File Title
1 Gippsland footprint belongs to tyrannosaurus-like dinosaur
2 Prof: Japanese threatening whale watching industry
3 'Quantum dots' to join cancer fight
4 Scientists name insect species after Alexander
5 EPA removes official critical of Everglades restoration plan
6 Amid Health Care Debate, Massachusetts Faces Test
7 Ancient frescos found in Shaanxi Province
8 Expert sceptical of sacred Roman cave
9 Bear hunting altered genetics more than Ice Age isolation
10 Knights Templar to Seek Traces of Order's Members in Bulgaria
11 Amateurs Unravel Russia's Last Royal Mystery
12 UAB prof uses aerial photos to locate Egypt's ancient sites
13 Revolutionary War remnant pulled from Delaware River
14 A tour of magician Teller's house
15 Gift finder 2007: Parents' guide to buying video games
16 Buyer in Italy snaps up Texas town on eBay
17 Panda super couple thrills zoo
18 Work off those holiday calories fast
19 15 Home Remedies for Hangovers
20 How Laughter Works
21 How Urban Legends Work
22 FBI's Forensic Test Put Innocents in Jail for Decades
23 Babies Develop Social Judging Skills Before Speech
24 Whitson And Tani Conduct Last Spacewalk To Connect Harmony
25 End of the innocence for Mac fans
26 Laos plans a water-powered future
27 YouTube tackles bullying online
28 Retune the Body with a Partial Fast
29 High-Tc superconductors plug 'terahertz gap'
30 Uranium gives opal its shine
31 MIT Team Turns Auto Parts Into Green Power for Remote Regions
32 High-Wire DIY Can Save the Space Station: Resident Astronaut
33 Space-Based Solar Power Beams Become Next Energy Frontier
34 Solar Super Plane Prototype Ready for Takeoff in 2008
35 Meade's mySKY Puts Radar-Gun Planetarium at Your Fingertips
36 GRAY MATTER: Plate Your 'Pod
37 Turning Water into Fuel
38 Dropping the Big One
39 The Breakdown: Holding Your Breath Underwater
40 Turkey Day Chemistry in the Kitchen
41 The Twisted Tower [Chicago skyscraper]
42 Automating Conception
43 NASA's New Target
44 The Sulu Sea as a carbon sink
45 How $100 oil could help
46 DHS to begin full fingerprint scans for visitors
47 Despite filters, tidal wave of spam bears down on e-mailers
48 Apple retail stores geared up for the holidays
49 Student hack scoops top honours
50 Now can you meet the artist--well, virtually
51 Hundreds of strokes avoidable, says study
52 N/A
53 T-Mobile Unlocks iPhone in Germany--At A Price
54 The Promise of Mobile Phone Payments
55 Chip Design Flaw Could Subvert Encryption
56 NASA Mars Rover Opportunity Peers Beneath Surface of "Bathtub Ring"
57 Astronomers discover stars with carbon atmospheres
58 Kaguya (Selene) Lunar Observations by Terrain Camera and Multi-band Imager
59 Green Tea Antioxidants Provide Double Whammy When Citrus Added
60 Traditional Retirement at Age 65 Has Been Retired According to New Poll
61 Senior Citizens Can Decide to Become More Active, Also Live Longer by Walking Faster
62 Senior Citizens Improve Memory, Mental Abilities with Right Brain Exercises
63 Researchers Show Immune System Can Make Cancers Become Dormant
64 Astronauts spacewalk, finish ISS project
65 Meat, poultry, vegetables feel heat from global warming
66 Stem-cell advance opens up the field
67 Germany to double funding for stem cell research: minister
68 Thai generic drugs scheme a 'beacon' for poor: activists
69 FDA: Flu drugs affecting kids' behavior
70 Beijing hotels told to stock condoms to combat AIDS: report
71 Innovation? How About Just Taking Out the Trash?
72 Harvard Physicist Plays Magician With the Speed of Light
73 Olive Drab Goes Green: The Military Deploys Solar, Wind and Biomass Power
74 Fire in the Hole! Live Volcano Web Cameras
75 Audible Alert Lets Crooks Know You're Dialing 911--Seriously
76 A First Stab at a Medical "Tricorder?"
77 Thirsty Light: So You Hopefully Kill Less Plants Than I Do
78 Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation: More on TMS as Depression Treatment
79 Condoms in all Beijing hotel rooms by 2008
80 Many returning soldiers have unrecognized brain injuries
81 Teen's Attempt To Imitate Santa Ends Badly
82 Being Able to Tie a Noose: Not Really a Crime for an Eagle Scout
83 Monkey meat at center of NYC court case
84 Kegadoru: Injured Idol Fetish
85 Zookeeper for a Day Program Goes Great--Except for Bear Bite
86 Fast Traffic Complaint Spurs Botts' Dots Install. Complaints Now About Fast and Noisy Traffic
87 Astronauts get ready for Columbus
88 New Software Eavesdrops On Internet Phone Calls
89 Voice over IP hacking is easy
90 Expert scares world with VoIP hacking proof
91 Slip into a SIP call
92 SIPtap software can eavesdrop on VoIP calls
93 PlayStation Phone, Just A Rumor
94 Suddenly, Connecticut Is Stem Cell Central
95 Encourage stem cell research in all ways
96 Stem-Cell Breakthrough
97 GlaxoSmithKline: Rotarix data positive
98 Study says GSK vaccine effective against rotavirus
99 GlaxoSmithKline Announces Rotavirus Vaccine Success
100 Rotavirus Vaccine Performs Well In Study
101 Study: Alcohol, Second-Hand Smoke Combo May Damage Heart
102 Smoking, alcohol hurt heart worse in combo
103 Smoking and Drinking Alcohol at the Same Time is More Dangerous Than Doing Just One
104 Human Safety, Prosperity Depend on Better Ocean Observing System: Scientists
105 Cryoablation continues to show good results for kidney cancer patients
106 Earth keeps Moon walkers from harm
107 Scientific misconduct report still under wraps
108 Nuclear industry may running out of steam
109 Human Safety, Prosperity Depend on Better Ocean Observing System
110 Debating the Merits of Energy From Air
111 Rock of Ages, Ages of Rock
112 Japan Hunts the Humpback. Now Comes the Backlash.
113 DNA Tests Find Branches but Few Roots
114 A Time to Rethink AIDS's Grip
115 Dr. Drug Rep
116 Just Off Insular Senate Floor, Life of the Uninsured Intrudes
117 Massachusetts Faces a Test on Health Care
118 Naturally Occurring Chemical In Brain Enhances Visual Processing
119 Melanoma Tumors Carry Enemy Within, Suggesting New Treatment Strategy
120 Strong Pain-killing Drugs Without The Addiction
121 Carnivorous Plants Use Pitchers Of 'Slimy Saliva' To Catch Their Prey
122 Is The Beauty Of A Sculpture In The Brain Of The Beholder?
123 New Light On Early Formation Of Earth And Mars
124 Scientists urge $2-3 billion study of ocean health