File Title
1 Alltel Feature Turns Voicemail to Text
2 Flip Camera Embodies Year of YouTube
3 Don't Want the Wii Rain Check? Go Retro
4 Santa's Got Nothing on These Guys
5 South Korea's worst oil spill threatens bird haven
6 The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007
7 Giant Rat Discovered in Indonesia Jungle
8 Samsung i85 Camera/Media Player
9 Gene Test Can Indicate Whether Tamoxifen Can Fight Breast Cancer
10 Bali deal a 'step in the right direction'
11 Ancient hunter reveals bag of tricks
12 Giant dinosaur found in iceblock
13 Can a village really make you healthy?
14 Aboard the 'Booze Bus'
15 Canada reactor resumes operation
16 'Oldest human being' dies at 116
17 Taxis 'should give out condoms'
18 Sperm clue to 'disease immunity'
19 Microsoft puts upgrade in a spin
20 An industry built on sand
21 A very real future for virtual worlds
22 Legend in record US chart debut
23 Weblogs rack up a decade of posts
24 Censors battle for Manhunt 2 ban
25 Rising seas 'to beat predictions'
26 By the Numbers
27 Giant rat discovered in Indonesia jungle
28 A peek at the sun
29 Brain power
30 Can you catch a cold or the flu from your pets?
31 MIT engineers design surfaces that repel oily liquids
32 Faulty wiring mystifies mechanics and doctors alike
33 Baby Lakshmi Goes Home
34 Giant Rat Discovered In Indonesia Jungle
35 Hot Online Search Topic: You
36 Scientist Employs 'Circuit Theory' to Protect Endangered Species
37 Start-up Ribbit hops into Web telephony
38 Would You Buy a Telephone From a Company Named Ribbit?
39 Go Ahead Google Yourself, Everyone is
40 To Google or not to Google thyself
41 Pew survey: Half of us have looked up people we know on Internet
42 Googling yourself: Not as vain as some think, say researchers
43 FireWire Could Hit 3.2 Gigabits Per Second
44 FireWire Plans to Quadruple Speed
45 FireWire spec quadrupled to 3.2 Gbps
46 Intel to squeeze tiny solid-state drives into gadgets
47 Intel Debuts Ultra-Small Solid State Drive
48 Data-center worker sabotages Calif. power grid
49 Admin Faces Prison for Trying to Axe California Power Grid
50 Man pleads guilty to attempted shutdown of state's power grid
51 UBS ups Apple estimates on new product expectations
52 Analyst: Watch for Ultra Portable Mac, iTunes Movie Rentals in '08
53 Apple At Macworld: Tiny MacBook, No 3G iPhone?
54 Alltel Offers Voicemail-To-Text Service For Mobile Phones
55 Alltel launches SMS voicemail
56 Dash Internet GPS device enters pre-order phase
57 The Week in Games: Dec. 15, 2007
58 GarageBand Update Supports iPhone Ringtones
59 Apple launch of Leopard system its best ever--group
60 'Crazy Eddie' deals boost Mac Office sales nearly 250% in U.S.
61 Analysts: iWork strong, but won't affect Office sales
62 Canadian Man's Phone Bill Costs More Than A BMW M5
63 Birders find some surprises as yearly Christmas count begins
64 Amgen cancer trial shows denosumab strengthens bone
65 Amgen Bone-Density Drug Shows Promise
66 Amgen Bone Drug Shows Promise
67 SABCS: Humanized Antibody Eases Bone Density Loss Linked to Aromatase Inhibitors
68 Even Tiny Breast Tumors May Need Aggressive Treatment
69 Gene Test Can Indicate Whether Tamoxifen Can Fight Breast Cancer
70 Under breast cancer radar
71 Indonesia's 'Lost World' reveals more surprises
72 New mechanical insights into wound healing and scar tissue formation
73 Poultry workers at increased risk of carrying antibiotic-resistant E. coli
74 Cat Fleas' Journey into the Vacuum is a 'One-way Trip'
75 OHSU researchers reveal the science of shivering
76 How molecular muscles help cells divide
77 Prescription for an electronic revolution?
78 Moderate exercise cuts rate of metabolic syndrome
79 Antibiotic treatment targets difficult asthma
80 Constipation most common cause of children's abdominal pain
81 OHSU research suggests new strategy for protecting aging Americans against infectious disease
82 Recent studies confirm significant underuse of colorectal cancer screening
83 Pain treatment in the field: Good for soldiers' comfort and better for rebuilding troop strength
84 Z-shaped incision enhances minimally invasive surgery
85 A 'Gizmo' That Saves Lives
86 Man Graduates College at 87
87 Woman Has 10 Husbands
88 Study: Googling Oneself Gains Popularity
89 Giant Rat Discovered in Indonesia Jungle
90 Cancer Killed Almost 8 Million Worldwide in 2007
91 Sun's Next Cycle of Fury May Have Begun
92 Fish Swim North as Seas Warm
93 Study: Yes, Vacuums Kill Fleas
94 New Details of Ancient Roman Town Uncovered
95 Galaxy Blasts Neighbor with Deadly Jet
96 Research in Action: The Horned Beetle
97 Catastrophic Impacts Made Life Flourish
98 The Enduring Mysteries of Asteroids
99 Huge Newfound Part of Milky Way Rotates Backward
100 Large bird flu cluster emerges
101 Physicists make ripples with their 'magic carpet'
102 Off-label drugs changes 'a big mistake'
103 Water may hide harmful chemical cocktail
104 Space probe targets third comet after second vanishes
105 Invention: Aerodynamic 'bellyflaps' [et al.]
106 Giant rat and new possum found in Indonesia
107 Galaxy fires powerful particle beam at neighbour
108 New Research Model Opens Way to Better Understanding Alcohol's Role in Developing Alcoholic Chronic Pancreatitis
109 Poultry Workers at Increased Risk of Carrying Antibiotic-Resistant E. coli
110 The Truth Behind The Reindeer That Don't "Fly"
111 Physiologist Offers Santa Some Tips for a Cool Ride
112 Black Hole Fires at Neighboring Galaxy
113 Owner's Manual
114 Diagnosis: Gut Problem
115 Our Decrepit Food Factories
116 Bell Labs Is Gone. Academia Steps In.
117 National Park Plans to Cull Its Herd of Elk
118 As China Goes, So Goes Global Warming
119 Of Humans, Oil, and Whales
120 Climate Plan Looks Beyond Bush's Tenure
121 Researchers reveal the science of shivering
122 Two new mammals found in Indonesian 'lost world'
123 Is a New Solar Cycle Beginning?
124 Light speed communications for supercomputers
125 'Death Star' Galaxy Black Hole Fires at Neighboring Galaxy
126 Scientists work toward engineered blood vessels
127 UCLA-industry partnership to develop, commercialize new nanotechnology
128 Protecting Future Hard Drives
129 Intel Introduces Ultra-Small Solid-State Drive for Handheld Devices
130 Bicyclists Get Hindsight with Cerevellum Device
131 Chesapeake Pollution Fight Flagging?
132 Existing biotechnology could save energy and cut CO2 by 100 percent
133 ASU researchers use NASA satellites to improve pollution modeling
134 Custom Blankets for the Hubble Space Telescope
135 Global warming may soon see Santa don shorts
136 NASA to begin developing Ares rockets
137 Protons--Everything Revolves Around Spin
138 A 'gizmo' that saves lives
139 Alltel Feature Turns Voicemail to Text
140 Cat fleas' journey into the vacuum is a 'one-way trip'
141 A faster, simpler test for disease biomarkers
142 Marijuana smoke contains higher levels of certain toxins than tobacco smoke
143 Toward improving the safety of Lithium-ion batteries
144 Solving checkers a great idea
145 Disgraced cloning scientist seeks comeback: officials
146 Follow that prawn
147 Dogs used to detect rare carnivores
148 Overexcited neurons not good for cell health
149 Moderate exercise cuts rate of metabolic syndrome
150 Constipation most common cause of children's abdominal pain
151 Antibiotic treatment targets difficult asthma
152 Poultry workers at increased risk of carrying antibiotic-resistant E. coli
153 Z-shaped incision enhances minimally-invasive surgery
154 Elderly at risk for physical disabilities exercise, improve physical function
155 New report estimates 12 million cancer deaths worldwide
156 New mechanical insights into wound healing and scar tissue formation
157 Study: Timing of Pills Might Matter
158 Abortion pill may become available in Italy: report
159 Massage may help ease pain and anxiety after surgery
160 Classifying indoor tanning behaviors can help physicians tailor prevention messages
161 Robotic device appears useful for surgical removal of cancer involving the tonsils
162 Skin disease linked to early death: study
163 New Imaging System Maps Nanomechanical Properties
164 Student Identifies Enormous New Dinosaur
165 Combination Therapy Including Antibiotics May Be Beneficial For Multiple Sclerosis
166 Reversible Data Transfers From Light To Sound
167 Blood Pressure Drug Telmisartan Shows Powerful Activity Against Stroke, Study Suggests
168 Fuel Cells Help Make Noisy, Hot Generators A Thing Of The Past
169 Milk And Egg Allergies Harder To Outgrow
170 Penguins In Peril As Climate Warms
171 Deep Impact Spacecraft Heads For Comet Hartley 2
172 Stem Cells Show Power To Predict Disease, Drug Toxicity
173 Hidden Cosmic Giant: New Cluster Of Galaxies Discovered
174 Laser Beam 'Fire Hose' Used To Sort Cells; Could Enable New Kinds Of Biological Research
175 Skin Color Evolution In Fish And Humans Determined By Same Genetic Machinery