File Title
1 Sweet fuel supply
2 The hills and valleys of Earth's largest salt 'flat'
3 Group selection, a theory whose time has come...again
4 Manure Management Reduces Levels of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Genes
5 Limited Biofuel Feedstock Supply?
6 Genetic and behavioral differences add to prostate cancer disparities
7 Sirtris unveils promising, novel SIRT1 activators for treating diseases of aging
8 Study of malaria parasite in patient blood finds distinct physiological states
9 Massive Canadian oilfield could be exploited using new UK system
10 New test finds diisobutyl phthalate in some cardboard food packaging--recycling is the issue
11 Computer savvy canines
12 A molecular map for aging in mice
13 Columbia researchers: Growth of CT scan use may lead to significant public health problem
14 Jefferson Scientists See Breast Cancer Gene Activity from Outside the Body
15 Texas A&M researchers examine Einstein's theories on the universe
16 NIST announces first observation of 'persistent flow' in a gas
17 'High Q' NIST nanowires may be practical oscillators
18 Drug boosts platelets in hepatitis C patients
19 Blue dye could hold the key to super processing power
20 New population of faint protogalaxies discovered
21 Improving Fuel Cell Durability: Research into Better Fuel Cell Materials and Designs Starts with Studying Failures
22 Chandra discovers cosmic cannonball
23 Organic 'building blocks' discovered in Titan's atmosphere
24 UNH scientists report first findings on key astrophysics problem
25 Novel imaging technique shows gray matter increase in brains of autistic children
26 'Stereo' mammography takes breast imaging to a new dimension
27 High blood pressure may heighten effects of Alzheimer's disease
28 Genetic differences point to ethnic and racial disparities in colorectal cancer risk
29 Cancer risks for urban African-American women grow, healthy diets more difficult to maintain
30 New mammography technology improves cancer detection
31 Pedophilia may be the result of faulty brain wiring
32 Transporters may help delay diabetes-related retinal damage
33 'Use it or lose it'
34 System of simplified, standardized dosing instructions for prescription drug labels proposed
35 Exercise may play role in reducing inflammation in damaged skin tissue
36 High-Trauma Fractures in Older Men and Women Linked to Osteoporosis
37 Chalmers first with integrated receiver for high frequency applications
38 Discovering teenage galaxies
39 University Researcher Seeks Better Flour
40 Cell Phone College Class Opens in Japan
41 Sweet fuel supply
42 iPhone is launched in France at 749 euros
43 Humanoid robot teaches dentists to feel people's pain
44 MRIs link pedophilia to problems in brain development
45 'Use it or lose it'
46 Investigating the failure mechanisms of fuel cells will improve their durability
47 Group selection, a theory whose time has come...again
48 Study of malaria parasite in patient blood finds distinct physiological states
49 Venus inferno due to 'runaway greenhouse effect,' say scientists
50 Blue dye could hold the key to super processing power
51 Organic 'building blocks' discovered in Titan's atmosphere
52 Chandra discovers cosmic cannonball
53 Cuter scooter defined by electricity, portability
54 Youngest solar systems detected
55 Research reveals secret to interaction between Earth's core and mantle
56 Zonbu introduces hassle-free laptop
57 Scientists report first findings on key astrophysics problem
58 A molecular map for aging in mice
59 The Unleveling of Play: Internet Surveillance & Governmental Intrusion
60 Google Rolls Out Mobile Phone Locator
61 Computer simulation predicts Voyager 2 will reach major milestone in space in late 2007-early 2008
62 The hills and valleys of Earth's largest salt 'flat'
63 New Views of Martian Moons
64 Cleanup method uses activated carbons to anchor toxins to bottom of the bay
65 Robots Dazzle at Japanese Exhibit
66 Enjoy Compact Wireless with Rapid Data Transfers
67 Hacker Breaches Marketing Software Maker
68 Supreme Court to Hear Maine Internet Case
69 Swedish researchers first with integrated receiver for high frequency applications
70 Intel Upgrades Software Tools to Support Mac OS X Leopard
71 Cyber Monday Online Sales Jump 21 Percent
72 Sony Plans Online Game Studio in India
73 Google's China Chief Sees Boom in Future
74 British broadcasters team up for on-demand service
75 Judge: Feds Must Release Telecom Records
76 WTO Rules Against Japanese Chip Duties
77 Cell Phone May Have Killed SKorean Man
78 Roving spycam opens up a world of possibility
79 Review: Walk and Work Simultaneously
80 Webmasters May Shape Search Results
81 Fast way of spotting multidrug resistant bacteria could help stop outbreaks in hospitals
82 Natural ingredient preserves meat quality in precooked supermarket offerings
83 Foot-and-mouth disease could cost Kansas nearly a billion dollars
84 Computer savvy canines
85 2 out of 3 middle class American families on shaky financial ground, according to new report
86 More than 217 U.S. birds species imperiled
87 Researchers predict pensions catastrophe
88 Freezing bone cancer tumors reduces pain, study shows
89 New test finds diisobutyl phthalate in some cardboard food packaging--recycling is the issue
90 Novel imaging technique shows gray matter increase in brains of autistic children
91 High blood pressure may heighten effects of Alzheimer's disease
92 Minimally invasive treatment reduces shoulder pain from tendonitis
93 Research suggests new direction for ALS treatment
94 Shift workers most impaired on first night shift following day shifts
95 Exercise may play role in reducing inflammation in damaged skin tissue
96 Tests: No Passengers Got TB From Lawyer
97 High-trauma fractures in older men and women linked to osteoporosis
98 Study: Males should be given HPV vaccine
99 Sirtris unveils promising, novel SIRT1 activators for treating diseases of aging
100 US company to launch 'safe sex passport'
101 'Intelligence genes' proving hard to find: study
102 Study: CT Scans Raise Cancer Risk
103 Scientists see breast cancer gene activity from outside the body
104 Astronomers Say Moons Like Ours Are Uncommon
105 Self-Assembling DNA Chunks Point To Life's Beginnings
106 In aid of a bird, some inconveniences for people
107 Science: Can we stop anti-social behaviour?
108 Rising Energy Costs And Efficiency Improvements Will Drive Cleantech Activity
109 NIST Measures Performance Of Auto Crash Warning Systems
110 Leeds Researchers Fuelling The Hydrogen Economy
111 NASA Evaluates Compact Synthetic Aperture Radar
112 A Last Look At Comet Holmes
113 Computer Simulation Predicts Voyager 2 Will Reach Major Milestone In Late 2007-Early 2008
114 Discovering Teenage Galaxies
115 New Views Of Martian Moons
116 Texas A And M Researchers Examine Einstein's Theories On The Universe
117 HiRISE Camera Views Spirit At Home Plate
118 Dalai Lama rankles China with succession warning
119 UN 'out of touch' for calling Tasers a form of torture, company boss says
120 Outside View: 5G fighter plans--Part 1
121 Google Saves the World
122 A Working Brain Model
123 Your Robotic Personal Assistant
124 An Algorithm That Makes Voices Clearer
125 The Longevity Pill?
126 Can baking soda curb global warming?
127 MRIs Confirm Second-Hand Smoke Damages Lungs
128 Scientists Discover "Teenager Galaxies"
129 Cyber University Offers Class on (Not About) Mobile Phones
130 'Intelligence genes' proving hard to find: study
131 N/A
132 Iceland best place to live, Africa worst: UN
133 Warning over new strains of MRSA
134 Police camera target practice a no-no
135 Wonder why most of the world hate Americans?
136 Kite-like Sail Proposed as Wind Power Agent in Eastern Europe
137 Don't Discount Apple's Bid for a Blockbuster Holiday
138 Texting
139 In the World of Competitive Texting, Over 20 Is Over the Hill
140 Building a Better Nerve Gas Antidote
141 How Technology Almost Lost the War: In Iraq, the Critical Networks Are Social--Not Electronic
142 Humanoid could teach Japanese dentists to feel people's pain
143 Immunity hope for tasmanian devils
144 Researchers to develop native legume as commercial crop
145 Nanotechnology a 'bigger concern' than GM foods
146 Organic farmers worried about GM threat
147 Domestic wolf brings headaches in Idaho
148 Novel Compounds May Battle Diseases of Aging
149 Less watering may hurt more than help, officials says
150 Keep your shoes on: T-rays can see right through
151 Britain's toads in a hole due to deadly fungus
152 Scholars Use Art to Study Climate Change
153 Venus Has Frequent Bursts of Lightning
154 Any Old Broken Bone Could Mean Osteoporosis
155 High Blood Pressure Linked to Alzheimer's
156 Parasomnias: The Science of Unsound Sleep
157 Handwashing More Useful Than Drugs in Virus Control
158 Chinese archaeologists prepare to open 2,200-year-old coffin
159 Ancient Roman road map unveiled
160 Ancient Greenland mystery has a simple answer, it seems
161 Excavation to start on China's major horse-and-chariot burial
162 Russian archaeologists find unique mummies in Egypt
163 Veil lifts from brain's mysteries
164 Hairball 'like giant rat' in woman, 18
165 Nerve revival gives amputees sensation
166 Concerns over top surgeon ignored
167 Fur seals killed in shooting rampage
168 Farmers cleared for GM canola
169 Cell find sidesteps patent
170 Modified genes aplenty on US shelves
171 India's human skeleton black market
172 Albums reissued on reel-to-reel tape
173 A Day in the Life of a Networked Designer's Smart Things diagram
174 The 9 most badass Bible verses
175 BBC's iPlayer sold us out--and then failed
176 Drug Maker Packs Red-Wine-Like Compound in Pill
177 Answering 'THE' Question About Food
178 Late Shift Work Is Linked to Cancer
179 Medical Condition Won't Stop Model From Competing
180 The Salt Threat
181 FBI: Operation 'Bot Roast II' Nets Hackers
182 Have Cell Phone, Find Toilet
183 GM canola go-ahead sparks debate
184 'Evil twin' Venus astounds astronomers
185 Flying foxes to wilt with climate change
186 Pros and cons of Europe's 'GPS'
187 NASA outlines manned Mars vision
188 Bird flu cause probe inconclusive
189 Male topi antelope's sex burden
190 Africa's digital poster child
191 Yahoo to put adverts in PDF files
192 Hackers hijack web search results
193 One in 10 suffers 'hospital harm'
194 Call to redirect cancer drug cash
195 Uganda confirms 16 Ebola deaths
196 An Assault On Salt?
197 Are CT Scans Worth The Cancer Risk?
198 Amazon's e-Reader Doesn't "Kindle" Raves
199 An Ever-Green Christmas Tree For NYC
200 Toxic Deep-Ocean Water Triggered "Great Dying"
201 Refined Carbohydrates Up Diabetes Risk
202 Who's the Daddy: Over-the-Counter Paternity Tests Now on Sale
203 Fish Steal Food From Rare Seals, Undersea Camera Shows
204 Antarctica Cruise Disaster Raises Tourism Concerns
205 Florida Escapes Another Hurricane Season
206 Speeding Star to Escape from Milky Way
207 Venus May Be Earth's Hellish Twin
208 Venus Craft Reveals Lightning, Supports Watery Past
209 New Findings Underscore an Earth-Venus Kinship
210 Scientists Have Answers to Venus Becoming a Wasteland
211 Venusian lightning activity is confirmed
212 Being 2nd rock from sun took its toll
213 Did life once thrive on Evil Twin Venus?
214 AT&T: Faster 3G version of iPhone due in '08
215 AT&T CEO: Expect A 3G iPhone In 2008
216 AT&T Chief Says 3G iPhone is Due in 2008
217 AAPL Climbs Following 3G iPhone News
218 Flight risk: more of America's birds are in danger
219 Study: One-quarter of U.S. bird species at risk
220 Audubon report lists 40 species in state facing dire consequences
221 Winner and Losers From Verizon's Latest Call
222 Verizon Wireless' Grand Opening
223 Police Break Up International Botnet
224 Feds Put More Botmasters, Phishers Behind Bars
225 Greenpeace Gives Sony Ericsson the Thumbs Up
226 Scientists Unveil High-Definition Map of Antarctica
227 Cell phone blast killed man? Unlikely, report says
228 Green Tree Envy?
229 Apple's iPhone a tougher sell in Europe?
230 Unlocked French iPhones on sale for $1,106
231 France sells "cheap" unlocked iPhones for $1,100
232 Price drops ahead for solid-state drives
233 Micron Launches New Lineup of 1.8," 2.5" SSDs
234 Micron Debuts 32GB and 64GB SSDs
235 Micron Unveils First Solid State Drive Offerings
236 Nintendo Records Biggest Sales Week in History
237 Where are all of those donated XO laptops going?
238 Supreme Court Weighs Maine's Tobacco Law
239 Maine Tobacco-Shipping Law Faces Tough Time in Court
240 Cost of Data Breaches Rising
241 Client-Side Vulnerabilities Loom Large
242 US FDA debates stricter regulation of salt in food
243 FDA Mulls Cutting Salt in Processed Foods
244 Sirtris drug may fight diseases of age
245 Researchers Develop New Compunds To Treat Type 2 Diabetes
246 Why Science Can't Save the GOP
247 'Special Report' Panel on Stem Cell Research Breakthrough
248 More travel abroad for stem cell therapy
249 Editorial: Stem cell progress