales
30 Calif. Bid To Cut Auto Emissions Denied
31 A Rural Teacher With Global Reach
32 Kids Who Leave Orphanages Have Better IQs
33 Risky Sex Returns Syphilis To Europe
34 Salmonella Fear Spurs Basil Recall
35 Lawyer: Apple's the loser in ThinkSecret deal
36 Apple Forces Shutdown Of Think Secret Web Site
37 Apple Fan Site to Shut Down To Settle Lawsuit by Apple
38 Settlement shutters ThinkSecret; EFF: it's for the best
39 Blogger and Apple settle lawsuit
40 Apple, Think Secret Settlement Is a Mistake
41 Microsoft Offers Work-Around for IE Patch Problems
42 Latest Firefox beta passes Acid2 test, IE8 claims to pass also
43 Microsoft Offers IE6 Crash Solution, Preps IE8
44 Next version of IE passes standards compliance test
45 Just Ahead: A Wider Wireless World
46 Standoff hits a sour chord with gamers
47 Closest Whale Cousin--A Fox-Size Deer?
48 Whales may have evolved from raccoon-sized creature
49 From Bambi to Moby Dick: how a small deer evolved into the whale
50 'Missing link' between whales and land-dwellers is found
51 Air France launches in-flight cell phone trial
52 Air France Tests Cell Services in Europe
53 Worm Squirms Through Google's Orkut
54 Worm Hits Google's Orkut
55 Private Firm Launches Test Shot From Spaceport America
56 Inside iPod Touch
57 iPod Touch Is no iPhone, Says iSuppli
58 Quicken Online to support iPhone
59 A Hungry Leopard Sets Another Record
60 Leopard Sales Outpace Tiger, Business Use Up
61 Apple's Leopard leaps highest of all Mac OS sales
62 Canon Produces 30 Millionth EOS-series SLR Camera
63 Malware Bumps Google Ads From Web Pages
64 Antivirus firm says detects Google text ad trojan
65 New Trojan Hijacks Google Ads
66 Japan Sales: Wii Fit Bumps Other Wii Games Up
67 Orphanages Stunt Mental Growth, a Study Finds
68 Study: Sex Education Works to Delay Intercourse
69 Uninsured More Likely to Die From Cancer Following Diagnosis
70 N/A
71 Girl Injured in Swimming Pool Mishap Undergoes Triple-Organ Transplant
72 US still unprepared for disaster--report
73 Human genetic variation--Science's 'Breakthrough of the Year'
74 Gene neighbors may have taken turns battling retroviruses
75 Tufts researchers update their food guide pyramid for older adults
76 Link uncovered between variation in humans with extreme body mass and abnormal splicing
77 Hormone may be new drug target for preventing lymphedema, tumor spread
78 Life's 6-legged survivors--evolutionary study shows beetles are in it for the long run
79 More evidence for new species hidden in plain sight
80 Insect gut detects unhealthy meal
81 Predator pressures maintain bees' social life
82 How one pest adapted to life in the dark
83 U-M researchers reveal missing link in a heart disease pathway
84 Sea cucumber protein used to inhibit development of malaria parasite
85 The physiology of champions
86 Why exertion leads to exhaustion
87 Fisheries should be regarded as a part of the maritime environment
88 New insights into deadly heart rhythm disorder
89 Study says 2000 tigers possible in Thailand
90 Metal Foam Has a Good Memory
91 A search for protection against chemotherapy cardiotoxicity
92 Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Created That Avoid Immune Rejection in Large Segments of the Population
93 Sticky questions tackled in gecko research
94 Snake venoms share similar ingredients
95 Suzaku Explains Cosmic Powerhouses
96 Status quo of the tsunami early warning system for the Indian Ocean
97 Anatomy of a cosmic bird
98 Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres
99 The Midnight Ride of the CMS Tracking Detector
100 COROT surprises a year after launch
101 First Look at an Enzyme Target for Antibacterial and Cancer Drugs
102 The quest for a new class of superconductors
103 International scientists tackle obstacles to treating brain disorders
104 UC Riverside physicists contribute to state-of-the-art detector installed in Switzerland
105 A link between greenhouse gases and the evolution of C4 grasses
106 Scientists Find Good News About Methane Bubbling Up From the Ocean Floor Near Santa Barbara
107 Results promising for computational quantum chemical methods for drug development
108 You can teach an old dog new tricks: anti-malarial prevents cancer in mice
109 How an Atkins-like diet can treat epilepsy: Leptin attenuates rodent seizure severity
110 Medical myths even doctors believe
111 Top doctors call for tougher measures to reduce alcohol-related harm
112 Marathons cut risk of fatal vehicle crashes
113 High altitude football teams have significant advantage over lowland teams
114 Airport security measures not backed by solid evidence
115 Active computer games no substitute for playing real sports
116 Many common medical beliefs are untrue
117 Humor develops from aggression caused by male hormones
118 McGill researchers report breakthrough in rapid malaria detection
119 UCLA scientists working to create smaller, faster integrated circuits
120 Nevada company, ORNL develop potential lifesaver
121 Certain diseases, birth defects may be linked to failure of protein recycling system
122 Model connects circuit theory to wildlife corridors
123 UC Irvine scientists find new way to sort stem cells
124 The Delicate Matter of the Truth About Santa
125 Regular Walking Protects the Aging Brain
126 Brain Cells More Powerful Than You Think
127 Report: Panda Born at 1.8 Ounces Healthy
128 Queen Elizabeth Becomes Oldest Monarch
129 Mountains of Evidence Suggest Human Evolution Had Rocky Start
130 New Plastic Decomposes Faster
131 Female Bosses Expected to be More Understanding
132 Litterbugs of the Universe Busted
133 Fire and Brimstone Helped Form Mars Oceans
134 Study: No Such Thing as 'Cultural Elite'
135 New Giraffe Species Threatened with Extinction
136 7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe
137 Loch Ness Monster Returns to Hollywood
138 Uranus, Neptune Swapped Spots, New Model Says
139 Granddaddy of Kangaroos Found in Aussie Fossil
140 N/A
141 Top Ten Space Pictures in the News of 2007
142 Germs Can Travel the World by "Hitchhiking" on Dust
143 Top Ten Archaeology Stories of 2007 [see following text files (144-154) and listings]
144 Ancient "Salt Cured" Man Found in Iranian Mine
145 Photo in the News: "Unusual" Tomb of Egyptian Courtier Found
146 Frozen Inca Mummy Goes On Display
147 Photo in the News: Skel
148 Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars
149 Sacred Cave of Rome's Founders Found, Scientists Say
150 Jesus' Tomb Found in Israel, Filmmakers Claim
151 Egypt's Female Pharaoh Revealed by Chipped Tooth, Experts Say
152 Stonehenge Settlement Found: Builders' Homes, "Cult Houses"
153 Mass Plague Graves Found on Venice "Quarantine" Island
154 Italian Plague Graves Found
155 Sulfur Dioxide Kept Ancient Mars Ocean Flowing
156 The power of a single neuron
157 Duetting birds found to be unfaithful
158 Two constants to rule us all
159 Ancient algal mixup sorted
160 Feds block state emission plan