File Title
1 The Apple Mac OS X Malware Myth continues
2 Long time no see
3 Driving and dementia
4 Around globe, fears of aging vary widely
5 Dancing dentist injures patient [and other "Quirkies" (strange stories)]
6 Why is the world's biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean?
7 How Hackers Work
8 Anthropologists split on what fossil find means about early humans
9 Lake Tahoe warmer, dirtier--scientists worry
10 Researcher finds secret to eel's eating technique: Extra set of jaws
11 Physicians at conference strive to understand what makes us itch
12 Scientists gauge greenhouse gases above S.F. in warming experiment
13 Science courses nearly extinct in elementary grades, study finds
14 DNA shows Neanderthals had gene critical for speech
15 Hayward Fault is our deadliest--a 'tectonic time bomb'
16 Fossils of jellyfish found in Utah resemble creatures of today
17 Australian researchers find hunger switch
18 Experts identify growth trigger for marine algae
19 Artery Disease Rises Among Women
20 FAQ: Google's Android Platform for Mobile Phones
21 Google kicks off phone mission
22 Google's Android has long road ahead
23 Red Hat, Sun finally buddy up on Java
24 Apple Posts QuickTime Security Fix
25 Update: Apple patches seven QuickTime bugs, zaps Java
26 New QuickTime Version Plugs 7 Security Holes
27 Reports: Apple Preps Next iPhone Firmware Update
28 Pre-release 1.1.2 iPhones prep for international launch
29 UK iPhone to launch with 1.1.2 firmware
30 iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 Proves To Be Jailbreak Proof, For Now
31 Marvell chip puts more power into your PC
32 Devgen, Monsanto develop in-seed crop protection
33 Monsanto, Devgen identify crop protection technology
34 Decoding Cell Phone Etiquette
35 Jammers take cell phone battle up a notch
36 Devices Enforce Silence of Cellphones, Illegally
37 Sales of mobile phone jam devices soar
38 Rude cellphone users now under attack by the jammers
39 Cellphone Jammers Are Effective, Illegal
40 Can you hear me now? No? Good!
41 Bayer Withdraws Heart Surgery Drug on Safety Concerns (Update5)
42 Researchers eye cholesterol drug potential
43 Vt. ranked healthiest state in country
44 Hawaii ranks as 3rd-healthiest state
45 Key Found to Making Robots Human-Friendly
46 When Birds Get Lost, Experience Counts
47 Plant Extinctions Reduce Ecosystem Productivity
48 Study: Sexist Humor Is No Joke
49 Robin Hood's Forest Is in Trouble
50 Nanotubes zap cancer
51 The gene that turns breast-milk into brain food
52 Breastfeeding's IQ boost may depend on genes
53 Patent round-up: Sea cucumber corneas [et al.]
54 Earliest birds acted more like turkeys than common cuckoos
55 Google Dials Into the Cell Phone Market
56 Worms take the sniff test to reveal sex differences in brain
57 Marijuana-like brain chemicals work as antidepressant
58 Britney and K-Fed Doing It All Wrong, Family Researcher Says
59 Groundbreaking solar plane to test flight in 2008
60 Bug Labs lets consumers build their own gadgets
61 Relationship between environmental stress and cancer elucidated
62 Computer scientist forges new line of defense against malicious traffic
63 Migrating songbirds shipped across US find right flight path
64 Gene governs IQ boost from breastfeeding
65 Scientists warn that species extinction could reduce productivity of plants on Earth by half
66 Sticky Tape Inspired by Insect Feet
67 Major paper informs debate on use of good cholesterol raising drugs in reducing heart disease
68 Children with gene show reduced cognitive function
69 MDs Balance Pros, Cons of 'Super X-Ray'
70 Breaking a sweat helps control weight gain over 20 years
71 A faster, more sensitive method for detecting anthrax
72 New insights into how natural antioxidants fight fat
73 Scientists reveal how mice recognise each other
74 WCS study finds potential to double tiger numbers in South Asia
75 Ripe Fruit Preferred
76 Columbus launch puts space law to the test
77 Cirrus Disappearance: Warming Might Thin Heat-trapping Clouds
78 Vessel-thwarting Antibody Might Help Starve Cancerous Tumors
79 New Technology Puts Guilty Verdict To The Test
80 Gesturing Helps Grade School Children Solve Math Problems
81 Testing Delays Cause Severe AIDS Complications, Researchers Find
82 Complementary Therapies Help Patients Recover After Heart Surgery
83 Smell You Later: Scientists Reveal How Mice Recognize Each Other
84 Big Chunk Of The Universe Is Missing--Again
85 Three New Exo-planets Discovered
86 Common gene determines if breast is best
87 Adult songbirds map out a way home
88 Solar powered flight takes wings
89 Swans could sway turbine schemes
90 Humanity is the greatest challenge
91 Copyright law scuppers fan film
92 End of the innocence for Mac fans
93 Genetic code of dandruff cracked
94 Laser treatment 'could kill HIV'
95 Researchers detail cancer DNA damage
96 Advocates sue to enforce pesticide order
97 Twin Survives 2 Termination Tries In Womb
98 Newfound ancient African megadroughts may have driven the evolution of humans and fishes
99 Even without math, ancients engineered sophisticated machines
100 Environmental setting of human migrations in the circum-Pacific Region
101 Researchers find earliest evidence for modern human behavior in South Africa
102 Patients should ask surgeons about using honey to heal wounds
103 Fossilized cashew nuts reveal Europe was important route between Africa and South America
104 Children with gene show reduced cognitive function
105 WCS study finds potential to double tiger numbers in South Asia
106 For migrating sparrows, kids have a compass, but adults have the map
107 People who skip meals: are they better off?
108 Energy drinks may pose risks for people with high blood pressure, heart disease
109 Australian researchers develop treatment to treat obesity
110 Changing the way doctors treat high blood pressure
111 Over-the-counter pain medications may reduce risk of Parkinson's disease
112 Genes play important role in risk for dependence on illicit and licit drugs
113 Survey identifies characteristics of teens who smoke marijuana but not tobacco
114 Diesel exhaust associated with higher heart attack, stroke risk in men
115 WHO faces cheap drug showdown
116 8-limb girl faces epic op
117 Energy drink, alcohol is risky
118 HPV common in young men
119 Heart surgery drug suspended
120 Folic acid vs heart risk in babies
121 Migraine, restless legs link
122 New Clues to How Birds First Flew
123 LiveScience's Image of the Day: Endangered Tigers Need Habitat Upgrade
124 Fish-Like Creature Glows in the Dark
125 Eight-Limbed Girl Undergoes Surgery
126 Tiny probe gives wide-angle view of your insides
127 Placebo boost is a conundrum for sports regulators
128 The Race for Biofuels Driving Alternative Sources of Biomass
129 Aging: Flip Side to Education Is Seen in Dementia
130 Perceptions: Conductors' Ears and Eyes Seem to Stay Equally Alert
131 Really? The Claim: Zinc Can Help You Beat a Cold
132 Massachusetts Looks at Using Biofuel in Home Heating Oil
133 On Fur and Feather, Crittercams Turn 20 Seeking New Vistas
134 Rethinking What Caused the Last Mass Extinction
135 Skeletons Flesh Out Life's Past
136 Go Ahead, Rationalize. Monkeys Do It, Too.
137 Q & A: The Power of Light
138 500 Million Years Ago, Jellyfish Left Their Mark in Fine Sea Sediments
139 Water on Mars May Have Piled Up as Ice Near Equator
140 More Acidic Seas Can Change Behavior of Anxious Sea Snails
141 Scientist at Work: John Holcomb. Army's Aggressive Surgeon Is Too Aggressive for Some
142 Food 2.0: Chefs as Chemists
143 Over-the-counter pain medications may reduce risk of Parkinson's disease
144 Bayer Halts Sales of Anti-Bleeding Drug
145 Girl Born With 8 Limbs Undergoes Surgery
146 Panel Urges Recall Authority for FDA
147 People who skip meals: are they better off?
148 Energy drinks may pose risks for people with high blood pressure, heart disease
149 Diesel exhaust associated with higher heart attack, stroke risk in men
150 UK children's exposure to science and arts 'hijacked'
151 Confronting worldwide disaster losses
152 A sex-ratio meiotic drive system in Drosophila simulans
153 Scientists complete genome sequence of fungus responsible for dandruff, skin disorders
154 Sony to launch new, lighter PlayStation 2
155 'Island' emerges in Indonesian volcano crater
156 China's moon probe may double life span due to fuel savings
157 Australian researchers develop treatment to treat obesity
158 For migrating sparrows, kids have a compass, but adults have the map
159 WCS study finds potential to double tiger numbers in South Asia
160 Intervening In The Deadly Cycle Of HIV Reproduction
161 Earliest Birds Acted More Like Turkeys Than Common Cuckoos
162 Stress Increases Cocaine Addiction
163 Modest Gain In Visceral Fat Causes Dysfunction Of Blood Vessel Lining In Lean, Healthy Humans
164 Fluorescence In Key Marine Creature Discovered
165 Mice Influenced By Traumatic 'Childhood' Experiences
166 Tiger Numbers Could Be Doubled In South Asia
167 Species Extinction Could Reduce Productivity Of Plants On Earth By Half
168 Gravity ball
169 Bad cough? Check your iron levels...
170 BOOKS: In the Lab Late One Night
171 Extreme sex under the sea
172 Deny All You Want, They'll Still Believe
173 Parts of America Can Still See the Stars
174 Ahead of the Curve: 100 People to Test Hydrogen Cars
175 Shuttle Takes the Scenic Route
176 New Satellite Surveillance System Was Key Israeli Tool In Syria Raid
177 Google Dials Into the Cell Phone Market
178 Virtual Reality Game Helps Drug Addicts Recover
179 Tech on Deck: The Decline of the DVD Player
180 Tech on Deck: The Digital Distribution Dilemma
181 Iron Age chain discovery hailed
182 Overnight Islamic Republic have Wiped out 3000-Years of Iranian History
183 N/A
184 DNA shows ancient ship carried olive oil, oregano
185 Prehistoric Treasures Lost Forever
186 Rice University professor debunks National Geographic translation of Gospel of Judas
187 Race is on to excavate monument
188 Archaeologists have Discovered the World's Oldest Inscription in Jiroft
189 Who Killed the Gas Guzzler?
190 Solar Powered Vending Machines
191 Origin of Vision Discovered
192 Mitsubishi Fuso's hybrid concept dump truck
193 U.S. Air Force Turns To Alternative Fuel, Slashing CO2
194 Lead water pipe replacement should go all the way
195 The CO2 sponge
196 Study questions attempts to kill the dead zone
197 Another flame retardant found in household dust
198 Tamiflu survives sewage treatment
199 Revisiting phosphorus in the Everglades
200 Hard hit by radiation
201 Press ignores bias in study of multivitamins and prostate cancer
202 Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter...and Umami
203 Getting Brain Food Straight from the Source
204 Fossil Sparks
205 The singing ear
206 Facelessness, faced
207 Open Access 2.0
208 OA [Open Access], OK?
209 Dancing with the Stars Takes on a Whole New Twist
210 Even monkeys rationalize, study finds
211 Beans and curry may fight against cancer
212 Foods for Facials: Tips to Make Your Skin Radiant
213 Kelly Space Launches Indoor Rocket Engine Test Service
214 Opportunity Studies Rock Composition And Changes In Atmosphere
215 Does Russia Have A Nuclear Engine Advantage
216 Ash blankets town near Indonesian volcano
217 High tech lake clean-up to save Vietnam's legendary turtle
218 Modernized GPS Satellite Built By Lockheed Martin Declared Operational For Users Worldwide
219 Rutgers Physicists Show How Electrons Gain Weight In Metal Compounds Near Absolute Zero
220 Delft University Of Technology Rotates Electron Spin With Electric Field
221 How a Tumor Is Like an Embryo
222 The World's Smallest Radio
223 Better Search in Virtual Worlds
224 The Great Uncircumcision Debate
225 The Peanut Butter Sandwich Under Threat
226 Are We Happier Facing Death?
227 Decoy Election Websites Pretend to Root for Your Candidate
228 Hans Reiser: Once a Linux Visionary, Now Accused of Murder
229 MDs Balance Pros, Cons of 'Super X-Ray'
230 Tossed-Out Electronics Are Reincarnated as Stop-Mo Animal Bots
231 New versions of curry ingredient to fight cancer
232 Headache, arthritis pills reduce Parkinson's risk
233 NSAIDs Protect Against Parkinson's Disease
234 Blood Pressure, Heartbeat Problems Aggravate Alzheimer's
235 Breastfeeding leads to higher IQ in babies with the right gene
236 Indian doctors operate on eight-limbed child
237 Calif. court to hear marijuana case
238 Vaccine may replace pills for high blood pressure
239 Indonesia to launch first-ever national condom campaign
240 Australian researchers find hunger switch
241 Atkins Diet Can Raise Heart Risks
242 High-fat Atkins diet damages blood vessels: study
243 Energy drinks jolt blood pressure, study finds
244 Massachusetts pushes biofuel standards
245 Ancient Spider Guts Revealed in 3-D
246 San Diego Zoo panda leaves for China